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Hi, Lighthouse family! Let’s continue to pray for our church family and our neighbors around the globe. I also want to share some info that one of our members, David Kim (Elliot’s Dad), shared with me to pass along to you to keep you informed.

Hi, Lighthouse family!
Would you help me better serve and pray for you & our church family by sharing your answers to these 2 Qs?
Please comment or email me your answers at [email protected] by this FRIDAY.
Q1: What’s one thing you are thankful for despite the Covid-19 crisis?
Q2: What’s one thing you have been worried about these days?

H.R.6201 - 116th Congress (2019-2020): Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Hi, Lighthouse family.
I am sharing a post by David Kim (one of our Lightouse family members) which contains a very helpful info on resources provided by Government for you and your employees/employers. Summary of H.R.6201 - 116th Congress (2019-2020): Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Hi, Lighthouse Family. Here's an Online Worship Guide provided by Gloria Park for you & your family. Join us tomorrow (Sun) for our worship online! Praying for each one of you!

Hi, Lighthouse family!

Here are a FEW UPDATES as of Today:
1. Weekly virtual PRAYER MEETING @8p on Thurs via Zoom. Visit the Link: This link will direct you to the video conference call. You may need to download the zoom application.
2. CG (Community Groups) will gather Virtually on Fridays coordinated by each CG Shepherd.
3. Worship Online on Sunday will have a VIDEO Message starting this Sunday.

Remembering Each of You in my prayers,
Pastor KJ

What an honor to host our Korean War veterans each year. We want to keep recognizing and appreciating them while we can. Thank you to all who came out and helped!

[03/11/18]   Lighthouse family, don't forget to change your clocks tonight for daylight savings! We spring forward so we lose an hour 😴

Please welcome Ayla Wayman to Lighthouse family! Congrats to Joel & Sarah & Elias-aka the Big Brother!

Thank you, Lighthouse for covering our DR Mission team with your prayers. Our team arrived safely after a short but incredibly full week of learning, growing, sharing and loving! Check out the way our friends at the hosting church (Iglesia de Pena de Horeb)--the Rock of Horeb Church in DR--blessed us during our farewell worship!

Greetings in Christ, Lighthouse! Thank you for sending us and giving us the privilege to be the hands and feet that carry the Good News of Jesus!

Hi, Lighthouse. Thanks for sending us to Dominican Republic to share the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ while learning so much about the love of Christ from our hosting church Iglesias de Pentecostal Pena de Horeb.

Timeline Photos

Hi, Lighthouse! Though each new day presents us with a precious opportunity to worship Jesus wherever we are, there is something special and powerful about the church of Jesus gathering together to celebrate Jesus as one body. I pray that as we continue to worship Jesus together, the Lord would help us to deepen our affection for Jesus as a community! Now, here is a recap of this past Sunday's message: TITLE: IF YOU BELIEVE... TEXT: JOHN 4:43-54 MAIN IDEA: IF YOU BELIEVE that Jesus is Who He Says He is—the Loving Savior + the Sovereign Lord of ALL, YOU WILL DO as He says even when you don’t understand or agree with His ways. You can listen to the audio recording on our website at Here are TWO Qs we looked at: (1) WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO WALK BY FAITH? (2) HOW CAN ONE WALK BY FAITH? And here are the ANSWERS to those two questions based on the passage where John shares about the second of the 7 signs he recorded in this book of John. (1) Walking by Faith MEANS that WE OBEY GOD EVEN WHEN we DO NOT Understand or Agree with GOD's Ways. (2) We CAN Walk by Faith by believing WHO JESUS IS--that is, He is the Son of GOD who is a Loving Savior and the Sovereign LORD of ALL--e.g, Time, Space, Life, Death, and etc. Here's the Bottom Line: IF YOU BELIEVE JESUS IS WHO HE SAYS HE IS, YOU WILL DO AS HE SAYS EVEN WHEN YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND OR AGREE WITH HIS WAYS. So, Holy Spirit, help our unbelief!

