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Planting fruit & veggies n back yard, No clue.. Got work. need help...
Due to the pandemic, Kids' Griefcare videos are now on YouTube, for free viewing. Please share, like, and subscribe! If you know of any child who is grieving, please help get these resources out! Thank you and God bless!
Please pray for my family. My cousin was killed a couple nights ago. Killer hasn't been caught yet.
Our pastor Jeremy Dunn and First Lady Missy Dunn on tv. Spreading the gospel. Hallelujah!!!!
Love and miss you all ❤ please keep praying for me
***LONG POST ALERT*** Hey everyone i just wanted to come on here share some great news on a dream big of me and my husband's !. so last year when me and my husband sat down to talk about our dream bigs one of our first dream bigs was to be able to purchase a family car since i was pregnant with our first son and my toyotoa corolla was not going to cut it with baby strollers car seats etc. so we really were praying during that time that god help us find the right car for our family and in the right budget and let me tell you god came through so early this year me and my husband went to a dealer to just browse at some cars and tryed to see what price range would keep us with in budget for monthly payment but every dealer said i would need to put a significant amount of money down and only be able to finance about 10,000 to be below 300 a month so me and my husband decided we would just wait a little while longer since we didnt have a down payment for the car so about a week and a half ago i just decided to browse online and see if i can get preapproved and just see what cars i could get within budget and i found 1 car that i really liked that seemed that it could be within budget so to make a long story short everything at the dealer went so SMOOTHLY they gave me the exact amount i wanted for my corolla to trade in. my payments came out to 279 a month and to top it off my insurance went down from 185 to 154 to i only ended up technically paying about $12 more a month for my new car! and i WALKED OUT OF THE DEALER PAYING $0 . i still cant believe to this day how god worked everything out in his perfect timing we have a vacation coming up this weekend and now i can get there stress free and more than enough space in my car to travel GOD IS SOOOO GOOD!!
Our youth are wildfire that wont be stop!
Hello C/Life Orlando. Receive much greetings from Kenya. May God bless you so much for the good work which you are doing in the kingdom of God. We invite you to join us in Kenya to ignite the body of Christ with the fire of the Holy Spirit. God bless you.
Praise God C/Life Orlando. May God bless you for your love and full commitment which you have demonstrated towards expanding the kingdom of God here on earth.As Arise and Shine Apostolic Ministries in Kenya we humbly request you to consider missions in Kenya this year 2019.The work of evangelism and discipleship is very extensive especially to the unreached and marginalized communities.The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Blessed 2019.
Well JoyJoyJOY! 2019 & Beyond.. I must be obedient to my KING, My LORD. Just returned from the SteamRoom at the YMCA, while there, I could not be still in my spirit, as the Lord had a message for us Men.. Tomorrow morning 6:30 am is our 1st Mens Breakfast of 2019. All my Christian existence has been "Mentored" by Godly Men, Mostly in the Gathering of Men of Like mind, Men that know & hear the voice that asks,"WHO SHOULD I SEND?" This is very important to GOD, ALL are called. L stands for Love, L stands for leadership, Both require ACTION. A Man is the leader of his home, the Pastor of his home. Action is required says the LORD. The Men that have been coming together early in the AM, have been tremendously blessed & tremendously have blessed me. The strength in the body of Christ comes from the unity of the brethren. We need to support our men.. 'MINISTRY OF PRESENCE" SAYS THE LORD. One day out of the month, starting tomorrow, Come support SteveMandela who is sold out to his calling, To my/our King. Why do you call me Lord, but stay stuck on issues that have nothing to do with MY Orders says the LORD..... So Much More the Spirit said to Share. Come to breakfast.. Ministry of Presence, You may feel you don't really need this, since your roll is elsewhere, Yet you'll bless someone, simply by your "Presence".... "He That Hath Ears" LOVE YOU GUYS.....
Thank you Clife family for all the prayers. Unfortunately we had to spend Christmas Eve and all of Christmas Day at the hospital but we were so excited to get good news that Daddy’s so much better. No more internal bleeding!!!🙌🏾 It doesn’t surprise us that we’re going through these crazy attacks. My first born almost drowned this year, the baby started having breathing issues with seizures out of nowhere, we were all diagnosed with the Flu within a week, and now this. To be honest I could go on about more attacks but as for me and my family WE FIGHT BACK!!!! In prayer, worship, reading God’s word, and giving. We’re not perfect by any means but Ive learned that the devil has a repetitive cycle. Our family has been fasting and giving in ways we’ve never done before and are expecting God to do big things in 2019. The devil doesn’t like that but can’t STOP THAT! We’re not expecting only for our benefit but for His glory. Our prayer request is that we stay strong and courageous and praying for wisdom to prepare provision for 2019. However for the Saunders household tonight will be considered Christmas Eve and tomorrow will be Christmas day. Luckily our boys are too young to understand the concept of time. So tonight we’re having hot chocolate with Christmas movies to celebrate Christmas in the morning! Love my Clife Family! Thanks again for all the prayers! Love y’all so much!!!
Requesting prayers for our friends, Lissette and Joseph James. Lissette’s Cancer was found during the birth of their third child this year. https://www.facebook.com/jojoonfire/videos/10155919155296709/

