Words of Encouragement, Inc. Pastor Lloyd Redden

Words of Encouragement, Inc. Pastor Lloyd Redden


Addiction : When we hear this word we think about someone that on drugs or alcohol or prescription drugs. But I look up this word and here's what the meaning of if it is. Addiction mean to be addicted to a substance thing or activity. God showed me something about this thing that we call addiction. He told me that all mankind have a addition. Because of what Adam and Eve did in the garden we all became addicted to sin Romans 5:12. Let me tell you a story about try-sin . This is a drug that is not talk about because not many know about it. There was a drug dealer named Satan and the drug that He was and selling today is called try-sin. He told Eve to try it and she did then she give it to her husband. They became addicted right away to this drug called try-sin . Now every person born of a man and woman is born a addict to this drug called try-sin. But God told me that there's a cure for this addiction. And it's call the gos-pell He said if you take this on a daily basis you will never be addicted to try-sin again unless you stop take your medication which is the gos-pell. Now let's see who is spiritual minded with this. Let me know if this made you look at addiction in another way. A addiction is a addiction no matter what kind it maybe. So next time you think about talking about someone with a addiction problem just remember that you have one to. Well good night from Words of Encouragement.

Our mission is simple: Building, sharing and ministering to the total man and families in Christ. HIS WORD IS OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS. SANCTIFICATION.


About the pastor:
Pastor Lloyd Redden is a native of West Palm Beach, FL. He was born June 3, 1964. He is the husband of Minister Nicole Redden where they now reside in Orlando. He has been preaching and teaching the Word of God along with Minister Redden at his side.Their ministry and church was founded November 13, 2013. They have ministered through outreach and evangelism in the inner city streets of Orlando, FL. And they have led multiple souls to the Lord. Their goal is to help people receive Jesus Christ as Lord of their lives. That they may live the life that GOD want for them. The only way that can happen,the mind must be changed with the WORD OF GOD. When the mind is changed then and only then can a person start to live the life that GOD has for them. About Elect Lady/ Minister

Minister Nicole Redden is a native of Chicago, Illinois. She is the wife of Pastor Lloyd Redden. She serves with her husband, Pastor Lloyd Redden in ministry as a help meet and servant of the Lord and His people. She helps ministering and encouraging the congregation through prayer, words of exhortation, leading by example. She especially helps the women of the ministry to keep pressing forward no matter what.

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[05/05/16]   Father I pray in the name of Jesus create in me a clean heart that I my live as you would like for me to live. This that I ask of you is for your glory. To everyone that desire the same touch and agree with me in pray. As you pray with me and agree on this request I believe that God is going to move. For His word will not return unto Him void. Well be blessed from Words of Encouragement.

[05/04/16]   The one you feed the most is the one that grows the most. In order for one to grow in Christ they need to feed their spirit man on a daily bases. If not one could never become who God desire them to be. The word of God tells us that man shell not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the month of God Matthew 4:4. You and I must feed on the word God as we do natural food. The word of God is food for our spiritual man. Well enjoy the food of life be blessed from Words of Encouragement.

[04/28/16]   I'm not posting this to start anything . But I must say how wrong it is to post a picture of a man that is not Christ. Many may ask how do I know this ? Let me take you to the word of God. Please take the time to read this for yourself Isaiah 53:1-3. Jesus never looked like a movie star from Hollywood while here on earth. My goal is to let people know the truth about my Lord and Savior. Verse 2 says there is no beauty that we should desire him. So please think before you post pictures that not speaking truth. Be blessed from Words of Encouragement


My heart is heavy this morning because we are losing so many of our young people. So can you pray with me for our young people. And let's ask ourselves what can we do to change the situation that's at hand. Well be blessed from Words of Encouragement

[04/14/16]   I just like to tell Jesus thank for seeing me through another day. The bible tells me that we all have sinned and falling short of the glory of God if the truth be tolled. Question So why do we look down on a person when they fall ? The bible don't teach us to look down on someone else. But it do teach us to encourage one another. Encourage someone with the word of God that's lost. And please encourage that brother or sister that have falling. We need one another because this journey is hard when there no one to turn to. I know that Jesus is there but must people mess this. Jesus have us here to love on one another that He may be glorified. The gospel say that they will know you because of the love that you have for one another. Love is what we all need in order to become who God won't us to be. Let's love one another so that the glory of Christ may shine. Well be blessed from Words of Encouragement.

