Disciples Christian Church in Plano

Disciples Christian Church in Plano


The US Census Bureau is hiring hundreds of people in Collin County. Veterans receive special preference in the selection process. Multi-lingual applicants are needed. Pay is $22.50/hr. or more. Flexible schedule based on your availability. Mileage reimbursement. Text "texasjobs" to 313131 or go to www.2020census.gov/jobs
Join with us as we rejoice in Jesus resurrection! Service begins at 10:30AM. He Has Risen Indeed!
Maybe more than a little, perhaps in a pinch, There’s a church here in Plano that welcomes all Grinch. The Disciples of Christ has a Pastor named Dee! She’s Vibrant, Inclusive and sure to bring glee. I hear they sing music with Lynicebells that zing while Corybright horns do their magical thing. This Christmas things special, I want to know more! But when should I visit, show up at the door? Each Sunday is different, so how can I choose? By going each week I'll have nothing to lose! I'll put my best smile on and polish my sleigh, I'll fill it with food, just to give it away! For some down in Who-Ville are hungry...in need Disciples inspired this Grinch to stop greed! I'll drive all my Who friends right up to the door Sometime in December...I think twenty-four! I'm going to bring Cindy Lou, Martha and Stu and everyone else in the Village of Who. We'll see you all there, we'll stay to the end, For Christmas brings Joy to a family of friends!
Hope may help you walk through fire. Faith will lift you over it.

Disciples Christian Church is a vibrant, faith in action, church located in Plano, TX. Our congregation is small in numbers but mighty in determination, wisdom and experience. Come and join us! You will find good hearts, active minds and loyal hearts.

Gather Together

Pastor Deanna Golsan, Disciples Christian Church

[04/14/20]   Church these days is different. And there are aspects of it that I miss terribly. I miss the people, the smiles, the hugs and handshakes. I miss being told I can do better and that I did great. I miss the warmth and caring of the people. The things I miss have almost nothing to do with the building of the church but absolutely everything to do with the people who make it Church. When live begins to return to whatever normal is going to be, I believe we will gather together with joy and rejoicing, with shouts of Hallelujah and Amen and with tears and smiles. And we will remember that it was not the building that drew us back together but love. Love of each other, love of the church, and love of the Lord.


Run Mary Run!

Join us for our livestream Worship Service on 4/19/20 at 10:30 a.m.

youtube.com Join us this Sunday for our service. Remember, Christianity is a Action Verb!


Easter Sunday Service at Disciples Christian Church

youtube.com Join us for our live Easter Sunday service


Maundy Thursday Service

Maundy Thursday Service, 6PM, 4/9/20

youtube.com Please worship with us as we join Christ in the shadows of Calvary

Just a Thought

The last few seconds has a "Wait for it" moment. It will put a smile on your face.

You are invited to join us online for a special Maundy Thursday, April 9th at 6pm, for a Tenebrae Service of Shadows. Together, though online, we will share communion, scripture will be read,communion offered, the cross draped and candles will be extinguished.

Christ the Lord has Risen! He has risen indeed! Join us online and celebrate the risen Lord with us. We look forward to worshiping with you.
Hebrew text: Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24
New Testament: John 20:1-18
Sermon Title is " Weep no more Forever". Celebrate that Christ lives, that darkness did not overcome and that the light of Christ will carry us onward.


Palm Sunday Service at Disciples Christian Church

Join us for Palm Sunday Worship Service at Disciples Christian Church.

youtube.com Join us for our live Palm Sunday service

Thoughts from Pastor Dee

Palm Sunday is coming! Join us online as we join the crowds shouting Hallelujah! Hosanna in the Highest!
Hebrew Text: Psalm 118:1-2
New Testament: Matthew 21:1-9
The sermon title is "Amen and Hallelujah!". Even in the midst of the unknown, Christ Comes!

Quiet Center

There are times when we need to find a calm place... and allowing ourselves to center and quiet.


Mar 29 2020 Worship Service at Disciples Christian Church in Plano

Worship Service video from March 29, 2020 - The video counter recap allows you to go to a particular section in the video.
****** Video Counter Recap Appears Below ******
0:00 Welcome and Opening Comments
1:04 Lynice (A Mighty Fortress is Our God, arr. by Hayes)
4:37 Old Testament Reading
5:40 New Testament Reading
7:00 Lynice Solo (You'll Never Walk Alone, by Rodgers)
9:26 Pastoral Prayer
12:19 Communion
14:25 Lynice (What a Friend We Have in Jesus arr. by Hayes)
17:48 Sermon ("Move That Stone!")
25:44 Lynice Solo (I Am Not Alone by Jobe)
30:10 Benediction
30:44 Lynice (Postlude - He is Exalted by Paris)

Church service on March 29, 2020 at Disciples Christian Church in Plano. Rev. DeAnna Golsan; Pianist: Lynice Trevino.

[03/28/20]   Disciples Christian Church in Plano is doing its first ever live streaming service via Facebook Live tomorrow morning at 10:30. A gentle reminder that I personally have never ever done this, and neither has my wonderful tech support (Cory/husband). Prayers that this goes smoothly!

