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We are missionary staff with FamilyLife, an affiliate ministry of Cru. Our passion is to help others to build a Christ-centered marriage and family.

FamilyLife is an affiliate ministry of Cru (formerly known as Campus Cruasde for Christ). Founded in 1976, God has used FamilyLife to strengthen over 2 million people through conferences, resources and radio programming.

This page is for all our friends and family who support our ministry efforts with FamilyLife, through love, prayers, finances and encouragement! We love you and can't do this without you. We'll use this page to post ministry and updates and happenings more frequently than what we send by newsletter.

Mission: - Touching Lives, Changing Families - Sharing Christ's love "One Home at a Time". - Offering Help and Hope and - Helping You Help Others

April Video Update

For anybody who actually follows our page, I must say "I am so sorry!". It's been over a year since we posted anything here. It's not that there isn't a LOT we can post ... trust me! I will do better keeping up here.

So, we sent out our kinda-regular newsletter, "The Randazzo Review", last week. Here's our intro video greeting ... and I'll see if I can figure out how to get a link to the newsletter .pdf as well.

Just a quick hello and intro to our April "Randazzo Review" update.

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How About Giving up 'Contempt' for Lent? | FamilyLife®

What a great idea! Give this up for Lent ... Togetherness is virtually impossible if one or both spouses feel disgust toward each other. But contempt doesn’t just show up overnight... it builds up when conflicts go unresolved.

It's time to take initiative and PLAN your marriage GETAWAY!!

Just ONE MORE WEEK to register (or buy a Gift Card) at Half Price!! Be sure to always use your Group Name, or you can use "OrlandoGetaway", to get the best pricing available when registering.

Any questions, please ping me!!

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FLORIDA RESIDENTS ONLY ... "Weekend to Remember" BOGO (half-off) registration is extended ONE WEEK just for you, applicable to any Fall 2017 Florida getaway. That includes:
- Tampa, Sept. 29-Oct. 1
- Ft. Myers, Oct. 13-15
- Destin, Nov. 6-8
- Jacksonville (Amelia Island), December 8-10

Register by the end of Wednesday, September 27, using YOUR Group Name (or use "RandazzoGroup") to get the discount.

All non-Florida Residents or anyone attending a non-Florida getaway, the Group Name will still save you $100/couple, so please ... make the time and effort to invest in your marriage ... because great marriages don't just happen!

Follow the link below ...

At our Weekend to Remember events, we help you move away from isolation as a couple and back toward oneness. Book your getaway now, and save 50%! Offer ends TOMORROW. -

Now is the time to get registered for a Fall getaway! My personal recommendation is to come to the Omni Plantation Resort on Amelia Island (Jacksonville) ... that is a fantastic property. December 8-10.

Other great locations and dates include:
Tampa - September 29-October 1
Destin - November 4-6

As always, save $100/couple when you use "RandazzoGroup" as a group code. :-)

Wow - what a great "Weekend to Remember"! 837 people attended in Orlando last weekend, with 14 people making a first-time commitment to Christ for salvation! Lots of great life-change and marriage-saving stories. :-)


Have you signed up for your WTR Getaway yet?? Well here's a fun idea ... track with our road team to get a "behind the scenes" look, and then get to your getaway! :-)

Have you ever wanted a taste of what really goes on at a Weekend to Remember getaway? We're going on an epic road trip to give you just that. From Facebook Live videos of the sessions themselves, to powerful testimonials from couples, we'll be bringing the event directly to you starting March 3.

Three days. Three cities. One tour bus. Come along for the ride, and get to your getaway! - | #WTRoadtrip

Great Marriages Don't Just Happen

BOGO days end at midnight, Jan. 23. Just nine more days to get the best rate on the Weekend to Remember registration!

Checkout this humorous (yet real life) video ...

