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EL Bethel Temple of Jesus International is a consortium of six fellowships in the Greater Central Florida communities serving many families.

Operating as usual

[06/17/20]   The Bishop's Council has agreed to cancel this year's Holy Convocation 2020 (July 8-12) due to safety risks of the coronavirus. Refunds are available or you may use your paid fees for holy convocation 2021.






Holy convocation 2019 is on!

[07/16/18]   Hello Guys!

I wanted to give a great shout out to you all for making this holy convocation such a special event! We fortunately have memories on dvd to provide a way to transport you back into the very lively sessions we enjoyed over last week. The speakers were stellar and gave us much to think about as we continue our journey in the Lord's work.

Of course, a special thanks to the many persons who worked the tables in the foyer of the mother church, the kitchen staff that made breakfast every morning, the many staffers who made the lunching tasks easier for our members, the ushers who navigated the traffic in and out of the sanctuary, the really talented dancers who cheered us during our celebration service and prior, the participants on each program that added such a special touch to the service with their distinctive personalities (yes, we do notice these things about you), and the sound and audio staff making possible the many memories we will treasure forever.

Give yourselves a great "God bless you" for making this set of events memorable for us. We are family and our holy convocational events display clearly how much we are connected by our Lord to improve the lives of others. Remember to endeavor to better please God while forgiving and better serving others. I saw myself hugging you all within my limited armspace and smiling as I held you. God has really blessed all of us as we come together to fulfill in our generation His calling over our lives. I wish I could more strongly say how much I love you all. You are such an inspiration to me. May you days ahead be blessed and may the road ahead of you rise to meet you is my prayer. Shalom!


[05/03/18]   Hello Comrades and friends,

I am writing to inform you of our holy convocational subtheme for this upcoming year. Much prayer and thought have gone into the crafting of a theme appropriate for our sixtieth church year as we look forward to impacting our community here and abroad. Thanks for your prayers on our behalf as we seek to extend the hand of our Lord into this world.

The holy convocational legacy theme is" Celebrating Sixty Years of Holiness Living". This theme will adorn all our holy convocations throughout this present decade. We will change each yearly subtheme as we seek to focus on serving in a particular way our global mission.

The subtheme is "Endeavoring to better please God while forgiving and better serving others". This theme seeks to capture our efforts at directing our attention to worship and celebration of our on-going relationship with our Father, His Son, and the Holy Spirit. He, our God, is worthy of all our praise and worship. He is our Enabler, our Paraclete, our Savior, our Example of all that we need to become.

We would naturally afterward be concerned with serving our fellow man (and our women). In the strength of our fellowship with our God, we would seek now to better serve others including family members, our friends, our co-laborers in the Gospel, and those less fortunate than us without expecting anything in return. God empowers us to fulfill every need known and unknown to man.

We, however, are unable to better serve others if we harbor unforgiveness. This is especially true of those in our families, those in the workplace with us, those relatives who may live afar, and those in authority over us. Only a heart touched by the Master Jesus is even capable of forgiveness. Those untouched by our Lord are usually and sadly unable to forgive others and are no better than those who are sadly lost. We must pray for those having difficulty with not only remembering past sins but calling these sins to remembrance.

Join us July 11-15, 2018 for our annual holy convocation 2018 at EL Bethel Temple of Jesus International, 3000 Bruton Boulevard, Orlando FL 32805. We will be celebrating our sixtieth church year during this celebration event. Cheers!

[01/01/18]   Hello my fellow comrades.

Thanks for all you do for the Kingdom of our Lord. Many exciting things are ahead for us in this year.

We celebrate in this upcoming holy convocation our sixtieth (60) church year. Think of this! What a time to share what the Lord has done over these pivotal years in all of our lives! We cannot be more proud of all the accomplishments we have seen over this span of time.

We had a great time in the 2017 Watch Night Service this past Sunday evening. Many thanks go out to Dr. Jamia Richmond for organizing our program for the evening. Thanks also to Elder L. J. Conway who assists in ushering us into the presence of our God.

