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Quarantine Devos


You Belong to the Gospel

Over the Thanksgiving break, I sat around the living room listening to my wife give a very detailed account of her own birth to my family. I sat there astonished at the vividness of her story— thinking to myself, “It’s not like she actually remembers her own birth.” The more I thought about it, the less I felt that I could remember of my own childhood. In fact, the first memory that came to my mind was from the first grade.
How is it then that she was able to give such a vivid narration of her own birth? The story that she was telling was not in fact her story at all, even though she was the main character. Everything she was telling my family was simply details passed down to her by her mother. What I was hearing was just a report of what actually happened— an account that was filled with a perspective that was not currently in the room.

The Gospel that we preach is very similar. It is an exposition of the things that have happened concerning Jesus— one full of various perspectives. Though we have the privilege of reading four different viewpoints of this Gospel, the story of Christ can be simplified to one simple statement: Christ came and died in our place so that we might have life (1 Peter 2:24). The unique dynamic of this message is that it can be told from many different positions. The power of the Gospel can touch many lives in varying ways. It is because of this that the Gospel that you tell may not sound like the Gospel that I tell. The Gospel is the good news of what God has done in your life.
If you have given your heart to Jesus and have accepted His forgiveness, then you have a part in the Gospel. You have been given a command to tell people about the life changing Gospel message (Mark 16:15-16). In the same way that my wife gave an account of her birth, you must now give an account of your birth— that you have been born again through the grace of Christ Jesus.

Always know that YOU BELONG!

Middle School - TONIGHT at 8PM
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Quarantine Devos


You Belong, Now Move

Just over 2,000 years ago, a man named Jesus was born. Starting around the age of 12, Jesus worked as a carpenter in the town of Nazareth. By the time he was 30, Jesus began his public ministry. For 3 years, Jesus ministered. He called his disciples, turned water into wine, healed the blind, the deaf, the lepers, the lame. Jesus fed thousands with just a boxed lunch on two different occasions. Even more miraculously, he raised the dead back to life.
At the age of 33, Jesus was crucified on a cross. It all began on a Friday morning and by Sunday morning, Jesus was resurrected from the grave. In Acts 1:3-9, we see Jesus walk the earth for forty days after his resurrection. Before He ascended, Jesus commanded his followers to go to Jerusalem and wait there for the Holy Spirit. This command was a command of action.

At the time Christ charged His followers, He was likely east of Jerusalem on the southeastern slope of the Mount of Olives in a village called Bethany. Bethany was about 2 miles from Jerusalem. Most scholars estimate that there were about 500 people at the ascension of Jesus. Acts 1:15 tells us, however, that there were about 120 in the upper room when the Holy Spirit fell. That means about 380 people saw Jesus live, saw Jesus die, saw him resurrected, heard His command to go and wait in Jerusalem, and yet they still didn’t make it!
In Acts chapter 2, the Holy Spirit comes down, the power of God is manifested, Peter preaches a sermon, and 3,000 are saved that very day. But what happens next? The disciples mobilize as witnesses of Jesus in Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth just as Jesus had commanded them.. right? Not so fast.
Fast-forward to Acts Chapter 8— the apostle Stephen has just been martyred and Saul is ravaging the Church. In verse 1, it says “the apostles were scattered throughout Judea and Samaria.” The time-frame of Acts 8 is 1 to 2 years after they were commanded to go to Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. That means it took Stephen dying, Saul dragging Christians to prison, and people losing their lives to motivate them to start doing what God told them to do in the first place.

Our personal charge from Christ is the same. We are called to move! What is it going to take for you to do what God has called you to do? Is it going to take a great tragedy or great persecution? God wants you to move now and act on what He has already spoken over your life!

Always know that YOU BELONG!

HEY PARENTS... Want to be more connected? Want your youth to be more connected? Keep hearing about this thing called Slack being the hub for Youth Minisrty Community & Communication and want to know more?
We have special guest Daniel Roop (long-time St. Luker, Youth Minisrty Parent and Volunteer) on with us as we TALK ABOUT IT!

HEY PARENTS... Want to be more connected? Want your youth to be more connected? Keep hearing about this thing called Slack being the hub for Youth Minisrty Community & Communication and want to know more?
Well join us today at 4PM on Facebook Live. Well have special guest Daniel Roop (long-time St. Luker, Youth Minisrty Parent and Volunteer) on with us as we TALK ABOUT IT!

