Woodhaven Baptist Church

Woodhaven Baptist Church


If Woodhaven Baptist Church has a facility; can me and my people use it to worship our Lord in the name of Jesus (for 35 people)? Regards Rev. Calixte Guerrier pastor 7201 Woodhill Park Drive Apt 12 Orlando, FL32818 Email [email protected]
Can not wait to see many of my old friends at Woodhaven Baptist Church for Homecoming. Looking forward to sharing a message on "Heaven". "What a Day that will be!" Hope all the former members will come back and fill the church on this special day. Pastor Scott has worked hard to make it special. See all of you on Sunday, Oct. 21. Pray for me as I prepare to speak. David Godfrey
Hoping to see a large crowd at Homecoming on Oct. 21. I am excited to bring the message on "Heaven". Hope to see many old friends and former members there!!
Wishing all a joyous morning. He is Risen!
Praying that all went well for Pastor Scott in the surgery this morning.
Praying all have prepared smartly, and that the peace of Christ will abide through this Storm. He who walks upon waters and speaks "peace be still" be with you all. Amen.

A warm and friendly church which strives to Grow in the Grace and Knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Operating as usual

These weren’t the only guests hanging out when I arrived on campus this morning.

Looks like the county is going to make us move our crosses. And here I was thinking things were going to slow down. I am happy that they are trying to fix the ditches though.

Sometimes I think the pastor is getting a bit squirrelly. Now he is putting hearts with verses on the doors!

Sunday, February 14, 2021, Steve Weatherford will be in concert on campus at 11:00am. Following the service, we will a lunch fellowship. We will be serving deli sandwiches, chips and drinks. Physical distancing will be practiced. We will take a love offering for Steve Weatherford and his music will be available for purchase. Please let us know if you can attend. We are limiting the attendance to 40 persons to maintain health and safety guidelines.

Facebook has sent reminders to me that I haven’t posted anything in awhile. So they are reminding me about that, both cars are telling me they need their oil changed, and my phone is urging me to leave earlier for my doctor’s appointment because traffic is heavy. Artificial Intelligence contains Actual Nagging 😉.
So here is what I’ve been up to on the church campus: changing batteries and other maintenance for the exit lights. Later today I will be vacuuming, mopping and cleaning the bathrooms. I will try to be more informative about activities at Woodhaven. Be watching for how you can help the fair ministry, our upcoming concert and other items this weekend.
God bless,
Pastor Scott Patz

Coming Sunday, February 14, 2021

Free Music! Let me know if you want any.

- [ ] “We Are So Blessed”; 2 cassette tapes available
- [ ] “Alleluia”; 1 cassette tape available
- [ ] “Tapestry Collection”; 1 cassette tape available
- [ ] “Sing The Mighty Power”; 1 cassette tape available

Free Music! Let me know if you want any.

- [ ] “The Song We Came To Sing”; words and music by Sheldon Curry; book by Doris J. Simpson; 4 books available; 2 cassettes available
- [ ] “Peter, Friend of Jesus”; by Paul and Donna Williams; 1 book available; 1 cassette available

Free Music! Easter Cantata anyone? Let me know if you want any.

- [ ] “Behold Your King”; 1 record available
- [ ] “Kneel at the Cross”; 1 record available
- [ ] “Easter Celebration”; 1 record available
- [ ] “Redeemer”; 1 cassette available
- [ ] “The Promise”; 1 cassette available
- [ ] “No Other Lamb”; 1 cassette available
- [ ] “The Highest Place”; 1 cassette available

Dear Woodhaven family and friends:
I know many are tired of seeing these posts of old music in their feeds. The reason for this is that we are not using them and would rather that someone else use them for God’s glory than just collect dust at our facility. Some have responded and received (or will). A school will be receiving a bulk of the music.

In a few weeks, we will have reached the end. After that, you may see other items pop up on your feed to be given away. Once again, as being good stewards of the Lord, it is better that someone else can use it for God’s glory than for us to sit on the materials. Plus, by us cleaning out, we have opened up space for two different ministries to store some items. These ministries are not products of our church, although we partner with them.

Life is still happening here at Woodhaven. Yesterday, a young woman with no connection to the church showed up to donate a few bags of food. These will be given away tomorrow through our partnership with Eglise Primitive D’Orlando along with many other foods. If you live in the area and can use help with food, most Wednesdays we give away food on our campus at 10:00am. If there is an emergency need for food at other times, we have canned items available.

We have grieving families that are navigating their loss during this time of trying to memorialize during the pandemic. We have a few weddings coming up in the next couple of months that are dealing with similar questions.

We receive telephone calls and messages almost daily of sickness, relationship problems and other personal crises. We console, pray and try to help under God’s provision and guidance.