What a performance we enjoyed from our newest writer and producer Carolyn Y. Thomas. The cast gave us a memorable performance with the eclectic surprise acting of Deacon Stephen Thomas as Pastor Oz. Was he ever funny! Too funny! We will be speaking of this collective performance for some time. Our once little people are now taking a stronger place in carrying out the gospel presentation in stage and theater. I thought to myself how this production would fare well at the Bob Car Auditorium. I say let's do it and let others be showered in the same amazement we witnessed. The ending shaped a strong presentation of the gospel for our younger and middle-aged population. Some items ahead for our pastors and elders.

We will meet at the temple for our Pastors & Elders meeting on Saturday, April 13, 2018 (make sure you use 2018 instead of 2017 on your correspondence forward) at 10:30 am. The Pastors Only meeting will take place at 9 am that same day at the temple.

The business we will consider will include update on state of our mortgage at 3000 Bruton Boulevard, tentative plans for holy convocation 2018, and in general items of concern to all of us who serve the many members at our churches. I will also update you all on prospective travel plans to Cape Town, South Africa and plans for our guests who plan to visit with us in July.

The dates for holy convocation 2018 are Wednesday, July 11 through Sunday, July 15, 2018 at the temple.

Also, please be aware we are still planning to travel to the country of Israel November 6-15, 2018. I will have hard copy brochures that will inform you as to how to get your initial deposit in to Educational Opportunities in Lakeland, Florida. The sooner you register, the more you are able to save against the entire trip. The cost is currently $3495 out of Orlando round trip not including travel insurance (marginal additional cost). All of the information is contained in the very well written brochures. You may, however, have additional questions you want to ask. I have traveled with this company many times and they are the best in getting details completed and questions asked. They have people living in Israel and monitoring the news 24-7-365. You will long treasure this exciting biblical experience. I promise you your bible will read much differently after you have visited your spiritual home.

Many blessing on you and yours this holiday season. Keep well as our South African friends say. Cheerio!


Hello Everyone . It is with our deepest heartfelt sympathy I want to inform u about the death of our beloved friend and well known Mr 2016 , he survived by 12 wives, 52 children and 365 grand children. *funeral will take place on Saturday 31st December at 23 59 hrs*, for more information contact pastor January on phone number 01 01 2017.
However, his family members asked me to inform you that he accidentally died with *ALL your problems, sickness, disappointment, frustration, untimely death, shame, disgrace, barrenness, discouragement, failure, and rejection.*
Yet, his successor - Mr 2017 asked me to inform you that he is going to compensate you with : *Long life, good health, abundant blessings, peace, joy, righteousness, promotion, uplifting, breakthrough,* In Jesus name, Amen !
*Seasons greetings*

[09/22/17]   We are thankful to all our many friends worldwide who are praying for us. Your prayers have been heard and we are the better for this. Keep well!

[07/16/17]   The accolades and encomium continue to abound and highlight the delightful experiences of our most recent Dream Academy 2 led by Bishop Kamia White. What a time the saints enjoyed as dreams were broken down, interpreted, and tools engaged in a comfortable church setting!

Thanks go out to Bishop White for your willingness to be used by God Almighty to assist us in getting a grip on this prodigious and seemingly underrated set of skills the body and especially our younger members experience. One thing is certain. We will always dream if we continue to go to sleep at night or any other time. This classless and raceless activity will continue to either astound us, produce anxiety, make us fearful, or inspire us as we lead our lives. I need not say keep on dreaming since we will always dream. I implore you to continue to use your newfound skills to bring clarity to your lives now and in the future as you perceive our God in bringing a timely message of warning and/or hope. Pax.

prlog.org 07/05/2017

First African-American Woman Elected to Lead Florida Government Finance Officers Association


prlog.org First African-American Woman Elected to Lead Florida Government Finance Officers Association. Linda S. Howard has made history by becoming the first African-American woman at the helm of the Florida Government Finance Officers Association (FGFOA). - PR12650036


Here is the official flyer announcing our upcoming 2017 holy convocation at the Rainbow Church. Come out and join us for a genuine experience with Jesus the Messiah!

