Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth

Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth


As I continue to assimilate what I have been given I am becoming so aware of how I lived out of lack and fear.... even before I was born. Thank you Soul Quest for creating the space for me to wake up.
I'm having a hard time understanding the website. Say I wanted to attend the ceremony in May, how do I do that? What all do I have to do to do that? Anybody? Thanks.
Roberts's author page: Book available for class adoption and book review. Author available for interview. Contact [email protected] MindApps: Multistate Theory and Tools for Mind Design By Thomas B. Roberts Park Street Press, 2019, £12.99 $12.15 (pb), 224 pp. ISBN: 9781620558188 Adam G. Van Hagen DOI: Published online by Cambridge University Press: British Jr of Psychiatry Bulletin, 15 November 2019 Export citation Request permission As interest in psychedelic research continues to increase, it is clear that a new conceptual framework is needed to investigate phenomena associated with altered states of consciousness. While research has focused primarily on their psychotherapeutic and entheogenic uses, few studies have dared to consider psychedelics as potent tools for enhancing cognition, conducting conceptual research and improving complex problem-solving. Sensing an opportunity to kick-start an intellectual revolution, Roberts introduces ‘multistate theory’ as a potential framework to guide new exploration of altered states of consciousness. A core tenant of multistate theory is the rejection of the ‘singlestate fallacy’, which Roberts defines as the erroneous assumption that all worthwhile skills, abilities and knowledge reside in our default waking state. He argues that our default state is simply one of many possible states of consciousness (or ‘mindbody states’) that the mind can produce and operationalise. Directly criticising mainstream science and philosophy's understanding of intelligence and consciousness, Roberts provides ample evidence that cognitive processes qualifying as intelligence reside in other mindbody states. MindApps explores a simple analogy – as apps are to smart devices, ‘mindapps’ are to the brain–mind complex. Therefore, any agent of psychological change (both drug and non-drug) that produces a mindbody state can be considered a mindapp. Different kinds of mindapp, of which psychedelics are perhaps the most potent, ultimately produce disparate mindbody states. Consequently, Roberts challenges the reader to consider a new age of ‘mind design’, where mindapps are used in combinations to investigate mindbody states, create new ones and uncover the full extent of the human mind. As transhumanist and transpersonal perspectives begin to intersect, could it be possible to design minds that far surpass the functions and capabilities of our current ones? Multistate theory is a novel conceptual framework that sits at the crossroads of science, philosophy, spirituality, humanities and the arts. Considering the evidence illustrating the efficacy of psychedelics and other mindapps as catalysts for substantive psychological change, multistate theory can serve as a guide not only for systematically investigating mindapps and the cognitive processes that characterise mindbody states, but also for conducting conceptual research. While he is clearly optimistic about the future, Roberts is quick to highlight that MindApps is merely the start of a new conversation about what it means to have a mind. However, given his contributions to psychedelic research and education over the past 30 years, Roberts's conclusions are deserving of a wider audience. As we shift from the age of information to the age of experience, his clarion call for bold innovation should be heard by all who wish to pioneer the development of new research questions, creative methodologies and engaging education for future generations of mind-designers. COPYRIGHT: © The Author 2019 This is an Open Access article, distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution licence (, which permits unrestricted re-use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.
I made peace with my soul at Soul Quest 🙌
I found my tribe at Soul Quest ...🙌
If you want to know what it was like for me to lay under the stars at night on the grounds of Soul Quest after my 3rd Ayahuasca ceremony... this is a snippet of the song I wrote that captured that moment. If you'd like to help contribute towards my first solo album that encompasses Soul Quest, my experience there, and this beautiful, transformative plant medicine please follow the link below.
