Central Florida Pagans

Central Florida Pagans


Greetings Everyone!
Blessed be. Central Florida.
Blessed be. I was wondering if there are any wiccan groups or covens in central florida?
Greetings, all. I hope I'm not being intrusive. I'm going to be visiting Orlando on Halloween and I wonder if there are any festivities that local folks might recommend to me. Thanks!
Is anyone interested in splitting a booth with me at the Orlando Pagan Pride Day on October 5th from 10am - 6pm? It would cost you $25. I have an opportunity for the last spot available. There will be about 30 vendors. If you're splitting a booth with me you can't be selling bracelets or necklaces. I will be selling t-shirts as well, but I don't mind friendly competition in that area. Let me know very soon. If you want to know more about the event here's a link. https://www.facebook.com/events/514967872364469/
Is anyone interested in splitting a booth with me at the Orlando Pagan Pride Day on October 5th from 10am - 6pm? It would cost you $25. I have an opportunity for the last spot available. There will be about 30 vendors. If you're splitting a booth with me you can't be selling bracelets or necklaces. I will be selling t-shirts as well, but I don't mind friendly competition in that area. Let me know very soon. If you want to know more about the event here's a link. https://www.facebook.com/events/514967872364469/
For those in Orlando -- Mystic Grove celebrate the Kemetic New Year on Saturday! https://www.facebook.com/events/577754079386472/
Hello everyone I'm a pagan mom in the Orange City fl area and am looking to set up a group of moms that would be interested in play dates etc. I have an almost 2 year old little girl.

A gathering place on social media for all Central Florida Pagans, from the Space Coast to the Gulf Coast.

We are a gathering place on social media for all Central Florida Pagans (from the Space Coast to the Gulf Coast).

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Central Florida Pagans

Central Florida Pagans's cover photo

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Witches' Ball Orlando

The Orlando Witches' Ball is this weekend! Don't forget your tickets!!!!

New reasons to get #excited about this year’s Ball! Are you ready?#Tickets in stores, at the door and online #prizes #contests #games #friday #october #localevents #witches http://www.venusinvelvet.com/witches--ball-orlando-.html

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Central Florida Pagans

[10/16/19]   If your group or coven has an events in the Central Florida area, please message we are happy to help promote our local groups!

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Purple Moon Tarot


Autumnal Equinox 2019: The First Day of Fall


almanac.com The autumnal equinox arrives on Saturday, September 23, marking the official first day of fall. Here's everything you should know about the equinox—plus our favorite fall facts, folklore, photos, and more!

[08/12/19]   The next Sabbat, Mabon, occurs at the Autumnal Equinox. This year the Equinox falls on September 23.

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My Magickal Path

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[08/01/19]   Lugh, the God of Light, is one of the most prominent Gods of the ancient Irish; he was a great warrior, a master craftsman, a king, and a savior to the people. The festival is also associated with Lugh’s foster-mother Tailtiu, who was known for introducing agriculture to the Irish people, which created the connection to the harvest. Tailtiu died of exhaustion while clearing the lands of Ireland to prepare them for planting. The athletic competitions mentioned previously were called the Tailteann Games, and were enacted as commemoration for her sacrifice. Many believe that the entire celebration was in fact a funeral feast; some say for Lugh, while others say it was for Tailtiu.

Credited to Thegypsy from his blog.


Kemetic New Year Celebration with Mystic Grove

For those in Orlando -- Mystic Grove celebrate the Kemetic New Year on Saturday!

Orlando Pagan Collective - WRCF

Between Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Neptune, Pluto in Retrograde...
And having just passed a Solar Eclipse, about to have a Lunar Eclipse...
July's been fun, huh?
Here's hoping everyone's been buckled in.

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Summer is a busy time. Remember to pause and be grateful for the day and all it's gifts. Blessed Be.


Mama Gina, Fearless Bard and Folk Artist

mamaginamusic.com Mama Gina: singer/songwriter & wanderlust, fearless story-telling, bluesy vocals, humor, 12 string acoustic guitar, djembe, frame drums. Pagan music.


