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Keys to Life Ministries of Orlando


If you're fighting a battle. Make sure it's the battle in front of you and not behind you. Make sure that the battle is without and not within. Whatever your battle maybe, make sure that the Lord's is in the midst of your battle. For the battle is the Lord's battle.
Cherish the moment. Your future is more important than your past. Your future is Now. Your future is in your presence. Because whatever decision that you make now will have a profound effect on your future. #1The past is gone. It is behind you. #2 Our present is now in this moment. #3 Our future is also now. Moving forward will depend on how we act in the now season of our moment. Because all we have is now. The next 10 seconds is not even promise to any of us. In this season of this moment, is so precious. Our future depends on how we live Now. # Cherish your moment,. Treated it with respect and dignity because your/our future depends upon it
Opportunity what you make of it. So make it a beautiful thing and take advantage of it
Kindly we are having a full board church meeting.we shall annointing of new leaders kindly pray for God given leadership .I arrived in Nairobi well pray God to uplift our UBC church,pray for our bishop wisdom,pray for unity pray end of ethnicity of churches in Kenya more pentecostal churches.pray for wisdom in me favour wisdom ,breaking of curses and witches attacks . whats up +254725327275 God bless Edward
Praise our Lord Jesus Christ , Im Rev /Prophet Edward in Kenya iminister with UBc Ministries in kenya please we would like your Ministry to come and Minister in Kenya in Crusades , we host you in Training pastors and Leaders . You Can also come we minister in Tanzania , Uganda and malawi , one month can be enough to minister here , we can do healing and deliverence meeting revival in Churches and praying and doing door to door mission meeting we are a prophetic and Healing Ministry . we believe in The Salvation By the Blood Of Jesus Christ , Power of Healing and Miracles . we believe in The Baptism By Immersion , Holy Bible , Power of The Holy Spirit . We would like your Ministry to come and minister in Kenya, Uganda in Crusades , Revival meetings , Training Of Pastors and Leaders , Deliverance and Healing meetings , Doing Baptism and Ordination of Ministers and Pastors . we would like you come with team some to Minister to The Youths , Women and Pastors and Mentoring Leaders . Im married Under Holy wedding to Grace with three Children. Pray for me , My family , our Church and Pray for greater Revival and Gods annointing in Church .also invite me icome to minister in your country God Bless You . Edward. Mobile +254725327275 Email [email protected], What's up +254725327275 For My USA Contacts Contact,in Washington DC Elder Susan +1 972-343-8216

Discover the keys to living victoriously through Jesus Christ! KTL shares Biblically sound teaching on how you can succeed in every area of your life.

The founders of Keys to Life Ministries are Apostle Curtis L. Sims and Prophetess Betty D. Sims, formerly of Warner Robins, Georgia. The couple relocated to Orlando in February 2014 after having served as pastors of Keys to Life Ministries, Good Ground Ministries, and Destiny Christian Center--all of Warner Robins. Prior to establishing works in Central Georgia, Apostle and Prophetess Sims established several other churches in Virginia and south Georgia. Together, they have over 60 years combined ministerial service. God has used the Sims in the apostolic and prophetic offices, teaching and preaching an anointed Word in demonstration of the Holy Ghost and fire! Apostle Sims is gifted in the deliverance ministry and healing. Both have written books and teachings to help edify and encourage the local and universal Body of Christ. They have also helped men and women ordained to Christian service obtain credentials through the Adonai School of Ministry, a work they founded in 2003.

Mission: To make disciples of all men to the glory of God

[05/02/20]   Pain, disappointment, misery, and unhappiness have taught me more about life than pleasure ever will. I have learned how to being content, no matter what state I am in. I have learned to be content and wait on the Lord.

God knows what's best for his children. We know in part, we see in part, we do in part, but when He that is perfect is come, we will know even as we are known.

Time has been good to me. Time has been my friend. Time has erased all of my faults and mistakes. Time has put them far behind me. Time has been my friend.

If we live long enough, we will know how precious time is because in the fullness of time, He makes all things beautiful in His (Ecclesiastes 8:11). To the fool, time is his enemy. To those who are in prison, time is an enemy. But to those of us who are free in Christ Jesus and have made the Lord our life and salvation, time is a beautiful thing. Because in the fullness of time, we will spend eternity in the presence of the Lord for all time.

[04/09/20]   A dear friend of mine spoke these words to me and I quote. The things in your pass, is for someone else future
The things that you have gone through can only help someone else to go through when their time comes.

