Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth

Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth

Comments Join us Today for the Soul Quest Online Church Service 11:30 - 12 pm for Music Meditation 12-1:30 pm Online Church Service with Dr Scott Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 375 756 362 Passcode: Love One tap mobile +13126266799,,375756362#,,,,,,0#,,496830# US (Chicago) +16465588656,,375756362#,,,,,,0#,,496830# US (New York)
This Sunday at 12 pm The Bhagavad Gita: A Field Guide to Your Spiritual Journey with Special Guest - Yogini, Rachel Jamison Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 375 756 362 Passcode: Love
Today we honor our veterans. We pray that you would be strengthened and encouraged. We are forever grateful for your sacrifice. Freedom isn't free and we honor you for the price you've paid. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Soul Quest Sunday Online Church Service - today 12pm Veterans Day Tribute with Tre York. He had a plan to end his life but fate had another plan! Coincidence or divine intervention ... you decide. Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 375 756 362 Passcode: Love
can someone tell me the name of the Ayahuasca song, they play at the ceremonies ? thanks
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It's been awhile since I've posted a review for Soul Quest on Facebook so I'd like to take the time to do that today. I have been attending ceremonies for about 3.5 years at Soul Quest and have never had a time where I did not enjoy my experience, and this past weekend was no exception. I brought 5 members of my church with me, two newbies to the medicine, and two volunteers. Our combined experiences were much more than expected. The care from the volunteers during and outside of ceremony, the integration sessions with Dr. Scott, the upgrades throughout the retreat, the food, the medicine, the facilitators as well as the medicine men and women, the medics, the office admin staff, the founders to Ben and all he does and all the many hats he wears.....the total experience is why I continue to call Soul Quest my home church. I love you all and am so looking forward to my return this coming March. Much love and light to all!
An amazing weekend! What can I say? Omg, the women’s retreat and the energy was amazing. Soul quest definitely needs more of these weekends.
Happiness doesn't mean that everything has to be perfect. Just means YOU decided to look beyond the imperfections. I will be forever thankful for all of you that crossed paths with me in this life. Thank you! Big thanks to the Soul Quest family.
Today at 12 pm - Soul Quest Sunday Online Church Service Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 375 756 362 One tap mobile +13126266799,,375756362# US (Chicago) +16465588656,,375756362# US (New York)
May I ask prayers for Alina please ? 🙏🏽❤️ She is missed 13 days now 😢 This is what I just prayed . 🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽 In Jesus Name I call in every supply needed to find missing Alina. From the north, south, east and west ministering spirits go forth and bring in the supply . Father move upon the hearts and minds of all those who play apart in finding her . Show them , guide them , lead them 🙏🏽 I call the evidence/clues across the path of those that can make a real difference in this situation . I believe and receive everything I’ve prayed and give you glory in advance for this prayer is answered . In the wonderful and precious name of Jesus I pray , AMEN 🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽

Soul Quest "A journey for the Mind Body & Soul". We are a spiritual retreat center that offers a variety of alternative healing methods & medicine

PLEASE READ THIS IMPORTANT LEGAL DISCLAIMER BEFORE JOINING: All information posted here is for educational purposes only and is the personal view of the author; not intended as medical advice, diagnosis or prescription. Most of the information shared in this group has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to cure or prevent any disease

Operating as usual

New 5.0-star Review: "The best care I could ask for. The support and care by the staff and volunteers was unreal. They went beyond and felt like I was completely safe and taken care of."

New 5.0-star Review: "2nd time that I've been and I couldn't be more satisfied with the people"

New 5.0-star Review: "The level of care and love you receive when you are at your lowest point, from the founders to all the volunteers, is unexplainable. I don't believe that experiencing the healing powers of Ayahuasca will be the same anywhere else. My deepest gratitude to all of you."