A passionate presence driven church that aims to see Hearts Turned, Hope Given and Dreams Released! Services are every Sunday at 9:15am and 11:15am, see you there! 8700 Conroy Windermere Road Orlando, FL

C/Life is the Orlando Campus of Calvary Christian Center in Ormond Beach, FL. We meet at Chain of Lakes Middle School Auditorium 8700 Conroy Windermere Road Orlando, FL

/ / / MOTHER’S DAY KITS / / /
Hey family come see us today at the new property and pick up your Mother’s Day Kit! Mama will love you even more!

The kit includes dessert ingredients and instructions, crafts to do for mom, and more! We’ll be here today from 3-7 but supplies are limited get them while you can!

12201 West Colonial Dr
Winter Garden, 34787 @ C/life Orlando

We have some great things planned for all the moms this weekend. Check out this video with Pastor Jeremy and Chef Manny for all the important info you don’t want to miss because it all start this Thursday at 3pm!

/ / / Home Church kicks off this morning at 10:30! We have a little something different for you today with some throwback worship! It’s a great day to worship Jesus together!

Service is at available at 10:30 on Facebook, Instagram or at clifeorlando.com / / /

/ / / ✝️ HOME CHURCH ✝️ / / /
Join us tomorrow at 10:30 on our page or at clifeorlando.com for Home Church!

The worship team is doing some throwback worship. Pastor @jdunn803 is preaching a message called “The End Time Church”.

This is one Sunday you don’t want to miss!!

We really tried to have a “normal” drive through cookout... but sometimes you gotta have a praise break. Family we loved seeing you this past weekend! 👏👏🙌🙌 @ C/life Orlando

/ / / TONIGHT = 🔥 / / /
Mid-week service!

W🔥 Students —-> @clifeyouth 8PM!

Adults —- > /ClifeOrlando on Facebook 8PM!

/ / This is how we fight our battles!!! / /

2 Corinthians 10:3-4:
“For though we walk in the flesh, we are not waging war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds.”

/ / / WORSHIP NIGHT ! / / /
Tonight at 7pm we’re having a time of worship with friends. Tune in live with us on Instagram and let’s worship together!

/ / / HOME CHURCH ! / / /
Can’t wait to worship the Lord today! Church still feels different than what we’re used to but our God never changes!

Let’s have church today at 10:30!

THEN... swing by our new property from Noon-2pm and grab lunch on us with our Drive Through Cookout!

C/Life Family we love you and miss you all so much! @ C/life Orlando

/ / / WHAT’S HAPPENING ! / / /

C/Life Family!
We miss you and wanted you know about some great things happening over the next couple days!
It all starts at 10:30am tomorrow for HOME CHURCH!

Join us right here on Facebook and let's have church together!

The Blessing Compilation

Our worship team misses worshipping together so much that they wanted to declare these words over you and your family!
"The Blessing" - Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes, Elevation Worship

This past weekend Pastor Jeremy challenged us to start or extent our time in the Word, in Prayer and in Worship.

Here’s a little something to help you with the Worship part! Take a few minutes wherever you are and spend time worshipping Jesus!

[04/23/20]   Join us for a time of prayer. Let's pursue God's presence first... His presence will lead us to His purpose!

If you need specific prayer comment below or send us a message and our prayer team will contact you directly!

/ / / MID-WEEK REPLAY / / /
Did God cause this pandemic? Why would He allow something like this? Is this the end? What good can come from COVID-19?

Tune in here on Facebook tonight at 8:00pm for a replay of Sunday’s message “Victory in the Vapor” where Pastor Jeremy unpacks God’s purpose for us during these times!

/ / / “I will bless the LORD at ALL TIMES; His praise shall continually be in my mouth.

My soul shall make its boast in the LORD; The humble shall hear of it and be glad.

Oh, magnify the LORD with me, And let us exalt His name together.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭34:1-3‬ / / /

/ / / THIS IS HOME! / / /
We believe everyone belongs HERE!
We are not the same but we are ONE!

We’re so thankful that the Church is bigger than a building, that as a family we’re not all the same, and that we have a reason to celebrate in every season!

/ / / DRIVE IN CHURCH / / /
Can we talk about the drive in Easter service for a minute?!?!

It was so great to be together even from our cars! C/Life Family we love you so much!!! ❤️❤️ #CLifeOrlando @ C/life Orlando

Happy Easter everyone! Let's celebrate a RISEN SAVIOR! Thank you for tuning in with us to celebrate this special day! Share this video and invite others to join our Easter service!

