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Seeking God - Building Family - Feeding Community We at Faith United Methodist Church are a multi-cultural community who believes spiritual growth happens through Seeking God, Building Family, and Feeding our community. We seek God together in worship. As a diverse community we worship God together. Through song, through praise, through prayer, through scripture…We are continually encouraged to go deeper in our faith by looking for ways to build God's Family... We Build Family as we intentionally challenge ourselves with spiritual growth. This happens through our growth groups. As we intentionally seek to grow together in community, that spiritual growth leads us to Feed the Community... We feed the community both physically and spiritually. There are many that live around us who are undernourished. We choose to bring them physical and spiritual food that sustains life. Through working in our church and in our community we ensure that everyone in our area has the chance to come to know our Savior…

Mission: We are on mission as the body of Jesus Christ by Seeking God, Building Family, and Feeding community.


Food Pantry Update...

I had several people this week pull me aside and express how grateful they were that our Churches food pantry has remained open. You see in our neighborhood many of the other food pantries have closed due to covid-19. We have made a commitment to our neighbors that we will remain open as long as we can legally do so.

I want to take a second and send our a sincere thank you to all of the wonderful folks who are volunteering, donating food, and contributing financially. We could not do what we are doing without you.

If you can help please do...We need you. We are in need of food donations. Actually the shelves are looking a little bare at the moment.

We need...

- ***Macaroni and Cheese boxes (currently we have none)
- Canned Soup
- Canned Beans
- Canned Tuna
- Canned Vegetables
- Rice
- Pasta & Sauce
- P-Nut Butter & Jelly
- Breakfast Cereal

If you would like to make a finical donation to support this ministry...please do so here. Our online giving is powered by Realm. You may click sign in below to assign your gift to your Realm account and manage it later. If the form above is not working click HERE to visit our unique Rea…

Meals for Kids and Food Pantry Volunteer Sign Up

Volunteer Spots for next week. Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Thank you!

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The Florida Conference of The United Methodist Church

Dear Clergy and Laity of the Florida Conference:

Our cabinet formed a re-launch task force to begin looking at how we can help resource churches as they prepare to re-launch during COVID-19. We solicited input from you and received thousands of responses. Our initial guidance is downloadable below for your use. These guidelines will be regularly reviewed and updated. We have consulted government officials and health experts and will continue to review the latest guidance.

In summary:

► Churches should plan to continue to offer on-line opportunities until a vaccine is readily available, knowing that many people will not feel comfortable returning to worship until that time.

►We ask that no in-person worship services take place through June 15th. The actual date for when in-person worship services will resume is still being determined but we know it will be after June 15th.

►We give guidance on some alternative worship models that could be attempted starting May 15th including house worship and drive-in worship. These require strict safety guidelines and should only be attempted in places where volunteers and staff are ready to monitor and enforce the guidelines.

►We invite you to begin preparing for what in-person worship may look like after June 15th. We know you will need to adjust worship plans to allow for safety and social distancing. Detailed descriptions are provided for a variety of worship logistics. Walking through the logistics with key volunteers and staff will be essential.

►We suggest you form a re-launch task force of lay and clergy leaders to explore how you will work through these guidelines in a way that honors your context.

►At all times we encourage proper social distancing, hand washing, the wearing of masks, and for sick persons or persons who have been in contact with the virus to remain at home. We are especially concerned that those most vulnerable to the virus be vigilant in the days ahead.

Also in this document are guiding principles and scriptural foundations. We offer this guidance from a standpoint of our faith that calls us to love our neighbors and care for the most vulnerable.

Our rationale for a no sooner than June 15th date include:

►Relaunching in-person worship presents a significant effort on behalf of church leadership. June 15th allows them enough time to prepare worship spaces and gather and train the necessary volunteer base.

►By June 15th, we will have clearer results from the reopening of the state of Florida to guide us in our decision making.

►Many in our state and in our church communities are part of the most vulnerable populations. Our clear guidance from the feedback we have received is to err on the side of safety.

We will continue to monitor the realities in our communities and adjust our guidance as needed.

Should you have specific questions, please reach out to your District Superintendent who can guide you.

May God continue to walk with us in this season. We pray now for those who are sick and all our front line workers who are keeping us safe.

We remain on mission together.

►►Download the guidelines here:

I hope and pray everyone is doing well. I wanted to let you know that we are going to move forward with Summer Camp this year! We will start on June 1st. Of course, it will look a little differently and space is very limited in each age group. We will enroll only 13 kids in each age group. Group A will consist of K5 - 2nd Grade, and group B will be 3rd - 6th Graders. Unfortunately, we have have to keep the groups smaller due to COVID19 guidelines. Our goal is to keep everyone safe and also keep a safe environment for everyone here at Faith UMC. My apologies in advance for the low enrollment, but due to the circumstances, we must take every precaution necessary.

