Friends of Herndon Ward - LDS

Friends of Herndon Ward - LDS


Hi there! I'm member of the church here in Honduras, and I am working in my tesis for the university, could you help me with this: Hello! We are Honduran university students conducting research about learning Spanish as a foreign language. If you are a Spanish student at any level or are interested in learning Spanish, please help us with your valuable opinion by filling in the following online survey . Thank you very much in advance. Note: Please help us by sharing this invitation with other Spanish students or interested persons that you know.
Friendly reminder about our get together tomorrow at noon at Stuart Rd park! Can’t wait to see those of you that can make It!
Hello Herndon Friends! Sister Frei here! I am flying into town with my husband the end of this month and would love to have a get together to see as many of you as I can! I wish we could house jump...there is just not enough time for it... So we will be meeting at noon on Saturday Sept 1st at Stuart Rd. Park for a potluck! I am getting so excited and cant wait to see any of you that can make it! Sending my love! Oh and we will be bringing my little baby and so if you don't come to see me then just come to see him! He is worth it! ;)
Starting tomorrow. Don't miss it!
We are joining with Community Empowerment of Northern Virginia to gather school supplies. This will help families in need in the Sterling area. Look for drop off baskets in the foyers at the Reston building. Collecting until August 17. Thanks

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Upcoming blood drive. Help save lives.

Give Blood! Sign up today to donate on Wednesday, Feb 26. Herndon Here's information about our upcoming American Red Cross blood drive. Schedule an appointment.

Thanks to all those who participated in the coat drive at the ADAMS Center. Over 125 boxes of blankets, coats, and other clothing were sorted, boxed and loaded on the truck.

[12/21/19]   Dear friends and neighbors, Come worship with us tomorrow, Dec 22! Tomorrow's Christmas sacrament service will be mostly Christmas music. It will be a wonderful, spirit-filled service. The service is from 10:30am to 11:30am.
Chapel address: 1515 Poplar Grove Dr. Reston, VA.
Hope you can attend.
Have a wonderful Christmas season
Bishop Hunsaker

[10/24/19]   Hello friends of Herndon Ward.
Please come and worship with us this Sunday. This coming Sunday is our semi-annual all hymn worship service. It is one of our most spiritual and popular services of the year. In this service, members have been asked to share the hymn that has special spiritual significance to them. The congregation then sings one verse of the hymn. There is always a great spiritual experience.

Worship service is from 10:30 to 11:30am. Address is 1515 Poplar Drove Drive, Reston. There is plenty of parking.

Hope to see you there. Bishop Hunsaker

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Trunk or Treat
Oct 26 (Saturday), 6:00 PM!/showSignUp/10C0D4EA5A72FA20-trunk

2019 Day to Serve

Have you signed up for Saturday? We still need a lot of things to put together 350 food packs. The Herndon Ward and the ADAMS Center are partnering to help feed kids in our community. We are putting together food packs for Clearview Elementary, Herndon Elementary, and the Embry Rucker Shelter. We plan to assemble 350 food packs! Please sign up to donate the items we need to make the packs. W...

2019 Day to Serve

Herndon Ward Friends:

The Herndon Ward and the ADAMS Center are partnering to help feed kids in our community on Saturday, Oct 5, 2019.

We are putting together food packs for Clearview Elementary, Herndon Elementary, and the Embry Rucker Shelter. We plan to assemble 350 food packs! Come enjoy a morning of fellowship and service.

Please sign up online to donate the items we need to make the packs:

When you sign up, please be sure to double check the quantity of each item.

We will be meeting to assemble to the food packs on Saturday, Oct 5, 2019. Please join us at 9am at the pavilion behind the ADAMS Center. We will be done by 11:30am, in time for everyone to get home and watch Conference.

Donations can be brought to the ADAMS Center the morning of Oct 5, or can be dropped off at the ADAMS Center or the Reston LDS Church Building. The Herndon Ward and the ADAMS Center are partnering to help feed kids in our community. We are putting together food packs for Clearview Elementary, Herndon Elementary, and the Embry Rucker Shelter. We plan to assemble 350 food packs! Please sign up to donate the items we need to make the packs. W...

[09/06/19]   EnglishConnect: We are now offering a new English-language proficiency class, taught in a gospel-centered environment, which is designed to help individuals increase their educational and vocational opportunities. It will be held at the Reston building, on Tuesday evenings, at 7:30 pm, starting September 24. The instructor for this class will be Sister Alhy Moore, who can be reached at [email protected] if you have any questions.