[04/10/16]   Good morning to all if you are reading this it means that God's grace is on you. We have another chance to get it right. God gave me a word for His people. He told me to tell you not to get comfortable in war. Just because things are going good don't mean that the enemy is not lurking. 1Peter 5:8 tell us to be sober and vigilant we must stay on alert. Our adversary is walking about seeking whom he may devour. The reason why the enemy destroyed so many testimonies for Christ is we become comfortable in battle. Remember this my brothers and my sisters we are at war. In Matthew 26:41 Jesus told his disciples to watch and pray that the enter not into temptation. We must be watchful every second because we are at war. I pray that this will stimulate your mind to be alert at all times. Well as always be blessed in Jesus name from Words of Encouragement. And remember don't get comfortable because things are going good.

[04/05/16]   For all the brother that's true to Christ: I would like to ask a question? Where is the love, that Christ speak of in John 13:35. We as brother don't spend enough time with each other as we should, nor make ourselves available for the men that lost. The bible speaks of us helping one another in 1Thessalonia 5:11. Where is the support that we should be showing one another? I must say this, there are some that's in the building that can make a different but won't. They are able to give someone a job or spend quality time with a brother that's in need of another man to listen. We need to form support group's for brothers that's having a hard time with the struggles that some of us face everyday. Like having a need like a job. Question you one of those persons that can make a difference but won't make a difference? As a pastor I have learned something of great value. What I learned was this, you can not feed a person with spiritual things and ignore the physical. There are brothers that in need of work, or lending a ear to a brother that just need someone to listen. If you see your brother in need hard not your bowels of compassion. My brothers if you are in a position to help another brother that's in need do it. Where is the love that Christ speak of in Mark 12:31. Ask yourself this question? What if that was me, would I want someone to help me? Well to all my brothers in Christ I close with this. The bible made a statement in Luke 11:33 it says no man would light a candle and put it under a bushel. If we are the light of the world then, answer this for me where is the light ? This is something to think about well, as always be blessed in Jesus name.


Here are some other things that I do as well.


God bless everyone I am in need of work. So here's some of the things that I do. If you are in need of a helping hand give me a call at 321-460-3338. I also have great references from the people that I have worked for.


I'm in need of work so here's some of the things that I do. And I have references from the people that I have worked for. The word of God tells us in all that we do do it as we doing it unto the Lord Colossians 3:23. I also do plumbing painting Landscaping so if you need a helping hand give me a call at 321-460-3338. Like always be blessed from Words of Encouragement.


Giving Is Who We Should Be :

Be the first to donate! 04/03/2016

Donations for Returning to my assignment

Be the first to donate! May God bless you all, this fundraising is not for me. But it's to help me help others. I was hit by a hit and run driver that totaled my vehicle. And landed me in the hospital, now I am without a car. The vehicle was used to take food to the homeless six days a week. To pick people up for church...

[03/31/16]   Will you pray with me? Please pray with me for our youth because we are losing them to jail and death everyday. Father we pray for are youth because the devil have them blinded to the truth. We pray Father that you will open their eyes that they may see the truth for themselves in the name of Jesus. Please everyone that believe let's get out in the streets and share the good news with our youth and everyone else that's lost. In doing this we can make a different and save lives. Its time to collect the Harvest, be blessed from Words of Encouragement.

