Dancing For Him Ministries, Orlando, FL Video May 8, 2018, 12:00am

Videos by Dancing For Him Ministries in Orlando. www.dancingforhim.com - A Spirit-filled, biblically based ministry to the body of Christ through creative worship, prophecy and dance.

Dancing For Him Events

Upcoming Events! http://bit.ly/2I0Xybl

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Majesty of the Beloved Retreat/Graduation
Yesterday, I went up to Oveido (just outside Orlando) to go see the retreat center for next year's retreat/graduation. It is so beautiful, right on a lake - so peaceful. I can't wait!! Be sure to register early... https://www.dancingforhim.com/conferences/attend-a-conference/october-30-november-1-2020-oveido-fl#.Xe_DMi2ZNm8

Upcoming Events!
http://bit.ly/2I0Xybl 5/26 Next savings date for “Fire on the Altar!!”

Dancing For Him Events
Upcoming Events! http://bit.ly/2I0Xybl

Only Love
In honor and loving memory of Prophet Kim Clement. This was done at a Dancing For Him Ministries Retreat in Burnsville, NC. This year's retreat will be near Orlando, FL http://www.dancingforhim.com/conferences/attend-a-conference/december-1-2-2017-winter-park-fl/#.WFV49LGZNm9

You Are Loved
I found some videos from a few years ago and thought I'd share with you. This was done at one of our retreats in Burnsville, NC. This year's retreat will be near Orlando. Blessings!

Healing Oil - California 2012

Ballet II Beginner/Intermediate Class
This teaching video is 1Hr.45 minutes of Barre Exercises to strengthen you; turns and quick foot work to improve your movement skills; beginner/intermediate ballet moves across the floor; stretches and more. Plus a beautiful worship dance at the end, broken down step by step. You will find it soon at www dancingforhim com (Coming in August).

Amazing Presence of God!
These are highlights from the MO conference. This weekend's conference was over the top with His presence and anointing. Two ladies were saying when they tried to enter the door, they couldn't because the anointing was so strong in the room and one began to just weep. Many people talked of how they felt a freedom from intimidation and a freedom to dance like never before. Several had tremendous breakthrough.

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