Register at ... and always use one of these Group Names to get the best rates: "JaxGetaway" or "OrlandoGetaway" or "RandazzoGroup" ... or ping me and I can help you get your own group name! :-)

FamilyLife's Weekend to Remember® marriage getaway will have an immediate impact on your marriage. Find dates and locations at

BOGO is on! Now is the best time to register for the Weekend to Remember. Use any of these Group Names to always get the best rate: JaxGetaway or OrlandoGetaway or RandazzoGroup!

Find your getaway here:

The political landscape is certainly tenuous ... 'Peace on Earth' isn't easy to find ... taxes, cost of living, and unemployment are poisoning our attitudes, and lots of people are unhappy ... people are longing for some relief and have waited a long time for it. Would we even recognize "help" when it came?

I'm not actually talking about the present ... I'm talking about 2000 years ago, for it was into this situation that Jesus was born. The King of the Universe came as a Lamb, and nobody recognized Him! Even on the night of His birth, there was "no room at the Inn".

Lord, may I NEVER be found so full of myself and the desires of this world, that there is no room for You in my heart!!

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We focus on being thankful during the month of November. So many wonderful things and people to be grateful to God for!!! I'll begin by saying, "my kids"! Each one is so unique and special, and I enjoy each of our seven kids (plus three wives) differently and completely. Each blesses me and brings me great joy.

So today I say "thank you, Lord" for Anthony, Marco, Christopher, Vincent, Philip, Sammy and Maria ... and our bonus kids, Caroline, Lizzie and Jodi!!!!!

What are you giving thanks to God for today? Let us know!

Weekend to Remember® - Event Search

Great marriages do NOT happen by accident!

Do all you can to be intentional in your marriage relationship, to make quality and quantity time together. The FamilyLife "Weekend to Remember" might be just the perfect getaway you need!

We're about 2 weeks away from the Fall Jacksonville getaway ... on October 21-23 at the Hyatt Regency Riverfront. We're praying for the 400 plus people who will be attending. Will you be there? Are you inviting others to be there?

Don't forget we have an awesome scholarship rate for active duty Military Couples, and for Pastors too! Use these links for more information!

GROUP RATE - save $100/couple:…
MILITARY - A family and marriage Non-profit ministry that offers practical help and advice to strengthen marriages and the family through marriage conferences, radio broadcasts and other resources.

Register for the Weekend to Remember getaway between now and Sept. 20th, and you basically get in at HALF the registratio PRICE! It's our semi-annual BOGO! Just use the Group Code "JaxGetaway" when you register. :-)

Here's where you can choose your getaway location:

Connie and I thoroughly enjoyed hosting "The Art of Marriage" event at Summit Church - Orlando last weekend! We had 65 couples in attendance, ranging from pre-married and engaged, to a couple married 42 years! (I'll be asking them to host the next one!)

Everyone felt it was a huge benefit to their marriage, as this format gave them much needed time to focus on one another with few distractions, guided them through some important and sometimes difficult conversations, and ultimately brought them closer to each other and to the Lord!

It was such a success, I'm already asking when we can schedule the next one! [It doesn't take a math wizard to figure that a church of 5000+ has way-more than 65 married couples!] Connie and I are most excited about the number of people who felt it deepened their walk with God and solidified their commitment to each other.

33 years after we said "I do", ... WE STILL DO. :-)

10 Signs Your Marriage May Be Doomed

Well, here's an interesting article from Good Housekeeping (i.e. this is a secular viewpoint) on what makes for unhappy marriages ... it's a good, short read! And note: EACH of these 10 signs can be overcome, if you will start by overcoming #6 and do something to invest in your marriage! Such as a "Weekend to Remember" getaway ... or just start going on dates again. Don't drift into Isolation ... take steps to move toward Oneness. This way to Splitsville.