[03/28/20]   3-29-20 Sermon by Rev. DeAnna Golsan

[03/27/20]   Due to the current health situation, and with love for all, Disciples Christian Church is currently closed. Keep watching this page for notification on where you can come and worship with us online this Sunday at 10:30.


Sermon - 3/22/20 at Disciples Christian Church, Plano

Pastor Golson gives the sermon at Disciples Christian Church in Plano, TX on Mar 22, 2020

[03/24/20]   Things are changing! With this virus and the need to take care of each other and ourselves in new ways, Disciples Christian Church is joining with other churchs in calling a temporary stop to in person worship and navigating the ways and means of live streaming. Before this coming Sunday, we will post information on how to worship with us in our online community, and the video of the sermon will be posted to Facebook on the same day. I know this is different, but we will survive, we will florish, and we will join together again.

Easter is getting closer and the journey continues. Join us online this Sunday the 29th at 10:30 and hear:
Psalm 130 and John 11:32-40. Our sermon title is "Move that Stone!". Sometimes the stone that has to be moved that we might live fully in Christ is a stone of our own making.


Sermon - 3/22/20 at Disciples Christian Church, Plano

Welcome to the first recording of a sermon. I pray that you enjoy this and find it helpful

Pastor Golson gives the sermon at Disciples Christian Church in Plano, TX on Mar 22, 2020

[03/19/20]   Today, let us say a prayer for those that are struggling to keep grocery stores open and stocked. The cashiers, stickers, the warehouse workers, truck drivers, manufactures and managers. Let us remember that some are working double shifts, getting yelled at for long lines and empty shelfs.
Dear God, thank you for these people working so hard and long. Guide them, protect them from this illness and keep them safe. Help us show our gratitude, and have patience. In your holy name, amen.

[03/18/20]   Let us have a day of prayer for: All in the Medical profession. Doctors, nurses, aids, surgeons, dentists, home health care workers, intake workers,those working for a cure and all not listed. God in heaven, please keep these people safe, for they are doing Your work, regardless of belief system. Give them strength for they are tired, clear their minds for they are weary, guide their hands and let nothing they deal with bring harm to family or friend. Dear God, hear our prayer.
If every person reading this says a prayer and then posts it, millions of prayers will surround all who are working to keep us safe. Thank you

Our Lenton Journey continues this coming Sunday at 10:30 at Disciples Christian Church. Come and join us as we hear:
Hebrew Text: Psalm 23
New Testament: Ephesians 5:8-14
Our sermon title is "Sleeper Awake" and part of our sermon comes from Mary as she shares her original awakening and the great awareness that she witnesses in those around her. Look forward to seeing you Sunday!

[03/16/20]   It is scary right now. I know that between the conflicting news reports, watching events shut down, schools extend time off and the state of grocery store shelf's, it can seem like the world is indeed ending. What might be making it harder for many of you is that your house of worship has made the decision to protect you by closing the doors and holding online worship. The decision would have been a hard one. We talked about the same thing at Disciples. We have decided that because we are small (but mighty!), and have a large place, that we will be having our regular Sunday worships as usual. We have taken extra cleaning steps and Communion will be a bit different, but we will continue to gather as family each Sunday.
Please, do not live in fear, for fear grows when fed. Trust in the Lord your God to supply all your needs (probably even toilet paper) and remember, the words "Fear Not" are mentioned more than just about anything else.
Take care, wash your hands, don't go where you don't need to go, take care of each other and know you are loved.

Great things are happening at Disciples Christian Church! Come and join us Sunday March 15th as we continue our Lenton journey.
Hebrew Text: Psalm 95:1-7
New Testament: John 4:19-26
Sermon Title is "Worship in Spirit and Truth" Part of our story will be from Jesus's mother Mary as she tells of those things that confirmed, for her, the her child was indeed, Christ the Messiah

It is Girl Scout Sunday! Join us and the amazing young ladies of Troop 4583 as we celebrate the gift of Scouting and continue with our story of Lent. This Sunday at 10:30 we will be hearing Genesis 12:1-4 and Matthew 4:1-11. The sermon title will be " One Foot in Front of the Other" and we will hear a bit from Mary and her take on the Salvation story of Christ. Looking forward to seeing you Sunday at 10:30

This Sunday, as we inch ever closer to Lent, we invite you to come and worship, to be part of our Family of Faith. Our service starts at 10:30 each Sunday.
Heb. Text: Psalm 119:1-2
New Test: Matthew 5:21-37
Sermon Title: No Other Like Him

We celebrate Communion each Sunday and our table is always open to all. Hope to see you soon

We invite you to come and join us this Sunday at 10:30 as we lift our hearts and voices in praise to Jesus Christ. Our table is always open to all and we celebrate Communion each Sunday.
Heb. Text: Psalm 112:1-10
New Test: Matthew 5:14-16
Sermon Title: Shine Jesus Shine!
We hope to see you there

Come and join us this Sunday at 10:30 as we celebrate our relationship with Boy Scout Troop 288 and Scout Sunday. Scriptures (read by Scouts) are Psalm 15 and Matthew 5:1-12. Sermon Title is Blessed Be Your Name. Reception following. All are welcome