LGBTQ+🏳️‍🌈 Youth & ALLIES are welcome for a time of conversation, love, support, and affirmation (on Zoom). Starting TODAY (and every Monday). Go to our Slack Community channel for the Zoom link!

Contact Antony for more info. SEE YOU THERE! #StLukesYouth #YouBelong #LGBTQIAyouth #YouAreLoved


We realized that the current times for youth may not be the best time for you and your families. Here’s a NEW SCHEDULE of what we have planned every week for St. Luke’s Youth. There will be other announcements and things coming in regards to Summer 2020, so stay close to our Slack community (Click the link below to join if you haven’t already!) and get comfortable there! Slack will be our hub for Community & Communication, and another place we’re YOU BELONG!


Quarantine Devos


You Belong to God

As the body of Christ, we should strive to create an atmosphere where people can belong before they believe. Some, however, take this concept too far and become very seeker-focused and lose sight of why people belong. Others try to make the church so nice, neat, and professional that they tend to create an atmosphere that does not allow people who aren't "well groomed" to feel at home in their circles. I, and any follower of Christ should, have a problem with both of these philosophies.

There are those who think that the solution is a happy medium and they will argue that “balance is the key.” That balance is good but can be dangerous if it’s unhealthy. An unhealthy balance will have you teetering back and forth like a seesaw. “Balance” has created a great divide that should have never existed. The question should never have been, "Can someone belong before they believe?" The question is simple. Do you belong? Do you belong to God?

In case you’re wondering, that answer is and will always be YES! Everything that has ever existed belongs to the creator. Every sinner who is far, every saint who draws near, every traveler who passes by; they all belong. Whether this is informative or not, the truth remains: God made you and you are Gods precious possession. According to Colossians 1:16, not only do you belong TO God, but you belong FOR God. This means you have a purpose and you were not created to just exist. You were formed to help carry out the very will of God. God wants to use you.

Understanding that you have purpose is a very big step. Discovering what your purpose is, however, could be life-changing. Acknowledging that God made you should lead you to ask one simple question. Why?

BUT... Always know that YOU BELONG!

Please read and share this (just released) update from The Warren Willis Camp!

Our staff has been in prayerful conversations with our leadership, church representatives, and local health workers. They have prepared this update on current changes to our site and summer camp ministries.

St. Luke's UMC in Orlando

4 Rivers Smokehouse food truck is coming to St. Luke’s! Purchase delicious food to grab-and-go on St. Luke’s campus TODAY from 4-6pm, and Wednesdays starting May 6 from 4-6pm (cold items also available for pre-order only, pick up on Wednesdays starting May 6)! Visit for dates, times, and menu details.

Get that virtual school work done! Eat dinner (before or after)! We’re getting together for a game, some conversation, and catching up!
See you all at 6PM!!!

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Here’s the Song of the Week:
“I Will Follow” -Chris Tomlin
Covered by our own Youth Praise Band

You don’t wanna miss hearing the song this week during our Youth Talk Back & Small Groups on ZOOM! Join our COMMUNITY on Slack for links to our Zoom calls and connections!
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Our Worship & Arts Team is looking for some help needing short videos (less than a minute) during the next virtual choir video (for the song Wade in the Water). They would like to have YOUTH send in SLOW MOTION VIDEO of different water related activities. (See some sample ideas below.) We would really like these to be done in slow motion which most phones do very well. They will try to use as many shots as possible but since this video will be virtual choir and water imagery, they’ll will have to pick and choose a little with what imagery works best.
Please text your videos to Brandon @ 407-932-8223 (or Slack DM). Deadline is TOMORROW (Wednesday, April 29th) by 5pm.

Examples of shots they are looking for (we want mostly closeup shots unless otherwise stated):
1. Walking barefoot through shallow water or puddle
2. Baby or kids hands playing in water
3. Jumping into pool or lake (can be wide or closeup)
4. Jumping into puddles or shallow water with big splashes (some closeups & some wide)
5. Standing in the rain letting the rain wash over you (some closeups & some wide)
6. Anything else involving water and/or splashing


PARENTS! Got a kid at home that can’t wait for a haircut? Did you attempt to give yourself bangs or a self-trim?

