Kunzang Palyul Choling - KPC Buddhist Temple

Kunzang Palyul Choling - KPC Buddhist Temple


Thank you Jetsunma 🙏🙏 🥰💐🌞🌙🌈💦🌺🏺🐚🥙🎼💖
I am Lucy from BJ Crystal. Our company is specialized in crystal sculptures. We are developing a full line of Tibetan Buddha statues in crystal. Please contact me for any question you might have. Thank you.
Neda is an awesome friend! Join her in supporting KPC, a place she loves! (me too!)
Happy birthday, Jetsunma. Tsering nemay. May you stay longer to benefit more sentient beings!
Great visit today. Always clearing to circumambulate the great stupa. A great blessing to meditate in the temple which has been praying for world peace for decades.
It's time for the Facebook Selfies for Good Prize $1,000 from 2-4 pm #kunzangpalyul #DoMore24 United Way of the National Capital Area
Regardless of your belief, this place is awesome... They have PRAYED NONSTOP for PEACE ON EARTH 24/7 for OVER 28 YEARS , 2 hour shifts for each person to pray.
I have written three times to ask if it is possible to gain access to your teachings "Ngöndro Teachings by Lopon Pem". I paid the fee as I would like to listen to the teachings. Please tell me if that is possible.
Thank you SOOOOO much KPC for the Ustream of tonights teaching. I saw many who were at retreat in McDonough a sight that warmed my heart, as well as seeing everyone else. Tashi Delak!

A place of peace and refuge for people of all faiths. The Palyul lineage, the Nyingma school of Vajrayana (Tibetan) Buddhism. Founder: Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo

Kunzang Odsal Palyul Changchub Choling (KPC) is a Vajrayana Buddhist organization founded by Jetsunma Ahkon Norbu Lhamo to uphold the Palyul Lineage in the Nyingma tradition. On-going compassion projects, for Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike, focus on saving lives and caring for beings, especially animals.

Mission: Under Jetsunma’s spiritual direction, the KPC mission is to inspire people to improve the world and bring an end to suffering for all beings. To that end, KPC offers the Dharma at physical centers and in cyberspace, as well as the opportunity to serve as caretakers of the earth through 24 hour prayer and compassionate activity.


Invocation – Tibetan Buddhist Altar

Timely for these times ... This hauntingly beautiful prayer, downloadable on the link attached, was spontaneously brought forth by Her Eminence Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo Rinpoche on April 2, 1992.

His Holiness Penor Rinpoche offered this advice: "To all who can hear the precious sounds and words of Dharma: Please listen again to this #Invocation to Guru RInpoche.' Allow this special gift from Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo to inspire the spontaneous increase in Bodhicitta (love and compassion) in your life. Always cultivate Bodhicitta. That is the purpose of this precious human life."

18 minutes -- Beneficial to listen to this sacred chant many times over and allow the mind to relax into its essence.

tibetanbuddhistaltar.org Invocation May 5, 2016May 4, 2016 by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo Invocation mp3 Download Lord Guru Teach me to see your face Rinpoche Teach me to call your name Come Come Come Come Appear in Nirmanakaya form Make your holy face Appear Be known to us now Do not leave us comfortless Do not abandon your vow B...


LongLife Stupa for Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo at KPC

Ready for a visit to the Long LIfe Stupa Garden in KPC's Peace Park? These Stupas are here as a support for your prayers and meditation. Fully consecrated, they bring their blessings to wherever you are.

Jacob Wise and Zach Fletcher created an incredible video featuring the Stupa park at KPC. The centerpiece is the 18 foot Stupa dedicated to Jetsunma's long l...