FamilyLife celebrates 40 years of "Touching Lives, Changing Families" ... of reaching families for Christ, "One Home at a Time" ... of bringing "Help and Hope" to couples in every stage of marriage. As such, we are "Proud Sponsors of Anniversaries" all over. :-)

Let us help you celebrate YOUR Anniversary ... go to

We've got a terrific Fall 2016 line up of "Weekend to Remembers" for you to consider as your next Marriage Getaway! Check out these in the state of Florida alone:
WTR- Delray Beach ... September 23-25
WTR- Tampa ... September 30 - October 2
WTR- Fort Myers ... October 7-9
WTR- Jacksonville ... October 21-23
WTR- Destin ... November 4-6

For a full listing, go to


Weekend to Remember® - Orlando

The Orlando "Weekend to Remember" is just two weeks away! This is a fantastic way to invest in your marriage, refresh the romance and renew the commitment you made when you first said "I do!"

Use Group Code "RandazzoGroup" to save $100/couple when you register at

Got a question about it? Ask away ... Orlando

Weekend to Remember - Find Your Getaway - FamilyLife

So excited to hear how well the "Weekend to Remember" went in Grand Rapids last week - my home state! 845 people attended, and 62 people made decisions to follow Christ! Here's what one attendee had to say:
"2 years ago we came to this event for the first time. We were a mess. I was ready to leave & already had emotionally left. The conference didn’t fix us overnight, but it gave us a way to begin actually discussing our problems. Fast forward 2 years & we are here to celebrate & praise God for our new beginning. God has promised to restore to us the years the locust have destroyed. We couldn’t be happier & we hope others have gained the same hope. Thank You. - Married 14 years"

This truly is a remarkable getaway weekend. If you have not been to one, or its been more than a couple years, you owe it to your marriage to invest the time and effort to do this. 98% of those who attend to not regret that decision. :-)

Visit to sign up for a getaway near you, and if you don't have a Group Code, use "JaxGetaway" to save $100/couple!

Yeah ... the Spring "Weekend to Remember" brochures are in the warehouse! If you'd like to order some to share with others in your church and community, call 1-800-FL TODAY. No charge for brochures or for shipping either!

If you love great resources to build a godly marriage and family, you will love this page. What a line up! #FamilyLifePublishing

Here's a direct link to the FamilyLife Store:

On The Coast Magazine

Thank you to Nancy Babin and On The Coast Magazine for posting about the Weekend to Remember - Destin, FL coming Nov. 20-22. This location truly is a fantastic place to getaway and come together with your spouse for a time of refreshing and refocusing on your marriage relationship! I hope to see you here in November!

On the Coast is the Emerald Coast's family resource and lifestyle magazine and social site. We have been In Print, On Line and On the Go for over 17 years!

[09/28/15]   So, this happened on Friday as I was returning from a ministry trip to Pensacola (edited somewhat):

(Phone rings) Hi, this is Chris.

(Lady) Yeah, I just saw your ad in On The Coast magazine (distributed in Florida panhandle) ... tell me about this "Weekend to Remember".

(Me) I'm glad you asked! It's a nice getaway weekend to strengthen your marriage relationship. We expect close to 900 people to attend in Destin

(Lady) Can I ask you ... Is it unusual for a wife to feel unappreciated and distant from her husband?

(Me) Well, umm ... Unfortunately it's not that uncommon. You are not alone! If a couple is not intentional about doing things that build oneness in their marriage, their relationship will naturally move toward isolation. This weekend helps you invest in your relationship.

(Lady) What's it cost?

(Me) You can save $100 using the Group Name - so the rate for Destin is $249. Is your husband a Pastor or in the military?

(Lady) He's in the Air Force.

(Me) Great! I can save you another $249 then! Active duty military (including Reserves and Guard) have their registration fully scholarshipped! Email me and I'll send you links and more info you can show your husband. I hope to see you in Destin.

(Lady) Thank you so much for your time and help!

(Me) My pleasure! Let me pray for you guys...

