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Mission: NVHC is our Spiritual Home where we Connect Through Community to Judaism That Matters.

Shabbat shalom everyone on this first Shabbat of 2020!

Did you know that in just a couple weeks, we'll be gathering for a potluck Shabbat dinner, all together, right here at NVHC? On Friday, January 24, we'll have Sha-Pot Luck Shabbat instead of our regular Shabbat service! Click here (http://ow.ly/Og3R50xMNXK) to sign up to bring a dish, then join us for a night of laughter, music, blessings, and a whole lot of delicious food. Sign ups close January 12, so sign up ASAP!

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On this 8th night of Chanukah, our menorahs shine bright, sharing their light and warmth with all who see them. We pray that their message- of hope, determination, pride- remains with us until next Chanukah, and that we are able to share their light and warmth everywhere we go.

Shavua tov and happy 7th night of Chanukah!! We can’t believe both Chanukah and 2019 are almost over- do you have any plans for how you’re going to close out this year?

Shabbat shalom and happy 6th night of Chanukah!
Don't forget to bring your chanukiah (menorah) and 7 candles to Finally Friday Chanukah Shabbat TONIGHT at 6 so we can light them together as a community. The service will be followed by Finally Friday dinner and a delicious oneg!

It always feels a little funky when Chanukah and Christmas fall at the same time. Whether you celebrate one or both, this time of year can be in turns joyous and uncomfortable.
This is why we have this community - to share our discomforts, to celebrate our joy together, and to have a place we can all call our spiritual home.

And if you need a reminder that you’re not alone and want a bunch of people to celebrate Chanukah with, join us on Friday for our Finally Friday Shabbat Chanukah service! We’ll all bring our chanukiot (menorahs) and light candles together (7 of them for night 6). We’ll then share in a delicious dinner and oneg together after the service. Click here to RSVP for dinner: https://nvhc.shulcloud.com/form/finally-friday-dinner.html.

Happy 4th night of Chanukah!

Night 3 is a throwback Tuesday to celebrating Chanukah last year with our Tamid teens! NVHC has the most amazing teens and we are so excited to learn with them and from them in the coming year!

Night number 2! Tonight, we’re thinking about the shamash, the helper candle. It spreads its light to all the other candles and enables them to each shed their own light. What are some ways you can share your light with those around you?

Happy 1st night of Chanukah!! Chanukah falls over winter break this year, so even though things are pretty quiet around NVHC, we hope you’ll join us for Finally Friday Shabbat Chanukah this Friday at 6. Bring 7 candles and your chanukiah (menorah), and don’t forget to sign up for Finally Friday dinner! (click here to sign up: http://ht.ly/18aW30q4dTa)

[12/20/19]   We have quite the Shabbat lined up this weekend! Join us tonight at 7 for Kol Shirah's Sermon in Song Winter Concert, where they will dazzle us yet again with their beautiful voices singing classic Shabbat and Chanukah songs.

Then tomorrow morning join us for Great Texts of America. We're studying the Port Huron Statement of 1965, how it shaped the values of part of the Boomer generation, and how it has influenced progressivism and liberalism today.

Stay warm and Shabbat shalom!

[12/13/19]   As you might have seen in our email earlier today, today is a special day: our Erev Shabbat service streaming is now live! Now, no matter where you are, you can connect to your spiritual home and share Shabbat with us. Click here to view the stream! http://ow.ly/OnRe50xzLK1 (note: the stream will appear a few minutes before the start of services)

Join us tonight (digitally or in person) for the Pulpit in the Pew, a service where we break down the barrier between the sermon and the congregation with an open discussion about the sermon topic after the oneg. Tonight's topic is "The Concept of Impeachment in Judaism."

Then tomorrow morning we have a Contemplative Shabbat Sustenance. Join us for a contemplative, musical, and prayerful opportunity to take a pause and regain space, breath, and focus.

Shabbat shalom everyone!