Hope everyone's Midsummer celebrations went well!

Here's Mystic Grove (Orlando Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans chapter) doing ours yesterday at First Unitarian.

The Wild Blackthorn Coven & Grove

In Celebration of our Solstice Rites, I share with you an Invocation I wrote in 2002. ( It was written to be used in tandem with Doreen Valiente's Invocation of the Horned One.)

Invocation of the Sun God

By the Sun that burneth bright!
O' Great One!
We call thy name into the Light!
O' Brilliant One
thee we invoke by sun kissed shore
By arid deserts and lightened moors.
Thee we invoke where gather thine own
In groves once sacred, forgotten, alone
Come where your praises are whispered and sang!
Your altars are dressed from stones to stang!
By the sunlit meadows and the rounded green hills
Where the crops are bursting and the gardens filled
come to the charm of the chanted prayer
As the sun warms the blustering air
Evoke thy powers, that potent bide
In glistening lakes and Ocean Tides
From fiery flames of sunlit heat
In the brilliant balefire, O'er which we leaped
Come! O' come!
The drum beats rung
Come to us who gather below
As the disk through the sky rides but slow
As the willows sway and the birds sing sweet
We dance they round, glistening in the heat.
We speak they spell, chant thy prayer
From Sabbat to Sabbat ! For you we dare!
Brightest of the gods, on thee we call,
Blessing be on thy creatures All!

~Nyt 2002

The Mystic Grove at First Unitarian Church of Orlando

From Nature's Sacred Journey -- "Irene Glasse writes, "Midsummer offers us the longest day of the year – a golden gift of sunlight and warmth. How will you say thank you this year?"

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The Gray Witches Grimoire

Summer Solstice/Litha almost upon us here in the Northern Hemi. Friday, June 21. 🌻

Wicca Teachings

The Mystic Grove at First Unitarian Church of Orlando


From mynews13.com -- "Plastic straws, styrofoam cups, and containers and plastic bags will no longer be used at Orlando's parks and venues."


I have a UCF grad student seeking help with her thesis title "Transgender identity: A look from the Central Florida Wiccan Community." The purpose of this research is to better understand trans identity and inclusion within the Wiccan community of Central Florida.

As a participant you will be observed and possibly asked to take part in a one on one interview with the investigator. This interview will take place at a time and public or private location of your preference, or if you prefer over the phone or via Skype. This interview can last from twenty minutes to an hour. If interested in participating, email [email protected]

Sacred Mists Online Wiccan College

Sacred Mists Online Wiccan College

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[05/01/19]   Beltane Blessings to all.

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During this time of growth thought you would enjoy these visuals.

This is so mesmerizing to watch!

Love Your Mother

Sacred Mists Online Wiccan College

This is a great read! 🥚 🐣 🐇 🍭🧺 🍬 🕊🌷


The Old Farmer's Almanac

April Moon Facts and Folklore

A full Moon in April brings frost. If the full Moon rises pale, expect rain.
On April 20, 1972, the lunar module of Apollo XVI landed on the moon with astronauts John Young and Charles Duke aboard. Thomas Mattingly remained in orbit around the moon aboard the command module.
One day later, on April 21, 1972, Apollo XVI astronauts John Young and Charles Duke drove an electric car on the surface of the moon. It’s still up there along with some expensive tools and some film that they forgot.
According to folklore, the period from the full Moon through the last quarter of the Moon is the best time for killing weeds, thinning, pruning, mowing, cutting timber, and planting below-ground crops. Read more about Gardening by the Moon.

almanac.com Farmers Almanac, Old Farmer's Almanac long range weather forecasts, full moon dates, weather history, sun rise set times, gardening, recipes, folklore

Osceola Wiccans & Pagans

The Difference Between Pagans, Wiccans and Witches

It's interesting how many people confuse the terms "Pagan", "Wiccan" and "Witch" to the degree that they use them as synonyms. Of course, nobody is going to burn you at the stake if you don't know the difference, but it may disturb some members of any of these groups. I don't include myself in this category because I am aware that people don't have any bad intentions when they mix the terms, but I do feel obliged to explain the main differences...simply for information's sake.