The light in you is greater than the light upon you.
No man lives to himself and no one dies to himself
if we live, we live for the Lord, and others.if we die, we die unto the Lord. Whichever way it is, we win in the end.
Roman 14:7

[04/02/20]   Listen up, people God. It is time for us in the body of Christ to take this pandemic seriously. This covid-19 is real. It is not fake news. It is not something to bring down the president of the United States.
Let us stop spiritualizing and dissecting it. Let us stop debating whether it comes from God or from the devil, it doesn't matter. It's here and we need to pray because it's killing people.
I feel strongly lead of God to ask you to partner with me in prayer for victims of this virus all over the world.
The virus has no respect of persons, and neither does God. I remember when Jesus was going into the Garden of Gethsemane to pray and he asked his disciples, "Will you watch with me one hour?" Thank God; can we pray an hour a day? The sick need to be healed. Will you pray with me one hour a day for the next 29 days, so that the sick might live?

[03/31/20]   This may sound funny to some but we need to learn how to PRAY..

P- Praise- praise him for who he is. Exalt him, thank him, give him what is due to him.

R- Repent- cleanse ourselves. Ask him to put a spot light on our hearts and highlight any unrepented sin and ask for his forgiveness AND MAKE AN ABOUT TURN TO A LIFESTYLE CHANGE.

A- Ask- Ask for what you want. Don’t withhold.. ask and it shall be given.. a deeper relationship, to guide you along the path that leads to his will and his purpose for you on earth... blessings, favor, healing.. whatever it is, ASK.

Y- yield- LISTEN for the response. It may not come in the form of a VOICE for some but he will make an impression on our hearts— listen, ask him, is there anything you want me to do God and LISTEN for the answer.
Rhonda Matthison.

[03/27/20]   The Judgment of God has come upon all nations, 2 Chronicles 7:12,13. Now this plague is not the judgment of God against the church because the Bible says that judgment must first begin at the house of God, Peter 4:17.
And if it begins at the house of God , where shall the sinners and the ungodly appear, praise God.

So this judgment is not against the people of God. It's against the nations of the world . We're in the world but we're not of the world. so because we're in the world, we shall go through some things just as others.
But it's still not the judgement of the church, which is His Bridge.
Psalm 7:11 says God is angry with the wicked everyday. I pray that God gives us all wisdom and understanding of the times. The eyes to see and ears to hear. Let the eyes of our understanding be open, that we might see. Ephesians 1:18
The scripture said that the sons of Issachar had understanding of the times, so that Israel might know what to do. 1 Chronicles 12:32.
These are the last days of the end time. which are the beginning of sorrows according to Matthew 24, 1st and 2nd Peter, the book of Jude, 1st and 2nd Timothy, 1st and 2nd Thessalonians, Romans 1 and 2, Isaiah, ch.1., Revelations 1-3.
These are just some of the books in the Bible that speaks concerning the times we're living in now.
The book of Psalms also speaks concerning the times that have happened to us all, the saved and the unsaved alike.
From Genesis to Revelation, God has been speaking to his people concerning the day of judgement of the nations. Now the time has come. A time of repentance and salvation for all people and nations. No the world is not coming to a end.
These are only the signs of the time.
He that has eyes to see and ears to hear, let them hear and see the mighty works of God in these last days.
This is Bishop Sims. I stand on the Word of God.

Jesus world Jesus

Repent Jesus Christ is comig Soon Street is empty due to of christ Ministhies

[03/22/20]   You know with this pandemic, most people have not put 2 and 2 together. Most people have not considered that this virus could have come from God as a type of judgment.
It hasn’t hit home yet for the sinner and pretender. The fear of God has not touched their hearts. Just wait, this is just the beginning of sorrows.

Most people have not related this to something that God is doing or allowing. They think it’s just a fluke of nature. People, this just the prelude.

Anytime you have a situation in the earth that has touched every nation nearly all around the world, it has to come from God; or for sure, God has allowed it to be. There’s no other way to explain it.
Now I am not a doom and gloom preacher. But the Bible does speak of a day in which God shall judge the nation s and the world.
Who said that things are going to go back the way that they were? No one has the answer to that. No one can see the future. No one knows what tomorrow is going to bring. They don’t even have a vaccine for this coronavirus. The Bible says that God was going to confound the wisdom of the wise.
Maybe I’m the only one in America that can you see this. It is more than some fluke of nature, some experiment that got out of the lab somehow .
When the judgment of God begins on earth, does anyone know how it starts?
Wise men, beware, for there is one wiser than them all.
I believe this global pandemic is more than what the eyes can see and I believe it is more than what the scientists and CDC know.

