Tim Brannon Ministries, Orlando, FL Video February 25, 2019, 6:01pm

It’s vital that we not just simply ask “What would Jesus do?” but that we actually DO what Jesus did. Take a minute to listen to this #ZeroToSixtyRewind - CALLING PEOPLE INTO THEIR DESTINY and then daily put it into practice. #DoWhatJesusDid

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Praying in Regards to COVID-19
Join with us today in praying for the United States and the world in regards to COVID-19. Remember these Biblical truths concerning this virus: - God reigns OVER it. If the wind and sea obey Him, so does this virus (Matthew 8:27). - He is IN THE MIDST of it. He’s our ever-present help in trouble (Psalm 46:1). - He wants to do something THROUGH it. He causes ALL things to work for GOOD for those who love Him (Romans 8:28). - He can bring eternal hope OUT OF it. Millions are being forced to face their mortality. It is urgent that each and every one of them hears and knows the Hope of the Gospel! So, let’s lift our eyes from the headlines and fix them on Jesus. Let's pray – because no quarantine will ever stop its power and reach. And let’s share the Hope of the Gospel with those around us! May this worldwide crisis bring unprecedented numbers to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, their Lord! #ThisIsConvergence

Zero to Sixty #369 - Faithful Obedience
All of us have a part to play in the amazing work that God is doing in the world. Sometimes we may not fully understand the greater significance of our actions or words. But faithful obedience can lead to powerful impact. Take a listen to the latest Zero to Sixty #369 - Faithful Obedience

Zero to Sixty #368 - The Secret to Contentment
Life is full of ups and downs. So how do you stay content...even when things don't seem to be going right? Take a quick listen today to Zero to Sixty #368 - THE SECRET TO CONTENTMENT. #ZeroToSixty

Zero to Sixty #367 - Peace in the Storm
What does the peace of God look like? Take a minute to join us for today's Zero to Sixty #367 - PEACE IN THE STORM #ZeroToSixty

ZERO TO SIXTY #366 - MAGNIFY THE LORD It's been a while, but we're excited to be back with a new Zero to Sixty video! Zero to Sixty is a series of short videos to help boost your faith and to encourage you. Each one is only about a minute of actual speaking so it doesn't take long to listen. It's our hope that it will be a blessing to you in your daily walk with God. So thanks for taking a minute to magnify the Lord with us today! #ZeroToSixty

These are definitely interesting times in which we are living. So much is happening so rapidly all around us. And in this moment, what are you thinking about? What has your attention and your devotion?

How do you find/maintain peace in the midst of difficulties, uncertainties, or chaos?

Jesus has ALL AUTHORITY! #ZeroToSixty

A new decade and a new season of ministry is upon us. We’re excited to share some exciting news with you and also to have you as a tremendous part of what is to come! We invite you to join us at https://www.facebook.com/convergenceinternational , “like” the page, and get ready for the announcement coming on January 2, 2020!#ThisIsConvergence

GOD IS A GOOD FATHER...who dearly loves and cares for His children. Some of you need to hear this today! And some of you know someone who needs to hear it! Take 1 minute to listen...and let God speak to you! #ZeroToSixty #ZeroToSixtyRewind

Are you MAKING THE MOST OF YOUR TIME? Take just 1 minute for this Zero to Sixty to speak to your life concerning all of the rest of your time. #ZeroToSixty #ZeroToSixtyRewind

Are you waiting on God to move? Or is it possible that...you need to move? Take just a minute today for this Zero to Sixty video and then share with others that maybe need a little encouragement and motivation! #ZeroToSixtyRewind #ZeroToSixty

It's time for CONVERGENCE!
Join us this Friday, August 23 in Daphne, AL and Saturday, August 24 in Lumberton, MS for 2 different very intimate gatherings of passionate believers who want nothing less than to connect with the heart of God! We hope to see you there! #ThisIsConvergence #SoulCaffeine #GulfCoast #Alabama #HisPlace #Mississippi #Worship #Prayer #Revival

May God continue to bless the United States of America and make us an instrument of His blessing to the nations of the earth! Happy Independence Day!

Feel like you’ve got nothing to offer? Does life seem empty...or possibly filled with chaos and nothing of value? Then I’ve got some GOOD NEWS FOR YOU! Our God specializes in making SOMETHING FROM NOTHING!!! Take just 1 minute to watch this Zero to Sixty video and then share it with others who need a boost of hope today! #ZeroToSixtyRewind #ZeroToSixty

ENGLAND is on the horizon. God has a plan for Europe, and we’re excited to join Him in it. Raise your voice to Heaven, and join us in interceding for this region of the world!

Feel like you don’t measure up? Take a minute for this #ZeroToSixty and put that “less than” life behind you! #ZeroToSixtyRewind

You have a reason...actually multiplied thousands of reasons...to SHOUT FOR JOY TODAY! Take just 1 minute to listen to this #ZeroToSixty and GIVE GOD A SHOUT OF PRAISE for all of the times He’s proven Himself faithful in your life! #ZeroToSixtyRewind

Take just a minute for this Zero to Sixty today...NO PLAN B. You ‘ll never go wrong by putting ALL of your trust in God! He is good AND He is faithful! #ZeroToSixtyRewind

Take just 1 minute for this special #ZeroToSixtyRewind and then share with others who need to hear it today. “Don’t ever mistake God’s silence for inactivity....weeping may endure for a night, but JOY COMES IN THE MORNING!!!”

Take a minute for this #ZeroToSixtyRewind. NOW is your opportunity. You don’t have to wait another day. Embrace what’s been made available to you. TODAY is your day!

Light is the answer to the darkness. It always has been and always will be. When light shines, darkness flees. So take your place today! IT’S YOUR TIME TO SHINE! #ZeroToSixtyRewind

Join us for CONVERGENCE on Friday, March 29 at 6:30PM at Soul Caffeine at 2004 US Hwy 98 in Daphne, AL

Don’t ever underestimate THE POWER OF ONE! ONE PERSON in alignment with God can change the world. Decide today to be THE ONE! #ZeroToSixtyRewind

Take 1 minute today for this #ZeroToSixtyRewind...much needed instruction for this hour.


It’s vital that we not just simply ask “What would Jesus do?” but that we actually DO what Jesus did. Take a minute to listen to this #ZeroToSixtyRewind - CALLING PEOPLE INTO THEIR DESTINY and then daily put it into practice. #DoWhatJesusDid

Take just 1 minute to listen...and dare to DREAM AGAIN. #ZeroToSixtyRewind

Let 2019 be the year that you break free! Don’t carry the burdens, pain, or mistakes of the past one day longer. There is a way out. Take a minute for this #ZeroToSixtyRewind and then pass it on to others that need to hear it as well.

Take just 1 minute on this Christmas Eve for this #ZeroToSixtyRewind as a reminder of why Jesus came into the world as a baby all those years ago! Merry Christmas to you all! May you receive the greatest gift ever given - JESUS!

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