We welcome you to Disciples Christian Church. Join us this Sunday, January 26th at 10:30 am and worship with us. We will open our doors, our hearts, our Communion Table to you. All are welcome.
Hebrew Text: Isaiah 9:1-3
New Testament: Matthew 4:18-20
Sermon Title: Come and Follow

Come and join us this Sunday, January 19th, as we worship Christ. You will find acceptance, welcome, laughter and a slight contemporary twist on a traditional worship. Our communion table is, as always, open to all.
Hebrew Text: Psalm 40:1-5
New Testament: John 1:29-34
Sermon Title: Yes, it is He

[01/06/20]   Thank you for taking a moment and checking into Disciples Christian Church. I would love to meet you and hope you will join us for worship any Sunday at 10:30 AM. I can promise you welcome, acceptance, the love of God and a slightly contemporary twist on traditional worship. We have an open table, serving the Lords Supper every Sunday. Please, come and check us out, we are waiting to meet you. Rev. DeAnna Golsan (Pastor Dee)

Disciples Christian Church in Plano's cover photo

Disciples Christian Church in Plano's cover photo

Disciples Christian Church in Plano's cover photo

Disciples Christian Church in Plano

Disciples Christian Church in Plano's cover photo

Come join us this Sunday as we celebrate and worship God's beautiful gift to all, Jesus Christ.
Hebrew Text: Psalm 29:9-11
New Testament: Matthew 2:7-11
Sermon Title: Mary's story; A gift beyond measure


T’was the night before
And all through the town
The census caused mayhem,
Not a room to be found
The inns were full
Crowded and stuffed
The streets were a madhouse
People pushed, people shoved

And Mary so tired
Her labor at hand
And Joseph exhausted
From traveling the land
Wanted nothing so much
As a bed safe from fright
To strengthen their spirits
For a long busy night

Finally, someone said
There is space up ahead
It will be warm and cozy
With fodder for a bed
So they went that night
To the stable so small
Where ox and ass kept watch
While Joseph prepared a stall

Out on a hillside
Shepherds did stay
Keeping watch o’er their flocks
By night and by day
A star shone above them
Giving them light
And suddenly around them
Shone a heavenly Sight

Fear not! Came the chorus
From the heavenly host
A babe has been born
More special than most
For unto you is born
In the city below
A child who will save you
Never more be forlorn

You will find the babe
In a stable so lowly
His name shall be Jesus
And he is born Holy
So the shepherds went quickly
Their flocks left behind
To bow to the Christ child
And then with one mind
They shouted the news
To all far and all near
The child that lies sleeping,
Is ever so dear

Let your hearts be filled
In the knowledge of grace
That was born in a stable
With a baby’s sweet face
Merry Christmas to all
And to all, God’s holy light

Rev. DeAnna Golsan 12/13

[12/19/19]   Our Christmas Eve service will be on December 24th at 6:00 pm. Come and hear the greatest story ever told from the viewpoint of Mary. Join us in song, prayer, communion and as we light the candels to the music of Silent Night.

Come and join us this Sunday, December 22nd at 10:30 a.m. for our Christmas Cantata "Glad Tidings" A Beautiful service of music, with our handbell choir ringing, choir singing and the talented Lynice Trevino on piano and leading bells and choir. We are also blessed to have the beautiful voice of the very talented Jessica Kozlowski join us. We hope to see you there! This service is free and open to all peoples.


Adams Animals |

Adams Animals is celebrating 20 years of making kids smile! Every year Adams Animals has collected new stuffed animals from mid-August through November and then taken them to Medical City Childrens Hospital and Medical Center of Plano, bringing smiles to children, nurses, doctors and parents. Average collection is about 4500 animals...Think of that! 4500 for 20 years...90,000!!!
Come and join us at Disciples Christian Church for services and a special luncheon celebrating the past amazing 20 years. Come and hear what a difference has been made! And, of course, bring a new stuffed animal to bring a smile to a child.
August 18th, 2019 . Service is 10:30 with luncheon and presentation following. Please RSVP to [email protected]
Thank you
learn more at

adamsanimals.org |

[07/30/19]   Charles (Chuck) Bertschi passed away July 29,2019 at 5am. Chuck went home surrounded by family & friends and the love of God.
Memorial Service will be

Wed. July 31
At 2:00 pm

Disciples Christian Church
Plano Tx 75075
All are welcome to join us in remembering Chucks long life & how happy he was in life with his family and friends

In lieu of flowers please send donations to
Parkinson's Voice Project
Richardson Texas
Building fund at
Disciples Christian church Plano Tx.

[08/09/18]   Come and join us August 12th for worship at 10:30. HT: Exodus 17:1-7, NT: Ephesians 4:25-5:2. Sermon Textt John 7:38-41. Sermon Title: Living Waters Flowing Freely. Hope to see you there!

SAVE THE DATE! I do believe there is going to be a Christmas Concert at Disciples Christian Church on December 1st. Music from all the churches that share our facility, some wonderful guest groups and soloists...What a beautiful way to kick off the time of anticipation of the birth of our Lord!

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Gather Together
Just a Thought
Quiet Center




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