Big Fish Ministry

Helping men who struggle with SSA and homosexuality connect with God's original design for their sexuality.

We minister to the gay and ex-gay community. We believe that God has a divine purpose for human sexuality. We help those who desire to walk away from same sex attraction and homosexuality. We encourage men and women who struggle with their sexuality to pursue answers from biblical scripture as their guide rather than popular opinion.

Mission: Big Fish Ministry is a residential ministry for Christian guys who struggle with same sex attractions (SSA). Discipleship is the word that best describes the mission of Big Fish Ministry. Big Fish Ministry consists of three distinct phases: preliminary, online mentoring, a one-year residential mentorship and After Care for graduates. In the mentorship, men are encouraged to mature in their relationship with Jesus Christ, as they begin the process of surrendering their same sex desires to God. We provide spiritual and emotional support, mentoring, Biblical and Christian resource material and coaching on community development. All elements necessary to break free from deeply rooted same sex attractions (SSA). Participation in any phase of Big Fish Ministry is strictly on a voluntary basis. Participants are discipled to seek God’s perspective on SSA and it’s development. Whether your struggle with SSA has been an internal one or you have acted on your feelings, we truly believe that there is freedom from homosexuality, that no sin should dominate anyone’s life and that ‘with God, all things are possible.’ A life of surrender to Jesus is a life truly lived. Our mission: To compassionately walk alongside men whose lives have been touched by same sex attractions. To present ourselves as tangible relationships, whose early life experiences parallel their own. To provide men who feel trapped and isolated relevant information allowing them to make informed decisions, as they question the role of homosexuality in their lives. To demonstrate that God's all consuming love can restore a life stolen from them at birth. To offer options, rather than condemnation.

If you are in the Orlando/Celebration area our Director, Matthew Aaron will be teaching a class on gender, sexuality and the church at the illuminate church office in Celebration, FL. Follow the link to register.

There is so much misinformation about sex and sexuality, especially in the church today. We will be hosting a class on Wednesday, January 29th at the church offices, that will present a biblical approach to questions like, “Is homosexuality a sin?” or “What does God say about gay marriage?" Please join us to hear an unlikely story of redemption and freedom from Matthew Aaron Walker, from Big Fish Ministry. .

Register now:

When Someone You Love is Gay • Joe Dallas Approval Accepted; Acceptance Denied When someone says “Mom and Dad, I’m gay”, are Mom and Dad automatically forced into a choice between approval or rejection, celebration or hatred? The question is more than academic to the many Bible believing Christians who hold to clear definitions of mar...

A friend of Big Fish Ministry introduced our Director, Matthew Aaron, to this book many years ago. We have used it for group teaching and individual learning. Warning, it is not for the faint of heart. Matthew Aaron calls it "Spiritual Spring Cleaning". It is the first book suggestion he makes to anyone who feels stuck in a spiritual rut or who feels like their life is going in circles. The theme of the book is obviously about Breaking away from bondage in our lives, through purposeful and pointed prayers. We do that, as the book demonstrates, by Overcoming Negative Thoughts, Irrational Feelings and Habitual Sins. If you feel like you could benefit from a book like this, then don't hesitate.

"The first time I read this book I was overwhelmed by the change it made in my life. I felt freedom in areas of my life where I didn't know you could get freedom. This book allowed me to take spiritual authority back in my life. I also led other men through this book. I watched them get freedom from habitual sins and circular thinking, for which only God can provide solutions. Satan wants us to stay in bondage. If you feel like you have tried everything and are about to throw in the towel, DON'T. Give this book a read. Watch God bring Freedom you never thought possible." -- Matthew Aaron.

[12/05/19]   Our Director, Matthew Aaron, has oft received the question, "Do you still do ministry?". The simple answer, "YES". Matthew Aaron, will be involved in ministry until the day he breathes his last. He gave up a long time career as a marine mammal trainer at Sea World to minister hope, healing and love to the gay community. The long answer?While God never changes, society and culture do. Our ministry is diverse, because people are diverse. Beliefs radically evolve as satan, the enemy of our souls, continues to tempt and torment humanity.

Ministry to the LGBT community and people who chose to leave it is different today than it was 20 years ago when Matthew Aaron walked away from his gay life. He shares this thought, "God called me out of my homosexual sin. He showed me a new way to live. Jesus continues to redeem, teach and guide me daily. He showed me that being a gay Christian, was not and never will be in His plan for anyone. He didn't condemn me, because of my sin, but He did show me a new way to live. He brought healing where there had been hurt at the hands of men. He brought understanding where the enemy had sewn confusion."

The Bible is the standard by which we teach, preach and mentor here at Big Fish. You won't catch us twisting or reinterpreting the Word of God in an effort to affirm gay Christianity. Without the standard of God's word, we are subject to the ever changing, faulty foundation of human emotion. Big Fish Ministry stands firm that marriage is between a man and a woman. We do what we do, because of the hope that Jesus Christ brings.

