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Your one stop shop for all your event needs including; placecards, favors for weddings, baptisms, communions, baby showers, personalized favors

Adorable favors for you baby showers, cute favors for your little ones birthdays, personalized favors for your bridal or wedding shower, affordable, reliable and shipped fast. We have over 3500 items to fit any theme. Practical, pretty, useful or just plain adorable, check them out. We are available to help you choose if you are not sure, you can call us, email us and we will get back to you within 24 hours. We do our best to accommodate your shipping needs Our site is secure with high encryption security seals. Your information is safe and will not be distributed to other sites or marketers We would love to hear from you, so browse our site and let us know what you think

Mission: Making people happy one event at a time

Gifts & Favors

Hey girls, are you looking for the beautiful and stylish mirror compact beauty items? Check out our phenomenal collection of mirrors compact in different designs.

Place your order now before the stock runs out. https://www.favorcreations.com/MIRROR-COMPACTS-BEAUTY-ITEMS_c_379.html

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Baby Favors & Gifts

A perfect way to celebrate 🥳the new addition to the family is Baby Shower and if you are planning for it, then you are at the right place.

At @favorcreations, you can explore infinity ideas that you won't have a hard time selecting just the one. https://www.favorcreations.com/BabyFavorsGifts

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While you're mulling it over, check out our favorite bachelorette party gift ideas and favors at Favor Creations that are perfect for any party.

You will surely love and want to buy them. Explore now! https://www.favorcreations.com/BACHELORETTE-PARTY_c_438.html

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Wedding Gifts & Favors

A store – Favor Creations where you can buy emotions!

Our gifts are crafted with love and care. If you are choosy, then we have a lot of gift varieties. Explore now our #wedding gifts & #favors at https://www.favorcreations.com/Wedding and enjoy your happiness with everyone around you.

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Gift something unique to your groomsman!

Make a lasting impression on your groomsman by presenting them this memento gift box. This kit includes a beer mug, a cigar cutter, a keychain bottle opener, a drink sleeve, and a pair of sunglasses in a themed sleeved box.

Place your order now! 👉https://www.favorcreations.com/GroomsmanKit

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You can’t stop yourself from loving these stunning gifts. Check out our personalized, engraved, glassware, and other more exciting favors at @favorcreations.

Shop online just by a few clicks 👉https://www.favorcreations.com/AllPersonalizedFavors

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Every Gift Brings🥰Happiness!

Have a look at our awesome gift items and favors. We offer every type of personalized, wedding, and party gifts, full of creativity.

Make them yours before the stock runs out 👉 https://www.favorcreations.com/BY-EVENT_c_471.html

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Are you looking for a party or wedding favor gift item? Online Clearance Sale is now live🥳 at @favorcreations. Hurry up! Don’t miss your chance!

We are offering amazing 🤩discounts. Don’t think anymore, just grab them now 👉 https://www.favorcreations.com/OnSale

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If choosing gifts is not your cup of tea then try our 🤩amazing collection where you can find for all occasions. Explore our vintage masterpiece that everyone will surely 🥰love.

At Favor Creations there is something for everyone.
Place your order online now and follow for more gift ideas! 👉https://www.favorcreations.com/

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Now no need to look anywhere for gifts! Just dig up our stunning collection at Favor Creations. A huge range of 🤩exquisite contemporary fashion accessories are available for all.

Shop now!👉 https://www.favorcreations.com/

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Summer will soon be here, and summer weddings are always fun. Destination weddings, beach weddings, you need a sunny favor to remind everyone of the fun day that was your big day. Mmm, pineapples?? Check them out

What a great way to share your feelings on your special day. Personalize your favors with your names and date of your event. Check out our personalized favors


Overall rating of favorcreations.com by Hilma C: ★★★★★

shopperapproved.com The package of 3\


Pink and Gold Will You Be My Bridesmaid Kit|kate aspen

Will you be my bridesmaid? Invite your friend to be the special person at your big day. True, not an easy job. She will be expected to have great ideas, help decorate, be there for you. So, how can you show your appreciation. A thoughtful gift maybe? Check this one out. You'll make her day

favorcreations.com Pink and Gold Will You Be My Bridesmaid Kit-Make a big impression when you ask your girls with Kate Aspen's Pink and Gold Will You Be My Bridesmaid Kit! All tucked away in a neat box is a pink glitter heart frame, 4 magnets, a white mug, white sungla


Relax You'Re On Beach Time - Wood Wall Plaque-Fashioncraft|fashion craft|

Summer is here and if you are planning a bridal shower or wedding summer this event, what better than a beach favor to complement your day. Check our bright and cheerful favors from Nautical to Beachy to Personalized

favorcreations.com Relax You'Re On Beach Time - Wood Wall Plaque-Fashioncraft- Add a dreamy finishing touch to a beach themed cottage or family room. This plaque will remind you of fun filled days at the seaside. The decorative wall plaque is made from wood with a dist