Thank u soul quest for being a church supporting mind, body, spirit in a way no other organization has. If you are doing Ayhuasca for the first time and are concerned I am sharing my first experience here. 🙋🏻The Mind, Body, Spirit connection has always been important learning for me and although I don’t need to announce it to the world. I like to put it online because it’s a digital record of how I’m passing time in a physical world and could potentially help someone else. Facebook makes a decent diary and I especially love when I’m reminded of what was posted a few years ago. It gets me asking questions about my evolution. After a trip to the Dominican Republic I returned home quieter and haven’t felt much like being online. Since this experience I’ve been to “soul quest” but this is not about THAT experience. ( another post post for another time. My soul quest experience was also beautiful and convenient) I haven’t felt like connecting with other people, answering phone calls. My brain has been on one thing. Spiritual awakening. Since drinking the Ayahuasca in February 2019 I’ve been ravenous for knowledge so that’s been my focus. Reading, listening to online videos, listening to books on tape in between driving to work and singing till I FEEEEL soooo GOOOOD. I’m ALL about it. I know what the meaning of life is, I know there is no death and now the work comes in training my brain that this body is NOT in charge. My soul is. I’m here to FEEL good. It’s why we have 5 senses. My (experience) IS the most important thing. The better feeling the experience the higher the vibration and consequently all the physical aches and pains dissipate. That heavy body becomes lighter. We are capable of healing our bodies but we must vibrate at a higher frequency. That’s where the evolution comes in. You don’t NEED ayahuasca to get to pure consciousness but knowing what that feels like helps u get there while meditating. So... ya ya ya. Without further ado. Here is my very first ayahuasca experience. Ayahuasca ceremony number one:✅ The first night I was afraid. I had not yet met the people holding the ceremony. I was dropped off at Nelsons home, in the same community i was staying . He was picking up supplies, namely bottled waters. When I rang the doorbell nobody answered so I sat on the steps waiting. I texted and he replied he was close by. When he walked up I was put at ease by his authentic way. He pushed open the door and introduced me to Fernando, the Peruvian shaman who was leading the ceremony. Later I was to learn it would not be held at his home but a different location. We hopped into Nelson‘s truck, all three of us and drove west, away from the beaches, past the hospital, down a pot-holed, bumpy road. Parking off the road side, next to a walled “compound”, we sat in the truck. Parked opposite were two girls in a car, one hopped out and spoke to Nelson like she knew him. The other hopped out clutching a blanket and pillow. the first girl hugged the second and told her to have a good trip. The gate to the compound opened and we all walked in, the girl holding her pillow looked anxious. It was her first time too. I felt better. I was nervous but excited. Walking through the gate there was nothing extraordinary about the parking area but upon entering a doorway, it opened to a tropical garden with an out door porch that was large. A bar and a brick oven for making pizzas sat underneath. The floor was a shiny travertine. The shaman set up yoga mats spacing eight of them equally apart, Nelson equipped seven wastebaskets with plastic bags and set them one to every mat. This worried me slightly. The thought of throwing up in front of so many people felt embarrassing and then I remembered a video I watched where a girl worried she would poop herself. Diarrhea is common as the medicine cleans your body of toxins. The bathrooms, thank God, we’re close by, and clean. And as we sat on our mats facing the shaman he only spoke Spanish. I understood hardly any so the girl to my left, Sabine, translated what he said and Nelson translated the rest. “You must first ask a question, something you want to be answered, something you want to be taken care of. “ (The ayahuasca, I was to learn later is hard work.) I already knew what mine were. I wanted to feel joy and to have the anxiety leave. For good! The Ayahuasca tea sat in a plastic bottle and I watched as the shaman shook it keeping the bits at the bottom evenly distributed. He lit some candles, incense and poured the first bit of brew into a Japanese style tea cup . The lights were out and he was playing a Peruvian chant from a JBL Bluetooth speaker. It sounded strange and lent to an already uncomfortable but mystical atmosphere. Nelson took the Tea to the first man on my left. He drank it down. Next Sabine, then me. The taste was bitter and a little thick. Most of the liquid slid down my throat but the thick part coated my tongue and the roof of my mouth. Nelson urged me to rinse my mouth out with the water he had set next to my mat. I considered my wastebasket. Would I need it? I hate throwing up so I hoped not. He went around the room passing out tea all the while the chanting continued. I laid back on my mat, covered myself with a blanket and listened to the breeze waiting for something to happen. I tried to count time; listening to the music and knowing that almost all songs are 2 to 4 minutes. This one unfortunately gave me no clue as to the length of my stay. I laid there fidgeting as it went on and on and on, the music chanting the same thing over and over again. My first urge was to grab my phone and look at time but I felt it inappropriate during a ceremonial format. After a bit