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[12/03/17]   Just thankful for this new season

Youth conference 2016

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[03/09/17]   Jeremiah 33:1-6 Are you obeying the whole answer from God to release YOUR restoration

[05/01/16]   Prophetess Patrice Snell (Abbas daughter)

Bible study and dinner in the park at Callahan Center

A clarion call from Figtree Outreach In'l at Callahan Center

Figtree Outreach ministering at the Callahan Center on Parramore ave

I thank God for allowing me to be apart of the toy give away in Crossroads apt..thank you Kisha Williams for the invite I was able connect with some beautiful people

[11/20/15]   Calling all prayer warriors,intercessors and leaders to 5am prayer every Saturday @ Have Faith Outreach ministries, 630 Emeralda Drive, Orlando, Fl ste 108.....

We are up to 100 flip flops for the mission trip to the country of Cloumbia with Hava House Ministries . We even have collected school God is so awesome we as re now working in the next ser if 100 shoes and clothes....whoop whoop #Epic

Im Epic .....I served my community today with gladness. Someone blessed me which caused me to serve families in my neighborhood#Epic#servantmode

AWEE Apostolic Women Equipped and Engaged

Get Ready!!! We are going to Seattle!!!

Soak Me

Michelle Jackson Decree's & Declarations! All Nations Evangelistic Church 229 Lewis Street Hbg, PA Apostle Melvin & Tasha Thompson [email protected]

AWEE Apostolic Women Equipped and Engaged


The New Hustle

Men who marry women but they don't work themselves . Why? Because they " believe" they are called to full time ministry. There was a song twenty plus years ago by the whispers called "Olivia". The words were powerful.

" Olivia the slave got distracted on her way to grandmas house. A wolf in black clothing came blew her mind and changed your ways and now she's turned out lost and turned out. "

They will prey on women with great earning potential in order to stay home and be trifling! Often they walk in religious error and biblical manipulation. They Lord over women and try to control them in order to posses their mind, resources, and money. They are not concerned about building an inheritance for the family nor providing the basics of health insurance and shelter. They will sit in your house, eat your food, talk down to you, show no appreciation, and constantly make you feel like you're not handling your business as a woman. They find fault in you so you'll stay deceived. They will let her do everything and then show up as if they do it all and act like the Lord ordained it. Listen ladies, that is the definition of a pimp!!!

This is dangerous territory for men to delve into. Because it strikes against the core of manhood. You you are called to full time ministry God will provide. He will bless you to care for the family from the altar. I remember years ago Susie Owens saying that for a "season" she worked while her husband built the ministry. It was a "season not a "set up". We as women must support the dreams of our husbands but we must never allow ourselves to be prey for pimps. Stand by your man as long as he stands by you! As long as he's the biblical definition of a husband. As long as God has ordained it. If not run.

AWEE Apostolic Women Equipped and Engaged


Numbers 27:1-11
A man named Zelophehad died. He left behind five daughters, but no sons. The rules were clear about sons and daughters: Sons could inherit their father’s land; daughters could not. So Zelophehad’s daughters were about to be left destitute. Keep in mind that this rule was the law of Moses, directly from Moses, the lawgiver himself who was still directly in charge and standing right over there, talking directly to God. So this was a “thus saith the Lord” kind of rule.

But Z’s daughters didn’t let that stop them. The rule wasn’t fair. It would mean they had no inheritance in the Promised Land. It would leave them landless, penniless and helpless. That was wrong. It was unjust. So the five of them — Mahlah, Noah, Hoglah, Milcah and Tirzah — filed an appeal. They told Moses that his rule was unfair and needed to be changed. Remember that quiet women never change history!

What that really meant was that they were telling Moses to tell God that God’s rule was unfair and needed to be changed. “Give to us a possession among our father’s brothers,” they told Moses. It was more of a demand than a request. As sons of God we must understand our right to negotiate with God about the issues that put us in a box. These daughters understood that in Christ there is no male nor female, we are ALL SONS OF GOD.

