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We often limp through life wondering why we can't fix our innermost broken parts. Our real problem is our view of God needs to be fixed. Subscribe to our Daily eDevo at!

There are many people today who believe that homosexuality, abortion, radical feminism, euthanasia and pornography are the problems facing America today. Or that racism and poverty are the most critical problems. However, these are merely symptoms of an underlying cancer - our distorted and twisted view of God. Trying to suppress cultural symptoms apart from the larger context of understanding Who God really is, will only lead to the continued erosion of our cultural foundations. Bill Bright understood this very well. He said, "We can trace all of our human problems to our view of God." Renowned 20th century theologian, A.W. Tozer, whose tombstone bears the epitaph "Man of God," also believed this. He wrote, "It is impossible to keep our moral practices sound... while our idea of God is erroneous or inadequate." And after years of studying American culture, pollster George Barna reflects this truth as well, "Every choice you make is impacted by your perception of who God is." Dr. Bright's heart was to help believers understand who God really is. He often said, "There is nothing more important to teach another believer than who God is." Today, Brad's heart beats with the same passion. Drawing on his experiences in national politics and his study of history, he is committed to putting the God of the Bible back at the center of American culture by deliberately co-opting every major cultural symptom as a platform. DISCOVER GOD is the logical outgrowth of this passion. Before he died, Dr. Bright specifically commissioned his son, Brad, to launch DISCOVER GOD under the newly formed Bright Media Foundation, an affiliate ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ.

DISCOVER GOD is the joint vision of Dr. Bill Bright, the founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, and his son Brad that began as an informal conversation in 2000. It is a strategy to put God back at the center of both the Church and the culture in America.

Mission: Our mission at the Bright Media Foundation is to help people understand who God is and why He matters.

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GOD: Discover His Character. 2 of 13

"God is all-powerful. No task is too large or too difficult for Him. He never fails or gets tired. He has the ability and strength to do whatever He pleases. His power is not restrained or inhibited in any way by any of His created beings. God generates power within Himself and does what He chooses to do whenever He chooses to do it. His power is not an abstract idea but a force to be reckoned with." Bill Bright, co-founder of Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ, Int'l) teaching about the character of God.

GOD: Discover His Character: 1 of 13

"We can trace all our problems to an inaccurate view of God." Bill Bright, co-founder of Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ, Int'l) teaching about the character of God.

God is Faithful. He sustains and restores His people.

Is God good?

When have you asked this question? Short video answers the question: 'If God, why is there suffering?'

Discover God 4Kids

A Wonderful Counselor restores peace and joy. A Mighty God secures peace and joy. An Everlasting Father possesses all peace and joy, and the Prince of Peace bestows peace with joy. The "peace on earth" and "joy to the world" is embodied in Jesus Christ!


Don't get so busy with the season that you forget Why you're so busy with the season. "I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world." John 16:33

James MacDonald

It's all about Who you know.

You do not know who you are until you know Who Jesus is.

How to See God for Who He Really Is

"Every human problem can be traced to an inaccurate view of God." ~Bill Bright. Our view of God is important not only to who we are but how we live our lives.

5 Habits to Declutter Your Quiet Time

Discovering God daily doesn't just happen. Just showing up is usually the hardest part for me. Maybe you’re not the resolution type, but consider joining me in 2015 to establish daily, Christ-centered patterns. All it takes is a little decluttering to start strengthening your quiet time.

God always keeps His promises! Which of his promises are you thankful for right now? #givethanks

LIKE if you agree!

"Because GOD is (see below), I will _____________________." #discoverGODdaily

Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah

We can’t always choose our circumstances. But with God’s help, we can choose how we respond to them.

[11/24/14]   If your problems seem too big, what is it about God that you need to remember?

Discover God 4Kids

How has God reminded you today of His perfect design for you? #givethanks

How has God shown you today that He is near to you? #givethanks

How has God shown you today that He is near to you? #givethanks

Watch This!

God is everywhere all the time. He never sleeps. He never turns away. How do you feel about that? #DiscoverGODDaily

Energy Force or Personal Spirit?

The most astounding news: God, the Almighty Creator of heaven and earth, invites YOU to have a personal relationship with Him! LIKE if you accept!

Hungering After God

What might be keeping you from hungering after God?

5 Signs You May Have a Wrong View of God

Think it's important to really know who God is? "We can trace all of our human problems to an inaccurate view of God." -Bill Bright, Founder of Campus Crusade for Christ (#Cru) If the truth sets us free, it's safe to say that a lie holds us back.

Love is the supreme expression of God's personhood and flows out of His goodness. It affects all His other attributes. The Bible does not say, "God is holiness" or "God is power," but "God is love" (1 John 4:8). God's heart overflows with His supernatural and unconditional love for us.

Never Give Up!::Insights from Bill Bright

God is sovereign. His plans always succeed!
"These things I plan won't happen right away. Slowly, steadily, surely, the time approaches when the vision will be fulfilled." -Habakkuk 2:3. If God has given you a vision that will glorify Him, don't ever give up!
As a new Christian in 1945, God gave me a vision to produce a film for evangelism on the life of Jesus, to be shown throughout the world.
Following the impression that I was to do such a film, I visited Hollywood giant Cecil B....