Cursed be the man, that trusts in man and make flesh his arms ( his strength)
Jeremiah 17:5

This is Bishop Sims. This is my observation, this is my opinion-and my opinion alone. I can be wrong , I can be corrected, but not debating.

[03/20/20]   This is a season a Revival a Great Awakening that's coming up on the church. This is the greatest opportunity that the body of Christ have seen in a long time. The scripture said that the sons of issachar had understanding of the time so the children of Israel might know what to do. 1st Chronicles 12:32
they was seers and visionary's, they had the eyes of the spirit of God, they knew what time it was. praise God.
Now the church has come into such a time as this.
A time of evangelism, a time of gathering of souls into the kingdom of God. Now sense the church buildings close, and most of them needed to close, Now the doors of the kingdom of God in open to whosoever will. Now we most be about our Father business. In order to do that, we must go out, we must seek that which is lost. And let all people know that the kingdom of God is at hand. Let us bring them into God's Sheepfold

This is Bishop Sims I'm just running my mouth speaking as a Spirit of God will move my lips.

[03/20/20]   This is the time for the church do great things
Their coming a great outpouring of the Spirit of God upon the land. Now we can go house to house like they did back in the day of Pentecost. They didn't have mega churches, they didn't have demanations of churches.

All they had was the fire of God and a Word burning in their hearts, like fire shut up in their bones.
The churches are shuting their doors? I say you're wrong. The church has shut the doors of the buildings.
the owner of the building have shut their doors. but the church is in our heart, and the door is still open.
and whosoever will let him come and drink of the water of life freely, in fact, now we can take the water of life to a dieing and lost world.
God knows exactly what He's doing. The Lord is restoring the ministry of the evangelist that has been overlooked and cast aside out of the fivefold ministry for so long.
We are so used to the stained glass mirror, the air condition, the cushing's sets,
The choir singing on Sunday morning. The praise and worship service going on. And we never think about the people that are dying and lost in our societies. So God have the shut the doors of the church building.
Most ministers and pastors do not know how to function outside of the church building.
This is my observation and I could be very wrong. some of us have never gotten out of the building and witness one person about Christ. Of course that statement requires classification, which I cannot classified. But I am just speaking by the Spirit of God.
It's time to do the work of the Kingdom. Seeking to save that which is lost, become fishermen of men like the disciples was.
This is Bishop Sims running my mouth and thinking out loud.

[03/19/20]   Praise the Lord this is Bishop Simms I want to give you the scriptures that the lord gave him me while I was praying and seeking the Lord and and during my Hour of Prayer from 9 to 10 a.m.
1. 2nd Chronicles 7:14 If my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their Wicked Ways then will I hear from heaven thenI will forgive their sins and heal their land.

2. Jeremiah 29:11, 12, 13. Very powerful verses concerning prayer

3. Joel 2:1 through 28---
This is a very very powerful scripture chapter that speaks to our day and our time. Emphasis verse 1-12, verse 15, verse 28
I highly recommend that the whole second chapter of the book of Joel be studded the seven days.
Verse number 15 thru 28 is very important.

Luke 18:1
Jesus said man up always to pray and not faint.
Matthew 9:6,
The Lord's Prayer Spirit Our Father which art in heaven Hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.

Ephesians 6:18 pray always with all prayer and supplication in the spirit and watching there unto with perseverance and supplication for all the saints.

No weapon formed against thee shall prosper.
Isaiah 55:13
Seek ye the Lord while he may be found call you upon him while he is near.
Isaiah 59 verse 1
Behold the Lord hand is not showing that it cannot save neither is it healed him and he cannot hear.
These are the words in Scripture that the lord gave me while I was before him this morning in prayer from 9 to 10 may the Lord bless his people.

[03/18/20]   This message I believe God gave me for the church in this hour. There's going to be a purging process during this time of testing and uncertainty. We are in the season now that has never been. The stress and confusion has taken whole of the nations. The whole world is perplexed.
The coronavirus has arrested every nation and people.

Only God has the answer. Only God has the antidote and the cure for this virus. The church of the Lord Jesus Christ shall not be affected by this disease. The true believers of God that are walking in obedience to His Word will not be infected by this disease.
Stand on the Word of God, stand on the promises of God. Put on the whole armor of God, and nothing by any means shall hurt you because we are more than a conqueror. The God we serve is greater than any sickness, any disease, any virus. It time to trust God and stand on His Word.

[03/15/20]   Not everyone is afraid all the coronas virus. Some people just can’t afford to get sick. Some of us have underlying conditions such as repertory disease or pulmonary disease. Are at risk of catching the various. In most cases these decisions has nothing to do with fear, or being afraid, it is called using common sense. just using wisdom and common sense cas save someone life. After al , no one knows who’s carrying the virus.
I think before we judge one another, let us first try to understand one another. Not Everyone goes around telling you their medical history.
So you don’t know what another person going through.
One thing about the body of Christ I have learned over 44 years, is that, we always step on each other in the very moment when we need one another the most.

