College Park Presbyterian Church, Orlando, FL Video April 7, 2019, 8:06pm

Videos by College Park Presbyterian Church in Orlando. Please join us! We have services every Sunday. Sunday School at 9:00am; Worship is at 10:30am. Nursery care is available!

One of our youngest worshippers preparing for Palm Sunday next weekend! 🌿

Other College Park Presbyterian Church videos

Did God Send Covid as Punishment?
Nice Short one as a sample of Ask the Pastor you can watch right here on Facebook. Then see the rest at this link

Brief Statement of Faith Class on March 25th

A video from Palm Sunday!

One of our youngest worshippers preparing for Palm Sunday next weekend! 🌿

Join us for worship on Trinity Sunday!

Mystery Express Children's Sermon
Do you remember when Pastor Ryan invited all the children to participate in their own mystery story? Which of these wild characters is really Jesus in disguise?

Pope Skit
Anybody remember this skit from last year? For Reformation day 2017 the 500th anniversary of the reformation, we preformed a skit about Martin Luther and the Pope. Or rather, Popes!

Egg hunt after the services today. Happy Easter! He is Risen!

The Trial Preview
Wondering what to expect from The Trial? We did a simplified preview during our church service yesterday. Costumes, set, and script are modified and less complex here. Watch Ryan Gaffney, Megan Penfield, Amanda Adair, and Don Wadsworth preview a scene from The Trial, and see our full cast, costuming, set, and script this Saturday, March 24 at 8pm. Admission is free. We just ask for donations to help this ministry continue to grow.

Enjoy this sermon from the CPPC archives titled "Fambly." Pastor Ryan Gaffney addresses who College Park Presbyterian Church is and where he thinks we are going.

Living Outside The City Gates
Clay Clayton wrote and performed an original Poem for our service, about serving the outcast and downtrodden during the Christmas Season

Children's Christmas Program
Very proud of all of our kiddos this year for putting on a fantastic presentation.

A Christmas monologue by Megan Penfield, part of our new theater ministry!

Mystery Box Children's Sermon
We got another angle of that one Children's Message

"They're really good tacos." --Pastor Ryan

"What's in the box?" Children's message
"In this box is the most dangerous weapon in the world." Watch this memorable children's message to find out what's in the box!

Cloud Of Witnesses
Our first video of one of Ryan's sermons is up to watch!

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