Heartstrings Dance Ministry

Heartstrings Dance and Creative Arts Ministries was created by the One for the One. Its vision is to lead the children of God into His presence, see them worship in spirit and in truth, transformed and renewed, continuously seek after His heart, and shift

The Overflow 2020 Conference Shirt $20
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A farmer prepares the soil, plants a seed, waters it, feeds it the minerals it needs to grow, and when fully grown, reaps a harvest. As dancers, you are called and anointed to bring peace, love, hope, and freedom to all of His children. Are you ready?

Join us at The Overflow 2020 for your next step in spiritual and physical growth in your ministry.

General Registration Link - $70.00:

Conference Shirt Link - $20.00:

Parent Observer Link (if staying for conference) - $15.00:

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When we truly trust in Him, we can walk in our truest self - free, confident, and with purpose.


Do you feel called to arts and entertainment?

Check this out, Creatives! This begins tomorrow.

https://www.unitydancecenter.com/summitregistratio... Summit Registration

Heartstrings Dance Ministry

[02/05/20]   The Overflow 2020 is only 6 weeks away. 🙌🏻

I'm extremely excited with the blueprint God has created for this year's event - all focused on engaging His heart and being confident in your calling and purpose in His kingdom.

Are you ready? What would you love to leave The Overflow 2020 with? Please comment below, even if you haven't registered. ❤️❤️❤️

"There are three parts to this scripture. You can't have one without the other, they happen in that order. In order for you to pour out your heart someone, you have to trust them. Once you do, you find refuge in them."

-Britney Escamilla

[01/28/20]   Registration is now open!

Please take a look at the event "About" section for PayPal links for the general registration, parent observers staying in house, and conference shirts.

[01/27/20]   Can you believe The Overflow 2020 is 7 1/2 weeks away!!!??? We can't wait to see you. Registration will be open tonight. I'll send an update.

Heartstrings Dance Ministry's cover photo

[01/27/20]   Great things are happening in the Kingdom for those who are cultivating their hearts and minds for Him.

Dancing For Him Ministries

Register before February 14th for a significant discount! Tanya Lisa Perez is an amazing instructor, and Dancing for Him was one of the first dance ministeries ever to develop dancers and worshipers. We've had the opportunity to learn from her, and the cost and travel was an investment into our ministry and hers to continue teaching others.
#winwin #doublefavor #dancersunite #dfhm

Save $33 by registering before February 14th for the Fullness of Joy Worship Dance Conference in New Braunfels, TX. https://www.dancingforhim.com/conferences/attend-a-conference/august-14-15-2020-new-braunfels-tx-near-san-antonio#.XYfiLJNKgWo

The Overflow 2020 Information Session

The Overflow was created founded on Phil 1:9. HDCAM wants to pour into dancers and creative worshipers (that's you!) and see them grow more and more into the deep things of God. That excites me! See you at THE OVERFLOW!

Have a beautiful overflowing Wednesday!

HDCAM will be going live on Facebook this Sunday, 1/12/20, at 4P, for an information and Q&A session for the upcoming dance conference, The Overflow. Stay tuned for more information throughout the week.

[01/06/20]   Check out our event section. Dates and times for The Overflow conference have been posted.

I ADORE Christian Dance Academy

#iadoredanceacademy is family ❤️

I'm so excited about this! Please share with your ministeries and dance leaders.

Basic training video will be available for purchase soon!❤️

Called to Flag - Worship Flags & Banners

Love this! Dreams will come true if you put action into it.

So much fun teaching the next generation to worship Papa God with flags.

#calledtoflag #worshipflags

The Overflow 2020 is coming!
Save the Dates...more to come.

Happy birthday to one of our HDCAM dancers, Clarissa. She is an amazingly gifted and anointed dancer. We all celebrate you and can't wait to see what your journey will look like this next year to come.

Everything you consume is important.

[07/28/19]   Our dancers are on a creative challenge scavenger hunt! Be on the lookout for posts on Maribel Tharp's personal page.

