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Unity Orlando is a Sacred Space for Spiritual Awakening. All are welcome! Unity Orlando was founded May 17, 1976 by the Reverends L.E. and Ethel Meyer.

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I am safe and guided along life's way.

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Jim Blake

The understanding that we are an extension and expression of the divine energy that has created all there is - opens us up to accessing the qualities of that divine intelligence. When we can connect with our highest self through meditation (in whatever form) or prayer, we create an opening for source to come through as the comfort, guidance, love, peace etc. that the moment calls for. This is the true power of going within. There is an infinite wisdom and fountain of flowing gifts at the ready when we quiet the outer and let the inner flow through....


[03/25/21]   I renew my hope with
the power of
affirmative prayer.

dailyword.com 03/25/2021

Original - I am an original.

dailyword.com I am blessed with a unique blend of talents and interests that have helped me find my special place in the world. As I have traveled my path, I have learned from people I’ve met, places I’ve visited, and choices I’ve made. Together, my experiences have helped me shape my perspective, fuel my p...

[03/24/21]   I release any sense of

dailyword.com 03/24/2021

Outlook - My outlook determines my experience.

dailyword.com It is a blessing to know that whenever I feel discouraged or circumstances are not as I prefer, I have the power to shift my perception and change my outlook. More than mere positive thinking, my outlook is how I engage the world and my life at every level of my being. I am inspired by the miracle o...



I remain faithful in every moment, trusting in the goodness of God.

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Shine brightly! 🌞

Be. The. Light. ✨

https://www.anitamoorjani.com/sensitive-is-the-new-strong ✨🌈

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[03/23/21]   I renew my
trusting in God

dailyword.com 03/23/2021

Flourish - Deeply rooted within God, my divinity is in full bloom!

dailyword.com When I see a healthy plant bursting forth with blossoms or a beautiful tree laden with fragrant fruit, I am witnessing the products of deep roots fixed firmly in fertile soil. It is the same with Spirit. The deeper I anchor myself in the truth that I am inextricably one with God, the fuller and more...

[03/22/21]   I gently release anger,
and embrace
my greater good.

dailyword.com 03/22/2021

Comfort - I am comforted by the presence of God within.

dailyword.com As I look to the presence of God’s love within me, I find comfort in the midst of troubling circumstances. In a moment of peace, I catch a vision of life that is eternal and changeless, and I feel renewed. I feel the presence of God fully, and this presence reassures me and lifts my heart. I am su...


Lauren Fortenberry



Daily Fillmore

"Spiritual discernment reveals that we are now in the dawn of a new era, that the old methods of supply and support are fast passing away, and that new methods are waiting to be brought forth." (Charles Fillmore)

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[03/21/21]   “I thirst...”
for the Living Water of

dailyword.com 03/21/2021

Forgive - I extend forgiveness to myself.

dailyword.com Throughout my life, I have forgiven those who have hurt and disappointed me. In turn, I have been grateful when others extended understanding and forgiveness to me. Even though I have learned to be forgiving with others, I may still find it difficult to forgive myself for mistakes I’ve made, disap...

[03/20/21]   I renew my openness to
the healing power of

dailyword.com 03/20/2021

Inner Peace - I dwell in the peace of God.

dailyword.com Relying on the world around me to give me peace is like gazing at a picture of food and expecting to feel full. As I withdraw my attention from outer things and focus on my inner peace, I attune to my spiritual nature. Nothing can disturb the calm peace of my soul because my spirit is already serene...



By the power of my spiritual strength, I am courageous.

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[03/19/21]   I release thoughts of illness,
”...for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

dailyword.com 03/19/2021

Strength - I rely upon my inexhaustible spiritual strength.

dailyword.com When I carry a heavy load, my muscles can tire and my bones can grow weary. Unlike physical strength, spiritual strength is limitless, an aspect of my divine identity. I use my strength to stay the course when my attention wanes, maintain my endurance when I’m tempted to give up, and withstand my ...


Jim Blake

In times of sadness and struggle it can be easy for me to step away from well... everything and just be in my suffering. Though I believe there are times for that, I have also learned with age and wisdom, that sticking to my routines of working out, nature walks, yoga or even meditation support me in my journey. It doesn't always feel like it at the time but I have found that just stepping on the yoga mat for a few minutes or even a short walk, creates an opening in me for progress and healing. Let us use the good habits and routines we have built within our experience to act as a rudder steering us through our times of uncertainty, pain or sadness. May it be so. Namaste.


[03/18/21]   I renew my practice of

dailyword.com 03/18/2021

Pray for Others - I share love and kindness through my prayers.

dailyword.com There are many ways to be a supportive presence in the lives of the people I care about. I may offer a listening ear, a warm embrace, or a helping hand to show my love and concern or to ease another’s burden. I continue to offer my support through my prayers. As I center myself in the divine prese...


Mid-Week Prayer & Meditation Mar 17 2021

A prayer and meditation about God's Grace in our lives.


Join Rev Ronnie and Susan Francis today, Wednesday March 17, 4:30, for Midweek Prayer and Meditation, a time to relax, let go, and feel God’s Presence within. Right here on Unity Orlando’s page....🙏💖☮️

[03/17/21]   I release any feelings of

dailyword.com 03/17/2021

Divine Order - I relax and trust divine order.

dailyword.com Sometimes my imagination runs wild if I let myself worry about how a situation will turn out. In fact, the more invested I am in an outcome, the more I may be troubled by thoughts of developments I do not want. When I catch myself ruminating, I take it as a cue to stop and affirm the process of divi...

[03/16/21]   I renew my will to take the
next step forward.

dailyword.com 03/16/2021

Acceptance - Acceptance is my path to peace.

dailyword.com If I touch a rose’s petals, I may delight in their soft, velvety texture. If I hold the bloom to my face, its sweet scent may make me smile. Grasping a rose by the stem and touching the thorns, however, may pierce my skin and cause me pain. The seasons of my life are like the rose, sweet and soft ...

[03/15/21]   I release feeling

dailyword.com 03/15/2021

Healing - I am healed through the divine presence within.

dailyword.com When I am in need of healing, I do what is necessary to care for my body, mind, and spirit. I get proper rest and eat nutritious food, I cleanse my thoughts of worry, and I make time for devotional practices. As I commit to these activities, I create a fertile field for my healing. Knowing I’ve do...

[03/14/21]   Go into the
and gain new insights.

dailyword.com 03/14/2021

Energy - The energy of divine life renews me.

dailyword.com How do I have the focus to achieve my goals? How do I have the strength to carry on through challenging times? How do I have the aptitude to learn, grow, and change when I’m called upon to do new things? At the heart of everything I am called to do is the energy to do it. I am a divine being, and ...

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Unity Orlando Mid-Week Prayer & Meditation
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