Untitled Album

Untitled Album


Baroque Design Vintage Cross Themed Key Chain|fashion craft|

Planning a nice event for your son's or daughter's big communion day? From exquisite cross keychains to praying angels statues, the choice is yours. Competitively priced, they will be your child's pride and joy to give away to friends and family. Make it even more memorable by choosing one of our personalized communion favors. http://ow.ly/yJ2Y30o3KL8

favorcreations.com Baroque Design Vintage Cross Themed Key Chain- Take your Christian themed event to the next level with these exquisite Cross keychains. They will thrill your guests and make a favor to be treasured. Our magnificent Cross is crafted from poly resin. I


Gold Guardian Angel Themed Ornament|fashion craft|

Christmas is here. The most beautiful time of the year. Friends and family getting together. Prayers and warm wishes. Big gifts and small ones. Did you see our beautiful new ornaments that convey the real meaning of the season. Check them out http://ow.ly/OYtp30mRsbY

favorcreations.com Gold Guardian Angel Themed Ornament- This magnificent Guardian Angel is a divine choice for your next religious event. Offer as a favor and your guests are sure to feel blessed. The Angel ornament is made from polyresin. It features a rich royal blue


Little Locomotive Engine Photo Frame / Placecard Holder From Fashioncraft|FashionCraft

Everyone wants a picture of your little one after they're born and this is the perfect way for you to get a little gift for your guests and a photo all in one. The adorable train engine makes for a perfect place to display the picture and it's neutral in color so you can use it for a little boy or a little girl. Your only problem is going to be choosing your favorite photo. http://ow.ly/K4ec30mwawa

favorcreations.com Little Locomotive Engine Photo Frame / Placecard Holder- Get your event onto the right track with our fun little locomotive engines. They are finished in neutral colors, making them ideal for a boy or girl's event. Place these cute frames on your eve


Overall rating of favorcreations.com by Paul S: ★★★★★

shopperapproved.com Just placed my order. Easy as any other site. Not sure why some people left bad reviews. The same with shipping costs. It clearly tells you how much it is before you pay. If you think it\'s too high, don\'t buy it but don\'t complain.


Sunglasses Design Placecard Holders From Fashioncraft|Fashion Craft|

You're going to need something to make sure your guests know where to sit at that next party and these super cute sunglass placecard holders are definitely going to do the trick. With plenty of bright and fun colors they even create a fun little gift for your guests as well. Just make sure you pick your own favorites first.

favorcreations.com Sunglasses Design Placecard Holders From Fashioncraft- Set the scene for a great beach themed party, destination wedding or vacation event with these fabulous sunglasses photo or placecard holders! A fun and vibrant event calls for fun and vibrant pl


Design your Own Collection Playing Cards-Celebrate|Fashion Craft|

A great deck of cards is going to be a good thing to keep around for some fun, no matter where you are. A personalized deck of cards can be even more fun to show off to everyone. These cards are going to help you with both of those, giving you something to play wherever you are and something unique to show. http://ow.ly/neF130jTRrG

favorcreations.com Design your Own Collection Playing Cards-Celebrate- minimum 50 Originality and personal style are in the cards with these Design your Own Collection favors You can choose from an exceptional selection of theme options, typefaces, color combinations a


Personalized Black Compact Mirror-Celebrate |FashionCraft

It's always convenient to have a compact with you wherever you go and this one is going to be even more special because it's personal. You can put any kind of sticker you want for different occasions and personalize everything from the image to the writing to the font itself. http://ow.ly/tjZS30jwdxZ

favorcreations.com Personalized Black Compact Mirror-Celebrate- A compact mirror in a sophisticated black color will be a winner when you hand them out as favors at your next event! Thrill your guests with a stylish and functional favor that they will keep as a memento


Fashionable Flair Favor Bag|Ruby Blanc|

These little favor bags are super cute when it comes time for your baby shower or even any kind of party. You can fill them with your favorite treats and you'll be able to set them out for everyone. There are even plenty of different colors for these cute little sweater bags. http://ow.ly/9V6T30jsFoK

favorcreations.com Fashionable Flair Favor Bag (3 colors)- Add a pop of color and a splash of style to your next event or special occasion with Ruby Blanc's Fashionable Flair favor bags! This item features a pink dress shaped handled bag decorated with a crystal acce

[04/09/18]   These chair covers make for a great look at your wedding. With an elegant look they'll make sure that everyone knows who each chair belongs to. Just put them wherever you want and keep your chairs reserved http://ow.ly/LUQa30jnLW4


Perfectly Plain Collection Blue Baby Bottle Favors|Fashion Craft|

Your baby shower is going to be adorable with these baby bottle favors. You'll be able to fill them with any of your favorite candies, then just tie on the charm and everyone will love it. Everyone will want to know where these came from. http://ow.ly/T16a30jeHQj

favorcreations.com Perfectly Plain Collection Blue Baby Bottle Favors- Send your guests home with this Perfectly Plain blue baby bottle favor, filled with love! Surely your baby boy is one-of-a-kind. So, Fashioncraft offers these exclusive Perfectly Plain Collection ba