I have to admit that I love researching the etymology of some words. 🙂 So you can guess what I'm going to talk about next. 😉

Pagan - this word comes from the Latin noun pagus (14th century) which referred to country-dwellers, villagers/rustics/provincial people. The adjective paganus "of the country, rural" was derived from this word. All Pagan religions were banned in Rome in 392 AD, and in 380 AD, Christianity became the official religion. It is during this time that the pejoration of this word begins. Christians start calling themselves Christ's soldiers (soldier = lat. militum) so everyone else is the opposite - civilians/incompetent soldiers (lat. pagi). It wasn't until later that this word came to be associated with labels such as "infidel" or "heathen". In modern times, this terms is connected to all earth-based faiths which also often include a worshiping/respect for nature.

If you have a look at some dictionaries, you may find many negative definitions of this word. The following definitions were taken out of the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

"pagan (noun): 1: heathen 1; especially : a follower of a polytheistic religion (as in ancient Rome)
2: one who has little or no religion and who delights in sensual pleasures and material goods : an irreligious or hedonistic person

Synonyms: gentile, idolater (or idolator), heathen "
In some Croatian dictionaries, I found definitions including horrible descriptive words such as: uneducated, dirty, abominable, disgusting, feces, that which is dirty, spoiled, evil, disgraceful, raging, etc.

Honestly, I have never been referred to as disgusting or dirty. I take a shower every day and try to be nice towards other people. I don't make people sick (at least now to my knowledge). I really don't know what more to say so let's go on to the next term.

Witch - is derived from the noun wicce (female) or wicca (male). The female word refers to a female magician i.e. a sorceress, but it was later used to refer to "a woman supposed to have dealings with the devil or evil spirits and to be able by their cooperation to perform supernatural acts" (that were usually used for evil?...hmm). The male noun obviously refers to male magicians, men that practice magic/witchcraft. The verb wiccian also exists which means "to practice witchcraft" (the German verbs wikken/wicken mean the same thing). The Marriam-Webster dictionary gives the following definitions:

"witch (noun): 1: one that is credited with usually malignant supernatural powers; especially : a woman practicing usually black witchcraft often with the aid of a devil or familiar : sorceress — compare warlock
2: an ugly old woman : hag
3: a charming or alluring girl or woman"

What's interesting is that the terms "Witch" and "Wicca" are often used interchangeably and have the same etymological background, as you will see under the definition of the latter term.

Wicca - a name for the Neopagan faith which falls under the category of Paganism. The first person to have used it in this context was Gerald Gardner in his book Witchcraft Today from 1954. He says: "Witches were the Wica or wise people, with herbal knowledge and a working occult teaching usually used for good ...." (notice that "Wica" is spelled with one c and that it is in the plural form!). It is known that he used this term to refer to the practitioners of this path but not for the path itself. It was some of his students how started using it in this wider context. In his book The Meaning of Witchcraft, he says that the word wica was present in his initiation ceremony and that it thus played an important role for him.

"I realised that I had stumbled upon something interesting; but I was half-initiated before the word, 'Wica' which they used hit me like a thunderbolt, and I knew where I was, and that the Old Religion still existed. And so I found myself in the Circle, and there took the usual oath of secrecy, which bound me not to reveal certain things."

It was only in the late 1960s that this term was used as a name for the new Pagan path that was connected to Witchcraft. The first printed reference to this term can be found in Hanz Holzer's article entitled "The Truth About Withcraft" (1969). He writes:

"If the practice of the Old Religion, which is also called Wicca (Craft of the Wise), and thence, witchcraft, is a reputable and useful cult, then it is worthy of public interest."