And here’s the really cool part of the story:
Moses brought their case before the Lord. And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying: "The daughters of Zelophehad ARE RIGHT in what they are saying; you shall indeed let them possess an inheritance among their father’s brothers and pass the inheritance of their father on to them. You shall also say to the Israelites, “If a man dies, and has no son, then you shall pass his inheritance on to his daughter. … It shall be for the Israelites a statute and ordinance, as the Lord commanded Moses.”

Moses and God listened to the women’s argument, conceded that they had a fair point, and changed the rules. In the case of Mahlah et. al. vs. God, God turned out to be an activist judge who ruled in favor of the plaintiffs, changing the law and creating a new precedent. Thus saith the Lord.
What are we to make of that?

This particular story about Z’s daughters shows us what God is like. And what we learn about God in this story is that God listens and God agrees with Mahlah and her sisters. The rules should be fair, they said, and God said yes, yes they should, that’s what they’re for.
“The daughters of Zelophehad are right in what they are saying.”

AWEE Apostolic Women Equipped and Engaged

"I Am Calling My Women Out of the Caves"

The Women

Recently, one morning, I heard Holy Spirit say to me, "I am calling My women out of the caves." As I prayed into this word from Heaven, the Lord showed me hundreds of women hiding in caves because of fear, failure, or fatigue. I then saw the women running from the caves with good news. It was clear that many had overextended their season in the caves and what was intended to be their secret place had become their hiding place. Today, God is calling you out of hiddenness and to the frontlines.

In the New Testament we find that Jesus had a group of female disciples who followed Him, whom Luke called "the women" (Luke 23:55; Acts 1:14). And since Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever, then of course female disciples are still following their Savior wherever He leads. As God releases the great company of women commanded to share the good news in Psalm 68:11, we will see thousands more following Christ out of love, adoration, and devotion to Him. Women are being released to step into a new boldness in the Lord.