Thank you, Lighthouse family for allowing our church to SERVE our well-deserving local heroes (aka Teachers & staff) at Forestridge Elementary with Teachers Appreciation Gift Bags! Let's continue to live on Jesus's Mission in the world He loves:).

Hi, Lighthouse family. It was great to host our very first Compassion Weekend at Lighthouse and Binnerri Presbyterian Church. Our Special Thanks to Pastor Yongmyong Moon (the director of Korean-American Compassion Int'l) who shared a convicting message calling all of us to love our neighbors with the same rescuing love of Jesus we received. I also would like to thank those who committed to sponsoring a Compassion child last weekend. As always, audio recording of Sunday message is available on our website at

Hi, beloved Lighthouse family! Wasn't it AWESOME to celebrate our risen LORD, Jesus Christ, along with our friends & guests this past weekend? Thank you, church family, for doing your part whether through decorating stage, serving on a worship team, welcoming the guests, bringing your delish dish for the special Easter feast, sweeping the floor, and etc. It was beautiful to witness so many of our church family coming together to make this Easter Celebration special. For those of you who were unable to join us during worship because you were too busy serving or away this past weekend, here is a quick recap of Sunday message. As always, you can listen to the audio recording of Sunday message on our website at
Title: LIVING HOPE Text: 1 Peter 1:3-9 Main Idea: If we Make JESUS Our Reason For Hope, we will ALWAYS Have a Reason TO Hope. First, WHAT IS THE MESSAGE OF THE HOPE? When we believe in Jesus Christ as our Savior & Lord, TWO THINGS Change about us--NEW IDENTITY and NEW DESTINY. (1) We take on a NEW IDENTITY as God's beloved children by simply believing in Jesus & His saving work on the Cross (1 Peter 1:3; 2 Corinthians 5:21). Jesus became the object of God's wrath by taking our sins upon himself on the cross so that anyone who believes in Jesus Christ can become the object of God's delight (God's beloved children). (2) We are also promised a NEW DESTINY of eternal life with GOD who promises to make all things new and restore all that is broken about this world on the final day (Revelation 21:1-4). What we see and experience here isn't all there is. There IS More as God promises! Next, WHAT MAKES THIS HOPE A LIVING HOPE? Because Jesus rose from death as he had promised, we know he will and can make good on all his promises including the promise of our new destiny in Jesus. If God demonstrated God's crazy love for humanity through the death of Jesus on the cross, it is through the resurrection of Jesus from the dead that God demonstrated God's unrivaled power to make good on all his promises. It is the resurrection of Jesus that "sealed the deal" on our hope. Lastly, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES THIS LIVING HOPE MAKE IN OUR EVERYDAY LIFE? Believing in Jesus, the Living Hope, does NOT give anyone a free pass for an easy life, but it does help us to LIVE WITH HOPE because our HOPE of NEW IDENTITY and NEW DESTINY are based not on what we can accomplish or what happens to us, but on the finished work of Jesus Christ on the Cross (atoning death) and in the Empty Tomb (resurrection). If we make JESUS our Reason for Hope, we can ALWAYS have a REASON to Hope no matter what. So, Let's Make Jesus Our Reason for Hope!

Hi, everyone. In case you were unable to join us last Sunday, here is a recap of last Sunday message. You can hear previous Sunday messages on our website at Title: COME AND SEE. Text: John 4:25-30, 39-42. Main Idea: We SHARE and GOD Saves! Our job is not to "win" others to Christ. Only God can win and change people's hearts toward Him. However, it IS our responsibility to tell others about Jesus and His Good News because God uses people to save people. I touched upon two most frequently cited excuses which are: 1) I don't know enough about Jesus and the Bible to tell others about Jesus & the Bible. 2) I am not in a place to tell others about Jesus because I am not perfect. still have many issues in my life. I also shared with you how we can tell others about Jesus and His good news despite those two excuses and many more. You would need to listen to the message to see what they were:) Lastly, I ended with a challenge for every believing member of Lighthouse to commit to Reaching the Unreached within Our Reach this year and on through "INVEST + INVITE" Approach. We must invest in a genuine relationship with our unreached friends and families before we expect them to accept our invitation for them to come to our church or hear about Jesus and our story of how we came to know and follow Jesus. We SHARE and GOD Saves! Let's Invest and Invite.