Over the last 20 years our Director has sewn truth into the lives of thousands of men and women. Some have received that truth. Others have gone on the attack. A former mentee went on the attack this year in an attempt to malign Matthew Aaron's character and Big Fish. We were approached by a reporter and shared the truth the young man refused to tell and once again, the message that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior if you choose it. We will weather any storm my friends, but the truth is that the storm that is brewing in the gay community will affect every person on the planet if we refuse to stand for what is good and right and true according to God's Word.

In today's culture, people that share biblical truth about homosexuality and gender issues are attacked. Satan is out to destroy the concepts of gender, marriage and sexuality set forth in Genesis. Big Fish Ministry is here to affirm the truth of God's Word. We also believe that although every person has sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, that God provides a path to redemption. God sent Jesus, His only son, to die on a cross for the remission of our sins. When we accept that sacrifice, God begins the work of redemption in our lives. The false doctrine of gay Christianity circumvents the truth of the gospel. Homosexuality is not a part of God's divine plan for man.

For that reason, we are still doing ministry.

Our ministry philosophy is Isaiah 61:1 “The Spirit of the Lord God is upon Me, Because the Lord has anointed Me to preach good tidings to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound;"

Over the past few years we have been able to connect with other ministries like Freedom March, Fearless Identity Orlando, Hope for Wholeness and Coming Out, Inc of Dallas, in an effort to rescue men and women who felt trapped by their sexual desires. Freedom is indeed possible. It is not a passing sentiment or a stale slogan. If the Bible preaches it, we will teach it.

So to answer any question about whether or not we still do ministry, the answer is "Yes. Forever!"

Byline: Anew

Fior Hernandez continues her conversation with Matthew Aaron, founder of Big Fish Ministry in Orlando, Florida. Matthew Aaron will be speaking at the upcoming Freedom March in Orlando, Florida on Saturday, September 14 from 12PM - 4PM in Lake Eloa Park.

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Byline: Anew

On Saturday September 14, our Director Matthew Aaron will be sharing his story at the Orlando Freedom March. Here is a part of his testimony. Special thanks to Byline Anew for the video.

Matthew Aaron, founder of Big Fish Ministry, shares part of his testimony of overcoming sexual abuse and finding hope and healing in Jesus. Matthew Aaron will be a featured speaker at Freedom March Orlando on Saturday, September 14, 2019 from 12:00PM - 4:00 PM in Lake Eloa Park.

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Walking and Speaking

Matthew Aaron's latest blog post As I read my bible in Starbucks today, a passage in Isaiah jumped out at me.  But first, let me set the scene.  To my right, a muslim couple was meeting with their divorce lawyers.  To my left, a “Christian” woman could be heard loudly cutting do

Can you spare a minute to help Matthew Aaron?

I am trying to share this as many places as possible. One of the books that has helped me and other men leaving their LGBT lives behind has been removed from the collection. Please take some time and sign this petition if you would. 39 signatures are still needed! Reverse Amazon's decision to censor alternative views on Homosexuality.

"Extra! Extra!" Shhhh!

Our Director, Matthew Aaron, just completed another blog for the masses. “Ex-Crack User Now Gets Rush From Helping Others In Need”.  A few years ago, that was headline I clipped from a local newspaper.  I seldom read the newspaper, but the article’s title stuck in my brain.  When someone breaks free from drug or alcoh

Be encouraged, I am. I am encouraged by the Freedom March and the many brothers and sisters who have left their LGBTQ lives behind. We have now joined together to march for freedom twice in Washington D.C., once in L.A., and coming soon: Minneapolis and Orlando.

I am reminded of the first time I attended an Exodus Conference back in 2001. I had only been out of my gay life for 2 years. I never dreamed that I would meet so many people who had also left their LGBT lives behind.

I met some of my dearest friends at Exodus Conferences. I was able to worship alongside men and women who understood what it meant to be free of the bondage of their LGBT struggles. And now...the Freedom March is once again providing men and women of like mind to celebrate their freedom in Jesus Christ.

What I love about the Freedom March and its founders is that they are forever glorifying the name of Jesus and the power of God to transform lives.

This last week, myself and a few hundred freedom marchers gather in Washington D.C. to celebrate freedom and share Jesus in our nation's capital.

