Kirkman Community Church

Kirkmkan Community Church (KCC) is a church plant out of First Baptist Church of Central Florida (FBCCF). KCC meets in homes, parks, club houses, and schools helping people become devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Mission: Fulfilling God's Purpose by Living God's Plan in God's Power!

[10/02/18]   Dear friend and faithful partner in ministry,

How time flies! It’s hard to believe that it has been almost eight years since we first met to pray and plan about what God would use us to do in the Kirkman Road area. We have seen many lives affected for Jesus, including salvations and baptisms each year. We also provided a place for numerous ministries (both local and out of state) to serve in an urban context.

About one and a half years ago we began meeting with the launch team for Grace Alive, a church plant that officially launched one year ago. With a lack of funds, personnel and response in the community we felt it was the right time to make the transition, so we ended our Sunday morning services. It was also at this time that Family Christian Stores closed 240 stores nationwide. As Melissa and I prayed about our current situation, we believed God was opening a door for us to embark on a new adventure—a Christian Bookstore (FIT Books).

Needless to say, last summer was a time of much transition as we were still getting used to being a family of three (Cooper came to us the previous year—September of 2016), the ministry was lacking in funds and people, Kevin had been substitute teaching and Melissa was back to full-time teaching. To that, we transitioned from Sunday’s at Kirkman Community Church to Grace Alive and starting FIT Books (an all-consuming task in itself).

We continued to minister in Willow Key Apartments weekly until this past summer; when due to the combination of reduced attendance (due to summer), our family being away for a week in Seattle for my mom’s 75th birthday, and us needing a break we took the summer off. As September has turned into October, we had to decide if we were going to pick up the baton with the Apartment ministry and we have decided that we are already stretched too thin between FIT Books, Melissa teaching full-time and Grace Alive. Thus, the chapter of our lives known as Kirkman Community Church has come to an end.

It is a difficult thing to step away from something you poured your life into since 2011; however, I think it was God’s graciousness that allowed us to slowly step away from it (a small part at a time) starting over two years ago when we stopped doing the after-school Bible Clubs (we didn’t have enough volunteer support).

We believe that Grace Alive is very much focused on the Kingdom of God and being a light to our community. For the past year we’ve met at the YMCA on Hastings Street in Pine Hills. This month we are moving to Oak Hill Elementary School (reminds me of when KCC met at Eagles Nest Elementary School). Grace Alive is intent on being both multicultural and ministering to and with the local community thus I can say, one year after joining with them, that I still believe Grace Alive has a vision for Central Florida and God’s Kingdom that is very similar to what we were trying to do with Kirkman Community Church and so we continue our ministry for the Lord there. We currently serve in the Children’s ministry on Sunday and we use our resources at FIT Books to help equip churches throughout Central Florida (and even around the world) with resources to make disciples and expand God’s Kingdom.

Any money received through the end of the year will be used to pay for the storage facility we’ve used for the past several years until we are able to empty it out. After the storage unit is vacant, we will donate funds to other ministries in need, including Pastor Skip with Word On The Street ministry to the homeless, Grace Alive and our missionary in Japan that KCC has been supporting for the past several years. We will close the bank account in 2019.
Yours in Christ,

Kevin Adams

FIT Books

For those of you who have kept up with our ministry, we thank you for your support and prayers. We continue to minister in the apartments each week but on the weekends we have joined with Grace Alive to help launch a new multi-cultural church plant. Grace Alive meets at 9am and 11 am at the Wayne Densch YMCA on Hastings in Pine Hills.

As you can see from the feature below, Kevin has begun a new venture to Equip and Engage - FIT Books - a Christian Book and Gift store. Check out the article below for more info as we continue to help promote and expand God's Kingdom through this new ministry/business.

Check out our feature in the West Orange times

[08/24/17]   For those of you who regularly follow our ministry, you know we've stopped meeting for Sunday services but we have continued the Wednesday ministry at Willow Key Apartments. Historically, with a new school year we see a jump in attendance until about the end of the first semester. Last night was no exception.

We had right about 16 middle and high schoolers in attendance (plus some elementary aged kids in the first hour), some we've known for 6 years and despite now being sophomore's and juniors in high school and no longer living at Willow Key (3 of them) they joined us to learn how to determine "What is Truth" and become a POSSESSOR of Truth.

Thes kids who are becoming young men (only one girl in the whole group) need your prayers to live a life that is faithful to God.

Thank you for praying for them and us!

The Story: Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther

We had a great service this morning with two new families joining us (one for the second time) as we looked at what God was doing during the time of Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther. Listen//Watch here to learn about how God does miracles in the minutia of your life.

