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Have you served or are interested in serving on a mission trip to the US, Latin America or Canada? Then become a fan of Wycliffe Associates Americas Alumni Page. Check back frequently for updates, opportunities and amazing photos!

Volunteers have Accelerated Bible Translation throughout the history of Wycliffe Associates In 1967, three people deeply concerned about the future of Bible translation—Bill Butler, Dale Kietzman, and Rudy Renfer—realized that translators were spending an increasing amount of their time in non-translation tasks. Building and maintaining facilities, doing office work and accounting, vehicle maintenance, and a myriad of other practical tasks were absorbing more and more of their time. They saw that laypeople with a heart for service and a wide variety of skills could accelerate Bible translation by freeing up thousands of hours of translation time each year. These three men also knew that volunteering in the mission field would increase Christians’ awareness of opportunities for their personal involvement in fulfilling the Great Commission to bring God’s Word to every tongue and every heart in the world. So Wycliffe Associates was founded.

Mission: Mission Statement Involving people in the advancement of Bible translation.


U.S. Operations Manager and Network Engineer Needed

Can't go overseas to help advance Bible Translation?? Well now's your chance to fill two critical needs right here in the USA! These two positions are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota...check it out today!!!

wycliffeassociates.org Because of the international nature of Bible translation most of the high-priority positions we need to fill are overseas. If that has been an obstacle to your involvement in the past—today might be YOUR day!


Jobs in Ministry | International Volunteer Organizations | Wycliffe Associates

Are you looking for an exciting career where you are helping to accelerate Bible Translation? Be sure to check out our Career Opportunities section of our website for these life changing positions. http://www.wycliffeassociates.org/serviceopps/paidopps.asp

wycliffeassociates.org Jobs in ministry at Wycliffe Associates

Wycliffe Associates

Wycliffe Associates accelerates global Bible translation by empowering national translators & equipping the local church to share God’s Word.

[11/07/11]   Have some knowledge of acoustics and a heart for Brazil??? We are currently looking for two people to go help our partner with improving the acoustics in a building that they are hosting two large events early next year. Interested?? Contact Erika @ 407-852-5369.

Our Venezuela team has arrived and are ready to get workin :) We pray for safety while hard at work and good fellowship among all. Thanks for helping advance Bible translation through volunteering with WA!

Top Volunteer Opportunities | International Volunteer Organizations | Wycliffe Associates

Looking to make an impact on Bible Translation??? Check out our most urgent needs around the world. If you are unable, possibly you have a friend or family member you could forward this on to. Otherwise if I could just ask for you to pray that qualified candidates will come forward to fill these high priority needs.

wycliffeassociates.org Top volunteer opportunities. Opportunities to volunteer with Wycliffe Associates.



The Seed Company is a Vision 2025 organization committed to
Bible translation through national translators in creative partnerships. The Seed
Company seeks to work where it is evident that God is working. They currently have an urgent need for a Director of Translation Consulting, check it out here: http://www.wycliffeassociates.org/serviceopps/volunteerdetail2.asp?id=884354

wycliffeassociates.org Provide direct and indirect leadership to the work of the Translation Consulting team to support the work of Bible translation projects. Pursue creative innovation to maximize effectiveness of translation consultants, ensuring that Seed Company projects are adequately supported with translation reso...

Volunteer Opportunities | International Volunteer Organizations | Wycliffe Associates

Have a heart for Brazil? We have a urgent need for a long term Bookkeeper/Accountant. See the link for more details. http://www.wycliffeassociates.org/serviceopps/volunteerdetail2.asp?id=884282

wycliffeassociates.org Bookkeeper / Accountant - 884282 Location:Latin America: Brazil Short Description:Responsible for performing a clerical operation in an accounting, banking, insurance or other finance office activity. Detail:Needed: a bookkeeper/accountant who ca

Volunteer Opportunities | International Volunteer Organizations | Wycliffe Associates

Do you have Accounting/Quickbooks experience and a love for Latin America? We have an urgent need in Suriname, check out the link for more info. http://www.wycliffeassociates.org/serviceopps/volunteerdetail2.asp?id=884261

wycliffeassociates.org Accountant / Quickbooks Trainer - 884261 Location:Latin America: Suriname Short Description:Put your accounting knowledge and Quickbooks expertise to work while helping one of our Bible Tranlation partners in Suriname. Detail:Looking for a candid

Application Support Specialist - Finance Systems

Last one for today :) Any US location, but ideally works out of the Orlando, FL office.

volunteermatch.org Position summary: The Application Support Specialist supports the finance staff in the usage of finance computer systems in order to fulfill accounting and finance business objectives. This...

SharePoint Systems Administrator

Orlando, FL desirable, but will consider candidates working remotely in other US locations

volunteermatch.org Position summary: Serves as a SharePoint Administrator and IT Systems Administrator with a blend of technical and functional skills with respect to MOSS 2010 and WSS 3.0. The mission is to...