In order to enroll, you must pay all application fees and registration fees upon submitting your application. Please note that the registration fees are non refundable. This will be done on a first come first serve basis. Please understand that the health, safety, and well being of our staff and the kids are very important to all of us!

Please feel free to contact the office for more details.......

[05/05/20]   Happy Tuesday everyone!
As you know Pastor Matt requested that we paint rocks to honor our mom’s for Mother’s Day. Here’s our first batch that have come in to the church. I know we can’t be together here at the church to celebrate mom’s but we can still show our love ❤️ and gratitude. If you would like to drop off your decorated rocks please drop them off by Wednesday.

Can you believe that we are now 6 weeks into this new way of being church? At some level not much has changed...We still care for one another and seek to work out our faith with sincerity. At the same time though...Everything has changed. We are living in a new world which we are hearing is getting ready to begin to change again as business begin to re-open. I want to reassure you that we have your best interest in mind and we won't be rushing to fill pews. Please don't anticipate any pressure to return asap. What I am hearing from many sources is that churches should be the last to reopen. This is due to church populations consisting of many of the most vulnerable considering Covid-19.

I want each of you to know that I (Pastor Matt) am so very grateful for each of you. I am so glad we are able to connect on Sundays through Facebook. You all are the best and I appreciate your commitment to being the church in our community. Please invite your friends and family to attend on Sundays...Here is the link to send if you wish to do so...
and please continue to be the wonderful community that we are by calling and checking in with one another.

If you are looking for spiritual direction please let me know. I would love to connect with you. [email protected] is the best email in which to reach me.

Food Pantry Update:

Ok, this is staggering everyone. Over the past 6 weeks we have served...(drumroll)

12,440 Meals to kids under 18 and we have served
710 food pantry bags to families in our neighborhood

Also, this Thursday we handed out 100 $25 dollar gift cards for Walmart. These were gifted by University Carillon UMC along with a portion of the food that filled the pantry bags. We are so grateful for the support we are receiving from UCUMC and all the others that are going out of their way to see the shelves stay filled with food. We haven't had to send anyone away empty handed yet, Thank you.

Financial donations to support the pantry and the church can be made here...

I pray for each of you regularly. I pray that we will all use this time we are apart physically to look within while remembering that our call as followers of Jesus is to Love God and love our neighbors. I pray that you find peace and healing in this time that can feel un-peaceful and can be damaging. As we work together to serve our neighbors and grow in our faith, Lord, lead us and help keep us focused on your call in our lives and to our neighborhood. ✌️

Reminder...Sunday 5/3 is Communion Sunday. If you will be sharing in worship with us. Please make sure you have a bit of bread and juice or wine for everyone. We will share communion together online.

Communion is one of those ritual activities that we practice where we pause and look at how things are, and how we (and God) hope for things to be. This is a really important place for us to spend time, considering how God is working in us...To bring forth God's kingdom in this world.

Meals for Kids and Food Pantry Volunteer Sign Up

Hello, If you want to volunteer next week please sign up here. Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Thank you!

Meals for Kids and Food Pantry Volunteer Sign Up

We need one more volunteer for tomorrow from 11:45-2:15. Sign up if you can. Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Thank you!

[04/26/20]   Hey everyone it’s announcement Sunday in the UMC! I’m happy to let everyone know I’ll be appointed to Faith UMC for another year! Year 5 starts this summer. I hope you are excited.

Worship this morning starts at 10am...See you then.

Seven tips for engaging with live-streamed worship

I’m excited to be with you tomorrow! Take a look at this. I hope it helps... While some churches have had live-streamed services for years, a vast number of others have felt the understandable urgency to do live streaming for the first time due to the…

Faith UMC Friday Update:

I want to start by saying...I am so grateful for all of you that make this church what we are. Your selflessness in this crisis is exemplary and are making a real difference in peoples lives. Our neighbors are suffering a little less in this crisis because of you.

Worship on Facebook live Sundays @ 10 am has been going well. Thanks to Jorge, Bruce, and Nicki for being flexible and wonderful at what they do. It has made the transition easy. I am grateful that we can spend this time together as a church family. I have even heard that Mrs. Sheila (95 years old) is able to join us and is excited each Sunday to worship! I encourage you to continue to connect in this way as we travel thorough this unprecedented time.