Join us today at 4PM on our Tuesday Check-In as we talk about those haircuts that we just can’t wait for with our special guest Shalimar (a local Master Barber).

Quarantine Devos ••••••• Your Influence Is Powerful

You may think you don’t have what it takes to be influential for God. But that’s just not true. You don’t have to have followers, fame, or money to make a difference. Just start. The Bible tells us that whoever is faithful with a little can be given much.
So, start with what you can do today to make a difference tomorrow. Are there people in your life who don’t know Jesus? Tell them about Him. Are there people in your community who need help? Help them. Is there a need in your church that you can meet... whether it’s your time serving kids in the children’s ministry or giving your allowance to help someone buy groceries? Give generously.

Jesus said that the greatest among us are actually those who serve the most. He gave us the best example of this when we washed His disciples’ feet. In that time, it would have been a sign of honor. It would have been like inviting Jesus over to your house, and He washed all of your dishes afterward. Crazy, right?
So, the greatest way for you to unleash your influence is to serve others well.

Now, we don’t serve to get fame or rewards. We serve because we want to honor God. But the best way to start becoming the salt of the earth is to serve like no one’s watching.
You’re brave enough to impact eternity. You have everything you need to live out the incredible plans God has for your life. Every time you pray, invite someone to youth group, give to someone in need, or serve someone you’re becoming salt and you’re spreading the Good News about Jesus.

So, you have influence. You are powerful. You can fuel a movement that started 2,000 years ago when Jesus came and set the world free from sin, shame, and death. So, go. Don’t wait. Start where you are, and use your influence to change your community, your youth group, your church, and later even your school and the world.

Challenge: Brainstorm ways you can start using your influence today that will make a difference tomorrow. Is it serving somewhere at your church? Is it doing something nice for a friend or someone in your family? Make a list of things you can start doing now, but don’t take credit for them. Secretly serve those around you to start putting your influence into action. Let’s go influencers!

St. Luke's UMC in Orlando


St. Luke's Worship - April 26, 2020

To the Graduating Class of 2020...

Hearing news tonight about your graduations saddens us all! Know that I (Brandon), Antony, and your St. Luke’s family are all here for you, and through this will find ways to honor and celebrate you in ways you deserve (virtually and in person when conditions permits).
Please know also, that you are LOVED, and that you will always BELONG!

Quarantine Devos


Develop Discernment

Picture this. Your mom asks you to clean your room for the thousandth time that day, and you have to have it done by the time she gets home. So, naturally, you procrastinate and cram-clean when you hear the garage door opening. Instinctively, you know you made a wrong choice. And not just because moms are smart and have a sixth sense for knowing when you’re lying. You just know you messed up. That feeling you get? It’s discernment through the Holy Spirit.

That same feeling of discernment you get when you make a wrong choice also tells us which influences are worth listening to. We should let our discernment determine who or what we let influence us.

So, how do we develop discernment? Let’s look at three ways to do it.

1. Ask great questions. The first person we ask is God. When you come across an influence, ask God if the influence will be good for you or hurt you. If you ask God for wisdom, He will give it to you (James 1:5). But also, ask yourself great questions. Is the influence helpful? Is it pure, right, or good? Does it motivate you to be better? Think through those questions, and make a decision based on your answers.

2. Develop an opinion. After you’ve asked questions, develop an opinion. Is the influence good for you? Or, is this influence causing you to have a bad attitude, make wrong choices, and distract you from good things God has for you?

3. Choose how to act. Make the decision about whether or not you’ll allow something to influence you. Then, stick to it! Don’t sugar coat your reasons or keep bringing it back up. Treat your decision like a commitment.

Remember, your discernment determines who or what you let influence you, so ask God to give you discernment and work on developing it with people you trust.

Challenge: Ask God to give you discernment. Make a list of trusted people in your life (like we did on our Zoom call a couple weeks ago) who you’re comfortable enough with to ask your great questions. They’ll help you determine which influences are worth following.

HEY MIDDLE SCHOOLERS!!! Let’s get together tonight for a game, some catching up, and conversation!
See y’all on Zoom at 6PM!

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