I watched Nelson walking around asking people something. When he came to me he asked, Do you feel anything yet?” “No.” I replied. He again passed another cup of tea, starting with the man to my left then Sabine than myself and so on. I laid back down, wondering did I make a good decision knowing it was too late. I started coughing. I don’t know why. I didn’t feel nauseous. Then I hear other people coughing. The beginnings of something trying to get out? Then the man to my left the one who received the medicine first, throws up. The sound is harsh and violent, reaching the deepest parts of his stomach. My stomach gets queasy hearing his noise. After, the man to my right starts violently retching. He’s missing some of his bucket. I sit upright to ease my own nausea. I’m determined. I am not going to throw up. I sit up for a bit. I hear a girl further away throw up. Sabine on my left is lying flat, content. She looks like she is in no danger of purging her self. Nelson comes over and asks if I’m all right. I tell him I feel sick. He says it’s better to lie down. I say I feel worse when I lie down. He says this is good. This is how the medicine works. I tell him I don’t want to throw up. He says it’s part of the process better to throw up. You release the trauma. He’s the expert so I lie down, shut my eyes, and a kaleidoscope of colors formed beneath my lids. My thoughts ran wild. I was talking to myself. In my head. There were 2 of me. I was speaking fast. I was asking questions and then answering and it was one after another. It didn’t stop. It didn’t slow down. It only got faster. It Felt like I was being my own best friend and giving myself excellent advice. The other self that was listening took it very seriously. All of a sudden the kaleidoscope of patterns changed from bright color to dark gray and smooth, shiny liquid (think terminator) with heads at the tip of each petal. The heads were making faces, like they didn’t feel good and that was when I shot up right and grab my bucket. I held close the bucket, leaning over, my mind telling me things a million miles a minute. Then the one thought I wasn’t expecting came. It stopped me. It was LOUD. You can throw up when you drink your alcohol and your alcohol is poison. You can throw up when you drink your alcohol but you can’t throw up when you drink the medicine? Who are you? What kind of person are you? Who can throw up for the alcohol but not for the medicine? I opened my eyes and the bucket was a dark black hole that was infinite. In that moment I threw up all the alcohol I ever drank to cover up my anxiety and depression. I didn’t ask for that! Was this how I would get my joy back? Nelson came over offering me a paper towel to wipe my mouth then motioned for me to drink a little water. I felt relieved. I laid down and that’s when warmth and happiness filled my body. I was being pushed into the ground. It wasn’t hard ground anymore. My body was molding itself to the tile. It was almost as if the earth was holding me, cradling me, and the heat of the sun, the warmth, felt like ecstasy. Time ceased to exist and I enjoyed all the advice my inner self was imparting to me. I was still aware and periodically allowed my mind to drift to my neighbors. Some were crying, some were talking to themselves. Talking, Talking, Talking. They didn’t stop talking. They were crooning, like speaking to a baby and then speaking like a mother, berating a child. Sabine was alternating a few languages. Making the same noise dramatically like spitting out poison and every time she did it I came closer to throwing up again. I did throw up. I sat up, my mind telling me about all the pills I took for depression and anxiety. It said, “you are throwing up all the pills u ever took. All of them are coming out and u will not need them again.” They all came out, I wiped my mouth and fell into the same loving warmth as before. I told my body to clean my cells and felt an instant tingling that vibrated from the top to the bottom. This time I relaxed enough to fall asleep, then the sun became so bright behind my eyes I had to open them. I jerked upright and saw most people had gone, the rest gathering their belongings to leave. The lights were no longer off and I looked at Nelson, a giant, excited smile on my face. My cheeks hurt I was smiling so big. Words shot out of my mouth. I knew god. It was me. I now understood. I could see. I had given my self the best advice I had. He had a big smile on his face at my comprehension. My stepmother had called him while I was under to make sure I was safe. It was well past midnight and we were late coming back after starting late. As we climbed in his vehicle he drove homeward but my mouth didn’t stop. I couldn’t believe what I had just gone through. It was an awakening and my body was still vibrating with the energy of the medicine. I couldn’t sleep and stayed awake, my thoughts rolling with comprehension. I knew so much. It was the best “me time” I’d had in a long time; a deepening of the friendship I needed to have with myself, the connection between body and mind after a long separation and a new beginning with a forgotten, divine being. ❤️