Open Hearts Worship Ministry

WHEN FLAGS & BANNERS ARE LIFTED as a statement, it becomes a WAVE OFFERING to the Lord.🌊 The diversity of colors represents the multi-faceted dimensions in how our adoration can glorify God for His unique and awesome character. These weapons of aggressive worship become faith statements whereby we can agree with God for victory. They are for joyful celebration. They cause us to rejoice in jubilee. They inspire us, like a signal, to break forth into exuberant demonstrations of praise. Aggressive worship often combines with dance as spiritual eyes open and natural senses dull. The focus is for an Audience of One, and our eyes are not on the congregation. The flags in brilliant splendor are richly graced with symbolism. In our weakness, God becomes our strength. As we raise our Flag/Banner toward the heavenly realms, volumes are spoken as the devil's airspace is invaded with shouts of faith, calling forth victory! ⚔🛡💪😉
Flags & Banners are used in worship to exalt Jesus and His Name before men and also before the powers of darkness. They may also declare our redemption through Jesus and His Blood. During worship & ministry, our flags proclaim the dominion of God's Kingdom and mark our spiritual territory. The flag makes a proclamation before heaven & earth, angels & demons, through the one raising the flag on behalf of all those present, whom the flag bearer represents. The flag bearer is truly "raising the standard" to rally the troops in spiritual unity. The flag minister MUST follow Holy Spirit, Who is also guiding the worship leader, and the covering of the house.
If we all remain submitted to the Lord, He will ensure order, and be enabled to move in power through the unified body. In Worship, the flag may be speaking the heart of the people toward God, or God's heart toward His people. It declares His Awesome power, reminds Him & us of His eternal word and covenant promises. In Warfare, the flag proclaims the Kingdom of God, and declares our authority over the powers of darkness. We raise our praise via the flags in Victory as we go into battle, giving honor to The One who has ALREADY WON ALL OUR BATTLES!!✝️
Written by Kristi Lehman


September 13-14, 2019 - New Braunfels, TX (near San Antonio) - Dancing For Him Ministries

Join us!

dancingforhim.com September 13-14, 2019 - New Braunfels, TX (near San Antonio)

I can't believe this is in two weeks! If anyone is interested, let me know. We are selling tickets at the academy.

Shachah LLC


Here it is! Our second Shachah Seminar for this year, 2019.

Shachah Ministries International will be conducting (USA core team) a seminar in Edinburg, TX area this July, 2019.

Come join us and be part of what God is doing through the creative arts ministries.

If you like to host a seminar in your state, city, send us a message, we are happy to consider your invitation.

Happy birthday to our creative revivalist, Vasti Rodriguez! HDCAM❤ is honored to have you!

Bethel Dance

Amazing news, dancers and flaggers!

Hello creatives. I hope that you are thriving. This year has found me dreaming and expanding in ways I never thought possible. I have come to the place where I needed to dream beyond what I thought was possible. I have needed to figure out how to multiply myself.

What am I talking about? How to teach and pastor dancers and flaggers in a time space that would benefit all. I get a lot of emails. Questions about dance or flags. How do we do what we do at our church and many other questions. My hearts desire is to answer them all and yet time does not always allow that. So yesterday was a day of dreaming and figuring out how to multiply myself and yet be able to give creatives what they are asking for.

Im going to start with an online platform that will launch June or July 2019. We want to bring teaching once a month and then in addition host small group sessions online 2 times a month where we can help you navigate the worship dance world. You will be able to ask questions. This does have a cost of $35 per month. You have to think in terms of ongoing education and its value that you will receive from it. The reward is huge!

If you are interested in signing up let me know by emailing us at [email protected].

Join us and dream on!

Hey Dreamers!

We are weeks away from our dance conference and have so much planned it’s going to be crazy amazing! Message me any questions you have or if interested in receiving the conference itinerary.

Until then, dream on dreamers! 🌎🙌🏼

[05/12/19]   Get ready worshippers, Summer Saturdays are near! More info to follow soon. Stay tuned!

[04/14/19]   Stay connected with us...Summer Saturdays (workshops) will be coming soon!


The essence of worship ~~~ It Captures The Heart Of Our Father


Make sure you register for this workshop. Everyone is invited to attend. Whether you are experienced or not, this workshop has something for everyone. We have some qualified and anointed teachers that will enhance your ministries. Registration is $25 per person. Parents/chaperones must register and pay as well. SPACE IS LIMITED so please register as soon as you can. Once the limit is reached registration will be closed.

Sign up!!!

Know someone who may be interested in attending? Go ahead, share this with them 😉 Registration is hours away!!!!

I'm so proud of the creativity being birthed out of people. I had to share something a dear friend of mine created today. She's coming out!!!

There is a creative revival movement being birthed this season. Watch out for the quakes of it!

Heartstrings Dance Ministry's cover photo

Heartstrings Dance Ministry's cover photo

I ADORE Christian Dance Academy

Here are some of the workshops we will be having in "I ADORE HIM" Seminar by Shachah Ministries.

July 26 & 27, 2019
Edinburg, TX.

Help us share this video!

