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“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.” - Tagore Welcome to The Service Channel.

This site was created to share service in a human way with the world. The Service Channel was established as an online media channel by Dr. Denver Severt at the University of Central Florida Rosen College of Hospitality Management. The channel itself features online role play videos created, produced, edited, and performed by the students of the Rosen College. These videos showcase a wide spectrum of service experiences and trainings with customers and guests. Topics of focus include service design, service measurement, service technology, service innovation, service strategy, service failure and recovery, employee and customer deviance, and profiles of service heroes. This fan page will be updated regularly with additions to the channel and service thoughts, inspirations, and suggestions by The Service Channel team. It is simply a means to share developments and inspirations in service with anyone who is interested. Please check back for further updates and information to be coming in the near future!

Mission: To improve service knowledge, delivery, and actions worldwide by providing helpful information to assist all folks in thinking outside the box about all things.

Operating as usual

[06/28/15]   Service is Everywhere! Hospitals, Continued Care Retirement Centers, Nursing Homes, Streets, Gas Stations, Universities, Churches, Banks, Neighbors, Family - take a chance and delight someone in one of these communities today! Make it a great rest of the day!

[06/18/15]   I was hungry and thirsty, you offered me food and drink! - the essence of service and hospitality.

Why not practice a random act of service by pleasantly surprising someone and going out of the way to take their breath away today. Sometimes, this can be as simple as a genuine smile. Wishing you a sensational day from the service channel.

[09/12/14]   - sometimes a simple greeting offered by extending words such as, "good morning, good afternoon, or good afternoon, " can change a life - the power of the initial impression to service can never be under-estimated - if the greeting is backed by a smile - the power grows geometrically - let's be powerful. Good afternoon!

[06/13/14]   ...last week, a 16 hour day or so, you know those busy days we have and not a lot of time to eat,...I went to the RaceTrac for the chicken roller dinner. Usually, I pick a chicken roller and immediately begin to eat it. Usually, I have it eaten by the time to get to the line. On this night, I was on the way towards the checkout desk, and, the manager waved a finger in the air to signal me and then said, "you are free" today. On a day when I had given it all, that small gesture gave me a warm feeling. What a difference a small gesture can make in our day and week...

[06/12/14]   Imagine a world where companies don't tell you they offer the best service or are number one in service or achieve the highest satisfaction rating possible or have many service awards - - - instead they "blow your mind," by staying keenly focused on their mission, vision, and values and just do a tremendous job - so great that no one has to discuss the level of service, they just become "madd" fans because every time you interact with this company or buy their products, in some way, they "blow your mind."

[06/05/14]   Today I went to Burlington Coat Factory to buy a new suit. I went at 5 PM and I had a 6 PM class so I quickly and I mean quickly found a suit, tried it on, left it and went up to the register in the suit. The young woman at the register helped make sure she rang me up and took all the necessary things off my suit. She was humored by the fact I wore the suit up to her desk with labels on it but I really appreciate the fact that she played right along knowing I must have needed to wear the suit. She helped me make sure I was together before I left the store and she gave me a bag for the clothes that I had worn in the store. A small help can make a stressful day much better. Great adaptability in service.

[05/23/14]   Sometimes service is best received and most delightful when least expected. Challenge, go surprise someone with an unexpected service.

Rosen College of Hospitality Management

Dr. Denver Severt discusses the "iceberg effect" of customer service in the latest edition of UCF's weekly opinion column series UCF Forum. For the full story, visit (

[09/13/12]   .....observing and recognizing excellent service breeds service innovation in and around us daily. Please feel free to report any service business u find doing Excel.lent....if we look for excellence, we are more likely to find excellence. Use your service glasses and help me spot some businesses doing excellent. Enjoy your week...

[09/11/12]   ....Awaiting a meeting in a Planet Smoothie, already ate, just waiting for a meeting that will occur in a short while, five floors up. Feeling a bit guilty and a bit thirsty, I approached the counter to order a small beverage. The young man graciously repeated, "a small beverage only." I repeated, "yes, a small iced tea." He went and returned with the small iced tea. "Don't worry about paying." My meeting gets out near lunch time. This small gesture motivated me to move my lunch meeting to Planet Smoothie...a great gesture young man.