Lighthouse, I continue to stand amazed before Jesus for giving me the joy and the privilege of loving and serving you as your pastor. What a SPECIAL WEEKEND we had! On SATURDAY, we had a special Memorial Service with over 400 guests during which we got to proclaim the Name & the Good News of Jesus Christ as we remembered & celebrated our beloved brother JOE who went to be with the Lord after having fought a good fight in faith in Jesus Christ. JOE, you will always be a part of Lighthouse family! Then, on SUNDAY, we celebrated CONFIRMATION & INFANT BAPTISM during which we got to witness Richard C., Gene M., and Erin M. take an important step of owning their faith in Jesus Christ AND the 4 sets of Moms & Dads who publicly professed their own faith in Jesus Christ and committed to raising their precious little ones (Harper T., Lucy K., Luke H., and Zachary C.) in the same faith in Jesus as their Savior & Lord with the support of Lighthouse family. Finally, thank you, Phil (aka Dr. Phil) for taking these beautiful pix!

Dear beloved Lighthouse family, this week is what's traditionally referred to as the PASSION WEEK during which Christ followers remember with gratitude and humility the passion our King Jesus demonstrated for the world through his radical humility and stunning love for the world. Please join us this Friday for our GOOD FRIDAY Service along with our Youth Group brothers & sisters @8pm in our chapel. Also, let's join brothers & sisters from other churches in DFW area for the DAYBREAK Service at Global Harvest Church @6am. Lastly, invite your friends, neighbors, and coworkers to our EASTER CELEBRATION this Sunday @11:30am.

Dear Lighthouse Family, the Memorial Service for our beloved brother, Joseph Lee, will be held at 4PM this Saturday. Please see below for the address of the Funeral Home.

“I AM the RESURRECTION and the LIFE. WHOEVER BELIEVES IN ME, Though he die, YET SHALL HE LIVE..." (John 11:25). Jesus, we thank you for the promise and the gift of hope of resurrection in you because you faced death and conquered the power of sin on our behalf. We are also forever grateful for the precious gift of our beloved brother, Joseph, who has so beautifully embodied the kindness of Jesus and touched so many lives during his short, but full 25 years on this side of your Kingdom. Joseph, thank you for the gift of your smile, kindness, friendship, prayer, and many more wonderful gifts you shared with us all these years. Be praying for us until we meet again in the Father's House. You are dearly loved and greatly missed, brother!