[09/06/19]   BYU Pathway: Pathway provides excellent opportunities for anyone seeking additional education, including the chance to obtain an associate’s degree, or even a four year degree at a very affordable price (less than $10,000). The registration deadline is coming up on September 3, 2019.

[09/06/19]   Next round of Self-Reliance courses: The next devotional will be held Friday, Sept. 6, at 7:30 pm, at the Reston building. All four courses—Job Search, Personal Finances, Education, and Starting a Small Business—will be offered. These courses normally run about 12 weeks and are offered twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring.

[09/06/19]   Ice Cream Social. Friday, 9/6 @ 6:30 PM. Bready Park.

Great 4th of July breakfast and games!


Good morning friends of the Herndon Ward

We invite you to come and worship the Savior, Jesus Christ with us this Sunday or any Sunday.

In particular, tomorrow, Sunday, May 26 at 10:30am, is our semi-annual all-hymn worship service. It is one of our most liked and spirit-filled services of the year. We have asked a few members of the congregation to share their favorite hymn from the hymnal and briefly share why the hymn is particularly meaningful to them. We will then sing one verse of the hymn. It is a wonderful service. I hope to see you tomorrow. Bishop Hunsaker

Thanks to Alan Taylor, Dave Frederickson, and Tyler Calderwood for organizing the priests and teachers to learn about aviation. And a special thanks to Richard Culatta and Tyler's friend Gill who flew the boys from Leesburg to Winchester and back today. With Richard Culatta and Michael Hunsaker

Festival of Lights 2018 - Washington D.C. Temple

Lots of Herndon Ward and Oakton Stake friends are performing at the Washington DC Temple Festival of Lights. Tickets are FREE, and you can reserve them in advance at Join us in celebration of the 41st Annual Festival of Lights lasting throughout December. This month long event held on the Washington D.C. temple grounds has become a memorable Christmas tradition. The Festival features free nightly performances from musicians and artists, a magnificent internation...

Please join us for an evening of Christmas music, featuring music and members of various congregations.

Friends of all faiths welcome!

December 2, 2018 @ 5:30pm
Oakton Stake Center
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
2719 Hunter Mill Rd
Oakton VA 22124

Spread the word! The NOVA Relief Center is collecting blankets and coats for refugees in Jordan this winter.

Coats are needed in all sizes and fabrics, for adults and children. All items must be clean and new, or in gently-used condition.During winter months, large blankets with at least 30% wool provide the best warmth.

All coats and blankets will be shipped to three camps in Northern Jordan, on the Syrian border: Mafraq, Jerash, and Irbid.

A complete list of Fairfax drop-off locations is available at

A complete list of Loudoun drop-off locations is at available at

[10/22/18]   A new session of self reliance courses is beginning this week. It is not too late to join a group of you are interested.

Starting and Growing a Business for Self Reliance will be in the Reston building Wednesday night's from 7-9pm beginning 10/24. Contract Julia Wagner for more information and to join the group.

Other groups stating this week include:
- Finding a Better Job for Self Reliance
- Personal Finances for Self Reliance
- Education for Better Work for Self Reliance

Contact Julia Wagner about any of these groups. She will help you connect with the group facilitators to sign up.

Plan Ahead for Disasters |

Emergency Preparation Tips from Anne Lawver, Herndon Ward's Provident Living Leader:

Hurricane Florence is coming! Though the exact track of the storm is still uncertain, the Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM) has stated that Florence “may be Virginia’s the most significant hurricane event in decades.”

Though we may assume that only the coastline need be concerned, Emergency Management is predicting “catastrophic inland flooding, high winds and possible widespread power outages.” A statewide state of emergency has been declared and all citizens have been told that now is the time to prepare.

VDEM has issued a warning that includes “The largest threat from hurricanes is not the high winds. Flooding is the deadliest result of these storms.” Florence is currently headed for the Carolinas (though some models are showing coastal Virginia), but is projected to soak Virginia with as much as 20 inches of rain. Our soil is already saturated and flooding is nearly guaranteed.

Citizens are reminded to never drive or walk through water on roadways during a flood warning. A few inches of rain can sweep away a car.

Children should not play or stand near storm drains, Creeks or retention ponds.

A basic list of hurricane preparations can be found at and
In addition, a few more things you should begin to do TODAY:

1. Fully understand and internalize that first responders do not often go out in the worst of the storm. If life threatening conditions are present, they will wait until the weather subsided.