Happy Easter everyone! Let's celebrate a RISEN SAVIOR! Thank you for tuning in with us to celebrate this special day! Share this video and invite others to join our Easter service!

/ / / ✝️ HAPPY EASTER! ✝️ / / /

Today we get to worship a risen King!
Today we get to remember the stone has been rolled away and that borrow tomb is empty!
Today we get to celebrate that JESUS IS ALIVE!!!
#Easter #HeIsRisen #CRTVchurch #Orlando

Q&A Week 2!

Q&A time with Pastors Jeremy & Missy. Let’s find out who’s the better driver, who spends more money, who gets their hair done more and...

1:40- As a leader how did Jesus deal with the different personalities of each disciple?

4:25- Why can I remember a lot of things but struggle to memorize scripture? And how can I memorize it better?

7:50- If God knew Job would never turn his back on Him why did God allow him to go through so much? Wouldn’t it be enough for God to know without proof? Is there a hidden motive?

Thanks for worshipping with us today for Home Church! Let us and your friends know you're watching like, comment and share on this post. Now let's have CHURCH!!

Thanks for worshipping with us today for Home Church! Let us and your friends know you're watching like, comment and share on this post. Now let's have CHURCH!!

/ / / GOOD FRIDAY / / /
Join us tonight at 7pm as we remember the sacrifice of Jesus during our Good Friday Communion and Healing Service. We’ll be live on right here on Facebook.

Let’s have church together tonight!

C/Life Orlando

C/Life Family!

During this season we want to know how we can be praying for you. If you have a prayer need click this link and our teams will be praying for you by name!




/ / / ✝️ EASTER WEEKEND ✝️ / / /
C/Life Family here’s an important update from Pastors Jeremy and Missy about our plans for Easter Weekend! We’re looking forward to an amazing weekend! ✝️ 🐣

/ / / Tomorrow night @ 7pm 🎶 WORSHIP WITH FRIENDS 🎶 join @mylesmac & @deemaccloskey on Instagram live, right here with worship leaders from all over Florida! Can’t wait to worship with you and @garettserban @kateserban @johnwildsmusic @nixaidelopez @javierrodriguezmusic / / /

/ / / 🌴PALM SUNDAY 🌴 Join us today for HOME CHURCH at 10:30!
Let us know you’re watching and join the conversation by using the hashtag #CLIFEHOMECHURCH


Here’s a little encouragement for today! With everything going on in our world right now Pastor Jeremy reminds us to consider Jesus when we’re faced with difficulty.

Don’t forget to worship with us tomorrow for the full Palm Sunday message “Have You Considered Him?”

We’ll be going LIVE at 10:30am on right here Facebook and YouTube just search C/Life Orlando and let’s have church together!

Pastor Jeremy sits down to answer some of the questions sent in this week! If you have a question let us know by texting the word QUESTION to (407) 258-2711

This week’s questions:
0:45- How can I find peace in the midst of a job loss and needing to provide for my family?

4:30- If lucifer was an angel and fell from heaven will we be able to fall when we get there?

7:10- Why do Christians congregate on Sundays and not Saturdays like the Lord established?

Thanks for worshipping with us today for Home Church! Let us and your friends know you're watching like, comment and share on this post. Now let's have CHURCH!!

Thanks for worshipping with us today for Home Church! Let us and your friends know you're watching like, comment and share on this post. Now let's have CHURCH!!

/ / / HOME CHURCH / / /
The method may be different but the message will never change!

Join us for HOME CHURCH right here at 10:30!


/ / / 🏠 HOME CHURCH / / /
We may not be in the same building but we can still HAVE CHURCH TOGETHER!

Join us tomorrow at 10:30am!

Let us know you’ll be worshipping with us by texting HOME to (407) 258-2711

C/Life Family!
We miss being together but we’re never really apart. He’s a look back at the past week and info for this weekend!
Looking forward to another great Home Church Sunday! #CLifeHomeChurch

/ / / “You are anointed to BE free and SET free!” Jeremy Dunn

Listen to the entire message “It’s on me!” on our Podcast now. / / /

[03/22/20]   Join our Home Church Sunday worship experience. Pastor Jeremy Dunn dives deep on what it means to be an anointed child of God.

Home Church Sunday (March 22nd)

Join our Home Church Sunday worship experience. Pastor Jeremy Dunn dives deep on what it means to be a child of God.

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The Blessing Compilation
Happy Easter everyone! Let's celebrate a RISEN SAVIOR! Thank you for tuning in with us to celebrate this special day! Share this video and invite others to join our Easter service!
Q&A Week 2!
Thanks for worshipping with us today for Home Church! Let us and your friends know you're watching like, comment and share on this post. Now let's have CHURCH!!
Thanks for worshipping with us today for Home Church! Let us and your friends know you're watching like, comment and share on this post. Now let's have CHURCH!!



8700 Conroy Windermere Rd
Orlando, FL
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