Prayer to Be Reborn in Dewachen, by Jetsunma Ahkön Lhamo

Prayer in the Time of Corona
Although the Temple is closed to visitors right now, the Prayer Vigil continues 24/7, with prayers for all beings, especially those who are suffering and dying from the effects of the global pandemic. Please take advantage of the many photos and videos of teachings and prayers to support you at this challenging time.
YouTube Kunzang Palyul Choling
The teaching below from Her Eminence Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo Rinpoche offers guidance for how to help people who are dying. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIPnLR57Ojg&list=PLKgP0576jWWmdri__NxXOvtuBRTvfbBQm&index=2&t=0s
Listen to the prayer and download it here:

Jetsunma brings the 2600 year old teachings of the Buddha to a modern audience in an engaging and relevant way. Find out how this ancient prayer brings benef...

WUMCO Help Inc.

WUMCO drivers needed ... Can you help?

WUMCO is creating a list of people who are available to deliver food orders as needed to home bound clients (this is considered essential work, and we have letters for you to carry in your vehicle). If you are available to deliver food to doorsteps please fill out this simple form. All volunteers will be required to fill out a confidentiality form before delivering as well. Thank you!

Kunzang Palyul Choling - KPC Buddhist Temple

Need a bit of quieting down? Try walking meditation... Take a walk around the Enlightenment Stupa and let its blessings help your mind settle and your heart open. Stupas are powerful places to make prayers for all who are suffering. Traditionally we walk around three times, so if you'd like, you can play this three times. Three reminds us of the Triple Gem: the #Buddha, the Awakened One who brought us the teachings; the #Dharma, the teachings themselves; and the #Sangha, the community of practitioners who provide support and encouragement on the Path.


If you've ever visited KPC, you may have sought out the clarity and calmness that a walk round the Stupas bring.

The Enlightenment Stupa shown here has been a beacon of healing for thoussands since it was built in 1988 under the guidance of His Holiness Penor Rinpoche and Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo.

When you make an offering to KPC, you help ensure the Stupas remain cared for in perpetuity. So you and others may return again and again...

Spring has sprung at the Enlightenment Stupa in Poolesville, Maryland.

Constructed in 1988 under the guidance of His Holiness Penor Rinpoche and Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo, the Stupa is a beacon of wisdom through every season.

Photo by @Cara Fleming March 31,2019


Kunzang Palyul Choling

#Update #InternetIssues
Internet at the Temple is having trouble, so this will be hosted via Zoom from a phone. If you'd like an invite, please PM this page and we'll send you the link.

If you cannot join in real time, please join us with the strongest prayers and intentions for worl healing that you can muster.

Sunday in the Time of Spatial Distancing
Join us via livestream — *see link on www.tara.org.

Eastern Daylight Time — please join from wherever you are.

10 AM Meditation for Stabilizing the Mind*

11 AM Dharma Teaching from Her Eminence Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo*

2 PM Tsog with Full Nam Cho Sadhana with Dorje Phagmo, Guru Dragpo and Sangye Menla*

7 PM Medicine Buddha - short practice via Zoom — PM us here for link

tara.org Vajrayana Buddhism in the Nyingma Tradition

Om Mani Padme Hung

Virtual kora — please enjoy this circumambulation of Jetsunma’s Long Life Stupa in the Peace Park. Making prayers for all beings.


Kunzang Palyul Choling

Keep your #distance and enjoy some #support for your mind and heart this weekend.
#livestreaming via YouTube. Find link below or via KPC YouTube channel.

Sat March 21
8 AM Dorje Phagmo Tsog
10 AM Meditation “Stabilizing the Mind”
11 PM Chenrezig Sur and 100 Deities practice for those who have died.

Sunday March 22
10 AM Meditation “Stabilizing the Mind”
11 AM Dharma Teaching from Her Eminence Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo
2 PM Dorje Phagmo Tsog


tara.org Vajrayana Buddhism in the Nyingma Tradition

Gardens and Peace Park are still available for socially distant walking, praying and meditating. Enjoy a virtual visit, kindness of Laura Flecha.

24 hour prayer continues. One at a time, safely and socially distant, someone is always praying at KPC. For you. For all beings. Please join in from wherever you are, however and whenever you can.