AWEE Apostolic Women Equipped and Engaged

100 Prayer Points for Cities in America

1. Prayer for Revival.
2. Prayer for Evangelistic Anointing to increase in your city.
3. Prayer for Apostolic Breakthrough believers to increase.
4. Prayer for the level of worship to increase.
5. Prayer for miracles and power of God to increase.
6. Prayer for immorality to be restrained in churches.
7. Prayer for Godly leaders to lead in churches
8. Prayer for an increase in finances for churches.
9. Prayer for the prophetic to increase in your region.
10. Prayer for deliverance to increase in your region.
11. Prayer for sound doctrine and teaching to increase.
12. Prayer for the youth to be ignited for revival.
13. Prayer for the government of your region.
14. Prayer for witchcraft and sorcery to be destroyed.
15. Prayer for church growth.
16. Prayer for land and property to be released.
17. Prayer for unity between churches.
18. Prayer for strife and division to be destroyed.
19. Prayer for carnality to be destroyed in churches.
20. Prayer for anointed ministries to be released.
21. Prayer for healing of sickness to increase.
22. Prayer for anointed preaching of the word.
23. Prayer for revelation to be increased.
24. Prayer for order in the churches.
25. Prayer for pastors and their families.
26. Prayer for men to come into the kingdom.
27. Prayer for marriages.
28. Prayer for the unmarried.
29. Prayer for revival in schools and colleges.
30. Prayer for perversion to be rebuked.
31. Prayer violence and death to be restrained.
32. Prayer against poverty and lack.
33. Prayer against gang violence and drug addiction.
34. Prayer against foreclosures and property loss.
35. Prayer for against terrorism.
35. Prayer against weather disasters.
36. Prayer against mass shootings.
37. Prayer against corruption and theft.
39. Prayer against mental illness.
40. Prayer for transportation systems.
41. Prayer against excessive taxation.
42. Prayer against false ministries in your region.
43. Prayer against the spirit of control in churches.
44. Prayer for backsliders to return to God.
45. Prayer for the kingdom to advance in your region.
46. Prayer for the right people to be elected.
47. Prayer Holy Spirit to be poured out.
48. Prayer for unusual miracles and visitations.
49. Prayer for mass conversions.
50. Prayer for the media to be opened for churches.
51. Prayer for ungodly laws to be stopped and overturned.
52. Prayer for the righteous to be promoted.
53. Prayer for the wicked to be exposed.
54. Prayer for favor for churches and ministries.
55. Prayer against witches and the occult.
56. Prayer for angelic intervention.
57. Prayer for apostolic strategies.
58. Prayer for an increase of wisdom.
59. Prayer for the fear of the Lord to come into the region.
60. Prayer for creative miracles.
61. Prayer for economic growth in your region.
62. Prayer for new technologies.
63. Prayer for racial reconciliation.
64. Prayer against racism and injustice.
65. Prayer the release of apostolic teams.
66. Prayer against lukewarmness in churches.
67. Prayer against false religions and temples.
68. Prayer for widows.
69. Prayer for the elderly.
70. Prayer for the homeless.
71. Prayer against abortion and murder.
72. Prayer against teen pregnancy and illegitimacy.
73. Prayer for inner cities to be rebuilt.
74. Prayer for people incarcerated.
75. Prayer for emerging ministries.
76. Prayer for bible schools and ministry training.
77. Prayer for christian bookstores and businesses.
78. Prayer for visions and dreams to manifest.
79. Prayer for love to increase.
80. Prayer for ushers and helps ministries.
81. Prayer for children’s church.
82. Prayer for police and fire departments.
83. Prayer for military bases.
84. Prayer for hospitals and nursing homes.
85. Prayer against crime and vice.
86. Prayer for family restoration.
87. Prayer against unemployment.
88. Prayer for safety and protection of cities.
89. Prayer to expose satanic and demonic agendas.
90. Prayer for anointed psalmists and minstrels.
91. Prayer for church administrators.
92. Prayer for the creative and godly arts.
93. Prayer for new things to be released.
94. Prayer for God’s mercy over our cities.
95. Prayer against legalism and religious bondage.
96. Prayer honor to be restored to the church.
97. Prayer against church and ministry scandals.
98. Prayer for the gates of the city to be opened to the King.
99. Prayer for the gatekeepers of the city/region.
100. Prayer for Jesus to be glorified.

Kingdom building in the raw

flip flops for the kingdom

[07/11/15]   We are in great need of 100 pairs of new or slightly used children shoes (flip flops, sandles, sneakers) in all ages to be a blessing to an unfortuant community in the country of Columbia....#SowingingoodgroundfortheKingdomofGod

[06/17/15]   Ecclesiastes 11:1 (ASV) Cast thy bread upon the waters; for thou shalt find it after many days....NO walking in fear in this season the Holy spirit will have you sowing (not all money)in new unusaul places, some may call it foolish generosity but it is the place for your grace....obey God all the way this time it will bring you out of the old way of operating and into so many unexpected ways with increase and on top .....dont analyze(Old) prioritize(New) your giving....

[05/28/15]   trusting God for your break through into your promise is such an sensitive area right now.....keep your surroundings clean and clear from all frustrations, confusion,tradition and religious rituals.....walk in his peace

[03/27/15]   Praying and Interceding for 305 and the surrounding cities

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Standing against the waves of death pt2 Figtree

Standing against The waves of death pt1 Figtree

Micah Stampley - Our God

Music video by Micah Stampley performing Our God. (C) 2014 Interface Entertainment

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feed what feeds you first

If you STRETCH, God will fill your hand with potential! Your mill barrel will not run out. You may not be running over, but you haven't run out! What area in your life is God STRETCHING you? Are you ready to STRETCH to the next dimension?

WATCH Rebroadcast "The Famine is Over"

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In the beginning from 2004 til

In the beginning from 2004 til

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