The amazing secret of life is this– the more we focus on trying to change ourselves, the more frustrated and defeated we often become.

The more we focus on who God really is, the more we are changed.

We often limp through life wondering why we can’t fix our innermost broken parts. All the while, our real problem is our view of God just barely scratches the surface–like a massive iceberg barely peeking its cap above water. #yourviewofGod #discoverGODdaily

Justice is not an external system to which God tries to adhere. He did not have to go to law school to learn how to apply the law. His justice comes out of His inner being and is based on His holiness, truthfulness, and righteousness. #discovergoddaily #yourviewofgod

Justice is not an external system to which God tries to adhere. He did not have to go to law school to learn how to apply the law. His justice comes out of His inner being and is based on His holiness, truthfulness, and righteousness. #discovergoddaily @yourviewofgod

He is Close | Discover God 4Kids eCalendar

God is Personal. He desires daily fellowship with us through the Holy Spirit. Are you walking with Him today? #discoverGODdaily The Lord is close to all who call on Him, yes, to all who call on Him in truth. -Psalm 145:18 Why is it that God is with us, yet so many of us live our lives with little awareness of His presence?

Flying Through a Terrible Storm - April 7

God is All Powerful. Nothing is greater than Him!

"Even the wind and waves obey Him!" -Mark 4:41 "Ladies and gentlemen, please remain in your seats and keep your seat belts fastened. We should be out of the storm in a few moments..."

The calm voice over the intercom was hardly reassuring as our Pan Am 707 jetliner pierced the fury of a storm during our flight from New York to Washington, D.C....

God to the Rescue. Again!

GOD never changes. You can count on Him!

“When they call on Me, I will answer; I will be with them in trouble. I will rescue them and honor them.” -Psalm 91:15

The Mask of Hostility::Insights from Bill Bright

Don't get discouraged and give up, for we will reap a harvest of blessing at the appropriate time. -Galatians 6:9 It was at Wheaton College in Illinois, a great Christian institution. We were holding a Lay Institute for Evangelism where we gave training in how to live a Spirit-filled life and how to share one's faith in Christ. Part of the training was dedicated to an afternoon of actual witnessing, door to do...

The Key to Holiness

God is HOLY, and He demands that we be holy. But how can we attain holiness worthy of God? The key to our holiness is Jesus.

"Be holy, as I am holy." -1 Peter 1:16

:::God Is The Standard::: Discover GOD Daily

God is HOLY. He does not just match a standard of purity---He IS the standard.

"Honor the Lord for the glory of His name. Worship the Lord in the splendor of His holiness." ~Psalm 29:2

My Mother's Prayers

"One day I sensed that unseen hand of God in my life... God--and my mother's prayers--had caught up to me." -Bill Bright.

Discover God 4Kids eCalendar

Created to be in peaceful community.

Do you pray that your kids will discover God's character? Here's a simple, practical, daily tool to help you PRAY TODAY for your kids to see God who He really is TODAY.

Discover God 4Kids eCalendar
PRAY TODAY for your kids:
“God, because You made everyone in Your image, I will seek peaceful community with other people. Please help me today to be a model of peace to my kid(s): in my tone of voice to them, in my phone conversations with others, in my attitude while driving the car, and in what ...

What are you doing to help shape your child's view of God? Because God Is Awesome helps your kids focus in on God's character. Use and SHARE this special promo code TODAY, and receive 50% off every book! Visit

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Loving Hands

God is Love

Today, most people believe in God, but they ask, "Who is He?" Many are uncertain whether He is a God of love and compassion or simply an aloof world-maker. What do you think? What experiences have led you to your view of God's character?

William Dixon was a lonely man. After the deaths of his wife and son, he often sat by his window, gazing out on the happiness of others. But one night he saw the opposite--a neighbor's house on fire.

An elderly woman, the homeowner, was quickly helped from the smoking threshold. But she had a grandson who was still trapped on a higher floor. The woman began to weep and plead for someone to help the boy. William Dixon spotted an iron drainpipe on the corner of the house. Grabbing it, he scaled the wall. Dixon located the boy and brought him out, but the hand that gripped the hot pipe was covered in severe burns.

The grandmother, whose health had been fragile, passed away the next day. The rescued boy was now an orphan, and a meeting was called to decide his future. When the judge asked who would adopt him, two men each raised a hand. One of the hands was scarred and bandaged. The vote was unanimous; the boy went home with the one who had rescued him.

Jesus died in order to rescue us. A soldier's whip slashed his flesh. Cruel nails stabbed through His feet and hands as he slowly suffocated on a Roman cross. He demonstrated His love for us by taking on flesh, accepting abuse and torture, and dying a criminal's death. One of His disciples, Thomas, cried out, "My Lord and my God!" upon seeing his nail-scarred hands.

Your View of God Really Matters:
Do you believe? You couldn't be there to feel the wounds. But God shows His love for you in so many other ways. Enjoying His love is the greatest blessing life has to offer. Today, offer Him yours in return.

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GOD: Discover His Character. 2 of 13
GOD: Discover His Character: 1 of 13




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