Network Engineer

Yet another part time IT position in Orlando, FL :)

volunteermatch.org Position summary: The Network Engineer's role is to ensure the stability and integrity of in-house voice, data, video and wireless network services. This is achieved by planning, designing, and...

IT Customer Support Specialist

Here is another part time IT position in Orlando, FL.....

volunteermatch.org Position summary: Provide on-site remote technical computer support via a myriad of communication techniques. Responsible for maintaining service levels, tracking problems, and identifying...

IT Business Administrator

Check out our listing for a part-time IT Business Administrator in our Orlando, FL office.

volunteermatch.org Position summary: Daily business activities for the IT team - purchasing, listing, budgeting, expense approving, reporting ________________________________________________________________________...

Volunteer Opportunities | International Volunteer Organizations | Wycliffe Associates

Live in the Dallas area or know someone that does? We have a high priority need for a Director of Publishing Services. For more info click on the link.

wycliffeassociates.org Director Production Services - 883976 Location:North America: Dallas, Texas Short Description:Plans, directs, & coordinates publishing production processes, personnel & activities to produce print or electronic publications for the entity. Five years ex


Wycliffe Banquets | International Volunteer Organizations | Wycliffe Associates

Learn more about Bible translation . . . and your place in the work to translate God’s Word into every language. Attend a Wycliffe Associates Bible translation banquet—and bring a friend! Click the link below to find the Wycliffe Associates banquets nearest you.

wycliffeassociates.org Wycliffe banquets are a great way to find out about the work of Wycliffe Associates on a local level.


2011 Construction Mission Trips from Wycliffe Associates

Are you considering a mission trip this year? If so check out a recently released video exploring various opportunities around the world with Wycliffe Associates.

2011 Construction Mission Trips from Wycliffe Associates

[12/27/10]   Wishing you a happy, safe and blessed holiday season!

[12/06/10]   Looking to volunteer from the comfort of your home? We have two high priority positions that would allow you to do so. If you have Graphic Design or Web Development experience comment here or email me at [email protected].

[10/28/10]   Do you live in the Redmond, WA area or know someone that does? We have a need for 10 volunteers to help promote OneVerse at the Christian Music Summit on Fri 11/12 and Sat 11/13 from 5pm-11pm. Comment below or call 407-852-5369 for more info.


OneVerse.org - Bible Translation One Verse at a Time

Do you live in the Scottsdale, AZ area or know someone that does? We have a need for 10 volunteers to help promote OneVerse at the Christian Music Summit on Fri 10/15 and Sat 10/16 from 5pm-11pm. Comment below or call 407-852-5369 for more info.

oneverse.org OneVerse connects donors and investors with accelerated Bible translation projects to translate the Bible in the native languages of people world wide. Through Old and New Testament Bible translation millions of people are receiving God's Word.

[09/23/10]   I had the opportunity to attended the Fall Scripture Celebration yesterday at Wycliffe USA. Join me in praising God that 127,800 people from Mexico, Peru and Guatemala now have scripture in their heart language. Thank you to everyone that made that possible.

[09/14/10]   Please pray for volunteer Jen, who leaves for the Instituto Linguistico de Verano in Oacaxa, Mexico, where she will be serving as an elementary teacher through the rest of this year. Pray for Jen that she would feel God’s presence as she finishes her packing and last minute tasks. May God keep her healthy and strong for the task set before her.

[09/06/10]   Please be in prayer for the volunteer construction team serving in Abancay from September 4th – Sept 18th. Team members are David, Leann, Kevin, Hannah, Rachel, and Rebekah. All team members are arriving today in Cusco and will take the 5 hour bus ride to Abancay tomorrow morning. Please pray for team unity, safety, and success.

Volunteer Opportunities | International Volunteer Organizations | Wycliffe Associates

We have an urgent need for a Guest House Manager in Cusco, Peru. Check out the link for more info.

wycliffeassociates.org Guest House Manager - 883763 Location:Latin America: Peru Short Description:Guesthouse Manager desired. Help ATEK, a Quechua organization in Peru, run a hostal for visitors and groups that are serving in the Cusco area. Detail:Manager will be re...

[08/16/10]   We have a team that arrived in Abancay, Peru this weekend. The team will be working on the construction for AIDIA with Larry and Debbie Drake. The members of the team are: John, Donald, Paul, Charles, and Noel. Please pray for team safety, the ability to work well together, and to be used by God. The team is there for two weeks, although one member is staying longer.

[07/14/10]   Ever thought of visiting Peru??? We are in urgent need of Electricians and Plumbers to help renovate a home into a translation center in Abancay, Peru. The following dates are available Sept 4-18; Oct 2-16; Oct 30-Nov 13. Email [email protected] for more info.