Thank you to everyone who joined us this past Thursday and Sunday at our Congregational Celebration and Campaign Showcases! We've already raised over $1 million, generously donated by 23 member families. YOU, our members, are the most important part of this campaign and this institution. We are excited to stand together with all of you to support the future of NVHC.

If you couldn't make it to one of these events, or just want to learn more about the campaign, click here: https://www.nvhcreston.org/nitzavim/.

After all that food yesterday, put on your most comfy pair of jeans and join us tonight at 6 pm (not 7!) for Blue Jean Shabbat!

Then join us again at 9 am tomorrow for Shabbat Sustenance - we promise, there will be no leftover turkey to go with the bagels.

Shabbat shalom!

Thanksgiving is an especially good time to recognize all the things we're thankful for in our lives.

We are so thankful for the gifts and teachings of Judaism; for the ability to come together in community during good times and bad; and we're particularly thankful for all of YOU, who choose to be part of this amazing community.

What are YOU thankful for?

From all of us at NVHC, we wish you a happy, safe, and delicious Thanksgiving!

Join us tonight for a service with our adult choir, Kol Shirah! This Shabbat is also our second Pulpit and the Pew, which creates a multi-directional relationship between the sermon from the pulpit and the people hearing the sermon. Everyone is invited to stay after the oneg for a discussion about the sermon!

Tonight, we'll be talking about climate change. This is in conjunction with Climate in the Pulpits, a Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions initiative to get all clergy across the region to address caring for our planet in their services this weekend.

We hope you can join us to celebrate Shabbat and discuss this important topic together.

Shabbat shalom!

We are so excited to share this Shabbat with you tonight at 7pm and then again tomorrow at 9am!

Tomorrow's Shabbat Sustenance is a Great Texts of America, where we'll use the same skills and methods we use to study Torah to instead study important American texts. This week, we're talking about responding to hate and reading George Washington's "Letter to the Hebrew Congregation in Newport." It's a fascinating letter and we can't wait to discuss it with you!

Whether you're joining us at NVHC or doing your own thing, we hope you find joy, comfort, and peace this and every Shabbat. Shabbat shalom!

This Shabbat is complex and multi-faceted.

Our parshah this week is B'reish*t - the very first Torah portion. We celebrate creation, our ability to create, and beginning the Torah reading cycle anew.

We celebrate Finally Friday tonight at 6, an opportunity for our congregation to come together over great food to reflect on another beautiful month.

Tomorrow morning at 9, we'll learn about the incredible and harrowing journey of the Sarajevo Haggadah - a beautiful tale of survival, creativity, and the lengths we go through to protect and preserve our history.

And finally, this Shabbat we honor the first yahrzeit of the victims of the shooting at Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh.

This Shabbat, we celebrate, we reflect, we study, and we mourn. We are amazed by the resilience and creativity of Judaism and of Jews throughout history, and we use that amazement to empower us for the future.

Will you #ShowUpForShabbat with us?

This weekend we celebrate Shabbat and the last days of a beautiful (and windy) week of Sukkot. On Sunday we welcome in our next holiday: Simchat Torah!

Simchat Torah (Rejoicing in the Torah) is all about just that - rejoicing! Come celebrate the completion of another annual cycle of Torah reading with us on Sunday, October 20, at 10:30 am. We'll have a DJ, 7 hakafot (parades) with the Torahs around the sanctuary, we'll unroll an entire scroll for everyone to see, and begin our Torah reading anew by reading straight from the last verses of Deuteronomy to the first verses of Genesis!

We wish you all joyous and beautiful Shabbat and hope you can join us for Simchat Torah!

[10/16/19]   Flu season is upon us! Protect yourself and those around you who might not be able to be vaccinated by getting a FREE flu shot at NVHC!

We are pleased to be partnering with Giant of North Point to offer you a free vaccine clinic for flu and pneumonia TOMORROW, Thursday, October 17, from 5:30-7:30 pm, and Sunday, October 20, from 12-3:00 pm.

