Vedic Cultural Samaj of Central Florida

Vedic Cultural Samaj of Central Florida


We invite you to visit which is a New Delhi based leading publisher of good-quality Religious & Spiritual books (like Ramayan, Chalisas, Geeta, Bhajan Books, etc.) in Roman English for people who cannot read such books in Hindi/Sanskrit. The books not only cater to people of India, but also those that reside abroad and are interested in reading such books.
ONLY 42 Days until the Mahasammelan. Register ASAP to avail discounted registration fee and hotel fee. Great opportunity to interact with numerous Vedic Scholars, Meditation experts about living a stress-free, peaceful, harmonious life. Special interactive learning and cultural programs for the youth. Register here: #2018APSAAMS, #ARYASAMAJ, #2018AMS
God: the caring dutiful friend & brother Om sa no bandhurjanitaa sa vidhaataa, Dhaamaani veda bhuvanaani vishvaa | Yatra devaa amritamaanashaanaas- tritiye Dhaamannadhyairayanta | | (YajurVeda 32.90) English O Eeshvar (God)! O Creator the universe, by whom all exist! As the caring dutiful brother who always wishes us well, You fulfill all your duties and never leave anything incomplete. Omniscient, you are aware of all worldly occurrences. Your bliss is free from the worldly troubles and transcends time. Learned sages attain salvation and as liberated souls (moksha) they move freely and enjoy your bliss. You are our Teacher, Preceptor, Ruler and Supreme Judge. Let us join our thoughts, speech, and actions in the worship of the one-and-only God. As a devotee, we pledge to abide by his guidelines and the laws of nature. Note: 1) A dutiful brother gives the correct advice to face the downward spirals, instability, chaos and perilous times. As a role model, his life events dominate our thinking and the way we view life. He does his utmost not to jeopardise unity in the family. He leads the younger siblings to glory. 2) God is called Bandhu, i.e. a comrade & brother. He is always triggering our inner conscience towards righteous actions. He is ever compassionate and never abandons us nor fails us. We fail because either we do not give time to ourselves to listen to the inner voice or override our conscience and entangle ourselves in the webs of ignorance. Giving time and energy to moments of silence and listen to that divine guidance will lead us out of pains, sufferings, sorrows, and regret and fill our needs …not greed! …and bring us to a fulfilled life.

Please join us for havan service Sunday mornings from 9:30am-11:30am conducted by our various pandits. ~Krinvanto Vishwam Aryam: Make the Universe Noble~

The Vedic Cultural Samaj is pleased to welcome one and all to partake in our havan yagna every Sunday morning from 9:30am-11:30am conducted by our various pandits- Pt. Moniram Persaud, Pt. Neall Prashad, Pta.Savitri Chandrasain. We offer Sunday School classes lead by our youth director Miss Karishma Basant and Pt. Neall, which lectures on the teachings and basic beliefs of Hinduism among other lessons i.e. Diwali, Holi, etc. We are also privileged to have our music classes lead by Bhai Rokesh Sarju, a very talented musician in Central Florida.

Mission: Promoting the ancient principles and rituals of Vedic Hinduism as a practical approach to spirituality to encourage current and future generations to become champions of their Dharma, Faith and Communities.

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Due to the current health advisories, we are temporarily canceling all services at the Vedic Cultural Samaj of Central Florida until further notice.

We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as they become available. Additionally, we highly recommend following the CDC for updates and preventative measures to reduce the spread of the disease. For further information regarding Covid-19, visit the CDC website at

Please help us spread the message to anyone not on Facebook.

May Parampita Parameshvar OM keep everyone healthy and safe during this time 🙏🕉 As the nation's health protection agency, CDC saves lives and protects people from health, safety, and security threats.

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Please take a moment to say a prayer for all those diagnosed with Covid-19. This disease impacts the entire physical and economic framework of our society.

Please be sure to follow the advice of health experts by taking necessary precautions. By taking care of yourself, you are also protecting those around you.

Stay safe, everyone!