Heavenly Designs & Creations

Nuevo Diseño
Canción: Rescue de Lauren Daigle ( no tengo los derechos de la canción)
Danzora: Ashley Salazar

New Design
Song:Rescue by Lauren Daigle ( I do not have the rights to this song)
Dancer: Ashley Salazar


Dancing For Him Ministries


Save $43 when you register in the next month for the Love Is...Worship and Dance Conference in Braunfels, TX! Come and experience God move!

Imaginare Arts International

I'm in awe with the beautiful creativity of this ministry! It's a must see!

Hay un contenido hermoso que Dios ha depositado en la niñez. Están llenos de vida, alegría, genuinidad, vulnerabilidad, creatividad, fuerzas, pureza, humildad, fe, amor...

Jesús dijo: "Dejen que los niños vengan a mí, y no se lo impidan, porque el reino de los cielos es de quienes son como ellos." - Mateo 19:14

Esta fue una verdad dicha por el propio Jesucristo, una profunda y muy poderosa. ¡Impulsemos a esta generación a manifestar lo mucho de Dios que hay en ellos! ¡A abrazar los talentos que el Padre les dió! ¡Que nunca escondan su identidad!

Gracias a Vizion y a Dalbel Media Productions por tan excelente trabajo de grabación y edición. Y agradecidos de todo corazón con la iglesia Pabellon de La Victoria PR y su pastora Glenda Raquel por permitirnos usar sus facilidades.

Dirección: Victor Juan Rivera Surita
Idea y Concepto: Frendy Elliesse Rivera Surita
Coreografía: Frendy Elliesse Rivera Surita y Steven O Mercado Rosas
Coordinadora del Programa de Supernatural Kids: Maried Velez
Staff: Imaginare! Arts Puerto Rico Natacha Zayas, Brian L. Marquez Rolon, Pedro Luis Sánchez, Keishla Gonzalez, Alexandra M. Cruz Pabon, Johamir Perez Riopedre, Eliel Ruiz, Ricardo L. de Jesús

Y por último muchas gracias a todos nuestros hermosos niños y sus padres por confiarnos a sus tesoros cada semana. Los amamos demasiado.


Can you believe we're only 6 days away from receiving an overflow of God's goodness?!?!?! I'm so excited and can't wait to meet you! It's not too late to register and join us. Please share with your friends.

The Overflow Dance and Worship Experience is an outpour of His training and knowledge to overflow for His Kingdom. It is an outpour of Philipians 1:9 - "I pray that your love will overflow more and more, and that you will keep on growing in knowledge and understanding." His love is overflowing and the Word and encounters he has planned for this weekend will be evident in your life, dance, worship, and ministry growing from session to session. We will cultivate the heart of worship, run into His throne room and bask in the presence of our First Love.

Sessions include technique training, ministry operations, intercessory and prophetic dance, exercises and stretching techniques, along with others.

This conference is geared towards youth and adults, ages 12 and up, as we will be focused on deeper topics of intercession and prophetic dance. However, if you feel your child is at the level of maturity of a youth or adult, please message me, and we'll discuss it before purchasing a ticket. We hope to see you there! The best is yet to come!

Join us in person or live on Facebook if you're out of town! ❤~

Happy birthday, Ashley Ann Barrera! I'm so proud to see the growth in your relationship with Jesus and in the dance ministry. We love you!
#heartstrings #overflow #birthdaygirl

Who are we?

Heartstrings Dance and Creative Worship Arts Ministry at Freedom Center Church is a spirit led ministry, allowing God to plan and lead the ministry. Our purpose is to cultivate a heart of worship by equipping and training dancers to run into His throne room and basking in their First Love. We intentionally seek the heart of God and dance with passion and purpose. We pray and seek wisdom and guidance to receive an overflow to pour into others the knowledge and wisdom He poured into us. Iron sharpens iron.

Heartstrings Dance and Creative Worship Arts Ministry at Freedom Center Church has been in ministry for 13 years. Maribel Tharp, dance director, has been in dance ministry for 15 years and leading for 15 years. She has built a children's and a youth/adult dance ministry in her church.

For a few years now, God has been calling Heartstrings to develop conferences, training workshops, and intensives to train dancers. We were excited for our first conference, The Overflow, conducted on March 14-16, 2019. The Overflow 2020 is scheduled for March 19-21, 2020. Creative arts, such as painting, sculpting, sewing, etc. are certain to come soon. Summer camps and workshops for kids, youth, and adults are underway. Hope to you at The Overflow and many of these future events to come!

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The Overflow Dance Conference Details





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