Find practices and resources on our website www.tara.org or from the blog of Her Eminence Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo:

Happy #DakiniDay!
Wednesday March 18
Yumka Tsog 7:30 PM EDT
We'll be live-streaming from KPC's Prayer Room, and you are invited to join online. Find the link to this --and lots of other online resources to support your cultivation of kindness and compassion -- at www.tara.org
Learn more about Dakini energy from Her Eminence Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo here: https://www.tibetanbuddhistaltar.org/five-demons-or-dakinis/


KPC access during outbreak of Coronavirus

In Case You Missed This Email ... please see
Sharing the Dharma in the Time of Corona
Good news — 24 hour prayer continues. Praying for all beings, including all suffering from Covid-19.

hosted.verticalresponse.com Due to the risk of Coronavirus, we are asking the general public not to enter the temple, but instead enjoy and explore the many sacred Stupas and our 65-acre Peace Park across the street. There are several different altars where people are welcome to make offerings, both in front of the Stupas and....

Looking for ways to nurture yourself, stay strong, and cultivate compassion during this time of “social distancing?”
In addition to participating in real-time practices via web stream on YouTube, please remember you can access a vast treasury of teachings and sacred music from Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo and other teachers in the Palyul tradition. Enjoy!
www.tara.org and TibetanBuddhistaltar.org.


WUMCO Help | Poolesville, MD 20837

Normally people coming to KPC make generous offerings of food to WUMCO, the Western Upper Montgomery County food bank that provides services to low income people.

Keeping social distance but still want to help? Here’s what WUMCO says: “Right now we are well stocked on shelf stable food, but we are glad to have more. Financial donations are more needed - www.wumcohelp.org.”

wumcohelp.org WUMCO Help, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation whose mission is to provide assistance to needy persons in W. Upper Montgomery County, MD.

Staying close to home? Avoiding crowds? Washing those hands? Consider a virtual visit to the Stupas, whose sacred presence brings healing to all who see them. May all beings benefit.

[03/08/20]   Have a listen — this teaching from Atira Zeoli is timely and super helpful.


Kunzang Palyul Choling - KPC Buddhist Temple

A great way to start your day. Use your Alexa to hear it each morning.

Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo reads this powerful prayer of awareness which encourages us to use this precious life for awakening to the best of our abilities.

Thanks to Jacob Wise for editing this gem.


"Waking From the Slumber of Ignorance" Recited by Jetsunma Ahkön Lhamo

Please enjoy this awesome short prayer.

Losar Tashi Delek to all!
May the year of the Iron Male Mouse bring peace and the causes of peace into all hearts and minds!

Such joy when we come together! Here volunteers are caring for the Buddhas — dusting each of the thousand Buddhas and dusting and oiling the altar. Please join us today and throughout the Losar season. See separate schedule for Feb 24, March 4, and March 9. Special thanks to Rozy Tamang and family for the photos.

Thanks to all who helped today caring for the Temple. What a difference you made!

KPC's Enlightenment Stupa, constructed and consecrated in 1988 under the guidance of His Holiness Penor Rinpoche and Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo, stands as a potent physical connection to the indestructible Buddhanature of all beings.

All are welcome to visit. Learn more:


WUMCO Help Inc.

Any daytime folks available to help WUMCO provide rides for people in need?

WUMCO volunteers provide rides for our aged and home bound neighbors to medical appointments. We need more drivers! Drivers sign up for rides at their convenience, and can run errands, etc while our clients are at their appointments. If you are interested please call our transportation coordinator at 301-972-8481 ext 4 or email [email protected]. Thanks!

Making prayers for #peace? Consider a visit to KPC, where good intentions are potentized and you join with other like-minded people. The vertical prayer flags shown here sparkling in the snowy sunshine offer the special prayer to avert nuclear warfare. Thanks to Noreen Teoh for the photo, and the flags.

