Congratulations on a great gala from your friends at Fauquier County Human Trafficking Prevention Project : Warrenton Rotary! We are thrilled for your two big announcements and to welcome your survivors to recover and thrive in Fauquier county!
MISSING TEEN from Indian Trail, NC. May be on her way to VIRGINIA so PLEASE SHARE and look out for this car caught on video below. Katie was wearing a green jacket, ripped jeans, and a pink shirt with white stripes. She got into a gold/tan older model Ford Focus with Virginia plates on the front of vehicle. Plate starts with the letter K. The person that picked her up was a white male in his mid to late 20’s with black curly hair, medium build, and wearing a white and blue shirt with khaki shorts. He picked her up at 7:10AM. MAY BE heading to Virginia so please share with your VA contacts!
For people who are interested in attending, there is a #SaveOurChildren rally coming up supporting Melody and her children. If you can't physically attend we are asking you to live stream a rally in support of this. The Stafford County legal system needs to know that people all over the country are aware of the corruption and believe Melody and her children. Justice is a must! #ENDHumanTraficking #betheirvoice
Just saw this in the Washington Post? Curious, if you were inviated and if you are going.
Your, and other, organizations are doing a great job getting the word out and educating us about how to identify human trafficking and where to reach out for help. QUESTION: what is being done to remove the "market" for the these children who are slaves to the sex trade? This is taking place in our communities, as you point out in the programs you present. To me, that means there are people we see about town (perhaps men we know) who keep this "business" going by patronizing it. I have not heard about the law pursuing those who pay for the use of someone for sex. Is it against the law to procure sex? (at all) or with a minor? Thanks for any info you can give on this.
Hey everybody! I wanted to personally invite you to take a look at what my wife has been working so hard on lately to help women who have been rescued from sex trafficking! It would really mean a lot to me if you just took a few minutes to watch a video and consider backing her kickstarter. If you can’t at this time it’s totally cool. You could always share it with your friends! I would really appreciate it! Thank you so much! Looking forward to seeing what happens!
Inside information about “Gangstalking” and “Gangstalkers” (Avoid Winnipeg Canada by any means. Do not let anyone you never met convince you to go) Most, if not all Gangstalkers are hired by Scientologists. They are directly affiliated with the Church of Scientology. Gangstalkers are funded by Scientologists below low wages to stalk one person illegally and torture said person until they are either outstripped completely, isolated, and homeless. They drive around with Neurophones and their own mobile network, intoxicated off of synthetic drugs and cocaine abuses to keep themselves awake and focused on abusing their target. They drive around a 5 mile radius around the target with their neurophones aimed at their targets and they harass and abuse the person Into submission. What these guys are doing is “fair gaming” (google the definition) and an illegal pyramid scheme where they trick you into becoming their debt slave, for little to no money. They are workers sent from Scientology to electronically abuse/torture, and traffick new members that has submitted to be their “warloot” into their organization to sell their overly priced and almost impossible to sell products. The commission that they pay Gangstalkers is not worth the time or risk. It’s the easiest way to destroy your life, healthy relationships and careers. It’s more of a punishment than an opportunity, do not be fooled into becoming apart of this, it’s not worth it or rewarding!! If you can track these people with emf readers or other devices, then more likely then not, you can find them in their cars near you. If we can find the ones on foot around us, then we can press charges against them and finally put an end to this ridiculous and terrible program. There is a lawsuit coming together, but we need to hit them with everything we got by disclosing anything and everything we know about them. The ending to this covert chaos is nearing! Don’t let up!
As a remote employee, one of my daily distractions is having soaps in the background for an hour break. I find it interesting that The Young and the Restless is currently addressing human sex trafficking as one of its story lines. Great awareness participation by the network.
My Name is Jabali Smith. I'm a trafficking survivor and Author. Please see my Website. [email protected] My new book SLAVE: A Human Trafficking Survivor Finds Life, Is Available Now at Barnes & Nobles and Links below: I'm available for appearances, book signings and Motivational Speaking engagements, PM me if interested or email: [email protected] I look forward to working with all of you ! Jabali
Free issue on Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery (Ed, Siddharth Kara):

Our mission is to prevent human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation, disrupt related networks, and restore those impacted. Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Initiative (NOVA HTI) is a faith-based 501(c)(3) organization based out of Northern Virginia.

Reset180 is a local Christian nonprofit that partners with community members to prevent and disrupt slavery while restoring lives. We are a 501(c)(3) organization based in Northern Virginia. Find out more about us, and see how you can get involved, at:

Mission: Our mission is to eradicate human trafficking locally through awareness, prayer, partnerships, intervention, and victim services.

