Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Initiative

Our mission is to eradicate human trafficking locally through awareness, prayer, partnerships, intervention, and victim services.

Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Initiative (NOVA HTI) is a faith-based 501(c)(3) organization based out of Northern Virginia.

Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Initiatives (NOVA HTI)] mission is to eradicate human trafficking locally through awareness, advocacy, prayer, and victim services.

We are a 501(c)(3) organization based in Northern Virginia. Find out more about us, and see how you can get involved, at:

Mission: Our mission is to eradicate human trafficking locally through awareness, prayer, partnerships, intervention, and victim services.

Have you considered joining us for our Justice Summit this weekend? We hope to see you there! Great speakers, fellowship, information about how to help with the fight against human trafficking right here in NoVa. Register ➡️

He is Risen! Happy Easter. 🙏🏼

Final Four sex trafficking sting operation leads officials to 58 arrests in Minneapolis

"While the eyes of the basketball world were focused on the court at U.S. Bank Stadium, some were attempting to hide in the shadows of our great community, trafficking and exploiting women and girls, inflicting unimaginable physical and emotional harm, and profiting from pain," St. Paul police chief Todd Axtell told Sports Illustrated

More attention is being drawn to the problem of sex trafficking at large sporting events. Keep the conversation going! #endhumantrafficking Police say 47 people were booked on probable cause of felony solicitation of a minor

We have a brand new opportunity for you to get on the front lines of stopping the demand of human trafficking! We have a team of men that reach out to the buyers who are enslaved in addiction to invite them into freedom. But we need your help!

Join us on May 11 at Christ Community Church for a buyer outreach training.

Optional breakfast is at 7:30 and training begins at 8:30.

Register for this free event today at

We will have a marketplace open before the Justice Summit! You can buy items that will benefit survivors and victims of human trafficking. April 26-27, tickets are still available! #bethechange #justicesummit2019 Register ➡️

Have you signed up for the Justice Summit
Van Tour yet?

We have 10 SPOTS LEFT!

This tour is of the greater Herndon area where commercial sexual exploitation is actively happening, including residences, hotels, schools and other "main-stream" areas in Northern Virginia!

If you would like to attend, sign up during registration at

We are loving this beautiful Spring weather, especially because we are THAT much closer to our 2019 Justice Summit April 26-27! We hope you consider joining us! #bethechange #justicesummit2019 Register ➡️

Thank you to Falls Church Girl Scout senior troop #3515 who came by our Drop-In Center for a tour. They have been collecting supplies for survivors in need. Are you interested in getting involved? ➡️

Get involved and make a difference! The Justice Summit will give you the tools and knowledge needed to fight human trafficking. Join us! #bethechange #justicesummit2019 Register + details ➡️

We offer services to many clients who are trying to have a normal life after trafficking. 🔻 A recent success story involved the simple task of getting a drivers license. Our case manager provided a practice driving course so that a client could feel ready to take her test. Because this survivor was trafficked at such a YOUNG age, she was not able to do the things that the average teenage gets to learn how to drive. She was nervous about taking this next step, but she went on to pass her test! She was able to get a car so that she could go to work and provide for herself. #faithjusticefreedom #endhumantrafficking Learn more:

Have you thought about joining the fight against human trafficking? A NOVA-HTI Ambassador is someone who carries the cause of eradicating human trafficking into communities through awareness and prayer. Learn more➡️ #carrythecause #faithjusticefreedom

We are getting so excited for our upcoming Justice Summit on April 26-27! Our guests include Will Cravens of Bridge Community Church & Will Herron of Holy Trinity Church Band. Join us to learn how we can fight human trafficking in Northern Virginia. #faithjusticefreedom Register ➡️

Missed our segment on Good News For The City yesterday? It's not too late!

Tune in TONIGHT at 9PM on WAVA 105.1FM, and online at and

You'll learn more about human trafficking, our new buyer outreach program and the Justice Summit coming up April 26th and 27th!

Our very own Will Cravens and Chelsey Treviño will be featured this weekend on Good News For The City!

They'll be discussing human trafficking, our new buyer outreach initiative and the 2019 Justice Summit. Don't miss this!

Air Times: Saturday 5:30pm & Sunday 9pm on WAVA 105.1FM, and online at and

Our case manager, Bella has been collecting a list of needs that current survivors have, which federal programs/checks have not been able to cover this month for a variety of reasons. ➡️ We have an Amazon Wish List that is the best way to easily get these products to our clients that are in need of care and attention from the local community. Interested in covering needs that may not be on the list? Email: [email protected]. You can also drop off items at our office. Thank you! #faithjusticefreedom >

Opinion: Dear johns — an open letter to sex buyers - The Boston Globe

Excellent article. #endhumantrafficking Get involved: The real story is all of you who think it is acceptable to buy someone.