Built and consecrated in 1988, the Enlightenment Stupa offers blessings in all seasons. Shown here in the snow on 1/7/2020, kindness of Ani Tenzin J Wangmo


Kunzang Palyul Choling

”Go Beyond Safety to Love.” KPC Is webcasting this pre-recorded teaching from Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo, Spiritual Director. Join us at www.tara.org. Many of Jetsunma’s teachings are available also on the KPC YouTube channel http://bit.ly/2JGKHt4.

tara.org Vajrayana Buddhism in the Nyingma Tradition

Looking back to how KPC founder and spiritual director Her Eminence Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo Rinpoche began her work teaching westerners.

Did you know?

In the beginning, Jetsunma's teachings used Western metaphysical and mystical Christian language familiar to her eclectic gathering of students. Her teachings followed one dominant theme: that the liberation of the mind was hampered by the ignorant concept of “separateness” and that once the ultimately true state of “unity” had been realized, this realization would unlock universal love and compassion. Within this unified state, prayer for others had transformative power. Committed to putting this power to work for the benefit of others, she and her students began the 24 Hour Prayer Vigil in April 1985, which continues unbroken to the present day. The Prayer Vigil is dedicated to the end of suffering for all sentient beings.

[12/31/19]   Thinking about visiting KPC? Here's the upcoming practice schedule for the next few days: Hope to see you soon. Of course, the Prayer Room remains open 24/7 and and the Peace Park is open dawn to dusk. Come nourish yourself!

December 31 (Tuesday)
7pm - Vajrakilaya (Gurkhugma) tsog
11:45pm - meditation and setting intentions for the New Year

January 1 (Wednesday)
12pm - Riwo Sang Chod
2pm - Ratna Lingpa Vajrakilaya tsog
7:30pm - Dharma Teaching from Jetsunma (pre-recorded)

January 2 (Thursday)
7pm - Vajrakilaya (Gurkhugma) tsog

January 3 (Friday) - Medicine Buddha Day
5pm - Vajrakilaya (Gurkhugma) tsog
7:30pm - Medicine Buddha practice

January 4 (Saturday)
8am - Ratna Lingpa Vajrakilaya tsog
10am - Meditation

January 5 (Sunday) - Guru Rinpoche Day
10am - Meditation
11am - Dharma Teaching from Jetsunnma (pre-recorded)
2pm - Rigdzin Dupa tsog and Happy 8th BIrthday celebration for Yangsi of His Holiness Penor Rinpoche

#gratitude #generosity #community #joy
See us on page 10 of the special Dec 20 edition of The Monocacy Monocle:

Peace on Earth ... and good will to all.

Founded in 1985 by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo under the guidance of His Holiness Penor Rinpoche, KPC Buddhist Temple continues to welcome people of all faiths -- or no faith -- for prayer, meditation and activities that assist you in connecting with your own good heart.

Special opportunity: Khenpo Sange Rangjung Rinpoche, one of Palyul’s senior Khenpos, to teach on Phowa on Friday, December 27 at 7:30 PM.

Spin the prayer wheels to offer mantras of compassion to the universe for the benefit of all beings.

[12/06/19]   Lots going on at KPC this weekend... hope to see you there. See the Event listings for more details.

#Friday Dec 6: Guru RInpoche Day:
7:30 PM Rigdzen Dupa Tsog

#Saturday and ##Sunday
10 AM Guided meditation
2 PM Ratna Lingpa Vajrakilaya Tsog

#Sunday Dec 8:
10 AM - 3 PM Peace Park Trail Work Day
11 AM Video teaching from Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo
5-6 PM Buddhism for Beginners (Season of Giving) with Atira

Our hearts are full with #gratitude ... you’ve given almost $16K for #GivingTuesday2019. Big thanks to the 18 courageous and kind individuals who’ve been fundraising on personal pages. It all adds up: 119 people have made gifts of all sizes. Some on FB, some via www.tara.org, some via check or Text to GIVE. (Who knows? Maybe some will even arrive by snail mail. Or pony express)!
May your generosity return to you over and over again. May all beings benefit!