[08/04/12]   Service that engages taste, smell, sight, touch, sound, and the sixth sense.
Upon entering the restaurant, the waitress named Christina, told the man, and showed the man through hug, that she was happy to see he was okay because he had not been there in a while. After that, the man proceeded to order a fish sandwich. The man told Christina, the fish sandwich was the best one he had in 10 years. He also told the next group of 6 the same thing as they entered the restaurant. They, too ordered the fish sandwich, all six. Everything was sensational about these service encounters. No wonder the restaurant that had been closed for renovation for 11 months managed to keep 100% of their employees. These employees have worked there an average of 10 years. Nice work Brian's Restaurant on Orange Avenue. I may go for that giant fish sandwich I saw the other man eating just yesterday. Thick flaky, lightly fried, a gently toasted sub bun, a pickle, lettuce, tomato on the side, sizzling crisp crinkle cut fries, and summer slaw on top of the sandwich. Excellent job Brian's - a nice way to shine!

Service Children's Book

The creativity of young minds as they study and relate to service keeps the hope for continual better service alive. A student's "service book." Nice work.

Stellar Service at Severt's Service School Service Quilt by Dillon Sternkopf

Rosen College of Hospitality Management

Dr. Denver Severt discusses his DBT² philosophy in the latest edition of UCF Forum. "Excellent service enhances the quality of life both for employers, employees & consumers – it is universally beneficial. So how can we ensure that when something succeeds, it is repeated?" To read the entire article, click here (

Rosen College of Hospitality Management

Dr. Denver Severt discusses his DBT² philosophy in the latest edition of UCF Forum. "Excellent service enhances the quality of life both for employers, employees & consumers – it is universally beneficial. So how can we ensure that when something succeeds, it is repeated?" To read the entire article, click here (

[07/23/12]   Reluctantly, I went out about 4 AM to do the morning exercise, and, as I came around the bend of the lake, I saw a beautiful lady, of Asian origin doing her walk. She wore a radiant smile, and with each lap that I took, passing her, I noticed her smile and countenance. I hardly saw her walker, or her partial paralysis on one side. I would call an attitude like hers, the best of service. Thank you beautiful lady, you are an inspiration, your 1 lap to my 6 laps taught me how fast you are going, and, how slow I am going.

Have a great day all! May your motivation be a service to others today.

[07/20/12]   ...sometimes, the greatest improvements start with, "I think we can do better than that," next, "how can we do better than that," - easy to STOP HERE FOREVER; next, one simple action towards "doing better than that," ..POWERFUL! Today, may you make one simple action of service to you or someone else towards "doing better." Thank you for serving! Really, thank you for serving!...

"I think we can do better." - John F. Kennedy, Sept. 26, 1960

[07/18/12]   ...while in Aruba, I carried Bank of America's new miniature VISA Debit Card with small ID in upper left corner. Each time I went to pay, I asked them, "Do you take 'baby visa'?" With wide drawn back eyes, they would repeat in an Arubian English, "baby Visa." Looking suspiciously, as if being pranked, they would take the card to try. After swiping the card, when the card would process, you would see surprised eyes, a wide smile, hear a laugh, and then you would hear in their mother tongue the associate telling fellow"BABY VISA" then laughter and smiles all around as they looked at the baby VISA. This strange turn of events would turn a normal transaction into an Experience with humor, surprise, novel information, and laughter. How can we turn the normal into the positive unexpected each time? .... I miss Baby Visa ...

Myra Golden Keynote at Contact Center Association 2012

For Zappos it's all about delivering WOW. This presentation delivers powerful insights into the unique ways Zappos approaches screening and hiring, quality m...

[07/16/12]   ...the Red Bull delivery guy wheeled an Orlando July's worth of Red Bull into the busy morning toward the convenient store. He crossed the door threshold pushing the giant load of Red Bull into the store. He then reached back with his free hand, to hold the door open for five customers to come into the store...when I tired to get the door for him, he said,"I got it." I thought, 'you sure do.'.......I was number six. Good for Red Bull, the store, and the customers.

