United Christian Parish Preschool

Part day, play based, NAEYC accredited, Christian preschool program for ages 2-5 years of age. We believe that each child deserves an enriching environment to learn and grow. All are welcome in our Preschool family!

The UCP Preschool provides a safe and loving Christian atmosphere where all children share a variety of age appropriate experiences and learn to play and work with others. Our children experience a safe environment that focuses on wholesome development. We are a part day preschool program that serves children ages 2-5 years in 2-, 3- and 4-day/week classes. United Christian Parish Preschool is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.We operate as a ministry of United Christian Parish Church.

Mission: We believe that each child deserves an enriching environment to learn and grow.

Current Alerts | Fairfax County Public Schools

A quick reminder about our school weather policy! We follow the Fairfax County Public Schools weather policy for weather delays and closings.


If FCPS closes schools, then our school is closed.
If FCPS has a two hour delay, then our school will also open two hours late.
2’s classes 11:00-1:00.
3s-4s classes 11:15-1:15.
Lunch Bunch dismissal will be at 2:15.

Please consult your handbook for more details. You can email Ms. Clark for clarification. [email protected]


[12/10/19]   No chapel today!! Sorry for the inconvenience!!

Our annual book fair went so well and the fun seemed to go on and on! From sharing stories and songs as a School Family on PJ Night to seeing so many friendly faces at the book shop all week.... we are so blessed with all the kindness and generosity toward our scholarship fund! Thank you UCPP families!
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Our extraordinary Family Group Coordinator, Kate, wants to remind you that you can shop all week while your child is in school! She is certainly one of our favorite elves!

Stop in to our Bookshop today to support our Scholarship Fund! We are open everyday this week from 9-1!

United Christian Parish Preschool's cover photo

Here’s a great tip for teachers this week! Holiday season can often make kids struggle with the normal routines.... late nights out with festivities, different diet of treats and sweets, constant excitement over what’s to come, etc. We can always count on our Conscious Discipline skills to help!

After returning from several days off of school, children and adults may need more opportunities for connection than usual. With that in mind, our Conscious Commitment for this week is: "I am willing to increase opportunities for connection this week by implementing two rituals in my classroom or home."

Are you willing to commit? If so, post "ImWillingRU" in the comments and share which rituals you will try or that you already do. #iHeartCD #connection #rituals

Way to go UCPP!

Happy Thanksgiving to the friends and families of UCPP. Our extraordinary school could not be the success it is without you. And to our amazing staff, you ARE the heart of our school. Our thanks to you is immeasurable!

Conscious Discipline®

“Why don't we include 'please' and 'thank you'? Shouldn't we be teaching kids manners?"
Check out this clip from Master Instructor Kim Jackson, who describes the difference between requests (where the child has a choice), and commands (where the child does not have a choice) to see how including "please/thank you" may open the door to power struggles if used in the wrong type of direction.
You will be so surprised how this little shift in your words change your voice and allows your child to know exactly what to do. Wishing you well!

A common question we get in regards to assertive commands is, "Why don't we include 'please' and 'thank you'? Shouldn't we be teaching kids manners?"

Check out this clip from Master Instructor Kim Jackson, who describes the difference between requests (where the child has a choice), and commands (where the child does not have a choice) to see how including "please/thank you"may open the door to power struggles if used in the wrong type of direction.

Watch the full webinar here: https://bit.ly/2tMDO1P to get all your assertiveness questions answered. As always, we wish you well! #iHeartCD #assertiveness #assertivecommands #pleaseandthankyou

Parents and educators learning together! What a beautiful thing! #iheartCD #consciousdiscipline #professionaldevelopment #parentsupport

Tonight is our first of the year parent education workshop with Mandy Lloyd, our amazing certified Conscious Discipline trainer! We are looking forward to teaching our parents the vocabulary and skills we use everyday on our classrooms. Let us know if you want to learn more!

Conscious Commitment of the Week: "I am willing to use my assertive voice and tone when giving directions to children this week.” Assertiveness is clear communication that focuses children's attention on what we want them to do. Clear communication is essential for children to meet our expectations and for setting limits respectfully.

Are you willing to commit? If so post "ImWillingRU" in the comments! ⭐️ As always, we wish you well! #iHeartCD #consciousdiscipline #consciouscommitment #mondaymotivation #assertiveness

The Sleeptime Consultant has some great ideas to help your child adjust to a new sibling. Kendra is a new friend of UCPP and we encourage you to reach out to her and/or follow her on Facebook!