Soul Quest "A journey for the Mind Body & Soul". We are a spiritual retreat center that offers a variety of alternative healing methods & medicine

PLEASE READ THIS IMPORTANT LEGAL DISCLAIMER BEFORE JOINING: All information posted here is for educational purposes only and is the personal view of the author; not intended as medical advice, diagnosis or prescription. Most of the information shared in this group has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to cure or prevent any disease

Ayahuasca Ceremony forMar. 6th -8th 2020 At Soul Quest

New 5.0-star Review: "can't say enough good things about this place and the experience because there are no words for the love and healing that I experienced here and listening to other people try to describe their journey. So thankful for the staff and the positive energy and love they provide. They did a wonderful job ensuring everyone was taken care of, safe from negative energy, and given the opportunity to grow, learn, and love. Shout out to Dr. Laurie and Dr. Scott for the integration session and the ceremonies. So grateful that I went and experienced this level of love. I didn't know what I was missing and I feel better and more myself than I have in over a decade. So thankful and wish everyone the best on their personal journey through this life."

New 5.0-star Review: "I am so grateful to everyone at Soul Quest. I haven't felt this whole in decades! Thank you for showing me how to heal and reconnect with my inner spirit. Thank you also to ARKAWA for helping to guide my journey."

New 5.0-star Review: "life changing experience and everything was more than expected. staff was super helpful and very helpful. the space was very comfortable and loving. the entire experience was way more than I could have imagined and pan to go again."

New 5.0-star Review: ""

New 5.0-star Review: "i wish i can put it into words but all i can say is whatever you are looking for, you will be healed. it was the most incredible experience i have been through. i have no regrets."

New 5.0-star Review: "What you do at Soul Quest is something amazing.You are really saving people’s souls in a way in never imagine it was possible.I’ve been a psychologist, family and couples therapists in Latin America for more than 10 years, here I. United States I am a Certified instructor in Hypnosis (also have a PHD in hypnosis in Spain), a Master degree in Leadership and I am a certified Life Coach by Robin Madanes group.In so many years looking for the best ways to help people I never seen and experience what I did this weekend at Soul Quest.My personal experience was very positive and the transformation I noticed in other was unbelievable.Thank you Ayahuasca, thank you Dr Scott, carlos and all the team and staff.After saying this I’ll go to the link and fue Soul Quest the 5 stars they deserve."

Querida Amazonia: Syncretizing Smoke and German-tinted Mirrors

It looks like the POPE and the Catholic religion is talking about us and would like to have a dialogue with us.

At least one Catholic religious sister—“Sister Jaguar”—is well acquainted with what she calls the “sacrament” of ayahuasca; her story is told in this short documentary. This “sacrament” is absolutely central to Amazonian spirituality, and everyone knows it who understands the first thing about their spirituality. I can’t prove it, but I would assume that the potted plant thing that was processed up and placed on the high altar by Pope Francis contained some of the plants used for making ayahuasca. Why not? These are the sacred plants in their spirituality, and therefore the most fitting choice for such a votive offering.