[07/13/12] a McDonald's drive-through, I handed the attendant two pieces of my debit card; she smiled, swiped, ...momentarily walked away...then returned with the debit card taped together, handed it over, smiled again, a great way to do it better than that...small things make a giant difference...

Mr Bean - Bad Customer Service -- Schlechter Kundenservice

OFFICIAL MR BEAN. Mr Bean tries to get service in a china shop but the shop assistant is on the phone to her friend. He explodes a paper bag to get her atten...

[07/04/12]   Hats off to Henri for a great job on this day of liberty. Henri is 97 and wheelchair bound yet full of joy and life. Henri was sitting at a local Panera Bread when he met Ida, 85. She uses a walker. She admitted to Henri that since she had been using a walker, she did not get to shop at JC Penny. Henri realized the store was just on the other side of the mall from Panera. He tapped the top of his lap and said, let's go. Ida got up and sat on Henri's lap. As they went sailing through the mall and intro JC Penny, smiles and joy shown about on countless faces of onlookers. Maybe Ida was the happiest as she got to visit her favorite store. Hats off to Henri, a wonderful act of discretionary service. What can each of us do today to mimic Henri's enthusiasm, zest for life, and service? Henri chose to serve.

Mercantile Capital Corporation: Joshie at the Ritz-Carlton -- An Extraordinary Customer Experience.

Here's a great bit about customer service in an upscale lodging environment. Check it out! Chris Hurn, the SBA 504 Expert, recently had an outstanding customer experience with the Ritz-Carlton which can serve as a great le...

[12/12/11]   Everybody can be great, because anybody can serve. You only need a heart full of grace and a soul generated by love. - Martin Luther King Jr.


Let's remember to stay off of, and to come down ladders during the holiday season. May all of you enjoy your holiday season! A summary of the ladder of inference from one of our students, Javan.

[12/09/11]   Consider what you have done lately to "serve yourself."

Guest Services- Service Quilt Party Spring 2011

Presenting the slideshow of Spring 2011 service quilts!!!!!!!!!

Tangible and creative representations of UCF Rosen College students' personal service philosophies throughout the hospitality industry and life in general.

HFT3540Sp11-Mixed-Girls' Day-Discrimination in Service Industry

Check out this video about a "girls' day out" gone wrong due to discrimination based upon appearance.

Our video is about discrimination in the service industry. It shows the injustices that guests experience due to insensitive employees allowing their prejudices to effect the way they provide service.

HFT3540SP11-12pm-DKNC^2-Cruise Service

Another class favorite (especially of Dr. Severt since his name is featured so prominently) is this team's interpretation of service on the high seas, "I'm on a Cruise".

HFT3540Sp11-1030-SERVE-ivor-Restaurant Service

Service "SERVE-ivor" won the top votes of their peers! Congratulations guys! Your video will be featured on the Service Channel YouTube front page in the near future :)

Ever wonder what it would be like to subject hospitality service encounters to a reality game-show format? Tune in to SERVE-ivor to watch our remaining contestants overcome an unexpected restaurant scenario!

[04/07/11]   Role play video projects are now complete! Check out some of our favorites! :)

[03/25/11]   According to students' service experience (SEXP) journal, the companies giving the best service are Publix, Chick-Fil-A, Disney, and Olive Garden! Worst offenders? Walmart, Forever 21, Universal Studios, and a wide variety of car dealerships, banks, and hospitals!

[03/16/11]   Welcome back from spring break service students! We hope everyone's vacations were frustration free!

[03/04/11]   Wishing all UCF Rosen College students a safe and relaxing spring break! Observe the service experiences around you-- whether it be on a cruise, airline, hotel, bar, or if you're just sticking around for a staycation and visit your favorite neighborhood restaurant or coffee shop! Share with us your experiences and earn a point or two!

Domino's Delivery Driver Saves Life Of Regular Customer - The Consumerist

How's this for doing better than that? The driver noticed a regular customer hadn't ordered her daily pizza in a few days, drove to her house to check on her, and found the elderly woman had fallen and couldn't move! Imagine you work at a pizza place and an elderly customer has been ordering from your store every day for three years. What do you do when that customer suddenly stops calling? For one Domino's driver in Memphis, TN, the answer was clear: Go out and check on her.

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