From our Executive Director, Kay Duffield. ➡️ It was an honor to be invited to the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors meeting last night as Chair Randall's Voice for a Cause. I was able to share about the work we have done in Loudoun County. Chair Randall had many wonderfully things to says about our work. "NOVA-HTI is doing God's work," said Chair Randall.

Sex trafficking, prostitution is anything but a 'victimless crime,' experts say

Interesting article sharing the impact of human trafficking on survivors, and how this is often an overlooked and misunderstood problem in America. #endhumantrafficking 🔻 Join us at our upcoming Justice Summit in April to get involved in fighting trafficking in NoVa. ➡️ The Florida sex trafficking sting that charged Robert Kraft has brought renewed attention to a problem overlooked and misunderstood by many Americans.

State Report Cards: Grading Criminal Record Relief Laws for Survivors of Human Trafficking

Is there anything worse than an "F" on Virginia's report card? Yes, a zero. 👎 We have no place to go but up! #endhumantrafficking Learn more about the work we do to help survivors of human trafficking ➡️ Many states many have attempted to provide relief by giving trafficking victims a path toward having criminal records cleared. Unfortunately, many of the laws don’t work for survivors. We offer detailed report cards for each state, assessing what works and what doesn't in their laws - if they have...

Intervention Team Update ➡️ "As we were getting ready to depart from an illicit massage business one afternoon, our driver’s battery died. At just the time we realized the car battery was dead we looked up to see a potential buyer with his hand on the doorknob of the massage business. ❌ We called him over, asking if he would jump the battery of our car. He agreed and brought his car over. Two of the men on our Buyer Outreach team were able to talk with him while jumping the car. They informed him about trafficking that happens in these kinds of parlors. He said he didn’t know that they were trafficked and was very thankful that we informed him. This man ended up getting in his car and driving away without going in. The team was able to bring awareness to this man and prevent sexual exploitation in this instance. As of February of this year, the buyer outreach team has had the opportunity to talk to 17 people during outings, 14 of those men who were leaving or about to enter illicit massage businesses. Men are given information cards to reach out to a confidential line, and when receptive we pray with them." Learn more: #endhumantrafficking #faithjusticefreedom

Patriots Owner Robert Kraft’s Arraignment Is Scheduled for March 28

Have you been following the Robert Kraft case?

Florida is not the only state with Illicit Massage Parlors trafficking women, in fact, our organization has visited 87 of these parlors in just the Northern Virginia area!

At our Justice Summit you will have the opportunity to hear from former FBI Agent Robert Houston on just how these IMB's operate and how to eradicate them.

Robert Houston had a 27 year FBI career specializing in counterterrorism and transnational organized crime. Among other positions, he served as the Director of the International Organized Crime Intelligence and Operations Center, in management roles at the CIA Counterterrorism Center, and as an Assistant Professor at National Defense University. He has a MS in National Security Strategy and a JD.

Register today: Mr. Kraft is expected to be represented by a lawyer at his arraignment hearing on charges of soliciting prostitution. He has pleaded not guilty.

In **50 Days** we will be having our Justice Summit where you can learn how to fight human trafficking happening right here in Northern Virginia. #bethechange #justicesummit2019 #faithjusticefreedom Register:

One of NOVA-HTI's driving passions is to provide trafficking victims with the help they need not only to survive, but THRIVE. 🔻 Learn more about how we help our clients ➡️ #endhumantrafficking

Behind Illicit Massage Parlors Lie a Vast Crime Network and Modern Indentured Servitude

"Behind Illicit Massage Parlors Lie a Vast Crime Network and Modern Indentured Servitude" Check out the article. ❌ Get involved: Illicit massage parlors have exploded into a $3 billion-a-year sex industry that relies on pervasive secrecy, close-knit ownership rings and tens of thousands of mostly foreign women ensnared in a form of modern indentured servitude.

You don't want to miss the Justice Summit this year!

Join us for the Justice Summit in April to find out how YOU can be part of fixing the problem of human trafficking in Northern Virginia! #endhumantrafficking #faithjusticefreedom Sign up:

Justice Summit — NOVA-HTI

3 more days to get the early bird price of only $39 for our 2019 Justice Summit! Register on our website: Breakout sessions to educate you on the nature of human trafficking including Human Trafficking 101, Illicit Massage Businesses, and the role of Sex Buyers and Pornography.