[05/18/17]   Greetings to all my friends and associates from across the years. I honor you in the precious name of our Lord and Savior and pray all is well with you and loved ones.

The Tribes of EL Bethel Temple of Jesus International are settings things in order for our 28th holy convocation beginning Wednesday, July 12, 2017 at 3000 Bruton Boulevard, Orlando, Florida. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings from 9 am -12 noon will feature our second year Dream Academy with Bishop Kamia White. You do not want to miss this presentation.

Our nightly services are free (offering collected each night). The holy convocation cost is $100 per adult for the entire five day event. We have planned two smartphone sessions Thursday afternoon from 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm (Android phones) and Friday afternoon from 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm (Apple iphones).

Come out to our family ministries reunion and enjoy Jesus with us. Love and blessings to you all from us.

globusfaith.com 03/06/2017

Israel Tour - Globus® Religious Tours

Come journey with us in November of 2018 as the Tribes of EL Bethel Temple of Jesus visit Israel . . .


[07/13/16]   Bishop White, thanks for allowing the Lord to use you in the mighty way he did during our very first Dream Academy. We are already working to get this word via DVDs out to our partners in ministry even as far as Cape Town, South Africa. The impact of this set of teachings will long affect the lives of the Tribes of EL Bethel Temple of Jesus International. We have you and our Gracious Savior and Lord to thank.

We are looking ahead to continue the journey into learning more throughout this year and especially next year in our 28th holy convocation. Dream Academy 2 is being planned as we speak here. May our God continue his successful reach into your life and ministry during the next few months. May He answer your most requested prayers and fulfill your deepest needs before Him. Thanks for being the blessing you are to so many. Shalom!

www.elbetheltemple.org 06/26/2016


Good morning guys! More good news! The streaming link is now operational for the live broadcasts from the Sunday temple services. Go to www.elbetheltemple.org. Click the streaming link at top of screen. Viola, you are there, cheers & enjoy!

www.elbetheltemple.org EL Bethel Temple of Jesus International was founded in 1958 as Praise Temple Church of the Nazarene after a revival meeting conducted by the late Rev. Warren A. Rogers of Detroit, Michigan, then district superintendent of the Gulf Central District of the Church of the Nazarene.

[06/14/16]   Supplemental Holy Convocation information:

Convocation cost: $100 per person for adults. Adjusted cost for children 12 and under.

Contact: Deaconess Jennie Thompson 407-766-7299 for info

All evening services are free! All smartphone sessions are gratis (free)!

Dream Academy costs $75 for 3 days or $30 per day (lunch included)

[06/11/16]   The Dream Academy

The Tribes of EL Bethel Temple of Jesus International are hosting this year our very first Dream Academy. Our second installment of the Dream Academy will be delivered in holy convocation 2017. This set of teachings has been missing from our church in particular and perhaps the church in at large for some time. It is now the Spirit moves us to engage and explore this area because we have talented teachers we have located and because of the perilous times we are currently in. This teaching segment compliments our general two-year theme: “Discerning God’s Behavior in Scripture and Life”. We believe God reveals His behavior in dreams as demonstrated in both Genesis (God’s servant Joseph) and Daniel (God’s servant Daniel).

At a recent Fifth Sunday gathering, I asked how many of our members in our six churches were occasional or regular dreamers? Not surprisingly, many hands went up including children. I wondered how many times had the Lord spoken to us through the dreams of our children or adults and we missed His leading? We simply needed to attend to getting a firmer grounding through teaching on this neglected area of the church. We believe we have a teacher who will begin to shed much light on this area in Bishop Kamia White. She provides her own syllabus (teaching plan) you might expect and our holy convocation the mornings of Thursday July 7, Friday July 8, and Saturday July 9 from 9 am – 12 pm each day. All adults and children are invited and encouraged to attend this lively and interactive class. Handouts will be available as well as DVDs for sale. Listed below is the syllabus.

