Prayer Line

Prayer Line


I will not let any days be wasted. I will multiply your time, energy, and resources—everythingthe enemy is trying to steal. I will give you and your loved ones strength, and will empower you to believe. Call on Me and I will heal you. I will harvest all the prayers of healing
Hi members,someone asked the meaning of these dream bt I don't know the meaning plz help,she dreamed that her ex-boyfriend was sick and she was with him in the hospital bed and the boy vomited on her,anyone who knows the meaning
Pls i want prayer for my busness
PLSprayer for my daughter and l every year we must go to court with my neighbours for court hearings I'm so sick and tired of court cases
for sometimes now a seeking divine help for the fruit womb and financial breakthrough, so please I'm also pleading for ur prayer.
God doesn't need a dozen of Angeles to rescue you not at all what he wants from you is just a faithful prayer kwamana.
This world has nothing to offer us. It has eaten our beloved one so why can't we disappoint it and follow Jesus our only hope for excellent future. Kum on brothers and sisters let's reason together.
God I can't do anything without seeking yr blessings so please I lift LPI-Life Plus International Ghana before you connects this company to thousands of people in this country. Is my prayer that this company will grow billionaires in Jesus name.
I commit my work to the maker God who is above all things on this earth that no evil eyes should follow or see my work. God LPI-Life Plus International Ghana is in yr hand please help me to market this work to thousands of people for their benefits.
TRANSITION IS A GOOD THING GOOD! When you are not aware of how blessed you are, complaining becomes routine. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that you are in a transition season. I hear God saying, "Whatever has mastered you in the past, you are now going to master. Nothing will be lacking in your household. Your pots will be full!"

This is a Prayer Ministry � We pray because we care! And through PRAYER we trust that every storm will calm by the grace and mercy of God!

Prayer Line Call: 407-502-2858 Sundays, 7:00pm est. Send Prayer Request 24 hours a day, Text or Voicemail Us. Call: 407-536-6304. Prayer Requests or Praise Reports Email: [email protected] Webpage:

Mission: We are here to pray for you! Our Prayer Intercessors are commissioned to faithfully pray for every petition we receive. We believe, that God hears and answers our humble requests.

[04/04/20]   This storm that is going to blow over soon. This is an attack against the coming moves of God and revival.

[04/04/20]   Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God. HEBREWS 12:2

[04/03/20]   "God Says: Call to Me and I Will Answer"

[04/02/20]   The major alignment that is taking place in the body of Christ right now where He is focusing His people back upon Him and drawing His people deeper into ministering to HIM first and foremost

[04/01/20]   "It's Your Time to Shine!"

[03/30/20]   Strive to find a place of peace where you can get closer to Me than you ever have. It is My desire that you use this time to develop spiritual intimacy that will result in greater strength, purpose, and safety. You can achieve higher levels of understanding and wisdom than you have ever known, says the Lord. Matthew 6:6 "But you, when you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly

[03/30/20]   The disciples had asked, What will be the sign of your coming and the end of the age? They had asked a specific question to which He had given a specific answer: "this gospel of the kingdom." It was not to be a watered-down gospel, but the total Gospel of the kingdom of God preached in all the world for a witness to all nations. This is the reaping of the last great harvest for which God is preparing His Church.

[03/30/20]   I heard the Spirit of the Lord say that as we obey what doesn't make sense in the natural, we will step into the abundance of the Lord, into the supernatural. This has to do with everything that is around us. As we "cast our nets" for the salvation of our families, and for the healing of our bodies, we will be awakened to the reality of the Son of God!

[03/29/20]   Please take note of a truth in these last statements: Darkness has dominion. It is a real kingdom. Never believe that Satan does not have power, because he does. His power came initially from God, who is the only source of power. But in his wickedness and rebellion, Satan has turned his power against God and against God's people.

[03/29/20]   Faith is the result of encountering the revelation of the person of Jesus Christ. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God (Romans 10:17).

[03/28/20]   My name is the LORD! I won't let idols or humans share my glory and praise. (Isaiah 42:8 CEV)

"For they loved the approval of men rather than the approval of God" - (John 12:43 - AMP)

[03/28/20]   I’m looking for warriors. And even if you don’t feel like a warrior right now, God is calling you to arms—to battle with His tools!

[03/28/20]   God has great things in store and the storehouses will overflow.

[03/27/20]   Leviticus 26:3-4; “‘If you follow my decrees and are careful to obey my commands, I will send you rain in its season, and the ground will yield its crops and the trees their fruit.

[03/24/20]   "It's a preparation for an entire revival that we would have all of our technology in order and the practice that we need because God's going to bring half of the revival—it's going to happen virtually."

[03/23/20]   Hosea 6:1-2
1 “Come, let us return to the LORD. He has torn us to pieces but he will heal us; he has injured us but he will bind up our wounds. 2 After two days he will revive us; on the third day he will restore us, that we may live in his presence

[03/23/20]   10 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. 11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. EPHESIANS 6:10-11

[03/21/20]   the Lord would say, "When I am lifted up I will draw all men unto Me" (John 12:32). This text refers to Jesus being lifted up on the Cross. As I waited on the Lord, however, I kept seeing the replica of a poisonous bronze "snake" being lifted up on a pole: "So the Lord sent poisonous snakes among the people, and many were bitten and died. Then the people came to Moses and cried out, 'We have sinned by speaking against the Lord and against you. Pray that the Lord will take away the snakes.' So Moses prayed for the people. Then the Lord told him, 'Make a replica of a poisonous snake and attach it to a pole. All who are bitten will live if they simply look at it.' So Moses made a snake out of bronze and attached it to a pole. Then anyone who was bitten by a snake could look at the bronze snake and be healed!" (Num. 21:6-9).