2. Clean out your refrigerator and all trash cans. Put out your trash for collection before Thursday.

3. Fill your cars with gas. Lines are already forming, supplies may be limited and prices often rise after a serious weather event.

4. Have cash on hand in bills no larger than $20.

5. Fill all prescriptions possible today or tomorrow.

6. Have your go bag ready.

7. Purchase water alarms for areas that may leak. Have materials ready to start absorbing water if needed.

8. Do your laundry so that you enter storm with your wardrobe clean. Just prior to storm, fill your washing machine and bathtub with water. This water can be used for washing and flushing. Use great care with tubs full of water if you have a toddler or young child!

9. Fill every available plastic container (leaving 2-3” of headroom) and freeze now. A full freezer will retain its temperature nearly twice as long if full. Frozen containers can also be transferred to refrigerator or a cooler to extend the life of food within.

10. If you lose power, keep your refrigerator and freezer closed as much as possible.

11. Charge all of your phones, etc. If you do not have one, get a land line that does not require electricity.

12. Purchase a few new games, books, coloring books, toys for little ones. Bring out if needed.

13. Don’t forget your pets. You may want to consider pee pads as many dogs will not go outside. Ask your vet about medications if your dog is particularly anxious during storms. Also remember that animals may be extremely upset and run away.

14. Clear the area of your home of garden furniture, pots, bbq’s and toys that may fly.

15. Stay informed! to plan, plan to fail! And don’t postpone! Many stores are already out of water and expect one, possibly two, additional deliveries before Florence arrives.

Ice Cream Social is TONIGHT!
6-8 pm @ Bready Park pavillion (next to tennis courts at Herndon Community Center).
Bring friends and an ice cream topping to share

Where Did My Home and Visiting Teachers Go? - ensign

"The flexibility of ministering should allow the Spirit to guide our efforts, not lead us to relax." The flexibility of ministering should allow the Spirit to guide our efforts, not lead us to relax.

My Site

"Gifts of the Heart" is this weekend in Oakton! It is a clothing and household item exchange where EVERYTHING IS FREE!!!!

Donate tonight (4/20, 7-9 PM).
Shopping tomorrow (4/21, 9-11 AM).

Click here for details: The Oakton Virginia Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sponsors " Gifts of the Heart ," a free exchange of clothing and household goods that is open to all members of the...

[04/01/18]   This week is the holiest week in Christianity. On Friday, we humbly remembered the suffering of our Savior Jesus Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane, where he suffered Judgement’s penalty for all our sins. Later that day, his short mortal life and ministry ended upon a cruel cross at Golgotha.

His followers were heartbroken. He had healed the sick and proclaimed he was the Son of God and the promised Messiah. He had taught that through him eternal life with our Heavenly Father was possible. Yet Jesus’ lifeless mortal body of flesh and bones and blood was in a tomb. Was this the end to all that he had taught and did and promised?

It was not. For on the morning of the third day, angels proclaimed that Jesus had risen from the death. In an immortal, resurrected body of flesh and bone, the Savior appeared to his followers. He had overcome death!

In modern scripture, the Savior declares “This is my work and my glory--to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.”

As a result of Jesus’ unconditional love, mercy, and grace, all of us will be resurrected. At some point in our eternal progression, our immortal spirit will received an immortal resurrected body. Our resurrection will bring us great joy and happiness.

However, exaltation and eternal life with our Father in Heaven is promised those who repent, obey the Savior’s commandments, and accept his atonement. Through the Savior’s enabling power and our God-given agency, we can change and become disciples of Jesus Christ and heirs of salvation.

May we come unto Christ and then follow his example by showing kindness, civility, charity, and love to others.

2018 Fundraiser

Our youth are selling mulch to help pay for their camps avtivities this summer. Please follow this link to place an order or talk to one of the YM leaders at church for an order form. This year we are selling and spreading quality hardwood mulch produced and delivered by Meadows Farms. The cost per bag is $5.00 and e...

#LightTheWorld Day 24: Prayer— Christmas 2017

#LightTheWorld Day 24: "Ye must watch and pray always."

—3 Nephi 18:15
Prayer is the simple communication between God the Father and His beloved children. God has promised to answer the prayers of those who humbly ask.

Recognize God’s blessings by saying a prayer to give Him thanks.

Ask God to help you be an answer to someone else’s prayer.

Say a prayer in which you never mention your own needs but instead pray solely for them.