Many Germans make a pilgrimage to the Amazon just to partake of ayahuasca in authentic ceremonies. How many bishops have? Who knows... But the spirituality surrounding it is pantheism. Mother Earth as the All-Spirit comes to people and reveals the mysteries of oneness to those who partake. The experience often has a very dark side as well, with the feeling of imminent death.

A reliable study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information includes descriptions of the spiritual aspects connected with the use of ayahuasca. The article recounts how its use was pressed in the US Supreme Court, and the SCOTUS ruled that, in spite of its being a Schedule 1 controlled substance, its use for religious purposes (that is, as a “sacrament”) is legal in the US. Perhaps our next ecumenical dialogue needs to begin at once with the “Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth.” You can now go and legally receive the sacrament of ayahuasca and encounter Pacha Mama directly for yourself. I wish this were a parody—but it’s not. All of this stuff is right out in the open. The reactions to the Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation Querida Amazonia—I had almost written Post-Sinusoidal Apostolic Expectoration—have once again exhibited all the features of an ecclesiastical Rorschach inkblot test. In spite of the document’s hailing from the man whom we might as well ag...

Ayahuasca Ceremony for Feb 21-23 2020 at Soul Quest

Ayahuasca Ceremony for Feb 14-16 2020 At Soul Quest

If you judge someone for using a PLANT instead of a pill to help themselves heal........ feel free to come visit me, I’d be happy to show you the difference

"It is time to embrace Humanity with my healing, extending beyond the Amazon basin, reaching global expansion, spreading through all the soils of tropical climates, growing in every forest, in every sidewalk, in every house garden. Care about me, harvest me, spread me around.
Warriors of Light from Around the World…
Help Me To Help You!" Ayahuasca Manifesto

Soul Quest is doing everything in its power to help Humanity by providing a safe set and setting for people to have access to ayahuasca here in the USA.
We have had over 13,000 People from all over the world come to us for healing over the last 5 years. Out of the 13,000 over 3500 where military vets. Those vets are now not one of the 22 vets that commit suicide every day.

We have programs that allow everyone the possibility to come to us even if they can't afford to come. Our vets get 50% off and if they cant afford that we have sponsors that help pay the rest. If a person can’t afford to come, we have a volunteer program that allows them to come at no cost.
If you would just do a little research you will see that we have 1000s of reviews of life-changing stories and you will then see how we are helping the world and humanity.


Come Learn about the healing power of Ayahuasca at our OPEN HOUSE tomorrow Feb. 20,2020 from 12-9pm we will be having presentations all day long and giving guided tours of our beautiful sanctuary at 1371 Hancock lone Palm rd in Orlando Fl. 32828

Please RSVP to let us know your coming

GUIDED TOURS – 12pm to 3pm

Guided site tours of our ceremony spaces, accommodations, resting areas, the “Oak Grove” for daytime ceremonies, dining areas, bathrooms, and our lush 4.5-acre retreat center.


Soul Quest Natural Healing Center is the independent medical service provider offering medical support throughout your weekend retreat to ensure safety & comfort. This world-class medical team Includes a Physician/Medical Director, Dr. of Oriental Medicine, Holistic Doctor, Physician’s Assistant (PA), licensed paramedics, and licensed practical nurses (LPN). A variety of Integrative & Complementary medical treatments are available, such as: IV Therapies for replenishment & hydration, Intramuscular Injections, Laser Therapy for natural pain relief, ionic foot bath for detoxification, cupping, and much


Soul Quest provides the highest standards in Psycho-Spiritual Integration to all our members before, during, and after your stay. Our Integration team includes two psychologists plus certified Psycho-Spiritual Integration Coaches/facilitators. Our facilitators specialize in transformational coaching services that are designed to support both addiction recovery and psycho-spiritual integration work surrounding transformational experiences with entheogens. During your stay at Soul Quest, you will be assigned to one of our facilitators that conducts your integration group on Friday, Saturday, and
Sunday. In-depth/intensive psycho-spiritual integration programs are also offered by our Psychologist.