[03/20/20]   Good News Is Coming Your Way!

[03/18/20]   I will give you the grace necessary to successfully deal with the circumstances you are facing.

[03/17/20]   The world may seem to have gone crazy from all the fear, but you are the piece of God’s plan to bring peace. Let’s break through the spirit of fear once and for all

[03/17/20]   Your transition has been difficult in many ways, but you should be aware of the promises that exist for the days ahead. Seek Me for ways to move forward with new strength and hope, says the Lord.

[03/17/20]   "Receive Your Ring of 'Greater to Come'!"

[03/17/20]   But what saith it? The word is nigh thee, in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach; that (or, because) if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

[03/15/20]   The healing that comes is not going to be just the healing of individual physical bodies. It is going to be the healing of the collective Body of Jesus Christ as well.

[03/13/20]   This Blessed Hope, when we are taken to be with Jesus, at the resurrection of the dead - the rapture of the Church, is a right and a privilege that is given for ALL who are saved by grace through faith in Christ. And when He appears we shall be like Him for we shall see Him as He is. Hallelujah!

[03/11/20]   He is so rich in kindness that he purchased our freedom through the blood of his Son, and our sins are forgiven. . . . God’s secret plan has now been revealed to us; it is a plan centered on Christ, designed long ago according to his good pleasure. And this is his plan: At the right time he will bring everything together under the authority of Christ—everything in heaven and on earth.

[03/11/20]   "Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God" (2 Cor 1:3-4).

[03/11/20]   I heard the Father say that a shift is coming on the 10th of March. I believe we will see this shift both personally and worldwide as the people of God contend in their authority and their own promises, but also against the fear-driven coronavirus.

Make the Leap into Love

[02/29/20]   ..."Come out of her, My people, so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues; for her sins are piled up to heaven, and God has remembered her crimes." Revelation 18:4

[02/29/20]   Just as the pioneers of old broke through to occupy new frontiers, the decade of the 20s will see the people of God advance with an apostolic thrust into new dimensions of God's glory and of the powers of the age to come (Hebrews 6:5).

[02/27/20]   I call you forth to demonstrate My character and nature in all interactions with others. This will take forethought and self-control, but it is the only way that you can be My representative on the earth, says the Lord. You can accomplish what I have set before you through the Holy Spirit abiding in you and in no other way. Galatians 5:22-23 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.

[02/26/20]   He is helping us to understand that, even as we are influenced by those around us, unless we are in the presence of God, we will not be influenced by Him. This is why it is so vital for us to share life with Him.

[02/25/20]   Then resist the devil through making your stand for righteousness, freedom and truth,
decreeing that his power and authority have been broken by virtue of the shed blood
of Jesus.

[02/24/20]   The conviction of the Holy Spirit is a good thing and is to be embraced. The Lord isn't convicting and correcting to condemn, there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:1). The heart of God is for His people to walk in all that is theirs in Christ Jesus and the refining fire of the Holy Spirit is bringing a purging and aligning right now that is going to increase dramatically in this new era.

[02/22/20]   Seek Me for wisdom to live in the moment. You cannot live in the past nor speculate with precision about the future. You will either be overcome with regret or live in a fantasy about what is coming. Your optimal position is to do your best to stay present and connected spiritually with Me, says the Lord. Do not worry! Proverbs 2:10-11 When wisdom enters your heart, and knowledge is pleasant to your soul, discretion will preserve you; understanding will keep you.

[02/22/20]   A Fresh Outpouring
Joy is coming

[02/18/20]   I am coming to you in this season to help you amplify your faith so that it will work for you. You must use your faith if you want it to get strong. My people should have a strong faith that works for them. 1 Corinthians 16:13 Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong

[02/17/20]   Things might appear to be slow, but God is using this to get you into His timing.

[02/17/20]   When you pray and believe for healing, have you ever wondered how it might come to pass? There are many different ways the Lord delivers healing. You can’t expect your healing to happen exactly like someone else’s, but you can always expect it! According to the word of the Lord

[02/15/20]   The supernatural turnaround is already in motion and you will see it swiftly.

[02/15/20]   "The Church is riddled with self promotion and many are taking My Glory for themselves and in this era I will hold them to account for this."

[02/14/20]   What we have spiritually is only possible because we are "of Him," that is, because of what we have been given. It is as if we are part of a living body, which we are, since the church is a living, spiritual organism. All of this is connected, and it receives its strength, life, existence, growth, repair, etc. because it is part of the body. So are we connected to God and receive all these things.

[02/11/20]   The Lord of Restoration says, "I am not just putting you back to your original place. I am placing you in a position where your enemy will regret that he ever stole from you because of the bounty of the harvest that is coming!"

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