Volunteer Opportunities | International Volunteer Organizations | Wycliffe Associates

Do you have the gift of working with numbers? We have high priority need in Arlington, TX as a Business Support Analyst. Check out this link for more info.

wycliffeassociates.org Business Support Analyst - 883858

Location:North America: Arlington, Texas

Short Description:Provide reporting, budgetary, analytical, and project cash flow management assistance to Field Operations staff, including Area Directors, remote Field Coordinat...

[07/02/10]   In observance of Independence Day, our offices will remain closed on Monday, July 5th. Spend a happy, restful day with your family, take a few moments to reflect on the joys of being free, and remember to say a prayer for those who have never known freedom.

[06/30/10]   We have two volunteers Lena and Jim traveling to Pucallpa, Peru to work on a construction project with FAIENAP. Both fly out early next week(July 6&7). Please pray for strength and safety for these two as they work alongside nationals to advance the work of Bible translation.

Volunteer Opportunities | International Volunteer Organizations | Wycliffe Associates

Love telling stories.....want to help accelerate Bible translation? Check out this urgent need as an Oral Story Facilitator.

wycliffeassociates.org Oral Story Facilitator - 883856

Location:North America: Arlington, Texas

Short Description:Explores, develops and facilitates oral strategies for the acceleration of Bible translation.
Detail:Facilitate training events for national Bible storytel...

[06/23/10]   While most of these will include international travel, other aspects can be accomplished from U.S. locations. Here are several high-priority roles that are needed immediately to support national translator teams: Oral Story Facilitator (teaching) Field Coordinator (managing) Business Support Analyst (accounting) Manager-Field Technologies (managing) CRM Administrator (administration in Arlington, TX).

[05/24/10]   Please pray for our team in Cusco, Peru doing construciton work until next Tuesday. Pray for good health, safety, availability of supplies and ability to get lots done :)

Volunteer Opportunities | International Volunteer Organizations | Wycliffe Associates

Secondary Math Teacher - Desired/Minimum Length of Service (months): 24.00/9.00
Come teach secondary math at Oaxaca Christian School (OCS) in Oaxaca Mexico. Small class size and small school size, therefore teachers typically teach 3-4 different classes. For more information, see the OCS web site at: oaxacachristianschool.com. To start the volunteer process click the link.

wycliffeassociates.org Secondary Math Teacher - Oaxaca - 883411 Location: Latin America: Mexico Short Description: If you love high school students and are certified to teach secondary math, we need you at Oaxaca, Mexico. Support ...

[05/07/10]   Praying for all those affected by the Nashville floods. ~ "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." ~ John 16:33

[04/28/10]   Tell us about your most memorable experience serving with Wycliffe Associates.

[04/20/10]   Are you in the Orlando area and interested in volunteering your time to support Bible Translation? We have numerous volunteer opportunities in our Orlando office right now. Please call 1-800-THE-WORD and ask for Erika if you are interested in learning more.

[04/15/10]   The Americas Area is forming new partnerships, ramping up involvement with existing partners, and continually searching for ways to serve our great God. With that in mind, Norm Every and I traveled to Guatemala and Peru in February and March meeting with old friends and making new ones as we traveled. ~ Michael Bush ~ Assistant Americas Area Director.


MK's are in desperate need of a Secondary Math Teacher in Oaxaca Mexico. Do you have what it takes to fulfill God's calling? Check out the link for more details.



Graphic Designer is needed in Cusco, Peru. ATEK desires to develop a gift catalog that gives donation ideas to those that support their work with the Quechua church. Come to the Andes Mountains to capture and understand the needs of the area, the
people, and ATEK.


[03/24/10]   We currently have an URGENT need in Orlando, FL to assist with banquet data. Requires lots of data entry and attention to detail. 40 hours per week for 8 weeks. Interested? Email [email protected]

[03/22/10]   Rainbows are wonderful reminders that the LORD will never again destroy the earth with a flood. I saw one just the other day that stretched the entire width of the valley. In the midst of disaster and destruction, we need to cling to the promises that God gives us. ~ Sandy ~ Peru SVC

[03/12/10]   The Nehemiah Initiative is leveraging the power of personal relationships to develop and to implement many more volunteer teams serving throughout the world to facilitate the goal of starting and sustaining 161 new translation projects/year. The challenge is for everyone to invite their Christian friends to join them on a WA mission trip, to achieve our Vision2025.

[03/09/10]   The Dallas WA Auction raised almost $12,000 in support of two projects. $4,000 will go to Faith Comes By Hearing for the distribution of Proclaimers for the Witoto people in Colombia, South America. The remaining funds will go to support a heating and cooling project for the Vina Studios and offices in Solola, Guatemala.

[02/25/10]   For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God. ~ Ephesians 2:8

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