# SMH.
Bishop Sims

[03/11/20]   Beautiful things are produced once they have been through the fire. Out of the fire, masterpieces are created. When going through the storm, there's a secret place where God covers you, keeps, and protects you.
Out of that stormy situation comes a calm, peaceful experience, a trust, and a fellowship, a much stronger deeper relationship, because the greater the storm the closer we get to Him (God). As we cling to Him, He's holding strong to us. When thou passeth through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, it shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shall not be burned, neither shall the flame kindle upon you. Isaiah 43:2

# When God is in it, we shall win it. For the battle is not yours. It's the Lord battle. 2nd Chronicles 20:15.
For we know that all things work together for the good to them that love God and are the called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28
NO weapon formed against you shall prosper, Isaiah 54:17.

# What a Mighty God we serve,
Bishop Sims

[03/06/20]   The thing that hurts the most will one day healed, Yes , the storm that you couldn’t never pass through, one day you’ll walk over those waters
. There is no limits to God’s ability to turn your situation around. There is no shortcuts to serving God, we must be faithful to him at all times. We must be sanctified, separated and living a holy and clean life.
The Bible say, he that is faithful in little, will be faithful much.
Everything starts out with small things , then it grows according your faith.
God is a master fixer of thing that has been broken in our lives. Just give it time, God time is always the right time.

The things that God has to do in your life and ministry will take time. They say, patience is a virtue. The Bible says wait on the Lord and be of good courage and he shall strengthen my heart. wait I say on the Lord.Psalm 27:14
This is the word of the Lord spoken to my heart to yours. The Scripture says he that has a ear to hear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the church. And we are His Church, His Body, The fullness of Him(Christ)
This message can from the Lord.
Bishop Sims. His Servant.

[03/05/20]   I will praise the name of the Lord with the song, and Magnify Him with Thanksgiving. Psalms 69:30

[03/05/20]   Obedience is the manifestation of faith in God's Word, carried out in work and deeds. You can measure a person's obedience by what he/she believes and does, not by what they say.
So true obedience is the manifestation of faith in God’s Word.
Therefore obedience is, the manifestation of faith, faith that will produce faithfulness in the heart of those that believe.
These two principles, ( Faith and Obedience) carries a promise of eternal life.

Note: Where’s there’s faith, there’s always obedience. Where’s obedience to God’s Word, Faith is also found there.
James says, show me your faith by your works.
So faith without obedience is dead. Just as faith without works is dead also.
Bishop Sims.

[03/02/20]   The Bible says in Ephesians 4:27 neither give place to the devil. Once we compromise our principles concerning God's word and the way we should live his word in this life. No good can come from that decision . I give the devil no space, no place, no credit, for anything. I do not allow satan space in my life. I refuse to walk with him one step. The Bible says that satan is a deceiver.
he is our enemy, he's not a friend, he cannot do good. No an come from him.
he cannot be good. the Bible says that a corruptible tree cannot bring forth good fruit. So i say, satan get thee behind me. I rebuke thee in the Name of Jesus.
I bind you according Matthew 18:18
I hate the devil. the scripture says, who will stand with me against the workers of iniquity.psalm 94:16
Lord I stand with you and for you in the mighty Name of Jesus, and according to the authority that's been given to me as a believer in your Words, according to Luke 10:19
I take my stand.

[02/29/20]   This is Bishop Sims. I would like to make a statement concerning my relationship with Jesus Christ. I want the whole world to know just how much I love the Lord,
I love Him so very very much. I love Him with all my heart, with all my mind, with all my soul. With everything within me and everything about me, I give it all to the Lord: the God over my life. Jehovah is my Abba Father. Yahweh is my God.
I am so blessed and happy to be saved and filled with God's presence, and with His precious Holy Spirit. Never in a thousand years could I have imagine, how wonderful life is serve the Lord.
With a pure heart and a sincere determination to please Him in All Things. I can see now, now that I am older, that truly all things work together for the good to them that love God.
Sometimes they're a feeling that comes over me, that completely consume me with His glorious presence
that goes beyond words to explain. Oh how I love Him. when I am before the Lord, life is complete, I am comply happy.
I'm just sharing with you the thoughts of my heart. how much I love God. If you're not saved, I won't introduce you to a man Named Jesus that came to save his people from their sins.
# This is Bishop Sims feeling bless.

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