Operating as usual

[01/29/21]   📢Tune into today at 11:30AM ET to see our Executive Director, Kay Duffield, interviewed with NBC4.

Prayer remains an integral part of everything we do at Reset180 and spans all of our teams and areas of ministry. Three specific things you can pray for include:

1. Pray for those impacted directly by trafficking: We are so grateful for the opportunity to serve survivors but we also need to keep praying for those who are still actively being trafficked and abused. We desire each of them to see freedom in 2021.

2. Pray for traffickers and sex buyers: We want to see hearts changed and lives transformed, not only for survivors of trafficking, but for those perpetrating these horrific crimes.

3. Pray for Reset180's new initiatives: God has been leading us outside of our comfort zone and into new and exciting opportunities this year with our new name, branding, and website as Reset180. We also have seen incredible progress on our housing program and expanded partnerships with local government, churches, and other organizations. Pray for continued growth in each of these areas.

We cannot and will not do this without God's direction and His empowerment. Your prayers have real power and are a key part of our work. Be attentive and look for where God is leading you in 2021.

#prayer #Reset180 #PreventDisruptRestore

Here's What to Do If Your Kid Is Sending Nudes

“According to a recent report published in JAMA Pediatrics, 1 in 4 kids will admit to sexting. 24/7 access to devices — along with surging hormones and intense peer pressure — have all contributed to the rise of sexting with today’s generation of teens and tweens.

Chances are, your kids will at least have a friend that is sending or receiving them, even if they don’t. They may even receive unsolicited nude photos, which is a form of sexual harassment that can provoke a range of negative psychological effects, including stress, anxiety, shame, and — since online activities often spill into the real world — even fear for their physical safety.” Read more on what to do if you find photos on your kids phone and how to talk with them to start the conversation for open communication.

#knowwhattodo #awareness #opencommunication #parenting Worried your child might be sending nudes? We’ve got everything you need to start a conversation with them about the risks and dangers.

Double Fact Friday PART 2:
“While the vast majority of human traffickers, and pimps and sex traffickers are male, a significant minority (15%-32%) are female, according to several recent studies.”

“Pimps frequently begin trafficking and prostituting people at a young age. In one 2016 study, 37% began when they were younger than 18. Another study done in Chicago reported the average age of entry into pimping was 22.48.”

“A 2016 study in San Diego County provided several key findings about pimps and traffickers in that county.
• Pimps reported an average income of $670,625.
• Researchers determined that middle schools and high schools were significant/frequent places for recruiting girls who become victims of sexual exploitation, and not just in low-income neighborhoods.”

World Without Exploitation states, that people who choose to pimp others for sexual exploitation have backgrounds themselves of physical or sexual abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, and members who were in the sex trade.

#endhumantrafficking #sextrafficking #awareness #prevention

Double Fact Friday PART 1: World Without Exploitation shared a fact book of what they know about sex trafficking, prostitution, and sexual exploitation in the U.S.

The summary of their findings for sex traffickers and pimps are as follows:

“Several studies detail the common methods pimps and traffickers employ to control their victims. Force is utilized (in one study among 32-58% of victims). Psychological coercion (social and emotional isolation, induced emotional exhaustion, and degradation, including humiliation, denial of the victim's power, and name-calling), and economic coercion (taking 50% or more of prostituted person's earnings) are other common means sex traffickers employ for controlling victims.”

“Several studies also found that juvenile sex trafficking victims (27-60%) are also frequently trafficked by their boyfriends.”

#endhumantrafficking #sextrafficking #awareness #prevention

Do you have an idea of what trafficking might look like? Read Rebecca Benders' story, “See, trafficking is not always abductions. It’s a slow, gradual expansion of boundaries and an increase of trust. The day that my daughter and I arrived in Las Vegas — which is where he moved us to — he forced me into human trafficking. For nearly six years, I was sold between three different traffickers. There were three other women in the home with us and two children.”

She goes onto say that her daughter may have even gone to school with yours. Trafficking is not always what you think and often, it is in plain sight. This is why awareness about what trafficking really looks like is so important. Read more here:

“One of the most important things you can do to protect your child is to create an environment in which he or she feels comfortable talking with you. Open communication is key. Help make your children more aware by explaining the dangers of sex trafficking and by challenging myths and misconceptions that glamorize commercial sex. This includes having conversations with them about online safety and how traffickers/pimps use social networking sites and apps to mask not only their appearance but also their true intentions while recruiting new victims. “

Rebecca Bender also mentions that role playing an exit plan when your child is in an uncomfortable situation can be very helpful if they find themselves in an unsafe environment. Downloading a ride sharing app and picking 3 people to call if they want to leave an uncomfortable situation is also extremely helpful, giving them options and a plan to have if needed.