==> This is a non-faith based family magazine with distribution in public schools! The ad leads with "A Better Marriage Is Within Reach". Pray that lots will see this and respond!

So excited about the "Weekend to Remember" events coming up in Tampa (Oct. 30-Nov 1) and in Destin (Nov. 20-22). I LOVE working with the local volunteers and pastors in these communities, to strengthen marriage and families ... to offer Help for Today and Hope for Tomorrow! :-)

If you have not been to this fantastic getaway weekend, you owe it to yourself, your spouse, your family, your church, your community and your Lord to invest a weekend to focus on God's purpose and plan for your marriage! I'd love to see you at one of these events! #WeekendToRemember #marriageweekend #BOGO

[04/22/15]   So, you meet, fall in love, and get married, committing before God and man to give 100% to this relationship, and to keep Christ at the center. You build a life together, weaving together career shifts, having babies, and a few location moves from one state to another. The road is not always smooth, but it is beautiful, and God did not leave us to travel alone, but by His Spirit and with the sport of many great friends and family.

Now, here we are, launching the next generation, as our eldest son Anthony will be formalizing his love relationship and marrying the girl of his dreams (and ours). This is a big week ... a fun week ... and we're so excited to be in NYC to put finishing touches on the wedding plans, which will be held Saturday in Middletown, CT.

THANKS for standing with us in ministry as together we work to build godly marriages, one home at a time. And thanks for your prayers for Anthony and his bride, Caroline, as the embark on their own journey of love together.

Some things to pray about regarding the wedding:
- safe travel for all who are coming, from England to California and all in between.
- good weather, as it will be an outdoor wedding.
- some last-minute issues getting everyone legal (including me as the officiant).
- for me and Connie as we do our parts in the ceremony and reception, and for all the details to go smoothly.
- that God's presence and blessing would be tangible, and His love and grace felt by all who come.
- especially, pray that God would bless Anthony and Caroline and their marriage, sanctify them for His purposes, and bless many others through their marriage.

Family, Marriage, Practical and biblical help for your marriage and family

I discovered this great resource this morning ... it's like having an incredible reference library for marriage and family right at your finger tips! Check it out, and if you find an article you really like, comment on it here: Find articles addressing common marriage, parenting and life issue topics.

Imagine a cruise ship full of Christians who want their marriage and family to honor God. Imagine a "Weekend to Remember" event on water ... for five days! Now imagine it no more ... the boat is filling up fast! Nearly 80% sold out 11 months in advance!

Join us on the 2016 Love Like You Mean It Cruise! Look forward to biblical teachings and refreshing words on marriage, great concerts, entertainment, and quality time with your #spouse!

Our staterooms are filling up fast so don’t wait – book your trip today:

[03/16/15]   So excited to see how much our sister-in-law, Tracy, enjoyed the Weekend to Remember with Connie's brother Billy:

"Bill & I spent this past weekend @ the "Weekend to Remember" Marriage retreat (in Jacksonville of all places smile emoticon :)). It is a weekend to learn and be renewed in how God views the marriage (a FAR CRY from how the world views marriage). You learn, you laugh, you cry & you leave renewed AND a better person...not just a better husband/wife (and mom & dad) but a better person. I really did not realize how far I had strayed from what Gods wants for me until this weekend. I am so thankful for all the persons that give their time & talents to make these weekends happen and to my brother & sister in law...Chris & Connie Randazzo...thank you for your persistence in helping us to be a better "US"...I can only say to all my FB friends and family...if you are married...or even engaged...sign up now, you will not regret one moment of the time spent. We had couples attend this past weekend that were engaged, one couple had only been married 6 days and couples that have been married over 50 years. It is never too late...or too early. God bless & have a super week!!!!!"

Want your place of worship to be the top-listed Place Of Worship in Orlando?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.




100 Lake Hart Drive, MC - 2100
Orlando, FL
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"The Church Where Everybody is Somebody and Christ is Supreme"

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