First Baptist Church of Ovilla

First Baptist Church of Ovilla is a casual, contemporary and traditional blended church located approximately 20 miles south of Dallas, Texas.

Our Church was formed to support public worship and to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. We seek to glorify God by introducing Christ as Lord and Savior to as many people as possible and to develop them in Christian living. We believe this process begins by exalting God, encouraging Christians, equipping Christians for ministry and evangelizing the world for Christ. Sunday Services: 8:30am - Adult Bible Study 9:30am - Breakfast & Fellowship 10:15am - Worship Service

Mission: B– Believe, R- Reach Out, I– Involve, D– Disciple, G– Give, E– Empower The Bridge is our new service that strives to connect people with the real love that can only be found in a relationship with Christ. We live in a world where so many people are searching to fill a void and emptiness in their lives. Our desire is to get people connected: with Christ, with each other and with the community. Don't miss this exciting service with contemporary music, video and relevant teachings.

The Little Bridges class wearing their crowns and learning the Beatitudes!

[08/28/14]   Jeff's Jibberish: What is it that you want for your life? If we are not careful, the first things out of our mouths might be something like; better job, more money, give my kids more stuff, nicer car, newer clothes, exotic vacation, etc. Now understand this, I don't believe there is anything wrong with anything in the list, however, some times things mentioned in that list become our first priority or they take over our lives and that is when it becomes a problem. What I want more than anything is for my life to honor the One who gave His life for me, Jesus. When it is all said and done, that is all that matters. When I am hanging out in Heaven I want be looking back wondering, "How much better would my life on earth have been had I driven a Ferrari." It simply will not matter. So ask yourself an honest question, "Where are my priorities? What matters most?" Jesus said, "Where your heart is there your treasure will be." If we are not careful our hearts will follow the treasures of our culture, rather than the treasures that Christ offers. Think about it!

Diane and I love each of you. - Jeff

[08/26/14]   Devotional Thought:
Did you ever wish for an emergency telephone line that rang in heaven? The truth is that we have something much better. The Holy Spirit lives inside us to be our helper in every situation.
The night before His crucifixion, Jesus warned the disciples that He was about to depart. The news probably upset them, even though it wasn't the first time He’d spoken of His death. But the Lord offered His followers reassurance that He would send them another Helper. The Greek word for “another” implies that the new Helper would be like the previous one—in other words, a divine being with access to the Father. As promised, God’s Spirit came to dwell in everyone who receives Jesus Christ as Savior (Acts 2:1-4).
Our Helper has a distinct role within the Trinity. The Father reigns over all, while the Son sits at His right hand, interceding for believers. Meanwhile, the Holy Spirit enables Christians to accomplish the work God has designed for each one to do.
The Father knew we couldn't follow Him without help—that was why Jesus told the disciples to remain in Jerusalem until after the arrival of the Holy Spirit. Whatever we are called to do in daily obedience or in lifelong vocation, our Helper offers direction. And when we are beset by tough times or temptations, God’s Spirit provides strength and encouragement.
The Holy Spirit is intimately involved in our life. He is more a part of us than our bones and blood. We are privileged to have a divine Helper guiding us on the path of God’s will.

[08/24/14]   Wow! New leader of our Survivor game after today's immunity challenge. Here are the scores: Sinai Warriors-4,440, Tribe of Benjamin-3,980, Tribe of Joshua-2,880 and Jesus Tribe-2,870. We will have high scoring challenges coming up so don't give up. We also have spirit points to award. Come up with something your team can do to show how much spirit you have and you just might win those bonus points! Keep inviting guests.