#planahead #communication #keepkidssafe

Did you know, there are 25 types of human trafficking? This data has been collected by the National Human Trafficking Hotline. Trafficking looks different across the nation, some types are recognizable and some are not so easily identified.

Here are the 25 types:

Escort Services; Illicit Massage, Health, & Beauty; Outdoor Solicitation; Residential Sex Trafficking; Domestic Work; Bars, Strip Clubs, & Cantinas; Pornography; Traveling Sales Crews; Restaurants & Food Service; Peddling & Begging; Agriculture & Animal Husbandry; Personal Sexual Servitude; Health & Beauty Services; Construction; Hotels & Hospitality; Landscaping; Illicit Activities; Arts & Entertainment; Commercial Cleaning Services; Factories & Manufacturing; Remote Interactive Sexual Acts; Carnivals; Forestry & Logging; Health Care; Recreational Facilities

Polaris analyzed more than 32,000 cases of human trafficking documented between December 2007 and December 2016 through its operation of the National Human Trafficking Hotline and BeFree Textline—the largest data set on human trafficking in the United States ever compiled and publicly analyzed. Each has its own business model, trafficker profiles, recruitment strategies, victim profiles, and methods of control that facilitate human trafficking.

#awareness #endhumantrafficking #typologyofmoderndayslavery

Today will you join us to light the darkness for 11 minutes at 7PM? Light the darkness around you with a candle, flashlight, or anything you choose. Share your pictures on social media and use #lightthedarkness so we can bring awareness to this ever increasing problem of human trafficking.

Donate to Reset180 to prevent and disrupt human trafficking while restoring lives. You CAN make a difference in your community!

#Reset180 #Nationalhumantraffickingawarenessday #donate #lightthedarkness

In 3 days, we will be lighting the night up for 11 minutes on National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, January 11, 2021 beginning at 7pm. You can do this with family, friends, co-workers or on your own.

Light the darkness around you with a candle, flashlight, or anything you choose. Share your pictures on social media and use #lightthedarkness so we can bring awareness to this escalating problem of human trafficking. Join us as we light the way for those trapped looking to find hope and healing from their trauma of their abuse.

#Reset180 #Nationalhumantraffickingawarenessday

January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Check in with us throughout the month for helpful tips and facts about what modern day slavery looks like + how you can be a part of preventing and disrupting human trafficking while restoring lives.

Update: Sadie has been found safe.
Thank you for spreading the word and for your powerful prayers!

We need your help to find Sadie and bring her home safely! Call in tips to Prince William County law enforcement at 703-792-6500 or the number listed in the flyer.

Prayer warriors, join us in praying 🙏Share this post!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for your partnership, gifts and supporting us throughout the year in preventing + disrupting modern day slavery while restoring lives. We could not have done our work without YOU.

You are making a difference in real lives. You are allowing us to keep serving our survivors. You are making our work even possible. We can't prevent + disrupt + restore without you.

We pray you know just how much we appreciate you and how excited we are for this coming year! See you in 2021!
#endhumantrafficking #makingadifference #restoringlives #thankYOU

We only have days left to double your impact. If you’re able to join us in giving a financial gift before 2020 ends, your gift will be DOUBLED.

Don’t miss this chance to give a gift and watch it be multiplied. We need your support for the upcoming year. Donate today!

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Our very own board member, Dr. Megan Gerbracht, has been involved in the lobbying with Virginia Coalition Against Human Trafficking and has been able to use examples from our survivors’ experience to help advance support for the legislation.

Sign this petition: When it comes to laws protecting victims of human trafficking, Virginia has no criminal record relief laws. When victims get charged for crimes they were forced to commit, those laws stay on their record. Help Virginia join the other 44 states have already passed criminal relief laws.

Rebekah Charleston was granted full pardon by President Trump as she is a survivor of sex trafficking and was charged with tax fraud. She’s been completely exonerated and is now free to pursue her career in law. Survivors are getting charged for crimes they were forced to commit, it’s time for change.

Learn more about VCAHT:

We are praying for you, that through the mighty work of the Holy Spirit, you would overflow with hope. Our circumstances may look different for each one of us, but let us remember God's faithfulness and goodness this year.

God sent Jesus to dwell with us, so that we may have hope. May you have abounding hope this Christmas season + know you are loved, thought of, and prayed for! Merry Christmas!

Be a part of restoring lives and donate today!

You can give one time or set up a monthly reoccurring gift. Trauma can have a long term impact on the lives of survivors, but there is hope and restoration available.