3 Nephi 18:15 says, “Ye must watch and pray always.” Visit to find ways that you can involve prayer in your life this Christmas season. #LightTheW...

#LightTheWorld Day 23: Prisoner— Christmas 2017

#LightTheWorld Day 23: "I was in prison, and ye came unto me."

—Matthew 25:36
Some prisons are literal, physical institutions, but other “prisons” include physical and mental afflictions, and addictions. Reach out to those who are feeling trapped and let them know they’re not alone.

Reach out to the person and offer your support and love.

💡A list of AA meetings around Herndon is available at

💡A list of Al-Anon meetings around Herndon is available at

💡LDS Addiction Recovery local meetings schedule is available at

Pay the person a visit, and offer love and encouragement.

💡GraceInside is a local organization that works to get chaplains and clergy into Virginia prisons. Consider donating or volunteering.

💡Prison Fellowship runs Angel Tree, a program that helps to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the families of prisoners. Donate at

Reach out and go for a walk or have a nice chat with the person.

💡Herndon Village Network coordinates volunteers to help seniors who can no longer manage all the areas of their daily lives. Consider volunteering in the new year:

💡Read Elder Jeffrey R. Holland's talk Like a Broken Vessel.

💡Mental illness can be isolating and stigmatizing. Keep trying! Keep inviting and reaching out, even if it doesn't make a difference right away. Share your own experiences with illness--physical or mental--to let someone know they aren't alone.

Matthew 25:36 says, “I was in prison, and ye came unto me.” Visit to find ways to help those in need this Christmas season. #LightTheWorld

Want your place of worship to be the top-listed Place Of Worship in Reston?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.




1515 Poplar Grove Dr
Reston, VA

Opening Hours

Sunday 10:30 - 12:30
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Servicio Geológico de los Estados Unidos Servicio Geológico de los Estados Unidos
12201 Sunrise Valley Dr
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Comhina - movilizando a las iglesias de Norteamérica Comhina - movilizando a las iglesias de Norteamérica
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Un puente nuestro a los no-alcanzados Movilizamos, entrenamos y conectamos a las iglesias hispanas para la evangelizacion mundia;

The Ministry of Jesus - Togo The Ministry of Jesus - Togo
C/O Oakbrook ChurCh 1700 Reston Pkwy
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High Tech Prayer Breakfast High Tech Prayer Breakfast
Reston, 20190

HTPB's mission is to minister to the spiritual needs of individuals in the high tech business community in an interdenominational manner.

Unitarian Universalist Church in Reston Unitarian Universalist Church in Reston
1625 Wiehle Ave
Reston, 20190

The Unitarian Universalist Church in Reston is a progressive, vibrant, and active congregation, serving both intellectual and spiritual needs.

St. John Neumann Catholic Community - Reston, Va St. John Neumann Catholic Community - Reston, Va
11900 Lawyers Rd
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We, the faithful of SJN, commit ourselves to celebrating & giving witness to the presence of God in our midst by living the Gospel to its fullest.

Heritage Fellowship Church Heritage Fellowship Church
2501 Fox Mill Rd
Reston, 20191

Heritage Fellowship Church is a non-denominational, bible-teaching church located in Reston, VA Rev. Dustin B. Sullivan, pastor #HeritageReston #pastordbs #christcongregationcommunity

HFC Teen Ministry HFC Teen Ministry
2501 Fox Mill Rd
Reston, 20191

Heritage Fellowship Teen Ministry is a ministry of and for teens who are Seeking Wisdom After God (SWAG). #HeritageTeens #HeritageReston #pastordbs #christcongregationcommunity #HeritageC3

Lake Chapel Retreat "Your Creative Lake Sanctuary" Lake Chapel Retreat "Your Creative Lake Sanctuary"
Lake Audubon And Lake Thoreau
Reston, 20191

Lake Chapel Retreat offers a creative lake sanctuary for writers, photographers, painters to pursue their passions.

1979 North Shore Dr
Reston, 20190

Washington Plaza Baptist Church Washington Plaza Baptist Church
1615 Washington Plz
Reston, 20190

Progressive, inclusive Christian community whose worship, communion, and fellowship are open to all without restriction to gender, nationality, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

United Christian Parish - UCP United Christian Parish - UCP
11508 N Shore Dr
Reston, 20190

Open & affirming church. United in ministry: Church (Disciples of Christ), Presbyterian Church (USA), United Church of Christ, and United Methodist Church.