New 5.0-star Review: "My retreat was this weekend at Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth. I wasn’t really sure what to expect of the place - would it be too commercial or Westernized... now I have nothing to compare it to, but I had a wonderful experience. I was humbled by how much love and support was offered by the staff and volunteers through every step of the process. They are like angels attending to your every need. I felt very safe and cared for. If you can’t go abroad or are afraid to jump in that deep right away, I highly recommend it. I witnessed many miracles this weekend. Not just from hearing about people’s transformational journeys, but also to be with a community of people that were so vulnerable together in a quest to heal and grow.They are wonderful about helping you navigate the medicine, figuring out what the appropriate dose.I did 3 ceremonies. The first was a modest dose, with an optional booster a couple hours in. I purged the medicine almost immediately both times. I have since learned I have to sip it a few spaced out gulps. I saw a few pretty lights, on par with a moderate magic mushroom dose.The next day was a day ceremony in the woods. It was a gorgeous day. I meditated for an hour in the morning, we did yoga and the dove in. I took a larger dose, again saw beautiful colors and had an emotional release but still not the transformative experience I was hoping for.We did one final ceremony last night and I decided to dive in deep. Now, some of you may remember I am a heavy cannabis user and only quit 1 week prior. Last night’s ceremony had very vibrant visuals. I was struggling quieting my ego. I did manage to have a few minutes of absolute stillness. Something that looked that pink technicolor gears kept cycling around and quick glimpses of faces, an eye, but nothing I could put my finger on, EXCEPT lots of very clear neon pot leaves. They didn’t look scary or anything that made me feel like she was trying to deter me, but I’m pretty sure the message was if you want to go deeper than this, try again when you are more clean. I tried to take a booster dose, as well as Rappe (don’t know how to do the the accent do forgive the spelling). My visions stopped at once. I think Mother Aya was teaching me a lesson, that if I don’t want to listen or be greedy, then I get nothing. As a good mother should. Today, I noticed on some of the tapestries hanging had familiar images of things that were very quick glimpses. Like she was flirting with me. Overall it was very gentle and beautiful.Some of my fellow journeyers had incredible epiphanies and breakthroughs. A lot of heartbroken people out there. Less after this weekend. This medicine is a gift and so are the people dedicating themselves to doing the work and making it more accessible for those who need it.Although I did have the big breakthrough I was hoping for, the experience of being in the setting and being a part of so many people’s healing was worth it and more. Her message to me was was received and I will abide and try again soon.I have been considering doing a long retreat in Peru, with a minimum of seven ceremonies. After experiencing this weekend, I’m glad that I came here first. It was a great way to dip my toe in this very immense deep pond. I can’t imagine doing seven ceremonies right now. Soul Quest is a beautiful, beautiful place. Filled with love and commitment to your well-being. It’s no frills, don’t expect anything fancy or fine dining, but if you’re expecting compassion, healing and camaraderie they safe place to experience this powerful medicine, this is a wonderful place to be.On top of all of that, they are very committed to your continued growth and healing. You have lifetime access to weekly therapy & meditative workshops via zoom. The cost of therapy alone makes this an unbelievable gift that I am tremendously grateful for. I’ve already booked a return trip for February. I can’t wait!Sending you all love and light. 🙏❤🙏"

Please Join Us this Sunday, November 21st, 2020 Soul Quest Online Church Service.

Bufo Alvarius & Golden Ratio Resonance
The key to a Transformative Experience
. .
Guest Speaker Dr. Scott Olsen, PhD

Our Guest Speaker this Sunday is Dr Scott Olsen, PhD - internationally acclaimed for successfully decoding the geometric mysteries of Plato.

Dr. Olsen tells us that ...
“Human beings are actually hardwired for transformation through Golden Ratio resonance.”

Dr. Olsen studied and collaborated with David Bohm -one of the most significant theoretical physicists of the 20th century who contributed unorthodox ideas to the field of quantum theory, neuro-psychology and the philosophy of mind stated.

David Bohm says:
“The essential feature of quantum interconnectedness is that the entire Universe is enfolded into each and every part.”

Bufo Alvarius triggers non-local resonance, which is now established to occur at the Golden Ratio to the 5th power.

Bufo Alvarius, one of the most fascinating entheogen known to humanity, (also known as the Colorado River Toad), may be the greatest entheogen known to humanity.

The 5-MeO-DMT found in Bufo Alvarius can produce the most phenomenal transformative experience of any medicine.

Stanislav Groff said
“it was the toad that showed me the shortest and fastest way to the Absolute.”

Despite the fact that there are roughly 400 cataloged plant medicines, this is one animal medicine that far exceeds all other entheogens in its profound effects.

There is absolutely no doubt that this healing elixir could transform the world! You won't want to miss this powerful service.

Streaming Live Here on Facebook and interactive on Zoom.

Meeting ID: 375 756 362
Passcode: Love

New 5.0-star Review: "Life Changing.I have never been high before and was a bit hesitant to try anything like this. The environment was extremely positive and professional and really helped alleviate all of my concerns. We will likely be doing this annually for the rest of our lives. I have no other experiences to compare, but these folks are really top notch.Take your time and fill out the workbook thoroughly. You will be amazed at the amount of clarity you will have at this retreat to really tackle some of life's confusing issues."