There are people being released from the jail just a quarter mile away from us that need direction, encouragement and many times food. There are homeless people in the area that need food.

So please keep us in prayer. Join us, if you are able, in serving this area of Orlando. And forgive the multiple postings of old music.

God bless.

Free Music! Vinyl is back in style! Let me know if you are interested.

“Glory Songs - October, November, December 1981”; 1 record available
“Church Music Celebration Vol. 1”; 1 record available
“Anthems”; 2 records available

[01/19/21]   “So I have tried to make it clear that it is wrong to use immoral means to attain moral ends. But now I must affirm that it is just as wrong, or even more so, to use moral means to preserve immoral ends. ”
― Martin Luther King Jr., Letter from the Birmingham Jail

Free Music! The last of our Christmas music (maybe). Let me know if you want any.

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“The Birthday of the King”; 5 copies available
“Winter Wonderland”; arranged by Charles Boutelle; 7 copies available
“Sleigh Ride”; arranged by Hawley Ades; 2 copies available

Free Music! Yes, more Christmas music for you to plan for next Christmas. Let me know if you want any.

“Now, Bright and Still”; words by Rhoda Newton; music by Frances Williams; 30 copies available
“Little Christ-Child, Sweet and Holy”; words by Rhoda Newton; music by Frances Williams; 25 copies available
“Noel”; words by Edmund Sears; arranged by Anna Laura Page; 5 copies available
“Sing Your Carols Loudly”; by Theodore Beck; 1 copy available
“Simeon’s Prayer”; by Alex F. Hegenbart; 2 copies available
“Simeon’s Lullaby”; words and music by Wendy Talbot; arranged by Bill Wolaver; 26 copies available

Free Music! Get ready for 2021’s Christmas Cantatas!😆 Let me know if you want any.

“Noel Jesus Is Born”; by Lanny Wolfe, Don Marsh and Bob Benson; 2 copies available; 1 cassette available

“Simply Come Celebrate Jesus A Christmas Invitation”; by Don Marsh and Claire Cloninger; 9 books available; 1 cassette available

“What Child Is This?”; by Michael E. Parks and Randy Vader; 2 books available; 1 cassette available

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“Shepherds, Rejoice”; by John F. Wilson; 29 copies available

New choir auditions! I like their energy!

Free Music! The last of the youth music (maybe?). Let me know if you want any.

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“The Lord Makes Me Happy”; arranged by Bob Krogstad; 1 copy available

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“Walk In Love”; music by Bob Burroughs; words by Esther Burroughs; 1 copy available

“Uniquely Yours”; by Trilby Jordan and Albert Zabel; 1 copy available

Thank you Brittany Avant and the Resort Ministry for giving us a big start to our school supply collection. May God direct and bless your ministry.

Free Music! Some youth music. Let me know if you want any.

“The Best in Contemporary Christian Music for Youth Choir Volume One”; arranged by Bruce Greer; 1 copy available

“The Best in Contemporary Christian Music for Youth Choir Volume Four”; arranged by Bruce Greer; 1 copy available

“Let The Whole World Sing”; arranged by Steve Taylor and David T. Clydesdale; 1 copy available

“Michael W. Smith’s The Big Picture”; arranged by Robert Sterling; 1 copy available

“Sonlight”; 1 copy available

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“Singing a Love Song”; arranged by Gregg Sewell; 1 copy available

“Room 77”; arranged by Don Cason and Wayne Watson; 1 copy available

Free Music! More youth group stuff (from earlier decades). Let me know if you want any.

“Sing ‘n’ Celebrate”; compiled by Kurt Kaiser, Sonny Salsbury, and Billy Ray Hearn; 2 copies available

“Sing ‘n’ Celebrate II”; compiled by Kurt Kaiser, Sonny Salsbury, Billy Ray Hearn, Charles F. Brown, and Robert C. Black; 5 copies available

“Rejoice in the Lord Always” with drama “Woe Is Me”; by Dennis & Nan Allen; 2 copies available

“What Would You Give?” With drama “Penny-Ante Christianity”; by Dennis & Nan Allen; 7 copies available

Free Music! Some contemporary (when released) youth music. Check out the artwork of the one album. And another has never been opened. Let me know if you want any.

“Smiling’ More Everyday”; compiled by Bob Krogstad; 1 book available; 1 record available

Happening Now”; 1 record available

“Making the Grade”; drama and lyrics by Grace Hawthorne; music be Paul Johnson; 1 record available

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Free Music! A few Youth Christmas programs. Let me know if you want any.

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“Little Child... Mighty King”; arranged by Joseph Linn; 1 copy available

“A Long Time Ago”; by Carman; arranged by John E. Coates; script by Lynn Hodges; 6 copies available

Free Music! The last of our children’s music (for now) to give away. Let me know if you want any.