The birth of a new sibling is a very exciting and unsettling time for your toddler/preschooler. There is a lot of guilt mothers feel after the new baby - guilt for not being able to give their first “baby” the attention they have always received. Sometimes, the guilt we feel, makes way for letting a few of the old expectations we had in place slide because we are feeling sorry for the adjustment our older child is going through. You may notice changes in your child during the day and changes around sleep. Your toddler may act out more as they get accustomed to the birth of their new sibling, and often times test limits. To help them feel more secure, it is important to keep consistent boundaries. ⁣

If the older sibling was a solid sleeper, there may be a regression after a new baby is born. Here are some tips to help your older child with this change:⁣

1. Prepare your older child for the new baby by reading many books about becoming an older sibling, and have your older child “help” prepare by involving them in the process. ⁣
2. Keep the bedroom routine step-by-step, predictable, and consistent. This can be an excellent bonding opportunity. ⁣
3. Keep the same rules during the day and night. This will help your child feel more secure. If your child starts making “extra” requests, do not give in, as they are trying to test the boundaries. Setting limits will reassure your child. ⁣
4. If your older child calls for your in the middle of the night or comes into your bedroom, take emotion out of your voice, with minimal talking, tell them to go back to sleep. Do not give this too much attention or they will continue this trend. A toddler clock works great, reminding them it’s not time to wake up yet. ⁣
5. Spend at least 20 minutes of uninterrupted one-on-one time, with your older child, focusing solely on them, without the baby around.⁣
6. Breathe. Cut yourself some slack. You are doing a great job and everything will settle again soon.
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Many of our staff wore their cardigan for World Kindness Day today but, as many preschool days go, we didn’t get to our cameras until it was time to go home! Miss Jo and Miss Ginger were still smiling and spreading kindness as they left for the day! Hope everyone felt the love around them today! #worldkindessday #mrrogers #itsabeautifuldayintheneighborhood #wontyoubemine #cardigan #bekind

If you know UCPP, you know how much we admire and respect Fred Rogers. We will all be wearing our favorite cardigan to celebrate tomorrow!! Join us on spreading kindness all day!

Popsicles may not be your first choice in cold weather, but our Friday Fun students were happy to celebrate their last day with a friend who is moving away. It’s so hard to say goodbye so we say “we will always remember ....”. We will always remember this particular friend for his imaginative play and, of course, this special chilly treat! He will always be a part of his School Family and will be wished well each day all school year.
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At UCPP, we take outdoor play SERIOUSLY! It truly is our second classroom and our teachers make sure all of our curriculum goals are represented just as they do in their inside classrooms. We have a gorgeous outdoor play space, with traditional play equipment, sand and mud sensory areas, and lots and lots of space to run! As a NAEYC accredited and VA Quality school, safety is our main priority, with safety inspections regularly and a locked perimeter fence system.
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Halloween week was amazing! We had our fantastic Fall Festival run by our extraordinary families and then party after party in our costumes. Although we can’t post all of our photos, here is a small snapshot of our fun! Thank you to all who made our week so special!

Happy Halloween!!

We wish you well this Halloween! 🎃 If you try any of our Halloween tips, be sure to tag us @consciousdiscipline, we would love to see them! #happyhalloween #feelingbuddies #halloween2019

Happy Halloween!!

We wish you well this Halloween! 🎃 If you try any of our Halloween tips, be sure to tag us @consciousdiscipline, we would love to see them! #happyhalloween #feelingbuddies #halloween2019

Our students love their classroom jobs! Great idea!

Today's CD Halloween tip is from Certified Instructor Laura Angulo of Colombia (find her La Mente Consciente) with advice on how to incorporate jobs into your Halloween night plans. 🎃

What other jobs could you think of to add to our list? Share below! As always, we wish you well! #iHeartCD #halloween #familyjobs

Being mindful this week will help adults and children more than you realize!

With all the hustle and bustle of activities, costumes, and parties this week, there's bound to be moments of upset and disappointment when things don't go as we expected them to. 🎃 With that in mind, our focus for this week is acceptance.

"This week I am willing to practice acceptance. When upset occurs, or things don't go the way I expected, I will say, 'The moment is as it is.' Then I will breathe, relax, and solve the problem."

Are you willing? Post "ImWillingRU" in the comments. As always, we wish you well! #mondaymotivation #iHeartCD #acceptance #halloween

Another great tip for Halloween week!

Our next CD Halloween tip is from Certifed Instructor Abbi Kruse of Wisconsin who shares some ideas about what to do with all that Halloween candy! 🎃 🍬 If you haven't heard of the "Switch Witch" before, here's a link to learn more: bit.ly/2MRy9ls.