[06/02/19]   Here is a copy of the letter I will be sending to my state Senators, Vice President Pence and President Trump. I would encourage everyone to do the same. We may march for Freedom twice a year, but we can also write for Freedom as well.
Dear ________,
I am writing in opposition to the Equality Act that was passed by the House and now stands before the the Senate. It may have been a historic vote, but as we know, history is littered with triumphs and pitfalls alike.
I am a resident of Florida. I am a Christian man. I am a man who left my gay life behind 20 years ago. My relationship with Jesus and my understanding of the Bible, regarding human sexuality and marriage, led me to leave my gay life behind. I minister to others who have also left gay lives behind. They, too, believed that living an LGBTQ life is opposed to the teachings of the bible.
I grew up in a Christian home. I was not born gay. I was born, artistic, sensitive and creative, not gay. I have researched my own life history, compared it to the Word of God and read enough credible material, from authors like Joe Dallas, to know it was nurture not nature that led me to believe I was born gay. The bible says that we are all born under the curse of sin. I believe it was that curse that wreaked havoc on my sensitive nature and brought about a destructive, gay lifestyle that I lived for 10 years.
1 Corinthians 6:9-11 helped me see that God wants to redeem me from a life of sexual sin.
9 Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, 10 nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God. 11 And such were some of you. But you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God.
out of sinful lives.
Scripture illuminates a path out of sin. It does not encourage us to build a future in it.
We are living in a time of great, Christian persecution. Free speech is preached by the LGBTQ community as long as they are the only ones speaking freely. The Equality Act is simply one more way to tighten the grip around the throat of those preaching the healing, freeing message of the gospel, thereby silencing free speech and religious liberty. Twenty years ago, the message of the gospel freed me from my gay life. It continues to do so for others today. Research the Freedom March movement happening in major US cities. I am not proposing that we treat anyone unequally, but I can assure you, if the Equality Act is passed, that is exactly what will happen to men and women of faith. I am asking that you consider the far-reaching implications of what seems to be a simple piece of legislation.
My name is Matthew Aaron Walker. I overcame homosexuality, because of Jesus Christ.
God bless you and your leadership,
Matthew Aaron

Email Me - U.S. Senator for Florida, Marco Rubio

Taylor Swift has inspired me. Now before you delete me based on that statement alone, just listen. Her voice usually elicits a clawing at my ears as one of her sassy sweet or "I hate men" ballads kicks up. But, she is encouraging people to write their Senators in favor of the latest, veiled weapon against religious rights, the Equality Act. I will write my Senator as she asks, but instead to share my story of Jesus and how He led me to leave homosexuality behind. And also how the Equality Act will serve as weaponized legislation against the religious community and those of us who have left our gay lives behind. We have already seen Christian Business people harassed and sued, for standing up for the truth of God's word relating to sexual sin.

Thanks Tay Tay! "I promise that you'll" actually find a lot more "like me".

Friends in the fight, If you also have a testimony of leaving your LGBT life, I encourage and challenge you to share your stories as well with your Senators, Vice President Pence or better yet, our Commander in Chief Donald Trump.

Florida Senators

Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio
284 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington DC, 20510

Marco Rubio
402 South Monroe Street
Suite 2105E
Tallahassee, FL 32399

Marco Rubio
201 South Orange Avenue
Suite 350
Orlando, FL 32801

Rick Scott: Email

Rick Scott
716 Hart Senate Office Building

Washington, DC 20510

Rick Scott
111 N. Adams St.
Suite 208
Tallahassee FL 32301

Rick Scott
801 North Florida Avenue

Suite 421
Tampa FL 33602

President: Donald Trump: Email

President: Donald Trump
The White House
Office of the President
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20500

Vice President: Mike Pence
The White House
Office of the Vice President
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20500 To discuss your case with someone on my staff, please contact the office nearest you: Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Pensacola, Tallahassee, Naples, Palm Beach. (Please do not send your request to my Washington, D.C. office as it will delay the response to your request.)

[01/29/19]   We have a new website address for our Director's blog. It's easy to remember. Visit us at: - Website - Blog

Send us an email if you have any questions we might answer

While looking for pictures from our last Missions trip to Australia and New Zealand, I ran across this beauty. I saved it off Google, because, let's be honest, it's hilarious.

On November 19, 2018, Big Fish Ministry began a month long journey through Australia and New Zealand. We started in Tweed Heads, New South Wales at the Pure Pursuit Conference. I shared the keynote address, presented a general session and shared what I've learned over the last 20 years. We traveled by car to Melbourne, Victoria, covering roughly 4400 km.

We stopped in Sydney to visit friends of the ministry. God orchestrated meetings with people along the way. God set up these moments to encourage men and women seeking freedom from sexual brokenness and the LGBT life. Once in Melbourne, we spoke to a gathering at Australia for Christ Church. God gave me an amazing message entitled "Welcome Home" for men and women who had been estranged from the church, but were returning. One girl came up after and said, I don't know much about Jesus, but I really liked what you said. God knew exactly what people needed to hear.

From Melbourne we flew to Auckland, New Zealand. We were blessed with housing by the Mullins family, whom we met through a friend. We spoke to a church, youth group and some random, adult guests. One of our supporters shared a God story with us. She was having dinner with some mom's from the church before the gathering. The topic of homosexuality came up and one mom after another shared their story of a child in the LGBT life. None of them had any idea, the others were dealing with it as well. A lot of healing happens when we get vulnerable and bring our struggles into the light.

One thing I am constantly seeing, is that God continues to break down barriers and bring light to dark places, if we let Him. I am so thankful that Big Fish Ministry is able to play a small part in the freedom unfolding for men, women and parents seeking the truth of God's word as it relates to the LGBT identity.

--Mathew Aaron

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