“The Camp Can-Do Caper Musical”; 1 cassette available

“The Search for Psalty’s Missing 9”; by Ernie Rettino and Debby Kerner Rettino; arranged by C. Barny Robertson; 1 copy available

“The Troubbable of Zerubbabel”; by William Anderson; 1 copy available

“The Music Mountain”; by David Culross; 1 copy available

“Why”; by Janet McMahan and Wes Ramsay; arranged by Wes Ramsay; 1 copy available

“God’s Kids”; by Rick and Sylvia Powell; 1 copy available

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“Tot: Children’s Sampler Vol. 2 by Sing Cord”; 1 record available

“God’s People Today for Primary & Junior”; 1 record available

“1965 Vacation Bible School Joint Worship Service Music”; 1 record available

“Singing Stories by the Radio Kids Bible Club”; 1 record available

“Life Just Keeps On Happening...”; by Em Benedict; 5 books available; 1 record available

Well, there’s your problem(s)! A few weeks back, we a mishap with our baptistery. It flooded our Sanctuary. The problems were obvious yet overlooked. We knew that we had replaced some pipes previously and they were sealed temporarily. We just did not realize how temporary. The rubber stopper was damage for the big hole. The sealant around the other pipe was damaged due to the pipe having way too much play. And there was a third hole that we did not know about until further investigation.
Large hole was sealed with concrete and then marine sealant over top (after drying). Pipe was mounted and resealed around it. The small hole was regrouted and then sealed with marine sealant over top. Lord willing, tomorrow the test will reveal leak free.

Free Music! Planning your children’s Christmas music for 2021? Let me know if you are interested in any.

“Happy Birthday Merry Christmas”; by Em Benedict; 7 copies available

“Something Wonderful”; text by Bobby Altmiller; music by A. L. Butler; 39 copies available

“Psalty’s Family Christmas Sing-a-long”; written by Ernie Rettino and Debby Kerner Rettino; piano transcriptions by Joe VanGilder; 1 copy available

“Stranger in the Straw”; by Vera Neff; 1 copy available

“The Most Wonderfullest Day”; book and lyrics by Ed Seabough; music by Gregg Sewell; 1 copy available

“Good King Wenceslas”; created by Kathie Hill; arranged by Ron W. Griffin; 2 copies available

“Hark, the Herald Angel; by Ron E. Long and Joanne Barrett; arranged by Tom Fettke; 1 copy available

“Run To The Stable”; by John D. Horman; 1 copy available

“Shepherds, Rejoice”; arranged by Isabel Carley; 1 copy available

“Cedarmont Kids - Christmas Carols”; 1 cassette available

Free Music! Never too early to get ready for Christmas. Let me know if you want any.

“The Shepherd And His Lamb”; by James R. Gillette; 15 copies available

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“The Manger of Bethlehem”; by Chas. Francis Lane; 8 copies available

Free Music! Let me know if you want any.

“Teenage Choir Volume One”; compiled by John W. Peterson; 55 copies available

“Present Tense”; book & lyrics by Grace Hawthorne; music by Larry Mayfield; 7 copies available

“Youth Sings”; by Harry Simeone; 9 copies available

Free Music! Let me know if you want any.

“Select Gospel Choir No. 1”; 8 copies available

“Sounds Of Joy No. 2”; by William J. Gaither; arranged by Cyril A. McLellan; 22 copies available

“Sing Men! Number 1”; 9 copies available

I always valued hard work. I moved up when I was retail because I didn’t just stand being idle. When I had nothing to do, l cleaned or greeted customers or something that involved busyness. Some instances in my life, I didn’t have the proper tools or knowledge but I was determine to fix the problem out of sheer stubbornness. It has taken me awhile to see the value in other ways of working other than “hard”. A couple months back a wheel came loose on the vacuum cleaner at church. After twenty minutes of unsuccessfully remove the retaining screw so the wheel could be replace properly and retightened, I just put the wheel back loose and tried to avoid having it fall off again. No luck in that. Over the weeks, I worked it to only falling off three or four times while vacuuming the Sanctuary. A couple more times I gave it more tries to remove the screw without breaking the machine to no avail. The problem was the screw had an unusual head, one which I didn’t have. I couldn’t be bothered to run to the store and buy it just for one screw on one machine that I used once a week. Keep in mind, I had put at least an hour over the past couple months to fix it by other means. I also painstakingly vacuumed a certain way to avoid the wheel falling off. At least two hours of wasted time through all this over the past couple months. Part of the problem was that I wouldn’t think of the issue until I was vacuuming. Well I broke down on Monday since I had to buy some concrete patch at the hardware store and bought the bit. It took less than two minutes to truly fix the wheel.

Working smarter is better than working harder. Hard work is necessary but more can be accomplished when it is guided by wisdom.
God bless.

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