[03/29/16]   A Word of Encouragement: 1Peter 5:8 tells us to be sober and vigilant, you must always be on the watch. Because the devil don't want you to finish your assignment that God gave to you. The enemy will use whatever and whoever that is willing as a tool to try to get you defocused . Adam became defocus because he was focus on someone else. He lost focus of his assignment and look what happened. Look at David if he would have stayed focused on his assignment on that day. He would have been in battle and not at home watching Bathsheba. All the other kings was on the battle field. Being on the battle field was part of David assignment because he was king. Jesus did not allow anything or anyone keep Him from His assignment. Finishing the assignment that God gave you its so important to you and someone else. Stay sober and vigilant that you don't become defocused from your assignment . I'm so glade that Jesus stayed focus on His assignment what about you? Just remember that every man will give a account of himself. Finish the assignment that was given to you. Once again be blessed from Words of Encouragement.

[03/28/16]   I posted two pictures earlier just to say this. Not to love the things that you have but to love life because you only have one of them. Things you can always replace but life you can never replace. Love life my brothers and my sisters and be blessed in Jesus name.


A hit-and-run driver did this to me and the car. But I thank God for His grace. A car can be replaced but a life can not. It's going to be a long road ahead because we are without a vehicle. But God always make a way out of know way.

[03/27/16]   Now you see me but now you don't : I heard this saying in a movie now you see me but now you don't. It made me think about life life is the same way. James say that life is but a v***r it appears for a little time and then vanish away James 4:14. Spending time with family and friends are so important because you and I don't know what tomorrow will bring. Question how many of you have spoken to someone that you loved one day and the next day they were gone. Please spend more time with family and friends as much as you can. Because you see them now don't mean that you will see them tomorrow. We all pray that we will see them but we don't know if we will or not. Death is something that shows up if you want it to or not. I pray that I see another day but if I don't I just want all of you to know that we love you at Words of Encouragement . To all of my family members I love you.

[03/27/16]   Take the time out to pray for someone else tonight. Father I come to you on behalf of everyone else in the name of Jesus. My pray Father is that we all would take time out to pray for someone else tonight. Pray for someone you don't know until next time if the Lord will. Be blessed from Words of Encouragement


I made a comment earlier about how good God is to all of us. Then a question came to me I believe it came from the LORD. This was the question how good are you to me? I am feeling led to asking you the same question how good are you to Him? Questions like this one comes to make. No, should make one think and examine themselves.. Before you respond to this question just think about it first. How good are you to Him ? Well be blessed from Words of Encouragement in Jesus name. It's just a question that's all but it's a question that should make you think.

[03/24/16]   Life is to short: Ephesians 5:16 tells us to redeem the time. The time that we have we must show the love that we say that we have for one another. Because life is too short not to so let's make every moment count. Be blessed for Words of Encouragement much love and don't forget today is my anniversary. Like TD Jakes said maximizing the moment take your opportunity to show your love to someone else.


Today is our anniversary and I would like to tell the Lord thank you. Thank you for blessing me what a wife after your own heart. Nicole Redden your my life and I love you very much.

[03/24/16]   Defined Grace: To me grace is a window of opportunity to get right what's not right in your life before it's to late. Please let me know how you view grace in your own words.

[03/23/16]   A Quitter Never Win. I would like to give a word of encouragement to everyone that feel's like giving up. Sometimes I feel like giving up but ever time a thought like that come. I always receive a word of encouragement from the Holy Spirit. The words that He spoke to me today was this. A quitter never win, all kinds of thoughts was coming to my mind today. But the Holy Spirit was there to encourage me so dear Lord Jesus I say thank you. The words that you are reading are not my own but from the Holy One. These same words that He spoke to me is the same words that He gave me for you. A quitter never win so if you feel like quitting remember these words. The Bible tells me that we are more than conquerors but the only way that one can be a conqueror he or she can never quit . Be bless from Words of Encouragement.

[03/09/16]   WORD'S: We as people must be so careful with the words that comes out of our mouth. Because words can give life but also can take one. Words work in the physical world as well as the spiritual. So please think before you speak that your words may give life to the person that is listening to you. Proverbs 18:21and there's other scriptures to back this one up. To you from Words of Encouragement and to Words of Encouragement from the Word of God. Be blessed in Jesus name.


