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Sweet morning y’all. 🥰
Hey City Beautiful Church, I just wanted to invite you to our Living Nativity that will take place at Audubon Park Covenant Church this Fri. and Sat. Dec. 18th and 19th from 6:30PM to 8:30PM. Reserve your FREE tickets via the link below! Hope to see you there and Merry Christmas!!
Hey City Beautiful! I had the opportunity to interview your amazing Pastor on my Podcast last week and I just wanted to share it with all of you. Praying Jesus' grace and favor over all of you in this season!!! Check out this new podcast entitled, “Where Grace Abounds”. A program dedicated to promoting the complete Gospel message of the Lord Jesus Christ. Meaning, the Gospel is not just about putting faith in Jesus’ death and resurrection so that we can go to Heaven when we die. See additionally, the Gospel is also the good news that Jesus came so that His followers could have life and life more abundant while they live out their days here on Planet Earth. Moreover, this program also aims to celebrate individuals who are being perpetually transformed for the better by both the Gospel message and the balance of what is contained in God’s Holy Word. Subscribe to “Where Grace Abounds” so you don’t miss an episode! We are on: itunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Tune-in, iHeart Radio and everywhere you listen to your favorite podcasts!
So stoked to put this together!
As I've been in prayer this week, I've been very keyed in on the reality that the novelty of isolation will be quickly wearing off, and we will enter into a space where it is so easy to become numb. We cannot let that happen. Tomorrow I will be talking about the audacity of prayer in trying times, and the need to learn how to grief in order that we might cultivate true hope and justice.
Thank you to all who joined us in prayer this evening for my dear friend Andrew Brunson, who is awaiting trial tomorrow. I know it means so much to him to know we are lifting him up in his time of need. Here is a recent article about his plight.
Feliz Navidad querida familia!!!
Hello! I used to attend this church back in 2012 when I lived in Orlando, and have continued to follow on social media. I have since moved back to Ohio. Now my husband and I are most likely moving to the Cocoa Beach/Melbourne area! I was wondering if anyone had any connections there and could recommend a church? We have no idea where to start, as our only people connections so far are non-believers. Thank you so much!
Morning, is there an email or facebook account for whomever runs podcasts? I'm hearing impaired it's a rough time for people like me. Not having transcripts. Thank you!
Thank you for your prayers for Shannah Jeffers and Alexander. God bless you.

Join us Sunday at 10:30 AM at 1220 Alden Road, Orlando, FL 32803. City Beautiful Church is a community striving to become the kingdom of Heaven on earth.

We are the people you see everyday and desire to be a part of culture carrying a message of faith, hope and love. Mission Together, we encourage, challenge, and equip one another to recognize and continually live in God's presence--abiding in Christ--further revealing God's love to the world for His glory. General Information City Beautiful Church is a community striving to become the kingdom of Heaven on earth. We hold tightly to the teachings of Jesus as recorded by the apostles who penned the gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. In addition, the scriptures arranged in the Bible are the truth which we base our lives around. Please visit for more information!

Mission: Together, we encourage, challenge, and equip one another to recognize and continually live in God's presence--abiding in Christ--further revealing God's love to the world for His glory

Operating as usual

The thing that keeps us from true enemy love is, most often, personal injury. We either become people who forgive, or we cannot love. This is practiced, embodied knowledge; we can “know” it but never really know it unil we live it out. In fact, that is how most people “know” it.
Who is your enemy right now? Where are you at in the process of loving them until they become neighbors? Ask the Lord for wisdom in whatever the circumstance might be.

During the Lenten season it's important we invite space to process what the Lord is doing and develop pratical ways to connect to Jesus, ourselves, and our community. Pastor Ryan is available for spiritual direction each week - simply email him at [email protected] to set up an inital session.

King Jesus challenges our notions of friends, neighbors, and enemies in the Sermon on the Mount, tying our categories into the heart of the Father. The call to enemy love is to see us let go of fear and unforgiveness in order to turn enemies into neighbors.
Read Matthew 5:38-48. How do you think Jesus defines friends, neighbors, and enemies? What is his vision for our relationships if we were to live his way?

“You have heard it said” becomes a major theme in Jesus’ approach to the Law. In each of the commands in Matthew 5:38-48, what is the deeper posture Jesus is inviting us take upon ourselves that’s more than just behavior management? Unforgiving anger is character assassination. Lust is the dehumanization and objectification of others. Divorce breaks bonds of trust and puts women at risk. Oaths can enable us to shift blame outside ourselves to abdicate personal responsibility for our word.

This Sunday our special guest speaker Justin McRoberts will take us deeper into The Sermon on the Mount. Justin is an artist, speaker, retreat leader, and writer who reflects on the intersection of creativity and faith. Our online service will also be a livestream of the in-person gathering for the first time ever. Join us at 10:30am.

Join us this Wednesday, 8:00am at the church building for our liturgical Ash Wednesday gatheirng. Let's step into the Lent season with humble and expectant hearts to discover together what it means to rely on God more day-by-day. Please be sure to wear a mask as safety measures will be observed (photo is from a previous year).

