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This is an invitation to read and comment directly online about a most offensive and insulting article on yoga published in the current issue of Discover magazine. The article can be viewed at What's offensive about this article? Plenty. Here an ignoramus named Gemma Tarlach, a senior editor at Discover no less, shows how little she knows about the topic in the article "20 things you didn't know about yoga." Example: Yoga isn't really that old and what Americans know as yoga today began in the late 19th century! Example: The practice of holding yoga poses began in the early 20th century with Krishnamacharya! Example: Hatha yoga began about the 10th century AD. Example: The word yoga is very ancient , as in the 15th century BC writers use it to mean an animals yoke! Example: She sees no spiritual content in yoga, doesn't seem to know a main meaning of yoga is union with divinity leading to moksha (liberation). Example: She appears to have done no research before writing this rubbish article, may not have read any of the 760 million Google hits on yoga, definitely did not read even the Wikipedia article on yoga which flatly contradicts many of her 20 points. There is plenty more where she trivilializes and demeans yoga, which is sure to offend the billion Hindus and Buddhists who hold yoga in high esteem, not to mention the 25 million North Americans who practice yoga today. Give her and Discover magazine a wakeup call. You can comment online at the link cited above, by email to [email protected], by Twitter @GemmaTarlach. You can comment on her website at Her article sounds more like a deliberate put down of yoga rather than an attempt to discover what yoga is. Such ignorance and possibly malice does have a cost, which Gemma Tarlach and Discover magazine will have to share ........................................................................................................................... FROM THE JULY/AUGUST 2017 ISSUE 20 Things You Didn't Know About ... Yoga The yoga practiced by most practitioners today has little in common with the ancient tradition, but that doesn’t mean you should throw away your mat and leggings. By Gemma Tarlach|Tuesday, June 27, 2017 RELATED TAGS: PERSONAL HEALTH 36 fizkes/Shutterstock 1. Yoga today is a mainstream fitness activity; 1 in 5 American adults participates in what most people believe is an ancient practice. Surprise: The yoga you’re going to the mat for isn’t that old. 2. What we generally think of as yoga began in late 19th century India, when leaders of an anti-colonialism movement sought to rally their countrymen to their cause. 3. Some of these men saw yoga, then more of a philosophy, as a non-sectarian, indigenous symbol of India that transcended divisions of religion and language: a handy tool to have when you’re trying to unify a nation. 4. These Victorian-era gurus, notably Swami Vivekananda, spread their version of yoga worldwide as a proudly Indian way to achieve a higher level of understanding through contemplation. 5. Modern postural yoga, the practice of actually holding poses, originated with early 20th century guru Krishnamacharya, who taught a mix of gymnastic and wrestling moves, Western calisthenics and hatha yoga, a medieval practice all but lost in India for centuries. 6. It’s in hatha yoga, beginning about the 10th century, that an emphasis on controlling breath and maintaining certain postures arose. But it has little in common with doing a sun salutation at your local gym for tighter abs; medieval hatha yoga’s goals included divination and attaining immortality. 7. What’s really ancient about yoga? The word itself. Around the 15th century B.C., key Sanskrit writings use it to mean an animal’s yoke and also an entire war chariot, yoke and all. 8. Early on, due to the association with chariots used only for fighting, yoga also meant warlike, and people believed a charioteer killed in battle was taken up to the heavens in a divine yoga. Swing low, sweet chariot, indeed. 9. In Sanskrit, yoga has numerous other meanings, including a constellation of stars, the quality of industriousness and even a fraud. 10. We’re not saying there’s anything fraudulent about many of the mental and physical health benefits claimed by practitioners of modern yoga, however. 11. Studies have shown, for example, that postural yoga, along with the practice’s other components, controlled breath and meditation, can regulate blood pressure, heart rate and respiration. 12. Yoga may be especially helpful to seniors hoping to avoid a fall. In a 2016 meta-analysis of six studies involving individuals over the age of 60, participants showed small improvements in balance and moderate mobility gains after going through postural yoga programs. 13. The practice may even help asthmatics breathe easy. In 2014, a meta-analysis of 14 randomized controlled trials investigating yoga’s effects on asthma found that it appeared to alleviate the chronic inflammatory airway condition better than conventional care. 14. Don’t swap your inhaler for yoga pants just yet, though. The same 2014 study stressed additional research was needed to rule out bias and to understand the mechanism behind yoga’s apparent benefit. 15. A 2016 pilot study of women who described themselves as “psychologically distressed” provided a clue to how yoga works on a molecular level. After eight weeks of instruction, participants had lower levels of certain immune system biomarkers linked to stress. 16. 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We believe worship should be done freely.

Mission: A place of Worship for the entire family. Priest In Charge Pandit Jeetendra Persaud

[03/28/20]   Thank you joining with us in Satsangh tonight with Pandit Jeet.

Thank you joining with us in Satsangh tonight with Pandit Jeet.

Devotees tonight our worship will be dedicated to that divine Mother Durga in her avatar as Lakshmi Mata. We cannot worship at the temple as we are following the CDC’s guidelines to keep everyone protected and safe. Join with Pandit Jeetendra Persaud at 8:00PM 🙏

Once again Devotees please join with us for a short satsangh and prayers to Devi Durga during this auspicious of period of Navratri tonite and every nite from 8:00PM with Pandit Jeetendra Persaud. We are strongly adhering to the rules and recommendations of the CDC in an effort to keep everyone safe and will not be conducting worship at the temple until further notice

Namaste Devotees we are in such sad uncertain times and your safety is our number one priority. We know that every year our Nauratri celebrations are what most of our devotees look forward to but due to the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak, we regret that we have to cancel Nauraatri service at mandir.