[08/18/14]   Jamie's Blog: I am so thankful for the uninhibited sweetness that God gives children. Though Huck can definitely be a toot at times, he is the sweetest thing in the world. He is always coming up and planting random kisses on everyone, Heston included; and just the other day out of nowhere he looked at Jentry and said "I love you so much." I think that melted all of our hearts! If anyone ever needs to be reminded of God's goodness, let me know and you can borrow my sweet boys for a couple of hours (and I'll take a nap!). -Jamie

[08/04/14]   Jeff's Jibberish: I have been thinking alot lately about how great God is and I must admit I am overwhelmed. I am blessed beyond belief. My mom used to say, "Count your blessings" but I think I am to a point in life where there are way too many to count. Scripture reminds us that every good and perfect gift comes from above. All that we have is because of Him. Though sometimes we try, we can't take credit for anything and we must give credit to the One who has given us so much. If all the blessing weren't enough, top life off with a free gift of eternal life. I am better than I deserve thanks to the grace and love of my Savior Jesus Christ. Take a moment to think about how blessed you truly is simply mind blowing.
Diane and I love each of you. - Jeff

[07/26/14]   Devotional Thought:
In his second letter to Timothy, Paul solemnly charges him to preach the Word and to reprove and rebuke with great patience ( 2 Tim. 4:2). A pastor could hardly have a more difficult assignment than this, because few people respond well to correction. What you do when you are criticized is a good indication of the maturity of your faith. The Bible tells us that “he who neglects discipline despises himself” while “he who listens to reproof acquires understanding” and “will dwell among the wise” ( Prov. 15:31-32).
Every time criticism comes our way, we stand at a crossroads of possibilities for good or evil. We can either embrace correction and grow up or reject it and start down the slippery slope described in 2 Timothy 4. In this passage, Paul outlines the behavior of those who become tired of reproof. He says they will reject sound doctrine and instead embrace the teaching of those who “tickle” their ears (v. 3). This means they’ll hunt for churches or religious teachers who fail to apply the whole counsel of God. Then they “will turn away their ears from the truth and will turn aside to myths” (v. 4). Most people in this state probably couldn’t trace how they went from truth to myths, but it may have started when they rejected some hard saying from the Bible or ignored good advice from a critic.
We can’t afford to “turn away our ears”—not even from critics who are immature, ignorant, or evil. Remember, if God spoke through Balaam’s donkey ( Num. 22:28), He can speak through anyone. Be mindful to keep your ears open to God’s voice, regardless of the form it may come in.

[07/25/14]   Jamie's Blog - I write the newsletter this week having just returned home from Monday night's FBO softball game... for those of you that were there... enough said. For those of you that weren't... why not!?!?!? You are missing out on some pretty intense, dynamic, competitive, fun, and I am not even talking about what's going on on the diamond! The boys play every Monday night and if you haven't made it out to a game you should really plan to while its Summer and the kids can stay up late. Adena always brings plenty of snacks and she usually doesn't spill them on people. If you are looking for a way to get connected this should be it!

"Church league softball, holler bout a bad call. Preacher breaking up a fight" - Rodney Atkins "These Are My People"

And we have officially decided on a name: Harvati Luann Gallas

- Jamie

[07/20/14]   Devotional Thought:
Why is it challenging for us to follow a godly path? As we mentioned last weekend, two conflicting tendencies exist within every believer: the patterns of the corrupted old self—or “the flesh”—and the righteousness of a new nature in Christ. The characteristics of these opposing inclinations are vividly portrayed in today’s verses. The quality of forgiveness, or the lack of it, will largely determine which tendency prevails in our lives.
The inevitable result of unforgiveness is anger, bitterness, and malice. By refusing to forgive, we allow the old flesh nature to dominate and produce its poisonous fruit. Every area of our life is affected when we refuse to extend to others the pardon Christ so generously extended to us—in essence, we are treating those around us as we would never want the Lord to treat us. Thankfully, His mercy toward us has no limit.
Although the pain and injustice of an offense can break our heart or damage our sense of self-worth, a refusal to forgive denies God the opportunity to redeem the hurt. We want Him to change the offender and make him sorry for what he has done, but the Lord wants to transform us. Forgiveness frees us to live in our new Christlike nature and enables us to see others through eyes of grace and mercy.
Look again at verses 31 and 32. Which one describes you? As believers, we all long to exhibit the qualities of our new nature, but the Lord can produce them only if we are willing to exchange offenses and grudges for tender hearts that forgive. Something has to change—let it be you.