Join us tomorrow, 10:30 am in person or online as we continue in our series THE KINGDOM MANIFESTO. You can also pick up your Lent devotional. Come early, connect with community, and we'll worship together.

We can’t wait to see what the Lord has for us. Come along!

As salt, you are to preserve the goodness of God in the world. As light, you are to reveal what is truest about the world through your steadfast presence.
Not only are the Beatitudes the people who are blessed, they are the people through whom God will advance His Kingdom. Right here at the beginning of his sermon, Jesus is both affirming us and challenging us with the job he has for us to do.
How can you better live into your call to be salt and light?

Have you picked up you Lent devotional yet? We have books at church for this Sunday, or you can download a PDF version from our website. Also be in prayer about what you might fast from during Lent in order to create space for God to speak. Link in bio.

We, like so many believers in Jesus’ day, assume that health, wealth, and talents are indications of divine favor. The Beatitudes, however reveal the upside-down logic of the Kingdom of heaven that disrupts our conventional wisdom. This is about who God is making covenant with in His new rule - those who are lacking something that they may be filled, and those who possess something of the heart of King Jesus in their posture to a hostile world.

We learn about the King through how we are called to live in the Kingdom. Jesus’ commands not about changing behavior, but living out a revelation of God’s heart that transforms us from the inside-out. On this journey through the Sermon on the Mount, we have two primary questions to consider: what’s the deeper truth Jesus is calling me to embrace about how I live? What does his command teach us about the heart of the King?

We will be holding a special Ash Wednesday liturgical gathering a week from today, 8am, at 1220 Alden Rd. Ash Wednesday prepares us to enter into the Lent season, a time of fasting and prayer that helps us to learn to rely on God. Come with expectant hearts.

God is taking back the throne of the world through his anointed King. Just as when Yahweh gave Moses the Torah, God is offering us a path to walk to grow in intimacy with God, to inhabit our identity as citizens of the kingdom f heaven, and to discover our purpose as the mediators between God and Humanity. Check out our podcast to hear the first message in our news series. Link in bio.

We're starting our first series of the year tomorrow, called THE KINGDOM MANIFESTO. In it, we'll be exploring Jesus' sermon on the mount as the core teaching for how to live as citizens of his kingdom. Join us online or in-person at 10:30am.

We can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for us in this season!

How do we stay awake and alert to what’s happening in the world? How do we develop the long-term vision for pursuing justice while caring for ourselves well? Ryan shares some thoughts on “how to keep going”. Link in bio.

In THE GOOD AND BEAUTIFUL COMMUNITY, James Bryan Smith helps us know how to live in relationship with others as apprentices of Jesus. "Apprentices of Jesus are not part-time do-gooders," he writes. "They live in continuous contact with the kingdom of God, and are constantly men and women in whom Christ dwells. They do not sometimes tell the truth, sometimes live sacrificially or sometimes forgive. There are myriad opportunities for us to impact the world in which we live." Yet many times we've gotten it wrong, tending to emphasize personal faith over social justice or vice versa. In these pages Jim Smith shows us how to bring spiritual formation and community engagement together, and then once again offers spiritual practices that root new, true narratives about God and the world in our souls. Join Johnny Michaud on Thursday at 7pm in-person. Link in bio.

Ryan will be teaching a verse-by-verse study on Thursdays online that will explore Paul’s brilliant little letter to the COLOSSIANS. The main theme of the book is remaining faithful to King Jesus in a complicated and convoluted culture by remembering what we believe and allowing that to inform our ethics. During this study, we will learn how to engage with the Holy Spirit for guidance in understanding and prayer, while also learning how to take an historical/critical approach to scripture. Link in bio.

In GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD, Jennie Allen inspires and equips us to transform our emotions, our outlook, and even our circumstances by taking control of our thoughts. Our enemy is determined to get in our heads to make us feel helpless, overwhelmed, and incapable of making a difference for the kingdom of God. But when we submit our minds to Christ, the promises and goodness of God flood our lives in remarkable ways. Join Nicole Ponder on Wednesday in-persona and online Wednesdays at 7pm. Link in our bio.

EMOTIONALLY HEALTHY SPIRITUALITY is an eight-week course that explores how our emotional health and our spiritual maturity are intimately linked. Peter Scazzero learned the hard way: you can't be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature. In the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality course, Peter outlines a roadmap for discipleship with Jesus that is powerfully transformative. He unveils what's wrong with our current definition of "spiritual growth" and offers not only a model of spirituality that actually works, but seven steps to change that will help you experience authentic faith and hunger for God. Join Christina Ruiz on Zoom Tuesdays at 7pm. Link in bio.

When we claim Jesus is king, we are leaving behind everything else that would claim us. We reject a Christian Nationalism that would tell us fealty to worldly powers is the same thing as being on God’s side. We reject claims that truth is relative to our experience and faith is customizable to our desires. Pledging allegiance to King Jesus will mean a lot of our idols will need to be smashed. If you want to know where your true allegiances lie, look at where you turn when the going gets tough.