Soul Quest is a neo- shamanic church that blends the traditions of the amazon with our modern culture. We offer ceremonial ayahuasca retreats for healing and personal evolution, with one of the most powerful shamanic medicines on the planet. Our professional and psycho-spiritual approach is reaching thousands all over the world, providing conclusive answers and real solutions to problems. Ayahuasca can change your life like it has changed the lives of so many that have come. Learn about our mission
followed by Q&A.


Soul Quest has a multi-professional team of facilitators, medicine men & women, musicians, yoga teacher, psychologists, integration coaches, and a medical team that support you during your weekend retreat. Here is an opportunity to meet our diverse team and ask questions, and explore the possibility
of working with plant medicine. We will also talk about our volunteer program.

2 Days to go #thankyouplantmedicine

New 5.0-star Review: "Amazing place, beautiful people. Absolutely recommend this place for everyone looking for healing. Inspiring, revealing and magical."

New 5.0-star Review: "At Soul Quest, I experienced unconditional love and support. I made connections that will last a lifetime. I developed a newfound awareness and understanding of myself. I now feel whole. I recommend this to anyone who finds themselves curious."

New 5.0-star Review: "I came in on Friday, emotionally exhausted and broken inside, and left to go back home on Sunday feeling beyond grateful, blessed, healed, and LIBERATED. I’ve shed and let go of all emotional baggage that was tarnishing my soul my entire life, and I feel like a sponge that’s been squeezed out to be fresh again. If you need healing, you feel lost, empty, or even hopeless, this is the place to go. Mother Ayahuasca is divine and powerful, and she’ll give you exactly what your soul is yearning for. Thank you Soulquest, thank you Carlos, Verena, Chris, Dr.Scott, Dr. Laurie, Lucette, and all the countless amazing volunteers that were there to serve and heal. Thank you to every single person that helped make my first Ayahuasca experience so powerful and healing. I feel like a million bucks, and I can’t wait to come back soon to my “family” away from home. Thank you❤"

New 5.0-star Review: "First-timer, obviously a revelation, no expectations so clearly unanticipated. Even if I hadn't had the visions -- and it didn't happen until early Sunday morning, AFTER the torches lit -- the sense of communal acceptance was unlike any other I've ever participated in. Never thought it possible to communicate an entire world view in the briefest exchange of eye contact. At least I've been given a glimpse of an alternative to the trajectory our civilization appears to be on."

#thankyouplantmedicine 3 days to go

New 5.0-star Review: "I went to soul quest a few weeks ago, that weekend I had a battle with my demons, medicine gave me love enough to win that battle. Thanks to all the team and volunteers, your support was incredible, I will definitely return to another ceremony to continue my healing journey and if is possible as a volunteer to help my brothers and sisters. eternally grateful."

New 5.0-star Review: ""

On Feb 22, 2020 At 10 am. We will be having a Miltary flag ceremony. We will be raising the American Flag the State of Florida Flag and all Branches of Military in Hornor of our Servicemen and women At Soul Quest Ayahusaca Church of Mother Earth

Ayahuasca Ceremony for 1-31 2-3-2020 At Soul Quest

Ayahuasca Ceremony for 1-24-26-2020 At Soul Quest

Ayahuasca Ceremony for 1-17-19-2020 At Soul Quest

New 5.0-star Review: "This place is going to and IS changing the world. The experiences that I and SO MANY have seen here are the pure embodiment of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. I could sit here and write for hours about the transformational beauty that is happening at this church. This review isint 5 Stars its 5 MILLION STARS. Its infinity stars. COME CHECK IT OUT."