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[03/04/16]   Know Matter What Your Going Through: A word came to me for all of us that's going through. The Spirit of the Lord told me to tell you that it's working out for your good. Romans 8:28 says it like this, we know that all things work together for the good of those who love God and is called according to His purpose. The Lord says to hold on it won't be long now just hold on. Be blessed from Words of Encouragement.

[03/03/16]   Where Is The Love: True love will never turn it's back on a person no matter what. Some may not agree on this but the Word of God says otherwise. Romans 5:8 But God commanded His love towards us, in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. God never turned His back on us when we were in our sins. So who are we to turn our back on a brother or sister that falls. While reading 1Corinthians 13:4-8 I learned that true love suffers long it is kind. Also bears all things endure all things but there's something else that I have learned about love. That true love will never fail. So tell me where is the love of Christ toward the brother or sister that have come short. Its so fun to me how people can say that they love you as long as things are ok. But if something goes wrong that love that they said that they had for you fades away. I thank my Lord and Savior that He will never turn His back on me. So I will never turn my back on my brother or my sister if they fall. Remember love is who God is and if you don't understand that you don't know Him. Knowing Him and knowing of Him is two different things. Well I pray that you have a blessed one in Jesus name. From Words of Encouragement.

[03/01/16]   A Word From On High: There are two steps to victory over sin. Temptation is what the devil use to try to draw us away from doing God's will. But the word of God tells us to be sober and vigilant 1Peter 5:8. We all know what pleases God and what don't. And if you don't just read His Word and you will. We must be sober and vigilant in order to spot sin when it come. In Matthew 4 Jesus was sober and vigilant recognizing the devil was using the temptation to try to draw him away from doing the will of the Father. Here's the two steps that He took to be victorious over temptation. Jesus left us examples to follow 1 Peter 2:21 and I believe that this was one of them. The two steps that He took to be victorious over temptation is found in James 4:7 The first word that you would see is submit, this word mean to surrender to the one in authority, Jesus submitted to the one that was in authority. Jesus knew what the Father required of Him. My question to you do you know what is required of you ? John 14 23 Jesus said if you love him you will follow his teaching. This is one of His teachings, a teaching of submission. Now the second step is to resist this word means to set against or withstand or oppose. We must resist the devil temptations when they come. We must stand on the word of God the same way that Christ did in Matthew 4. I would love to hear from you be blessed from Words of Encouragement. Please study to show yourself approved that you may know what God requires of you.

[02/28/16]   Blessings from Words of Encouragement in Jesus name. Someone asked me a question today, and the question was this. What comes first love or compassion. This is not a question that one can say that they know without thinking about it first. Please let me know what your answer would be. Well be blessed in Jesus name and have good night.

[02/28/16]   Another day have come to a close. And I thank my Lord and Savior for keeping me and my family. I also thank Him for watching over you and yours. We all have something to be thankful for. So if you agree with me let's give Him some praise psalms 22: 3 Just tell Jesus thank you, be blessed from Words of Encouragement. And please keep my family and I in prayer in Jesus name.

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Man Saw Old Lady Stranded By Side Of Road, Old Lady Didn't See This Coming

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[02/23/16]   For the queen of my life: In Proverbs 18:22 it say when a man find a wife he finds a good thing. Also in Gen. 2: 18 He said that made me a help meet. God have blessed me with the best wife ever. Men that are married love your wife as Christ love the church. I'm writing this to let the world know how much that I thank God my queen. An to let her know how much that I love her. Your the best, thank you for helping me to see that I could not see. You are right and I was wrong. You will see, thank you again my friend my wife and ever thing else that goes along with a godly wife. Husbands love your wives and treat her like the queen that she is. This is for my wife but it a word of encouragement to every married man. Be blessed from me to you in Jesus name.

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