[07/10/14]   Jamie's Blog: I often find myself "ready for the next thing". I'm ready for Heston to crawl and to say Momma. I'm ready for Huck to play baseball and to carry on real conversations with me. I'm ready to find out if this new baby is a boy or girl and to see what he/she will look like. I'm sometimes so ready for the next thing that I forget to appreciate the now. How Heston smiles, how Huck loves to cuddle, and how awesome it is to have another baby on the way. Don't let God's blessings in the now go unaccounted for. - Jamie

Wishing everyone a safe & fun Fourth of July!

[07/02/14]   Jeff's Jibberish: Alot of people that I know are facing many things in life right now. Just seems to be the sign of the times. The good news is the Lord is willing to walk every step of the way with us if we want Him too. How can anyone make it without Him?
Wes Edwards was the pastor here at First Baptist a few years back and the Lord used him and Carol to make a huge impact in the lives of many people. I often here stories about Wes could preach the gospel. I would like to pass on some information that we received this week.
Tuesday I received a message that Wes is having difficulty swallowing. Carol had a hard time getting Wes up or get him to stay awake. Carol called the hospice nurse to come out for a visit and he was put on oxygen. She was told to make sure to feed him thick liquids. Since then he seems to be doing a little better. He has been eating a little bit better, but has been pretty lethargic. Please continue to pray for Wes, Carol and their family.
Diane and I love each of you. - Jeff

[07/01/14]   Devotional Thought:
When we are overburdened, the world seems a colder place. The sun may be shining, but our heads are bowed low, so we don’t notice. The birds sing, but our ears are filled with the cries of our hearts—exclamations of pain, sorrow and weariness. We put distance between us and others as our problems absorb our time and attention. Perhaps we are weighed down by unmet expectations, sudden trauma or death, or simply too much responsibility. Another possibility is that sin is causing our heaviness of heart. Whatever the cause, however, the result is the same: We are burdened by a crushing weight.
Into our bleakness comes the voice of almighty God inviting us to draw near and find rest in Him. “This is what the LORD says: ‘Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls . . .”’ (Jer. 6:16 NIV).
Won’t you look up to your heavenly Father right now? Jesus offers living water; take time to drink until your soul is strengthened enough for you to ask the way. With the Spirit’s help, take one step, then another down that ancient path of obedience, and He will give you the promised peace.
Jeremiah 6:16 ends with God pointing out the Israelites’ response: “But you said, ‘We will not walk in it.”’ It is only when we trust in the Father’s plan that we will find relief from our burdens. Let us stand, look, ask, and walk so that we might find the rest which the Lord has promised for our souls.

[06/29/14]   Weekly Budget Needs: $5150
Received this past week: $800

Call it a summer slump or whatever, but it's time to Dig Deep! Your weekly tithes and offerings allow FBO to remain a beacon of light in the community.

[06/23/14]   Devotional Thought: The Christian life involves encountering certain paradoxes that challenge our thinking. A prime example is Jesus’ comment that “the last shall be first and the first, last” (Matt. 20:16). Hard sayings like this may seem illogical and confusing until we remember that we've been called out of this world into a new way of living.
Self-effort, which is standard operating procedure for the natural man, must be abandoned by the Spirit-filled believer. That is why the Lord sometimes allows us to experience failure in our pursuit of holiness. He wants to show us how totally dependent we are on Him. When seen in that light, our human failures can actually be viewed as friends to instruct us rather than enemies to be resisted.
This perspective is not easily obtained. From earliest childhood, we are urged to work hard, strive for excellence, and do our very best. We are told to set goals and then pursue them with diligence and determination. While these virtues are useful when conscientiously employed, they can actually betray us by suggesting that our salvation lies in them. They whisper to the human ego, “You have all that it takes to be successful.” Gradually, if we pay attention to these voices, our confidence begins to shift from trusting in the Spirit to relying upon the flesh.
God will not accept our dependence upon anything or anyone besides Him. If necessary, He will engineer circumstances in order to defeat our best efforts and humble us until we fully learn to live by faith—in total reliance upon Him.