Reset180 provides a trauma-informed wrap-around case management model. This means creating individual care plans for each survivor and providing access to vital services they need to stabilize and eventually live independently.

This includes emergency financial assistance, safety planning, providing basic needs, access to legal services, working with the court system, therapy, enrollment in vocational programs, and a lot more.
#donate #restore #Reset180

This giving season you can donate to go towards our disruption pillar.

Jesus was always gracious and patient with the broken people He dealt with and as His people, we are commanded to do the same.

You can disrupt slavery. Outreach and disruption teams focus on reaching out to both victims of trafficking and those who purchase them and hold them in captivity.

Through prayer, policy changes, and in person and over the phone interactions, volunteers fight to disrupt the cycle of trafficking.

Donate to help equip our disruption team! We still have a dollar for dollar match happening, take part today!

#donate #disrupt #Reset180

Don't forget we have a dollar for dollar match going on! Your $20 becomes $40! Your $50 becomes $100. Donate today to go towards our prevention pillar.

Education empowers you and your community to help end local slavery. Our trained speakers bureau empowers the community to not only help prevent human trafficking, but to be able to identify and report it.

The power of our prayer + our prayer team as a way of prevention is also crucial for our organization. Donate here:
#donate #prevent #Reset180

Millions of abuse videos removed in hours! NCOSE named as major reason. - National Center on Sexual Exploitation

Pornhub has removed at least 10.6 million abuse videos and counting as of December 14, 2020. MindGeek is also saying that they plan to do the same across all of their related websites.

This is another major win in our fight towards a world free from sexual abuse and exploitation. Pornhub has removed at least 10.6 million abuse videos and counting today—A monumental step forward, but the journey does not end here.

Supervisors vote to allow transitional housing at some rural churches

An exciting update on our Land. Onward we go to the next step! 🎉 Read more here: This story has been updated to reflect new information.

We had an overwhelming response to our wish list for survivors! Thank you so much! We wanted to continue to share our Resource Center Wish List for those who still wanted to give. All of these items keeps us up + running!

Check out our wish list here:

#Reset180 #donate

Visa and Mastercard cut off Pornhub after report of unlawful videos

Mastercard + Visa have just terminated the use of their cards on Pornhub after investigating the site, confirming the presence of “unlawful content.” What a HUGE win as we follow the #Traffickinghub movement. Read more: Visa and Mastercard both announced investigations this week.

Pornhub Concedes to Major Demands of Traffickinghub Movement After NY Times Exposé - Exodus Cry

Days after being exposed in a major New York Times report by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Nicholas Kristof, Pornhub has conceded to making major changes to how the site operates—a significant “win” for the global Traffickinghub movement founded by Laila Mickelwait and powered by Exodus Cry.

Read all about it here:

If you have not read the New York Times article, catch up here:
#traffickinghub #endexploitation #endhumantrafficking Days after being exposed in a major New York Times report by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Nicholas Kristof, Pornhub has conceded to making major changes to how the site operates—a significant “win” for the global Traffickinghub movement founded by Laila Mickelwait and powered by Exodus Cr...

Before you take off for the year we want to let you know Restore the Foundations is EXTENDING their $150,000 match through the end of December. This means your financial gift can still make a HUGE impact. We are so grateful, will you consider donating today?

Your $25 will turn into $50.
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Check out our Amazon Wish List to provide a gift for one of our survivors!

We will be having our Survivor Christmas Party on December 10th, order soon so it can arrive on time ⏱

This is a small gathering for our survivors and their children to receive a present and share a meal with fellow survivors, their mentors and the Survivor Services team. Check out the list here:

STATEMENT - Parents Beware: Pornhub’s New Sex Ed Course is Free and Accessible to Your Kids - National Center on Sexual Exploitation

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) condemned Pornhub’s attempt to masquerade as a legitimate educational resource with its new, free sex education course that is easily accessible to any child using the Internet or a smartphone.

Pornhub has been caught hosting videos of sex trafficking, child sexual abuse victims, non-consensually shared images, and racist content. Thailand recently banned Pornhub. Over 2.1 million people across the world have signed a petition to shut Pornhub down for profiting from videos of child rape, sex trafficking, and other illegal content. Read more below. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) condemned Pornhub’s attempt to masquerade as a legitimate educational resource with its new, free sex education course that is easily accessible to any child using the Internet or a smartphone.

Our Story

Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Initiatives (NOVA-HTI) mission is to eradicate human trafficking locally through awareness, prayer, partnerships, intervention, and victim services. We are a 501(c)(3) organization based in Northern Virginia. Find out more about us, and see how you can get involved, at:

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