New 5.0-star Review: "I honestly cannot say enough kind words about this place and the people who work here. I had the most amazing weekend full of healing, crying, laughing, and learning here at Soul Quest. My Saturday ceremony was a little rough but the medic and Angel's stood with me until I was better. I am forever grateful for this place. Thank you, thank you , thank you for helping so many people and making this available in the United States. I will definitely be back again. If you are even considering going but have doubts, just go.....this place is Amazing. It will change your life!"

New 5.0-star Review: "Soul Quest was a life changing experience for me. I went there with so much fear, anxiety, so many emotions. My experience was beautiful, & therapeutic. The veil of doubt, fear, all traumas that have been holding me back have been released. Mother Aya showed me all that has been weighing me down. She showed me love, compassion, she healed my inner child. The staff was absolute amazing. Soul Quest has such a loving and compassionate environment. I will be going back. I highly recommend Soul Quest for those suffering from PTSD, any type of trauma, if you’re looking to find answers of Source Energy, or to just connect with the oneness of all creation. You will leave there releasing years of trauma. A weekend is like receiving years of therapy in a couple days."

New 5.0-star Review: "In the beginning I was very untrusting and not use to releasing control . I thought it was a cult during my first ceremony lol but when I broke through all I could feel is love and freedom they never forced anything and the volunteers were amazing stayed out in the cold with me for hours in the rain cleaned purge buckets help feed us I'll be the first to say it is not for everyone make your intentions known and once they are answered that's it don't be arrogant and keep taking more listen to yourself. This is The kind of church I would've loved to be born into but I've learned on my journey to love and be grateful for the contrast of life experiences be open to all of it or you will be opened up and you will always have what you need in the end this is worth more than I could ever make and yet they still gave me a refund for ceremonies I didn't do. Medical team also amazing I was given IV when dehydrated and in a trance they never alarmed me even when it was hard to find a vein I could write books on my 1 weekend here but overall respect yourself and everything around you. I'm a Marine Corps Veteran and this will change your life the less resistance the more change dare to know yourself love you all"

New 5.0-star Review: "Wow what a weekend I feel as though I have been made new.It was a very hard weekend for me I cant explain it in words ,and just seeing all these beautiful people from all over coming together to share and to watch them be transformed and such beautiful tears filled with love ,I cant stop thinking of some of the beautiful stories I have heard and there is something to me about seeing grown men cry and be vulnerable and share their hearts and to see compassion flowing from them,and seeing anger from them just dissapear,and to know people are going home to heal relationships..Love has broke through,and fear has ben conquered. This was a melting pot of love and I feel honored to have been a part of it,and I send my deep love to all my brothers and sisters that shared this weekend with me,I am in awe of them they have blessed my life,each story ,each tear,each hug,each laugh each beautiful conversation,I dont know if words can express how blessed I am.If you are thinking of going just do it..Thank you God for creating us all and for letting me have this beautiful time I am forever grateful...🤮"

New 5.0-star Review: "PURE love here. I'm a therapist. Ceremony is HARD sometimes. Be ready."

New 5.0-star Review: "My life will never be the same. Thank you SQCME."

New 5.0-star Review: "Life changing- this was one of the greatest experiences of my life. The volunteers and staff are incredible people, and their level of caring was so profound. This is a place of deep healing and self discovery."

New 5.0-star Review: "I spent a Wonderful weekend (Fri-Sun) at Soul Quest in Orlando! Since this was my first experience of this kind, I choose to drink twice over the weekend (Fri Night and Sat Night.) They do offer an additional Sat Morning session as well as other modalities like Kambo. Saturday evening kicked of with an amazing breathwork session with Dr Scott and then the Sat night with Aya was truly an incredibly process of discovery. I did not know what to expect but the love and joy i felt on Sat night with Aya were truly something i never experienced before ! They also serve some wonderful food (still thinking of those potatoes). You can see the effort put in by Verena, the blood pressure nurse and all the volunteers to ensure that everything is well organized and everyone feels safe and comfortable in this journey. Would highly recommend Soul Quest !"

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A Spiritual Retreat.
A Spiritual Retreat
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