Introduction to Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther by Dr. Tony Evans

Have you ever considered how Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther fit together? How Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi are related to them? Join us Sunday at 11 am to find out. In the meantime check out this excellent video by Dr. Tony Evans.

[06/05/17]   If you missed us Sunday check out the recording below on how God's Promises are Greater than Your Problems!

THIRD DAY (ft. Harvest) - Your Words “as featured in Miracles From Heaven”

Are you stuck today? Are your problems overwhelming? Join us at 11 am Sunday morning to hear how God's Promises are Greater than your problems! Sunday 11 am at the Rotary Club of West Orlando 475 S Kirkman Rd 32811

Your Words “as featured in Miracles From Heaven” Artist: Third Day (feat. Harvest) From the studio that brought you Heaven Is For Real, don't miss Miracles F...

Casting Crowns - Slow Fade

Where are you with God right now? Are you in the midst of a "slow fade"? Is it time to wake up, put the brakes on, and turn back to God?

Casting Crowns' official music video for 'Slow Fade'. Click to listen to Casting Crowns on Spotify: As featured on The Al...

[05/20/17]   Join us tomorrow (Sunday) at 11 am as we continue looking at how our story intersects with God's Story. Israel repeatedly missed the boat - let's not do the same!

[04/30/17]   Saul's sacrifice cost him the kingdom, Solomon's sacrifice(s) cost him the kingdom, Jesus' sacrifice got Him the kingdom. What's your sacrifice getting you?

[04/23/17]   This year has been a challenging year for us at KCC and we're still praying through what God would have us do - BUT - in all that God has continued to move - today a young man - a senior in high school gave his life to the Lord! We are humbled and honored that God chose to use us to expand His Kingdom today! And we are thankful for the continued support of our faith partners! To God be the Glory!

The Story: David-Trimph to Trial

David was a man after God's own heart - he was a man of God; but David was also a man of greed (read 2 Samuel 11-12). The truth is, David was a godly man but in the end he was just a man and no matter how good he was - he was still just a man - not perfect - just a man that loved God - and that is why we needed a better man, not just a godly man but a God-Man and that is why all of Scripture pointed to Jesus - the new David, the new King, the Perfect Man. Listen/watch here as we unpack this episode of The Story.

Zach Williams - Chain Breaker (Official Music Video)

Are you in need of the Chain Breaker? You don't have to wait until tomorrow - He's always available. And we'd love to meet you and share stories. Join us Sunday at 11am at The Rotary Club of West Orlando - 475 S. Kirkman Rd. 32811.

Download the song now: Connect with Zach: Facebook: Twitter:

[04/22/17]   Would you give up friends, family, home, comfort, security etc. for Christ? Well that's what a bunch of people in North Carolina are doing as they move to Orlando to plant Grace Alive church. As they enter this new phase of life with God I'm sure He will provide - primarily through His people - that's what we're called to be/do.

The church in Acts sold houses when others needed help. If you know of any leads related to the following jobs would you please let us know so we can help our brothers and sisters flourish and see how God blesses through His people.

Be a part of the blessings of God!

The following are preferred fields of employment needed.
-Business: Accounting, Management
-Customer Service
-Event Planning
-Graphic Design
-Marketing, Advertising
-Physician Assistant
-Retail: Management
-Student Services
-Other full time

[04/18/17]   As a missions minded, Kingdom of God minded, group of believers we are actively investing in God's Kingdom. Part of that process means helping God's people find ways to impact this world for the God AND simultaneously provide for their families. Currently there are people in serious need of full time work in the following fields. If you can help in any way please let us know.
-Graphic Design
-Physicians Assistant
-Customer Service

[04/15/17]   We will be celebrating Resurrection Sunday with our parent church, Church At The Cross, at 700 Good Homes Rd at 10:00 am Sunday April 16th. We hope to see you there!

[03/26/17]   What do you do when you feel you have nothing, when you are tattered and torn, wearied by constant taunting and insecurity? You cling to Yahweh and you plead for new life. That's what Hannah did. And God gave new life to her barren womb. This foretaste of heaven and microcosm of the resurrection life that Jesus promises is all packed into the first couple chapters of 1 Samuel. Listen/Watch here to learn more.

The Story: Faith of Foreign Woman

When did you first realize your story intersected with God's Story? Did you know that's how it works for everyone? Rahab was outside the faith until two spies -sent from God - brought her an opportunity to join God's Story. And what about Ruth? Listen/Watch as Zoran unpacks her intersection with God's Story.