Operating in the office of a Prophet has afforded me the opportunity to offer insight concerning the topic of Dreams, Visions, and Interpretation. I am excited to expand and activate the Seer anointing in the lives of the attendees. This time has been sanctioned by God to expose this misunderstood gift. The Body of Christ has not benefited much from this gift due to a lack of education and skilled Seers. This is a Prophetic gift, and falls under the category of Revelatory Gifts. All revelation belongs to God and without the Holy Spirit’s leading, the weight or impact of the interpretation is lessened.

The Dream Academy sessions will include topics such as intercession, the Seer, the Prophet, Dreams, Visions, and Interpretation. All these topics are relevant to the Dreamer. God communicates instructions, warnings, danger, and new destinations through the language of Dreams and Visions.

Our foundational scripture to support the language of God through Dreams and Visions, Job 33:14-16 says:

“For God speaks once, And even twice, yet no one notices it [including you, Job].” 15 “In a dream, a vision of the night [one may hear God’s voice], when deep sleep falls on men while slumbering upon the bed, 16 Then He opens the ears of men and seals their instruction.”

Understanding the language of God must be studied and supported by the Holy Spirit. Most dreamers do not understand the metaphorical language used by God to reveal His will in their lives. I have included some of the most common questions that will be discussed in detail during the Dream Academy sessions.

• Does God speak through dreams and visions?
• Why do I keep having the same dream over and over?
• What does it mean when I dream that my teeth are falling out?
• What does it mean when I dream about snakes?
• What does it mean when I dream about taking a test or being chased?

[06/11/16]   Envisioning Holy Convocation 2016

During the 1990s, a youth group leader named Janie Tinklenberg from Holland, Michigan began a grassroots movement that resulted in wrist bracelets that displayed the motto, “What Would Jesus Do?”. This movement spread far and wide across America and the world at large.

This simple motto was historically a part of a famous sermon delivered by the evangelical preacher Charles Haddon Spurgeon in London during a worship service on June 28, 1891. He (Spurgeon) credits Thomas å Kempis as the Christian thinker first known to coin this motto. How appropriate is this statement that seeks to not only understand what Jesus would do in any given situation, but to then model our resulting behavior after our Lord who is our ultimate example.

For the next two years, the Tribes of EL Bethel Temple of Jesus International will seek to further this discussion and explore this general theme as we “Discern God’s Behavior in Scripture and Life.” We will turn our attention to the Almighty and seek through our devotions, our witnessing and messages delivered to examine God’s movements throughout the scriptures and throughout our own lives. We purpose to learn what is important to our Lord and apply these timeless lessons in shaping our own lives and the lives of those we love.

What better example to follow than to look into the timeless book of books and learn of the One who has died for us after living for us on this earth and discover the many, many patterns of godly behaviors to emulate. We will literally immerse ourselves in the 783,137 words of the King James version of scripture (or whatever translation(s) you prefer with its(their) attending number of words) to search out the footsteps and instinctive mannerisms of our God Jehovah and marvel as we learn precept upon precept, line upon line.

Our holy convocation speakers will contribute to our understanding of God’s behavior in scripture and life through the messages they will bring. They are aware of our theme, but have been asked to let the Holy Spirit guide them in the messages they will prepare and deliver. We can hardly wait to see how God will answer us and direct us through these mighty men and women of God. Stay tuned to the social media outlets for updates and particulars to come.

Thanks to you all for your prayerful support. This is a holy convocation for all people. There is something for everyone. We are in need of your support and attendance each day and night during the period of July 6–10, 2016 at the temple. We look forward to enjoying the mutual fellowship with all of the tribes and our many friends around our city and state.




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EL Bethel Temple of Jesus is a non-denominational church with a Wesleyan holiness tradition. The vision of the church includes reaching the lost and serving the world communitites spiritually, physically, socially, economically, and socially. We love because Jesus first loved us.

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