Please remember you can Tithe and Give online at:

Food Pantry: The needs in the neighborhood are continuing to increase.
This week we served...
2,532 Meals to kids and
105 families were served by our food pantry.

We continue to be grateful for the food and financial donations that are coming. Please keep this up. We are meeting new people daily, the needs in our community are continuing to grow.

Growth Groups: The adult growth group started a new series this Wednesday via Zoom. We are looking at Pete Enns book the Bible Tells Me So. It was a great conversation via zoom. This will continue on Wednesday evenings @ 7:30pm. Please let us know if you wish to get connected.

Keep up the good work everyone. Remember, God walks with us through this time. I pray you find peace and hope in this storm and that we continue to be people who are eager to serve and support the work God is doing in our community.

Hey all, I want to let you know that I (Pastor Matt) am available for spiritual direction. If you are interested or curious please send me a message. I would be happy to speak with you about it.

Meals for Kids and Food Pantry Volunteer Sign Up

Volunteer Spots for next week. Sign up if you can. Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Thank you!

Support Warren Willis Camp and get a cool shirt!!!

“I want to go to summer camp because it has been a home to me for the past nine years. Some of my greatest memories come from there. It has brought me back to God many times.”
► Learn how you can support a camper this summer and score a limited-edition T-shirt:

Praise Song for the Pandemic - The Work of the People

Some things to be thankful for...Some people for whom to pray.

Service and Community in a time of COVID-19 - Matthew 25 Project Charity and service in a time of COVID-19: Some ideas and information for you to get involved in East-Orlando. FAITH UMC, Orlando.

Worship Starting Soon...See you at 10am

Meals for Kids and Food Pantry Volunteer Sign Up

Volunteer Spots available for next week... Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Thank you!

Update: 2152 Meals served this week to kids under 18 and 122 food pantry bags served.

Food Ministry: Big News!!!

I'm happy to let you know also that Angel has been an important part of seeing a new distribution sight begin nearby. Deerwood manufactured home community on East Colonial will be starting with 125 weekend packs today at their clubhouse! This is great news as they have a lot of families that will be needing help in this time.

The need continues to grow. we are seeing a steady increase in families coming to our for ministries. Today we have 150 (3 meals each) weekend packs ready for kids in our neighborhood.

We are grateful for your support in making sure these important ministries are meeting needs in our neighborhoods. It's your support that is making these ministries happen. Thank you for who you are and for you heart for the families that are struggling now. Financial support can be given here...

Thank you Bishop Ken Carter for you leadership...

A Pastoral Letter to the People of the Florida Conference

Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Thank you for your patience and faithfulness in this season of COVID-19. This virus is very real. We have lost members to death. We are watching and praying as friends and family members have contracted the virus. We have been unable to gather in our sanctuaries. We carry the stress, anxiety and fear within our bodies. And yet, to quote the words of one of my mentors, Ken Callahan, “We are the people of the empty tomb, the risen Lord, the new life in Christ. We are the Easter people. We are the people of hope.”

The crucified and risen Lord asked the disciple Peter a question, three times. “Do you love me?” When Peter responded, affirmatively, Jesus replied, “Feed my sheep” (John 21).

We love our Lord by caring for his people. We love God by loving our neighbor (Matthew 22).

And now we love our neighbors by flattening the curve (the effect and spread of the virus). Many of our neighbors and members are more senior adults, the most vulnerable and among our most dedicated. We love them and honor them by flattening the curve. We save lives by flattening the curve.

Many of our members who live on the margins are among our most dedicated and are most vulnerable. Their illnesses are often unreported.

We are the second oldest state in average age. Illnesses in many elder care facilities and nursing homes in Florida are often unreported.

We do not yet have testing to know if we ourselves might carry the illness to those we meet and serve.

A pandemic is not about political partisanship. I offered guidance as your bishop twenty-two days prior to that of the state government. This guidance is grounded in the great commandments of Jesus. Right now we love God by loving our neighbors. If you are a clergy in leadership, this is what you were licensed, commissioned and ordained to do—to feed the sheep, to seek their safety, to love God’s people.

This is a mindset change for many of us, who have spent our lives assembling congregations in order to offer love for God. When we know it is safe--when there is testing that is widespread and available—we will reassemble. It will be a day of rejoicing.

For now, and through May 15, we will offer worship via technology. Hundreds of our churches, large and small, are faithfully bearing witness in this way. Thank you for the creative and innovative ways you are sharing the gospel.

Be assured of my prayers and gratitude for you. In this time of distancing and at times isolation, we are a connection.

The Peace of the Lord,
+Ken Carter
Resident Bishop, Florida Conference
President, Council of Bishops
The United Methodist Church

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