However because of the auspiciousness and importance of this parva, we will stream a 1 hr service every night from 8-9 pm.

We encourage everyone to perform puja at home on March 24, March 27 and March 30 by following the streaming.
These items will be required - lota with water, attar, chandan , sindoor , dye , flowers, fruit. Durga Chaalisa will be sung every night.
Schedule will be as follows:
Tues March 24 - Durga puja
Additional items needed-neem leaves, 1 coconut, 1 lime, 1 nutmeg, lapsi and puri (optional), mohanbhog. Durga dhaar made with milk, dye, clove, camphor, honey, sugar, crushed neem leaf. 1 chopper or cutlass.
Friday March 27 - Lakshmi puja. Additional items Kheer and puri (optional)
Monday March 30 - Lakshmi puja. Additional items Kheer and puri (optional)

You are all invited to join Saraswati Devi mandir on Sunday Feb 16th for Saraswati Puja at 9:30AM

On Friday Feb 21st from 6:00PM for Mahashivratri all nite worship.

On Sunday Feb 23rd 9:30AMfor Ramayana Katha celebrating Pandit Jeet's Janamdin with Pandit Ramanand Rewah.

On Sunday March 8th at 6:30PM Holika Dahan

On Monday March 9th at 6:00PM Celebration of Holi.

All are invited to join us on Sunday at 9:30AM for devotional worship.

On Friday we begin our Dance Yoga Meditation class.


Please take a moment of your time to join us for this inspirational, effective and enlightening presentation by our Sister Subrina on Friday Jan 24th at 7:00PM You owe it to yourself in improve YOU.

All are invited to join with us in worship tomorrow Sunday Dec 29th at 9:30AM - On Tuesday Dec 31st please join us to give thanks and praise for all that we have accomplished and pray for another blessed year in 2020.

All are invited to the last Satnarayan Poojan if the year. Let’s give thanks for all we have to Shri Satnarayan on Wed Dec 11th at 7:00PM

All are invited to the last Satnarayan Poojan if the year. Let’s give thanks for all we have to Shri Satnarayan on Wed Dec 11th at 7:00PM

Please join us for Goverdhan Puja tonight at 7:00PM -
Why are we celebrating Goverdhan Puja?
Govardhan Puja, is celebrated after the Diwali in the month of Kartik, this puja signifies the victory of Lord Krishna over the arrogance of Lord Indra, and is celebrated with lots of grains and worship to the divine Lord Shri Krishna.




All are invited to an evening of music, spiritual discourses, question and answer session on any topic to be answer by Swamiji Radeshwaranand from the Big Apple on Friday at Saraswati Devi Mandir from 7:00 -9:00 P.M. Dinner will be served

Please join with us on Sunday Oct 20th @ 9:30 AM for worship and Pravachan from the Ramcharitamanas by Pandit Jeetendra Persuad.

All are invited to join with Rudy & Wendy Thackurdeen for devotional worship Sunday Oct 13th at 9:30AM. Pujan by Pandit Jeetendra Persaud and discourse by Swami Avshesh

Diwali Dhamaka party on Friday Oct 11th at Rotary Club, Kirkman Rd. Bring your family and friends for a social evening. Fun for the whole family.

Please join us for Nauratri celebrations from Sunday Sept 29th at 6:30PM for full Durga Devi worship and every nite after from 7:00Pm to 9:00PM: Friday Oct 4th and Sat Oct 5th join us for Durga Puja and Dandiya Raas. To participate please contact Pandait Jeet at 407 222 0932 or 407 376 3610.

Saraswati Devi Mandir

Celebration for Shri Krishna Janamasthmi August 23rd at 7:00PM and concluding Sunday morning. Bring your family and friends to experience the gems of the splendid Bhagavat Gita delivered eloquently by Sudarshan Das.

Saraswati Devi Mandir

Photos from SARASWATI DEVI MANDIR's post

Saraswati Devi Mandir

Photos from SARASWATI DEVI MANDIR's post

Saraswati Devi Mandir

Photos from SARASWATI DEVI MANDIR's post

Saraswati Devi Mandir

Photos from SARASWATI DEVI MANDIR's post

All are invited to join us for worship:

As mentioned in our Puranas, Shri Ram worshipped Devi MaDurga before going to war with Ravana. It is believed that Shri Ram performed Chandi Homa and sought the blessing of Goddess Durga before going to war. As Lord Rama was blessed with victory over powerful demon Ravana, this time of the year is considered the most suitable to seek blessings of Goddess Durga and to perform Chandi Homa.
Goddess Durga is worshipped in all her nine manifestations, but primarily as Goddess Durga the first three nights Goddess Lakshmi the second 3 nights and Goddess Saraswati the final three nights concluding with Shri Ram's puja and worship to celebrate Ramnaumi. NIGHTLY WORSHIP BEGINS AT 7:00PM


A temple that allows you to worship freely.

A Temple that improves the lives of both adults and kids, makes a difference, educate and allows opportunities freely. We are blessed with a great teacher Pandit Jeetendra Persaud

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1453 N Pine Hills Rd
Orlando, FL

Opening Hours

Sunday 09:00 - 17:00
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