Personalized Glass Coasters-greek|Fashion Craft|

Anyone who owns a house knows that you can always use coasters and these personalized ones are some of the best. Made with glass, they can be customized with your Greek organization for a great graduation gift. Plenty of colors and logos are available so it's a great choice for anyone http://ow.ly/duWi30iYsQH

favorcreations.com Personalized Glass Coasters-greek-Create your own favor masterpieces with these Silkscreened Glassware Collection coaster favors Theres nothing quite like personalized favors! Thats because they are truly your own and they give your guests a memento


Exquisite Crystal Long Stem Pink Rose|fashion craft|

What could be more beautiful than a long-stemmed, pink rose? For Valentine's Day or for any special celebration of love, this crystal rose is something your loved one definitely won't forget and will be able to look at for a long time. Elegant and stylish, it even comes with its own, beautiful gift box and tag. http://ow.ly/gs6H30ij4fc

favorcreations.com Exquisite Crystal Long Stem Pink Rose- Pink is a glorious color, symbolising grace, elegance, romance and sweetness. Our pink rose makes the perfect favor for weddings, engagements, Sweet 16's, bridal showers and other Love inspired celebrations. Thi


Perfectly Plain Collection Square Clear Glass Treat Jar|fashion craft|

"Any party can be made better with a cute little favor http://ow.ly/X9SL30i3epz and these glass treat jars are just what you need. Completely clear and waiting to be customized for your wedding, birthday party, baby shower or anything else, these jars are just the right size for a sweet treat. Make it just what you need, just like that.

favorcreations.com Perfectly Plain Collection Square Clear Glass Treat Jar- Show your creative side when you fill these plain glass jars with fabulous treats for your next event. These favor jars are made of clear glass in a square shape and have a cork top. There is a


Personalized Baby Party Flags|kateaspen|

http://ow.ly/Glye30hW26f Who doesn't want a super cute look for their special celebration welcoming that little bundle of joy? These party flags are just that, super cute, and they make sure everyone knows just what kind of celebration it is, whether you put them on the drinking straws or even on a dowel for your own fun flag. Everyone's going to be waving these around.

favorcreations.com Personalized Baby Party Flags-Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest impression. There are many aspects of a baby shower that can leave a smile on a guest's face an Kate Aspen's personalized party flags are an easy and cute way to exp


Delightful Celestial Home Design Lantern With Led Light|fashion craft|

There are plenty of ways that you can dress up your home or party, but candles are one of the best ways. You can get a great scent, a little light and something super cute to hang or set on your tables. In fact, with these Delightful Celestial Home Lantern's you're going to get all that and more. http://ow.ly/DW5R30hy2VK

favorcreations.com Delightful Celestial Home Design Lantern With Led Light- These cute little houses will create a romantic ambiance at your next special event, with the celestial feel of the night time sky and warm glowing candles. Place them on your tables and hang a

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School of the Spirit School of the Spirit
7424 Frankstown Ave
Pittsburgh, 15208

IIACTS' School of the Spirit is the Christian Education subdivision of IIACTS Apostolic Missionary Renaissance and IIACTS House-Church Network.

Shady Avenue Christian Assembly Shady Avenue Christian Assembly
241 Shady Ave
Pittsburgh, 15232

Shady Avenue Christian Assembly is committed to practical community service and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ both locally and internationally.

Rodman Street Women of Power and Purpose Rodman Street Women of Power and Purpose
6111 Rodman St
Pittsburgh, 15206

This Ministry is under the: Rodman Missionary Baptist Church 6111 Rodman Street Pittsburgh, PA 15206 Phone: 412.363.8082 Rev. Dr. Darryl T. Canady Senior Pastor

Hiland Presbyterian Church Hiland Presbyterian Church
845 Perry Hwy
Pittsburgh, 15229

Hiland is an eclectic congregation with a heart for community service. We have an accredited child care center, preschool, food bank, grief support program, & backpack initiative on campus & regularly serve at Pleasant Valley Shelter & World Vision.


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Église du Cœur-Immaculé-de-Marie Église du Cœur-Immaculé-de-Marie
3058 Brereton St
Pittsburgh, 15219

Eternal City Church Eternal City Church
1300 Swissvale Ave
Pittsburgh, 15221

join us sunday at 5pm!!

ACAC Children's Ministries ACAC Children's Ministries
4 Allegheny Center, 3rd Floor
Pittsburgh, 15212

Providing a safe place for children to learn about Jesus in a diverse community.

His Place His Place
1911 Rhine Street
Pittsburgh, 15212

His Place exists to share God's love with children, families, and the homeless in Pittsburgh PA! Learn more at: www.hisplacecc.org

Pittsburgh Presbytery Women's Ministry Pittsburgh Presbytery Women's Ministry
12900 Frankstown Rd
Pittsburgh, 15219

"Pittsburgh Presbytery Women's Ministry". (PPWM) is led by a council of women from multiple Presbyterian (PCA) churches in the Pittsburgh area, who are under the leadership of the Committee on Discipleship Ministries (CDM) of the PCA denomination.

Ridgewood Church Ridgewood Church
131 Ridgewood Ave
Pittsburgh, 15229

Ridgewood Church 131 RIdgewood Avenue West View, PA 15229 Service Times: Saturday 6pm Sundays 9am & 11am

Zion Lutheran Church Zion Lutheran Church
11609 Frankstown Rd
Pittsburgh, 15235