[06/20/14]   Jamie's blog: Thank the Lord our Heavenly Father is more patient and less selfish than I. I've been thinking how would He react in this [Huck being sick] situation? I'm sure he would rock Huck all hours of the night, patiently offer him choice after choice at meal time, and softly sing in his ear while he whimpers and whines at the pain. While I'm trying (often unsuccessfully) to have endless patience with my poor sick baby, I am thankful that my Heavenly parent has a lot more patience than Huck's earthly one. - Jamie

[06/19/14]   Jeff's Jibberish: Mika and her team have done a great job this week with the VBS - Mega Sports camp. I know Demetries has loved it. Friday night it would be awesome if as many of you as possible, including men, could be at VBS for the final night. It is a chance to build relationships with other adults who may have dropped their kids off for VBS each night, but they don't have a relationship with Jesus themselves. Eat some snacks and visit with other people, the Lord may open up the door to share the gospel. The event starts at 6 pm at Grace Church on West Moreland. Take time out for a little bit and stop by and get a glimspe of what the Lord has been doing this week. Mika and her team need you.
Have a great week, Diane and I love each of you. - Jeff

[06/17/14]   Devotional Thought:
On a daily basis, we are faced with distractions. Things like gossip, criticism, facebook, cell phones, financial pressure, poor health, conflict, personal desires, and effusive praise from others bombard us. Any of these can influence us to turn away from God’s perfect plan. But today’s passage shows us the value of . . .
Single-mindedness. Nehemiah feared the Lord and conscientiously applied himself to His work. His mind was not divided. If we set our attention solely on God’s plan, our minds will stay fixed on the task, regardless of the difficulties.
God’s favor. The Lord’s blessing is always upon us when we’re obedient to Him. This knowledge gave Nehemiah confidence, and it should do the same for us, even in hard times.
Accountability. Nehemiah had to give a progress report to the king about what had been accomplished. One day we’ll stand before Jesus and account for how we used resources and gifts (1 Cor. 3:12-15).
Consistency in our prayer life. When the Israelites were ridiculed, they were helpless to stop their opponents’ speech. So Nehemiah prayed, and the people received strength to continue. As the plotting worsened, Nehemiah and his fellow workers cried out to God, who not only frustrated their enemies’ plans but also provided His people with discernment about how to avoid traps.
Nehemiah completed the ambitious project in just 52 days (Neh. 6:15). When we follow his example, God can achieve great things in and through us. Which of the above points from Nehemiah’s life can help you overcome your distractions?

First Baptist Ovilla

VBS - June 16-20 !!!
You can now register your kids for VBS under the "kids life" tab on our website.

[06/05/14]   Jamie's blog: Tuesday evening I was so frustrated with Huck, I don't even know what it was exactly. I was tired and irritable, and it just seemed EVERYTHING he did got on my nerves. I just needed a minute away, and then I felt guilty for needing that minute, and then I felt overwhelmed to realize that in less than 6 months I am going to have a newborn... again...
It is easy for me to get overwhelmed by life and its responsibilities, and I only have to worry about two kids (for now). It is crazy to think that God doesn't get overwhelmed by all of His children, and we can for sure be more frustrating than an almost two year old. God's grace and love are amazing things, things not to be taken for granted. I was reminded that I need to take a minute everyday to thank God for His endless grace and patience and love. We are so blessed to be His children. - Jamie

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