This Sunday at 12 pm Streaming here live or join us on Zoom.

The Bhagavad Gita: A Field Guide to Your Spiritual Journey with Special Guest - Yogini, Rachel Jamison

This Sunday we discuss the often referenced Bhagavad Gita.

What is it?
And why is it a must read for anyone on the spiritual path?

Our guest speaker Rachel Jamison will attempt to remove the dogma and complexity of this ancient spiritual text. Brought to you through the eyes of a fellow seeker, and psychonaut.

Were the ancients giving us a step-by-step manual for psychedelic preparation?

Sacrament or not, the
The Gita is a supplementary instruction manual for anyone on the quest for enlightenment.

Join Zoom Meeting…... See More
— at Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth.

This Sunday at 12 pm
The Bhagavad Gita: A Field Guide to Your Spiritual Journey with Special Guest - Yogini, Rachel Jamison
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 375 756 362
Passcode: Love

New 5.0-star Review: "I cannot explain how much this retreat changed my life for the better. I see this life through a new set of eyes and a heart full of love. The staff is amazing and the medicine is something everyone needs."

New 5.0-star Review: "Truly a life changing event!There is no better feeling than PURE love!The staff and volunteers made my experience so pleasant. They are true angels!!!Will be going back again and again and again!!Thank you Mother Aya and Soul Quest for opening my eyes and heart!!!"

New 5.0-star Review: ""

New 5.0-star Review: ""

New 5.0-star Review: "I came to Soul Quest because I was searching for something. I am truly happy that I became a member because I now know what I was searching for and where it is. The facilitators are wonderful examples of compassionate caregivers who wholeheartedly want to share their gifts with us. The volunteers are inspiring in they way in which they carry themselves in this shared space. I am grateful for this community and the mission that they pursue."

New 5.0-star Review: "Words fail to discribe the magnitude of magnificencethat this place and the experiance is, but i will try.The staff, facilitators and volunteers are an Angelic Host of their own accord and tend to every need that arises. I felt so loved and cared for, i felt safe and supported from the moment i stepped on the property.The beauty i found in the medicine was more than i had ever hoped for and the the beauty of the community was equal to that of Mother Earth her self.Thank you Soul Quest, thank you from the depths of my soul thank you."

New 5.0-star Review: "Soul Quest created a safe, peaceful, and beautiful environment for my introduction to plant medicine. I felt the love when I first walked in and carried it out with me when the weekend was over. It was the most important learning experience I have had about myself in my entire life."

New 5.0-star Review: "I don’t even know where to start. This place is amazing! They’ve thought of everything to make this such an easy experience. This sacred medicine can bring about such intensity... so not having to think about food/drink/bedding is such a blessing! Feeling physically safe allows one to let go and trust in the process. Dr Scott and Verena have drawn to them such kind individuals that volunteer their time and energy to serve those working through some painful stuff. If you are at a cross-roads in your life, consider receiving this holy sacrament to bring illumination to your path."

New 5.0-star Review: "Unforgettable experience, thank you and Love to all!"

[11/01/20]   Getting out of the
Pit of Despair
The Medical Perspective on Psychedelic Medicines in Healing from Depression, Addiction & Trauma
. .
Guest Speaker
Dr Eric Milbrandt, MD, MPH, CTP
Soul Quest Medical Director

You know the old saying: what’s old is new again?
Turns out to be true for psychedelic Medicines.

Back in the 1950s, research was proving that psychedelic medicine could be effective in the treatment of various neuropsychiatric disorders.

Unfortunately, just as science was exploring their beneficial effects, the counterculture were exploring and embracing their effects too. Slowly but surely, psychedelics were associated with rebellious youth and the tumultuous anti-war movement. As a result, the government shut down most of the research.

The 1990s saw renewed interest in psychedelic medicines as a means to address neuropsychiatric disorders. Research explored the benefits of MDMA and ketamine to treat mood disorders and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Today in 2020, we seem to be in a refreshing, yet more "responsible" version of a psychedelic movement, evidenced by the decriminalization efforts of Psilocybin and Cannabis and the emergence of exciting new research in psychedelic assisted therapy.

But how do psychedelic medicines actually work?