The flu vaccine is available to anyone age 5 and up. Make sure to bring your insurance card! If you are on Medicare, please bring your Medicare card with you.

Chag Sukkot Sameach!

Sukkot is a holiday of joy (it's the only holiday with a commandment to rejoice!) We find joy this Sukkot in being in nature, spending time with our friends, celebrating the gifts of the Earth, and basking in another beautiful fall season.

How are you rejoicing this Sukkot??

(if you want to come hang out with us, we'll be having our annual S'mores and Singing in the Sukkah event on Tuesday 10/15 at 6:30 pm - bring your singing voice and your sweet tooth!)

Shabbat shalom everyone!

Join us tonight at 7 pm for our Erev Shabbat service and tomorrow morning at 9 am for Shabbat Sustenance: Great Texts of America. We'll be studying Woody Guthrie's "This Land is Your Land" and an excerpt from The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck. The conversation will be inspiring and bagels are provided!

Today is National Coming Out Day!

In light of what's happening in the Supreme Court right now, we think it is especially relevant to remind everyone that you are LOVED and that you BELONG here. Wherever you are on your coming out journey, know that we are PROUD of you and that NVHC supports you and will always be a safe home for you.

As we prepare to enter into our holiest day of the year, we want to remind everyone of a few things:

1) Don't forget your security pass! If you don't have one or have misplaced yours, we are more than happy to issue another at the welcome table outside the sanctuary lobby.

2) Remember that if you are unable to fast, for whatever reason, you are commanded not to fast. There is even a blessing for "Those Who Must Eat on Yom Kippur" on page 10 of Mishkan HaNefesh for Yom Kippur (our prayerbook)! Your physical and mental health comes before all else.

3) Speaking of Mishkan HaNefesh, we use the SILVER machzor for Kol Nidre and Yom Kippur. If you don't have your own copy, we have plenty available here for you to use.

4) If you are unable to make it to NVHC for a service, but still want to participate, we will be livestreaming all but the tot service. Click here to access our YouTube channel: http://ow.ly/LeuF50wFV4n. Approximately 5 minutes before the service, a button saying "Live Now" will appear. Click that and you will be watching the stream.

5) If you have any questions about Yom Kippur at NVHC, please click here to view our High Holy Day information page with everything you need to know: http://ow.ly/DiAC50wFV4l.

If you are able and choosing to fast, we wish you an easy fast, and to everyone we wish G'mar Chatimah Tovah!

It's the first Shabbat of 5780!

The Shabbat between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur is called Shabbat Shuvah, or "Shabbat of Return." Click here (http://ow.ly/7mBt50wCneF) to read an awesome d'var Torah about how this Shabbat and its Torah portion can help us create a road map for transforming ourselves in the new year, keeping the promises of Rosh Hashanah, and preparing for Yom Kippur.

Shabbat shalom everyone!
(Also challah with apples & honey? Sign us up!)

Wherever you are in the world, join us tonight at 8:00 pm to welcome 5780 and the Yamim Nora'im (Days of Awe).

In case you missed it, we are once again excited to be livestreaming all of our High Holy Days services (except the tot services) on YouTube. Click here to view our YouTube channel: http://ow.ly/I4do50wvBhx. The stream will begin approximately 5 minutes before the beginning of each service. You will see a link that says “Live Now;” click that to view the stream.

Whether you're with us in our sanctuary, at home while the kids are asleep, or away on a trip, we are excited to have you along with us as we journey together into 5780 and these High Holy Days.

Shanah Tovah!

Through all the hustle and bustle of High Holy Day preparations, the new school year, world events, and a neverending news cycle, Shabbat arrives once again to remind us to pause, slow down, take a second, and breathe.

This last Shabbat of 5779, this first Shabbat of Fall, we breathe out our negative energy, the stresses of the week, the distractions of the world around us. And we breathe in possibilities, hope for a new year and new season, and glorious peace.