Would you like to help fight human trafficking in Northern Virginia, but aren’t sure how you can help? Our Ambassador program prepares you with everything you need to start the conversation about human trafficking in your community. ❌ Learn more: #carrythecause #endhumantrafficking

Justice Summit — NOVA-HTI

Have you registered for the 2019 Justice Summit yet? We hope to see you there on April 26-27 for an informative day, where we aim to create and EQUIP abolitionists to fight human trafficking in Northern Virginia. Learn more + register ➡️ #endhumantrafficking #faithjusticefreedom Breakout sessions to educate you on the nature of human trafficking including Human Trafficking 101, Illicit Massage Businesses, and the role of Sex Buyers and Pornography.

Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Charged in Florida Prostitution Investigation

Here at NOVA-HTI our hearts go out to the victims in this case involving New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

Sadly, sex and/or labor trafficking takes place in illicit massage businesses (IMB's) all over the United States, including Northern Virginia. It is a multi-billion dollar industry in which women who are looking for new opportunities are trafficked and exploited.

NOVA-HTI is committed to providing much needed services and support to these victims who are true survivors. Do you know how to identify this crime in your own community? Join us for our Justice Summit on April 26 & 27 to learn what is happening and how to fight it. Robert K. Kraft, the owner of the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots, was charged with two counts of soliciting sex.

Join us on March 2nd, for a NOVA-HTI in partnership event with Greenwich Presbyterian, 9:30 - 11:30 a.m. Learn more about human trafficking and how it has infiltrated your community. If you are a parent, grandparent, or teen, you need the skills to help eradicate this menace. Your efforts can save a life! 🔻 More Info:

PRAISE! We were recently able to assist a client with a financial need thanks to the outpouring of support from our volunteers. 🔻 "I want to thank the people who assisted me in this time of need. I truly felt no hope and that I had no one to turn to, and I haven’t been sleeping or eating. Your assistance has enabled me to take some of the stress off of my mind and has shown me that there are good people out there...In today’s world it’s more important than ever to treat each other with kindness and compassion. And you did just that." ➡️ Assist with some of our organization's tangible needs by checking out our Amazon wish list or donating on our website. #faithjusticefreedom

Human trafficking is happening in Northern Virginia. NOVA-HTI provides awareness training to the community to increase our impact on human trafficking. Do you have a group who would benefit from awareness training? Request a speaker 🚩

Prayer Request: Please pray for those trapped in sex trafficking in the DC area. Pray for circumstances to change and for people to reach into their lives to love and help them. #endhumantrafficking #faithjusticefreedom >

"You never turned on me even when I was making bad choices." - NOVA-HTI Client 🚩 Share with someone this weekend about the reality of human trafficking. Interested in getting more involved? ➡️ #carrythecause #faithjusticefreedom

Yesterday a few folks on our team visited 15 places that sex or labor trafficking has or is happening in close proximity to where our Justice Summit is taking place, April 26-27. It included houses, restaurant, hotels, apartment complexes, school, and a parking garage. You wont want to miss the Justice Summit! 🔻 Spots are limited for the van tour that happens during the summit! Register soon ➡️

Would you like to help fight human trafficking in Northern Virginia, but aren’t sure how you can help? ❌ Become an NOVA-HTI Ambassador! Ambassadors are people who #carrythecause of eradicating human trafficking into communities through awareness, prayer + more. Learn more ➡️

Join us to raise awareness for Shine a Light on Slavery Day! Together we can make change in our community.

You can join us in the fight against human trafficking by becoming a NOVA-HTI Ambassador today!

TODAY is "Shine a Light on Slavery Day." This is a great way to start a conversation with someone who is unaware that slavery of many forms exists in our world. 1) Draw a Red ❌ on your hand. 2) Post to social media and tag NOVA-HTI. 3) Use hashtag #enditmovement.

In 2018 alone, these are just a FEW of the services we provided to our clients, survivors of human trafficking. ➡️ We hosted a Thanksgiving and Christmas gathering for survivors, provided financial assistance for medical bills, provided rent assistance, provided extensive therapy, provided tutoring for a client to finish her diploma, donated 2 cars to survivors + much more. 🔻 Thank you to all of our supporters for making this happen! #faithjusticefreedom Get involved:

The NOVA-HTI Drop-In Center is a refuge for victims of human trafficking to find support, encouragement, and access to resources throughout their journey. Learn more about how to help victims ➡️ #endhumantrafficking

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You don't want to miss the Justice Summit this year!
Ambassador Launch 2019! #CarryTheCause
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