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Vik Sharma

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New video for 2020
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वेदा वदन्ति


लौकिक सुखों के प्रति अपनी अनिच्छा व्यक्त करते हुये
Expressing his reluctance towards temporal pleasures

-अजीर्यताममृतानामुपेत्य जीर्यन् मर्त्य: क्वधस्थ: प्रजानन् । कठ-१।२८

ऐसे समस्त सुख मोक्ष सुख की अपेक्षाहीन एवं क्षणिक होते हैं ,जो इनके परिणाम को नहीं जानता वह तो आसक्त हो सकता है किन्तु जो सत्य असत्य का सम्यक् विवेचक है ,इन सुखों की कैसे इच्छा करेगा ।वृद्धावस्था से रहित अाप जैसे मुक्त पुरुषों की संगति में कौन विषय सुख के परिणाम से परिचित पार्थिव सुखों की तुच्छता में दीर्घ जीवन तक भोगों को

All such pleasures are exhaustible and transient as compared to the emancipation of soul; who does not know its consequences, he can be tempted towards it, but how the true analyst of truth and falsehood will opt for such worldly pleasures. Being in the company of never aging liberated person like you and aware of the results of worldly sensuous pleasures will opt for these insignificant long lives likely to end in death.

(Vedic scriptures - Explained by Jai Taneja, Vedic scholar and Professor Emeritus in Sanskrit)
English translation – Avinash Mehta


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Guruji Sri Satishji

See what our vedic scripture has to say about caste system. some interesting insights not to miss

Ramanand Persaud Obituary - Gotha, FL

Sending our prayers and condolences to the Persaud family 🙏 Celebrate the life of Ramanand Persaud, leave a kind word or memory and get funeral service information care of Woodlawn Memorial Park & Funeral Home.

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Happy World Kindness Day!

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Truly Fascinating!

Here is a fascinating map of all the places of ancient India as mentioned in Mahabharata. This map is put on display in Purana Qila, which is the ancient Indraprastha of Mahabharata.

Take a look at the map and see the name of your region during those days.

Mahabharata is simply the encyclopedia of ancient India. The geographical details are very comprehensive. Below, I elaborate upon every region.

To the northwest in Afghanistan is the country of Yavanas, who were the Bactrian Indo Greeks (Modern Begram). To their east in the Hindukush is the country of Ashvakas and Kambojas. The Kamviri Nuristanis of Afghanistan, Kamboj/Kamboh of Punjab and Kammas of Andhra Pradesh could be their partial descendants.

To their immediate east are the Chinas, Ladakas(Ladakh) and Ramathas (Bhotas). These were Tibetan people . Chinese were known as Maha Chinas.

To the south of Kamboja is the country of Gandhara with its capital at Takshashila (Taxila). This is the Attock-Swat-Charsadda-Peshawar-Islamabad region. To the south of Gandhara is the kingdom of Kekaya, which is the modern Dera Ismail Khan region between Jhelum and Indus.To their south is the kingdom of Sibi and its capital Sibipura(which is the modern Sehwan). To their east in the modern Majha region of Punjab is the ancient kingdom of Madra. To their east are Vahikas on the other side of river Iravati(Ravi). Bahlikas is misplaced in this map and they should really belong to Balkh, Afghanistan.

To the North of Vahikas is the kingdom of Trigarta with its capital at Sakala(Sialkot). This is the Jammu-Sialkot region. To their north is the kingdom of Kashmir (Kashmira) with its capital at Rajapura (Rajouri). Remember that Shrinagara (Srinagar) was established by Ashoka who post dates Mahabharata. As such, it does not appear in this map. To the North of Kashmir is the kingdom of Daradas (dards of Gilgit-Chitral-Yasin). To the east of Trigarta is the kingdom of Audumbaras which is the ancient kingdom of Himachal. To their east is the kingdom of Khasas who are the Nepali people speaking Khas khura.

Interestingly, Malavas and Yaudheyas still inherit the Indus-Satluj region in the Mahabharata. In the post Mahabharata age , Malavas win over lands from east Punjab to Madhya Pradesh. Malwa of East Punjab(Ludhiana) and Malwa of Madhya Pradesh is still named after this tribe.

Yaudheyas also moved east and conquered Haryana region. They established their capital at Rohitaka (Rohtak). To the south of Punjab are Sauviras, who are the modern Saraiki speakers of Sindh-Multan.