[03/12/17]   How long do you wait to call on the Lord for help? The Israelite's in the time of the Judges waited for what seems to be along time, These often called "heroes" were really just a bunch of weak men and women that God used to show His great strength. Additionally, the book of Judges shows a progression from an "OK" judge like Othniel to a very unfaithful Samson - reflecting the continuous decline in faith of God's people. Despite this God continues to show Himself faithful. Are we much different? Listen/Watch here's-deliverers

[03/10/17]   It's Spring Time - that means "spring" your clocks forward one hour Saturday night! Don't miss the church gathering Sunday morning because you forgot!!

[03/06/17]   Are "outsiders" of the faith more trusting and courageous than you? Consider the trust of Rahab or Ruth as they abandoned all they knew to follow their Creator. Are you more concerned with following the faith of your family or the culture than learning to trust the One who made it all, the Creator (Joshua 24:15). To help you find your place in God's Story or to see how your story intersects with His story - Listen/Watch here as Zoran unpacks the book of Joshua as we continue our series The Story.

The Story: Wandering

Have you been to the wilderness? Do you understand how God corrects? Disciplines? Do you understand that God's discipline is part of His education plan for you so that you will KNOW Him and so that you will learn to love, fear and obey Him?
Listen/Watch for more on this vital topic.

[02/13/17]   Why didn't God just deliver Israel right away instead of using 10 Plagues? Why does God use Moses? What's the big deal with circumcision? Find out the answers to these and other questions from Exodus 1-18 in this episode of The Story: Deliverance.

[02/06/17]   The story of Joseph is one of the better known in Scripture but what is often missed is the Ch 38 connection. You ask, What does Judah have to do with it? Listen/Watch to find out.

The Story: Intro 2

Are you engaged in God's Story or just sitting on the sidelines? Do you know how to share God's Story in just a few minutes? on a napkin? with 4 icons or 5 movements? Listen/Watch with us as we journey through God's Story this year.

God's Masterpiece

Do you really understand what God is doing in the world? Your life is like one part of Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel - it makes little sense apart from the rest of the mural and is supposed to point to the Hero of the Story - God!

Listen/Watch as we intro our new series The Story.

KCC Newsletter

To view our latest newsletter follow the link below. Ministry is hard work and requires consistency and faithfulness. We have been at this for about 5.5 years and some (including ourselves sometimes) might think the return has been small. As a pastor I know that I am charged with being faithful but we all desire to see more fruit, more disciples made,...


How are you starting the New Year? Can I recommend you start it with God! Praying with Power was the message today and it's a great way to start the New Year. Listen/Watch as we conclude our study in the book of James. Look for us on iTunes as well.

[12/31/16]   Start the year out right. Join us Sunday as we look at Praying Powerfully from James 5 (along with Abraham, Elijah and others).

Starting Jan 8 we will begin a year long focus on The Story - God's epic narrative as revealed in the pages of the Bible. Join us to understand the Big Picture of what God has been doing, is doing, and will do in the future. This will revolutionize your understanding of God and your place in His Story.

If you can't join us in person watch our FB feed for the most current message (available via and on itunes).

[12/25/16]   The Word in the World - that's what the birth of Jesus (the incarnation) is all about. Listen/Watch here to be challenged about how the eternal God became a human while retaining his divinity so He could complete the covenant made with humanity.

[12/19/16]   Do you live your life consciously planning and moving WITH God? Or do you plan and prioritize as YOU will? Catch the second to last message from our James series at the link below.

121116 kcc

Where does wisdom come from? How do you know if you have it? Listen/Watch here

[12/05/16]   What is it about that little organ the tongue? Tongues of Teachers, Angels and Demons - that's what we see in James 3:1-12. Which do you need to tighten the reigns on? Listen/Watch here for more

[11/28/16]   What about that tongue? Is it a temptation? How about favoritism and partiality? What does these have to do with wisdom, the Word and the Ways of God? Oh, and that pesky love your neighbor thing. And lastly what about producing fruit (works) as a believer - do I have to ? Listen/Watch here as we continue our exploration of the book of James.

[11/20/16]   Is God really Good? All the Time? What good gifts does He give? Listen/watch here.

[11/14/16]   What does James have to say about the problems your facing? EVERYTHING! This book will rock your world. Check it out here

[11/07/16]   James, Servant hood, the Body of Christ, the Sufferings of Christ and our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world. Listen/watch here and be challenged to hear the Cry of the Christ and His People.

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475 S Kirkman Rd
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General information

Our mailing address is 5828 Hafer Lane, Orlando, FL 32808 However, our meeting locations vary. Our Sunday Celebration begins at 11 am at The Rotary Club (475 S Kirkman Rd. 32811). On Wednesday's we're at Willow Key Apartments on Arnold Palmer Drive. On Thursdays we're at Eagle's Nest Elementary School.
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