Share below, what tips or tricks do you have for handling Halloween candy? #iHeartCD #Halloweencandy #switchwitch #visuals

United Christian Parish - UCP

Today is the day! Come on over for some sweet, Fall fun! Preschool tours available!


Halloween Week is sneaking up on us! Conscious Discipline plans to have a tip each day leading up to the weekday holiday! Here’s #1! Really helpful idea, especially if your child has school on Friday.
#halloween #iheartcd #consciousdisciplineschool #preschool #ucppreschool #preschoolnearme #reston

Over the next week, we'll be sharing a variety of tips from our Certifed Instructors to help you prepare for Halloween. 🎃 Up first is Ashley Furnell of Missouri sharing how visuals that map out the activities on Halloween night help decrease stress and make clear the expectations of the evening. Visuals for your child could be clip art, actual pictures, or drawings by hand. 📷 As always, we wish you well! #CDhalloween #iHeartCD #visualroutine

Our Pre-K classes are hard at work! We are proud to have a balance between learning through play and also recognizing the importance of school readiness. Come in and see how we do it! 703-437-1127
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United Christian Parish - UCP

Please come and join the fun!

Fall has hit Reston! Celebrate on Oct. 26 at the Fall Festival and Art & Craft Fair.

Yesterday was our NAEYC Family Engagement training and our class ambassador puppets joined us too! Moe the Moose, Penguin the Penguin, Bob the Bunny, Selky the Sea Lion, Winston the Frog, Annie the Chipmunk, Buzzy the Bumblebee, Molly the Mouse and Pax the Monkey. Our Nature Ambassadors, trained by our phenomenal Wolf Trap puppeteer Penny Russell, would love to take you on a tour of our school, especially our amazing playground! 703-437-1127

Tonight was our annual Potluck Picnic and School Bag Blessing! Pastor Beth blessed over 50 school bags including our special classroom Go Bags. Our School Family is even stronger!

From our School Family to yours...Happy Good Neighbor Day!

How will you be a good neighbor today?

United Christian Parish Preschool

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One of our most favorite I Love You Rituals at the beginning of school is “Round and Round The Garden Goes The Teddy Bear”. It all starts with a child, an open palm and an open heart! If you are looking for a program with a true emotional literacy component, look no further. We are a Conscious Discipline school who can only see THE BEST in your child!
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The first week of school was full of happy smiles, engaging lessons and belly laughs! Eight class families connecting into one big school family! It’s gonna be a fantastic year of preschool!
#preschool #preschoolnearme #ucppreschool #ucpreston #prek #toddler #iheartcd #consciousdiscipline #naeyc #vaquality #reston #lakeanneplaza #herndon #greatfalls #schooltour #playbasedlearning #nature @ United Christian Parish - UCP

“Just thought you might like to see how excited Declan was to get to have his first day with Ms. Paula.”

Just one amazing photo and note from our first day at preschool!!

A great event for a beautiful Saturday!!

Master Face Painter, Sophia, is hard at work at our Back to School event at Scrawl Books in Reston Town Center- join us until 2:00 pm for face painting, tattoos, bookmark coloring and story times!

What a great idea 5 days before our first day kick off! Placing the hug button near the base of the thumb is a great pressure point for stress too!

💚Hug Button💚

If your little one is starting school or nursery this week and feeling upset at the thought of leaving their mama or daddy behind, why not try a Hug Button? Thought up by mum Louise Mallet and shared via The Motherload, this is such a fab idea - draw a heart on your hand and your little one’s, charge it up by holding hands and tell them that if they feel sad or miss you while at school to press the hug button and it will send you a hug - likewise, you can send your little one a big squeeze by touching the heart on your hand! We have tried and tested the Hug Button and can confirm it does work and makes for a very happy child and mum 😍

Have you used a Hug Button? We’d love to hear!

Two of our favorite organizations are having a fun back to school event!

Join NVAEYC at Scrawl Books this Saturday!

Happy Labor Day weekend! Our teachers spent Wednesday learning about puppetry and nature in the most incredible Wolf Trap Professional Development workshop yet! We used our well deserved NVAEYC scholarship to bring the amazing puppet artist Penny Russell to our school. Wolf Trap generously gave us a educational grant to offset the remaining costs. The cherry on top was including our amazing new friends from Cornerstones! Wait until your children get a load of all our new skills! Need a preschool?? Call us! 703-437-1127
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