Let us to be the first to wish you a beautiful, blessed, and sweet New Year! From the NVHC clergy, staff, and board, we cannot wait to enter 5780 with you, to recommit ourselves to our Judaism and each other, and to learn, grow, and thrive together as one community.

Shabbat shalom and shanah tovah!

Shabbat shalom everyone!

In this period of reflection and as the seasons are changing, what lessons, feelings, or moments from this summer are you bringing with you into the new season? What is something you want to welcome into your life in 5780, our new year? (this is also our 6-word prayer prompt for tonight's Elul reflection!) Tell us in the comments!

On the Saturday before Rosh Hashanah (this Saturday, September 21), we recite prayers called selichot - penitential prayers, asking for forgiveness and emphasizing God's mercy and compassion.

This Saturday has become known as the holiday Selichot. At NVHC, we observe Selichot by gathering to watch a movie related to the themes of Selichot, having a little nosh and discussion of the film, and then participating in a Selichot service, during which we recite the selichot prayers and change the Torah covers to their pristine white High Holy Day covers.

Join us this Saturday at 7:30 pm for Havdalah and our showing of Won't You Be My Neighbor, a brilliant biographical film about the life of Fred Rogers, better known as Mr Rogers. Click here to watch the trailer: http://ow.ly/1TYj50wgSW8.

Snacks and dessert will be provided, and after the film we'll have a brief clergy-led discussion about the film, the values reflected in it, and how they relate to Selichot and the High Holy Days.

At 9:30, we gather in the Sanctuary with Kol Shirah for our Selichot service.

We hope you can join us for all or part of this incredible, moving evening as we officially begin to welcome in the High Holy Days.

The first week of Elul has gone by. Do you feel more connected with yourself? What are you reflecting on in 5779, and what do you want out of 5780? What can you bring to 5780?

Elul encourages us to ask these questions and more. Study along with us as we read what Talmud has to say about Elul and the High Holy Days. Download the study guide (https://www.nvhcreston.org/high-holy-days/) or join us Friday mornings at 8 am to learn with Rabbi Holzman. The study guide is updated each week, so check back every Friday.

Also join us tonight at Erev Shabbat services at 7 to reflect on this week's Elul theme and write a personal 6-word prayer. The theme for each Shabbat can be found at the link above and in the weekly email.

Shabbat shalom everyone!

Did you know Rosh Hashanah is a month from today? And that tomorrow evening begins the month of Elul, the last month of the Hebrew year? Elul is a time for reflection, introspection, and preparation for the High Holy Days. We look inward, so that in the next year we can grow to be even better versions of ourselves.

Every Friday during Elul, we have three opportunities for you to reflect and reconnect. Friday mornings at 8am starting September 6, Rabbi Holzman will be teaching Talmud of the High Holy Days, where we will study and discuss tractates of Talmud relating to the High Holy Days.

If you can't make his class, we also have "study packets" that will be available online (https://www.nvhcreston.org/high-holy-days/) and in the NVHC office for you to take home and gain inspiration from.

Finally, at each Erev Shabbat service during Elul, everyone is invited to reflect upon a weekly Elul theme and write a personal 6-word prayer. The theme for each Shabbat can be found at the link above and in the weekly email.

We hope these opportunities help you connect with Elul, the upcoming season, and most importantly, yourself.

Shabbat shalom everyone!

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We are welcoming, curious, funny, intellectually demanding, musical, inclusive, open minded and committed to living a Jewish life. We have decided to focus on how we engage youth and young adults and ensure the Jewish future (atid), how we build Community (kehilah), and how we act to make the world a more just, peaceful and compassionate place (tzedek). Find your entryway, your niche, and join us in creating a flourishing Jewish life. NVHC is a dynamic, inclusive, Reform Jewish synagogue. We welcome everyone, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual identity, whether single or in a relationship, Jewish or non-Jewish. We celebrate our diversity and are open to all who wish to join us in us in our community of Jewish spiritual, educational, and cultural life. NVHC is affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism.
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