To their east is the kingdom of Kuru, the modern Haryana region around Delhi. It had two capitals- Indraprastha (Delhi) and Hastinapura (Meerut). To their South-East is the kingdom of Panchalas. It also had two capitals. Ahicchatra in the north and Kampilya in the south. According to Mahabharata, Ahichhatra was conquered by Drona from Panchala king Drupada.

To the west of Panchalas is the kingdom of Yadus with its capital at Mathura. To their south is the kingdom of Kuntala (Gwalior) and Nishada (Bundelkhand). The west of Mathura was conquered by other Yadu tribes like Andhakas and Surasenas. The Matysa kingdom belonged to Jaipur region with its capital at Viratanagara( modern Bairat ).

Vatsa was the ancient kingdom of Prayaga region with its capital at Kaushambi. Magadha is the modern patna region with its capital at Girivraja (Rajgir). North Bihar (Mithila) region was inhabited by Videhas with their capital at Mithila. Vrijis had their capital at Sravasti (Balrampur). To their west was the kingdom of Kosalas with its capital at Ayodhya.

To the west of Andhra was the kingdom of Kuntala which is the modern day Uttara kannada and south Maharastra region. To the northwest of Kuntala was Goa which was then known as Aparanta. To the South of Kuntala is the kingdom of Karnata which is the Bangalore region.

To the south of Karnata, are the three countries of Tamilakam. The country of Dravidas and their capital of Kanchi. The country of Pandyas and their capital Madura (madurai) in the extreme south. The country of cholas on the banks of kaveri.The country of Keralas in the Malabar coast.

The city of Gokarna in the South Konkan region was already famous as the town of Shiva.

In the Central India roughly corresponding to Malwa region and western Madhya pradesh was the country of Avanti. Ujjayani (Ujjain) was the capital of Northern Avanti and Mahishmati on the banks of Narmada was the capital of Southern Avanti. According to Mahabharata, Mahishmati had a formidable fortress protected by Lord Agni himself. Nakula appeased the God by offering a Yajna before he went on to conquer the city.

To the north of Kalinga was the country of Odras which is today's western Odisha. This region was famous for the Mahendragiri mountain which according to Mahabharata and Ramayana was a resting place of Lord Parashurama. Its capital was Manipura near today's Kendrapara. Today's Manipur in NE India was actually founded by migrants from this place. To the north of Brahman river was the country of Utkalas. To its North in the Padma basing was the country of Vanga, which is today's Padma Delta of southern Bangladesh. Tp its north in the Eastern Bangladesh was the country of Pundra. This region was ruled by the famous king Pundraka Vasudeva who imitated the attire of Lord Krishna. Today's Assam was known as Kamrupa in Mahabharata. The position of Pragjyotisha in the map is a little misleading because Pragjyotishapura in Mahbaharata was clearly a western kingdom affiliated to Yavanas. It was only later (perhaps after a migration?) that the capital of Kamrupa began to be known as Pragjyotishapura

Anga belonged to East Bihar and Purulia district of Bengal. It was the kingdom of Mahabharata hero Karna. What is today's Bengal was primarily known as Radha. The Chittagong region was known as Samatata. The south Padma belt was Vanga and north of it was Pundra.

To the west in Western Gujarat was the kingdom of Yadu tribe Vrishni and its capital Dvaraka.

To be continued

Baby Alia making offerings on her 2nd birthday! God bless her 🙏

Please join us tomorrow for a special Havan Yagna for a very special little girl.

Dr. David Frawley

Mathematics forms an integral part of Vedic knowledge systems, used on both outer and inner levels of consciousness to unlock the secrets of the universe. Swarajya

Ayodhya Sets Swachhata Standard: City Launch Mega Cleanliness Drive After Record Breaking Deepotsav Ayodhya Sets Swachhata Standard: City Launch Mega Cleanliness Drive After Record Breaking Deepotsav by IANS - Oct 27 2019, 4:56 pm, Deepotsav celebrations in Ayodhya (Pic Via Twitter) After 'Deepotsav' in Ayodhya, the municipal authorities, on Sunday, began a massive cleaning operation of the 'Ram k...

Wishing you, your family, and the entire universe a prosperous Diwali. On this auspicious occasion, we pray now more than ever for light and love to fill our lives. We pray may peace and progress fill the world. We pray may happiness, joy, and compassion fill each heart.

लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनोभवंतु ॥

ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः |

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