[12/04/19]   Some things take time. So if you haven’t had a chance to make your gift yet, don’t worry, it’s not too late. There’s still time. With doors open 24/7 and a vision as vast as ending suffering for all beings, we’ll always have expenses. With hearts and minds open, we’ll do this together. Please contribute what you can when you can.

Kunzang Palyul Choling - KPC Buddhist Temple's cover photo

Kunzang Palyul Choling - KPC Buddhist Temple's cover photo

We're getting so close to our goal of $16K.... $13,201 from all the different doorways as of 11:15 PM. #GivingTuesday keeps on going... so if you're getting a slow start, we're still open... Only $2799 left to go. Can you help fill the gap?

So much variety at KPC. Come visit!
This was our first Nepali Wedding

WIth thanks to all who contribute on Giving Tuesday and every day

With gratitude to our visionary founder and spiritual director, Her Eminence Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo, all our teachers and the vast community of Sangha and supporters, we take a moment to wish you a life full of blessings. May peace prevail throughout the three thousand myriad of universes.


Simple Kindness - #GivingTuesday

It's #GivingTuesday - still! So, relax and understand why everyone is doing this:

Video exploring kindness and the joy of practicing generosity.

KPC's White Garden is one of the five color gardens in the Peace Park. White represents the transformation of ignorance into Dharmadhatu wisdom.
Your gift supports this transformation.

Prayers going out for all beings. Prayers for the planet. Your gift supports compassion in action -- body, speech and mind.


KPC: Kindness. Prayer. Community.

Kunzang Odsal Palyul Changchub Choling (KPC) means Glorious Dharma Continent of Absolute Clear Light. This Vajrayana Buddhist organization was founded by Jetsunma Ahkon Norbu Lhamo under the guidance of His Holiness Penor Rinpoche to uphold the Palyul Lineage in the Nyingma tradition.

KPC’s Prayer Room is open 24 hours for prayer and meditation and the Peace Park with Stupas, walking trails, and meditation gardens is open dawn to dusk. All are welcome.

KPC provides a training ground for practicing compassion, both on the cushion and in action. Meditation classes are offered each Sunday, and Dharma teachings offered Wednesdays and Sundays. Other programs, activities, and sacred space are offered for Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike.

KPC focuses on saving lives and caring for all beings, especially animals. www.tara.org

Want your place of worship to be the top-listed Place Of Worship in Poolesville?

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Om Mani Padme Hung
Power Hour - Matching Funds!
WIth thanks to all who contribute on Giving Tuesday and every day
Sometimes you just need a butterfly




18400 River Rd
Poolesville, MD

General information

KPC centers serve as venues for Jetsunma and other lamas of the Nyingma and Kagyu traditions to offer teachings and transmissions for all levels of the Buddhist path. Moreover, KPC centers provide ongoing opportunities to enter and grow in the practical aspects of making Buddhism a beneficial way of life. Commitment to virtue is encouraged as the foundation of a healthy path, and Jetsunma’s students include one of North America’s largest communities of Westerners ordained as Buddhist monks and nuns. The KPC temple in Poolesville, Maryland is Jetsunma’s main seat. In Maryland, KPC has been operating a 24 Hour Prayer Vigil for World Peace since 1985. The Prayer Vigil is considered the heartbeat of the temple, and is an ongoing expression of the fundamental Buddhist commitment to end suffering. The Temple’s Prayer Room is open 24 hours a day for all who seek refuge to pray and meditate. Under Jetsunma’s direction, 30 stupas (traditional Buddhist reliquaries) have been built in Maryland and Sedona, Arizona. As sacred structures and symbols of the Buddha’s enlightened mind, stupas are holy places of pilgrimage for anyone seeking spiritual comfort and inspiration.
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