This Sunday, our focus is on the Medical Perspective of Psychedelic Medicines in Healing from Depression, Addiction and Trauma.

Special Guest and Soul Quest Medical Director Dr. Eric Milbrant, MD, MPH, CTP, will break it down for us in easy-to-understand language and explain how psychedelics actually work on our brains and bodies.

This should be a fascinating discussion about neurotransmitters, serotonin, tryptamines, and the effects psychedelics have on us medically.

You don't want to miss this!

New 5.0-star Review: "If you have ever thought about doing ayahuasca or if you have done it in the past, this is a fantastic place for you.FOR NEW PEOPLE: Soul Quest provides the safest, most loving environment possible. They have onsite paramedics, psychologist and a plethora of seasoned staff and volunteers that lovingly watch over you during the ceremonies. Even though I have only been there once, I feel like family. My wife and I just got back home two days ago and we are already planning our next visit. The guest are from all walks of life and have a variety of issues that they have come to heal. I loved every single person I met...staff or guest. I cannot recommend this place enough. Make sure that you do your ayahuasca research and take the dieta seriously before you arrive. Soul Quest gets an A+.FOR SEASONED PEOPLE: This place is great. They use a beautiful soundtrack of music versus a traditional shaman with icaros. The medicine is powerful and the accommodations are more luxurious than those you would find in Peru. I trust them completely."

New 5.0-star Review: "I have never experienced anything like this before. I did all of my homework, research and underestood basically what I was walking into, but nothing could prepare me for the abundance of love, good energy and friendship that I found this past weekend.Soul Quest is not just a place to participate in a ceremony. It is so much more. The way they operate, to keep each guest safe and secure was so incredibly special.During the ceremonies, the volunteer staff is there to take care of you. Bonnie, EMT Mike and Bob watched over me as though they were my very own angels. Whatever and whenever I needed something, it quietly and magically appeared. From more blankets, paper towel, water, or just to make sure that I was doing ok...they were there to make sure that my journey was easy and filled with love.I had a chance during my Friday night ceremony to go outside by the fire and watch the stars. I couldn't believe how magical it was to hold space under the night sky.Meeting all of the other guests was a big part of the experience. I met people from all walks of life, nationalities, backgrounds and religions.Sharing stories, learning about each others lives and getting to know each of them on a personal level made the experience so much more.I am so glad that I brought a warm blanket, hoodies, warm pants and my own healthy snacks as my journeys didn't end until late into the night, well after the snacks that they provide were gone.If you are thinking about participating in a ceremony, look no further than Soul Quest. This place and the people who run it are truly magical.Thank you, Soul Quest! We will definetly be back next year!"

New 5.0-star Review: "The only thing I wasn’t to fond of was the comfort level. It was really hot sometimes and not so comfortable sleeping on the mats. Definitely felt discomfort with the bathrooms. Maybe if they could have men and women’s separate? 🤔but we go there to get out of that comfort! also I did feel I personally needed a smaller space and not so loud music, but I’m sure if I spoke up you guys would’ve accommodated. Overall I had the most profound experience of my life I am forever grateful to the staff. So kind and so understanding and helpful. Those guys worked hard night and day just so we could experience the healing powers of the medicine and that’s the most beautiful and strong selfless thing one could do for another! I will be back. Bless you all"

New 5.0-star Review: ""

New 5.0-star Review: "Words are small and tiny comparing to the experience I had this weekend. The amount of healing that you experience, with everybody else doing it too is immesaurable. It was too hard leaving this place and going home. Nothing but love for this place and these people. If you feel stuck, and lost visit this place. Place of love, laugh and hope. I can't imagine not coming back here. Thank you for making this heaven on Earth, namaste

New 5.0-star Review: "This is the real deal. I've participated in Ayahuasca ceremonies prior, but never have I found the spiritual home that Soul Quest has become. All of the facilitators and volunteers are truly there to ensure you have the space to heal. I was skeptical and guarded going in, but pretty much right off the bat it becomes clear how authentic, pure, and grounded this center is. There are teams of medical staff to ensure your physical well-being - really from the moment you check in. And the team doesn't mess around, they are aware that there can be risks involved with certain conditions and will make sure you are safe in your experience. It's not for everyone. But if you're curious, then trust that curiosity and go to Soul Quest; I promise you will find it to be one of the more important choices you ever make."

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Ayahuasca in the USA: Can it heal me.
A Spiritual Retreat.
A Spiritual Retreat
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