I think that it is clear from all this information that the three terms don't mean the same thing. But I didn't decide to write this post just to give you an etymological background. My original goal was to elaborate on a claim which reads: "A Witch doesn't have to be a Wiccan and a Wiccan doesn't have to be a Witch". I really can't remember where I read it, but it just stuck with me and now I can't get it out of my head.

If you look at the picture with which I began this post, you can read three statements which will lead me from this point onward, all the way to the end of the post.

They are:
Pagans aren't automatically Wiccans.
Wiccans aren't automatically Witches.
Witches aren't automatically Pagans.

So let's get down to business. 🙂

1. Pagans Aren't Automatically Wiccans

It would be more precise to say "Neopagans aren't automatically Wiccans" because we are dealing with the revival of ancient Pagan beliefs but with a few "modern twists" in these recent times. However, one thing that Neopagan beliefs have in common with prehistoric belief systems is the worshiping of nature. Wicca is only one of many Neopagan religions that exist today. So if someone calls themselves a Pagan/Neopagan, then they follow a certain Neopagan path which doesn't necessarily have to be Wicca. Some of the most well-known paths along with Wicca are: Druidry, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Thelema, Asatru, Odinism, the Goddess movement, Progressive Witchcraft, Eco-paganism etc. You can find a longer list here.

So basically, a Pagan is a person who follows any (Neo)pagan faith but not necessarily Wicca. On the other hand, Wiccans are Pagans because Wicca is, in fact, a Neopagan faith.

In short: Pagans don't have to be Wiccans, but Wiccans are Pagans.

2. Wiccans Aren't Automatically Witches

Before explaining the difference between these two terms, I have to explain how the terms practice, religion, and spirituality differ.

Practice is defined as a manner of action/working/practice, a custom, habit or action. It comes from the Greek word prȃksis meaning "work, business, action".

Religion is defined as "an organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, and rules used to worship a god or a group of gods". Sometimes, an all-mighty force takes the place of the deity/ies. Monotheistic religions are centered around one God, while Polytheistic religions have several Gods/Goddesses. In most religions, these deities are also the creator of the world and that which decide over general events and the fate of the world estimates the borders of good and evil. Religions always have their own moral codex and fixed ceremonial laws which are usually cared for by religious/spiritual leaders and priests (who are usually their subordinates).

Spirituality is the sensitivity or attachment to religious values. It is also defined as the quality or state of being spiritual.

According to the stated definition, neither Paganism nor Wicca (since Wicca is a part of Paganism, as I already said) are religions since they don't have strictly defined ceremonial laws, nor do they have a spiritual leader, a hierarchy or sacred texts. You could call them a religion because a certain belief system does exist, but even this system often varies among individuals and doesn't have strict boundaries as is the case with organized religions. These are only some of the differences that exist. What can be concluded from all of this is that both Paganism and Wicca are, in fact, spiritualities and not religions.

Witchcraft is a practice and as such doesn't have to fit into a religious context. A Witch is any person that practices magic/witchcraft and doesn't even have to define their religious views. This is why you will come across followers of many Pagan faiths (but also many other belief systems that have nothing to do with Paganism) who practice magic. Some will say that witchcraft is also a religion because it includes invocations of various deities or higher entities, but it is worth noting that these invocations are not necessary to perform magic.

To give you a specific example, I think of myself as a Wiccan (so I follow Wicca), but I do not practice witchcraft (at least not anymore) so this is why I do not think of myself as a Witch.

In short: Wiccans can/don't have to be Witches and Witches can/don't have to be Wiccans.

3. Witches Aren't Automatically Pagans

We can refer back to the definitions of spirituality and practice earlier on. Witchcraft is a practice and Paganism is a spirituality. Each Pagan decides for him/herself which path to follow and also has a right to decide whether or not to practice witchcraft. Also, each Witch decides if he/she wants to even follow any spirituality or religion (be it Paganism or not).

In short: Witches can/don't have to be Pagans and Pagans can/don't have to be Witches.

Original article posted here: https://vjesticji-ormar.blogspot.com/2013/10/the-difference-between-pagans-wiccans.html

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