Today is the deadline to sign up for our ladies "Write The Vision" Board Night. What inspires and motivates you? What are your goals and aspirations for 2021? Join us as we seek to hear from God not only our vision but His vision for our lives in 2021. We'll create a powerful visual tool to help recenter our goals for the coming new year. Follow the link in our bio to reserve your spots, grab some magazines and crafting supplies, and we’ll see you on January 27th at 7pm.

City Beautiful Church's cover photo

This is our vision for 2021. Our leaders came together in October to seek the Lord’s face about where we are to head next, what God is revealing about His priorities for His Church. Our vision remind us that “Christ” is not Jesus’ last name, it’s his royal title; he is King over all the cosmos. We are to offer him our allegiance, a faith that is active and touches every part of our lives. Like all good vision, this feels less an answer to prayer and more the beginning of a conversation with the Divine. We do not know yet where God may lead us, but we know it will be good because God is good. Won’t you join us?

Join us tomorrow, 10:30 am in person or online. Come early, connect with community, and we'll worship together.

We can’t wait to see what the Lord has for us. Come along!

It can be a scary to talk about hearing the voice of God, but here are a few helpful guides as you press in. Firstly, if it’s true, it’s from God: God is always speaking, all we are doing is tuning in to hear various interpretations of the word “love” that meet this moment in our lives. When you feel like you hear or discern something, it helps to ask if it sound like Jesus. Does it size up with what we know from scripture, tradition, community, nature? Does this word move you closer to Him or farther away from Him? And finally, do you believe you are capable and worthy of hearing Him speak?

What is the purpose of vision? That we “may become partakers of the divine nature” (2 Peter 1:4). We need constant reminders of what’s true, our faith has to be cultivated to steward the words God speaks to us. Each year, God is shoring up the qualities we need to meet life’s uncertainties with faithfulness to King Jesus. A “rule of life" stewards vision from God so we don’t get distracted.

What are two disciplines you can add to my life in this season to help me steward the word God has given me?

Are you looking for opportunities to make a difference in the world? Consider investing in our kids through our Greenhouse ministry. Whether you are a pro at working with children or it’s a new challenge, we’ve got a place for you. We believe it’s the work of the many, not the few, that will further the Kingdom. Sign up on The Weekly by following the link in our bio.

Did you get a chance to hammer your guiding word for 2021 into a washer yet? Follow the link in our bio to sign up for a time to come to the building this week and work on your own time.

Join us tomorrow, 10:30 am in person or online. Come early, connect with community, and we'll worship together.

We can’t wait to see what the Lord has for us. Come along!

The Magi within us may not have all the answers or understand where we’re headed, but we are moving towards Jesus no matter what. As descendants of the astrologers who knew Daniel, the had the Jewish holy scriptures that spoke of the coming Messiah. Their gifts indicate they knew him in a way Herod and the Chief Priests didn’t - Gold (the symbol of a king) frankincense (the symbol of a priest) and myrrh (an embalming spice for death). We are following the Magi’s cue when we live a life of humble curiosity with Jesus as our north star.

As you prepare to journey into 2021, what can you do practically to seek Jesus in new disciplines and rhythms?

Epiphany reminds us that our faith is about humbly seeking King Jesus. The story in Matthew 2:1-12 offers us two archetypes for religious people - those of us who use Jesus to keep a prideful grip on what we have, and those who mistake intellectual knowledge with intimacy. The “Herod” within us all wants a token Jesus that defends our proud lifestyle. The “Chief Priest” within us know lots of things about Jesus, but doesn’t bother to seek him out and know him. In what area of my life do I need humility to come to Jesus with an open heart? What is causing me to lose curiosity in my faith journey?

This coming Sunday we will be asking the Lord for individual vision that can guide our year with King Jesus as our north star. Each year we hammer the word we hear into a metal washer that we can carry as a symbol of our journey. In order to provide safe space for you to create your memento this year, we have created a sign-up form on The Weekly to come to the building during the week. You may also register to sit, pray and process with Ryan during those times. Link in our bio.

This Sunday we will be celebrating Epiphany, or Three Kings Day, the last day of the Christmas season when we examine the story of the Magi and how the promise of Jesus welcomed in the gentiles to God's family. Join us online or in-person at 10:30am!

Slowing down to remember all that God has done gives us courage to face the future. Advent and Christmas are all about the creative tension between remembrance and expectation. In Luke 1:46-55, Mary recalls the past prophecies to her people Israel, which roots her in the present so she can trust the Lord for what is to come. How are you inhabiting that creative tension today?

"The light of Christmas shines in the darkness to reveal our deepest desires, so that Jesus can address them and bring us salvation. Despair to hope. Brokenness to peace. Meaningless to joy. Indifference to love.” Read our latest blog entry by following the link in our bio, or visit

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