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Hi, beloved Lighthouse family. It was AWESOME to gather together to worship Jesus this past Sunday. You can listen to last Sunday's message on our website at Here's a quick recap of the message this past Sunday. TEXT: John 4:1-30, 39-42 TITLE: DRINK THE LIVING WATER MAIN IDEA: Jesus came to SAVE the World so that he can RESTORE our Worship by the power of the Holy Spirit. Here are the Two Main Points of the message. POINT 1: Jesus IS the Savior of the WORLD (John 4:42). John masterfully juxtaposed the story of Nicodemus in John 3 and the story of a Samaritan woman in John 4 to tell us that ALL people NEED Jesus whether one is more like Nicodemus (the "righteous man") or more like the Samaritan woman (the "hopelessly lost"). With the story of Nicodemus in ch.3, John was saying, "EVERYONE Must Believe in Jesus in order to be saved." And with the story of the Samaritan woman in ch.4, John was saying, "ANYONE Can Be Saved by Believing in Jesus as their Savior." As Jerry Bridges once said, "No one is too good to be beyond the need of God's grace and no one is too bad to be beyond the reach of God's grace." POINT 2: Jesus SAVES us to RESTORE Worship by the power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus not only saves us from the power of sin by the power of the Holy Spirit, the Living Water, Jesus gives us the gift of the Holy Spirit who enables us to Seek and Do the will of God which is what True Worship is all about. Worship is seeking and doing the will of God with the love of Jesus. I love Jesus' description of the Holy Spirit in vs. 14b where he says, "The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” The Holy Spirit's work in us is both dynamic and abundant. It is only by seeking the Holy Spirit and the power of the Holy Spirit that we can worship God (seeking & doing the will of God with the love of Jesus). When we fail to seek the Holy Spirit, our life will be reduced to nothing more than just doing what we either want to do or think we can do rather than attempting great things for God and others by the power of the Holy Spirit. When we fail to seek and live by the power of the Holy Spirit, we cheat ourselves and others of the awesome opportunities to witness God at work in and through our lives. So, my beloved Lighthouse family, let's "drink" the Living Water of Jesus, the Holy Spirit. Let's Take the Living Water To-Go Wherever We Go!!!

Hi, beloved Lighthouse family! How are you walking with Jesus today and this week? Wherever you happen to find yourself, remember that not only CAN you meet Jesus wherever you are--yes, even in your worst moment in your worst day--but Jesus SEEKS TO meet you wherever you are--especially when you feel unworthy or undeserving of His loving presence and are tempted to keep Jesus at bay. As we continue in our journey through the book of John, we will discover more of WHO Jesus is (The Person of Jesus Christ) and WHY Jesus came (The Significance of His Work). I encourage you to invite your not-yet-believing friends or family members as we continue this awesome life-changing journey. Jesus alone can inject lasting hope into our hope-depleted heart and transform our hearts into the heart of Jesus by His grace. Now, with that big picture in mind, here's a recap of the message from last Sun shared by Pastor Dennis. If you missed the message, you can listen to it on our website at Title: BORN FROM ABOVE Text: John 3:1-16 Big Idea: Being born from above is a prerequisite to salvation. As Jesus told Nicodemus who was a very religious man, one cannot save himself by his own work, but only through the work that is from above (God). It is God who provided a way for us to enter into His Kingdom--where Jesus Christ, the loving and truly good King, rules over us. Here's the Good News of Jesus in a nutshell: "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life." So, do you believe in Jesus?

Hi, Lighthouse family! I pray that you are intimately following Jesus and His way despite many distractions and challenges. It was great to see some of our out-of-town college brothers & sisters during our Sunday worship. If you were unable to join us for worship, check out last week's message on our website at Now, here's a recap of the message from this past Sunday: Title: THE GIFT OF WORSHIP Text: John 2:13-25. BIG IDEA: Anyone can connect with (worship) God anywhere at anytime by believing in Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on his/her behalf. Jesus is the "New Temple" through whom we have full access to God and God seeks to have full access to ALL of our lives--e.g., our relationship, our joy, our struggles, our hobbies, our priorities, our career, our education, our finance, and etc. In Jesus Christ, Holy God "moved into" our lives so that he can touch and transform ALL of our lives into something beautiful just as God intended all along. The more we worship in more (areas) of our lives, the more we will become like Jesus in more of our lives and be able to love God, love others, and serve the world as Jesus did. Jesus made this incredible gift of worship (Connecting with God) available to people at His expense by offering himself as a sacrifice for the forgiveness of our sins ONCE FOR ALL (Hebrews 7:27; ch.10-13). Let's REALLY believe in JESUS CHRIST and the sufficiency of His Sacrifice for us. No sin is greater than His sacrifice! So, instead of wallowing in our guilt and shame, let's turn to Jesus, receive His forgiveness, and ask the Lord to transform us as we continue to worship (connect with) God through Jesus. Have a blessed week, Lighthouse and shine His light of hope wherever you are by His grace!

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