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If you or your kids are interested in learning the piano, I'd love to hear from you. I've taught kids/adults for ~20 years. Email me at: [email protected]. Or see my piano studio FB page:
If you are interested in learning to play the piano, I've taught kids and adults for 20 years. My piano studio FB page is: ; Or you can go to my website: If you want a free first lesson, shoot me an email at [email protected]. I have an easy-going approach and make learning music simple.
💥💥East Campus Family Potluck! 💥💥 THIS Saturday, August 10 @6:30pm (immediately following the 5pm service) Bring a side or dessert!
📣DCE Fam! 📣 We’ve got a great opportunity for you to learn the history, vision, and mission of who we are as a church! Please join us THIS Sunday, August 11 @ 12:30pm for This Is Discovery! KidCare provided! Lunch provided (we’ll feed the kids too!)! ⬇️Sign up here⬇️
Sorry to bother you, but I am VERY new to East Orlando, and will be relocating here for a government job very close to UCF and will be living 2-3 miles south of the University. (I guess this area is called N Waterford Lakes!). I am really old (55!) but prefer younger and middle age people instead of old people like me! I sometimes ride a Harley (please don't hold that against me!) and have no children (that I know of!). I am looking for a non-denominational church somewhat close to where I live (and I don't know the area well at all, except for Colonial Drive/Road and Alphafa Rd. I also can't spell! HOPING to find church that offers Communion every week, and doesn't make really old Harley riders sit in the parking lot, since I am fat and this place is VERY hot! If you think I would fit in (please don't take this wrong, as I'm not putting it down, but I'm not sure if I would fit in if people talk in "tongues" or hit people upside the head to cure medical issues. My wife often does that (hitting me, not talking in tongues, although she IS from the Ohio/WV area and sometimes I can't understand what she is saying, and we have been married almost 32 years) could you please let me know? Sorry for the run on paragraph, I am also not the smartest crayon in the box!! Thanks in advance for your time and understanding. I won't be back in Orlando full time until probably the 3rd week in August. Communinion weekly is not a deal stopper, but I do hope to find a church that plays contemporary music, although I can't sing!!
Discovery East Parents! If your kiddo is getting baptized soon, we’ve got a great baptism class designed specifically for kids in kindergarten through 5th grade! The class is happening THIS Sunday, July 28, 2019! This class helps kids have a clear understanding of salvation and the next step in their relationship with Christ. ⬇️Use the link below to register!⬇️
If anyone lives in the 32828 area: There is a group that needs 9 sleeping bags and 9 tents by tomorrow to keep! This is something where I need these donations ASAP! Please let me know if anyone can help!!!
Discovery East Families! Today is the LAST day to register your child for UGames! You’ve got until midnight! Here’s your TO DO: 1. Register yourself to volunteer and receive a discount when registering your kid! 2. Register your kids (don’t forget to plug in your discount code for volunteering)! 3. Go to UGames! 4. Have fun! This is the link you’ll need to register: ➡️ Can you tell we’re excited?! Woohoo!
Hey everyone, I’m looking for a place to rent a room for hopefully not too expensive. I’m 19 years old and go to Valencia Community college, I also work at the Firkin and Kegler Bowling Alley about 30 hours a week. Please let me know if you have a room or know of a room available, thank you all!
Praise the Lord! We are requesting the branch of this church in Africa in Jesus mighty name. It is a great church. If you are looking for true teaching messages taught from the bible i highly recommend Discovery Church East we have many groups and bible studies going on. We are very friendly and caring. Pastor Mike Shirley is our east campus pastor. Our lead Pastor Don Cousin's is at the main central church here in orlando fl. The worship team is great. Come and see for yourself.
Thank you so much for this evening filled with worship and prayer! (Miss Janet especially
Good morning East Ladies! TONIGHT is "Girl Talk", the follow up event for Cherished, at 7:00PM! We will discuss more about our identity in Christ and the authority we have to put off the labels we wear! There will be coffee and desserts to share so bring your sweet tooth (or sweet TEETH 😉) See you soon!

A Non-Denominational, Christ-Centered Church Of the many discoveries we’ve made along the way it that its seems that true spiritual growth is formed in partnership.

In a mysterious collaboration of three; God is at work doing His part, the church then offers her part and each one contributes their part to bring each of us into the rich, vibrant life God promises us all.

Mission: To make disciples of Jesus.

Operating as usual

[10/31/20]   Tomorrow at Discovery Church, we will gather around the Table and enjoy Communion together as the Family of God! Both 9am & 11am

[10/17/20]   Can’t wait for services tomorrow at Discovery Church... join us at 9am & 11am!

[09/12/20]   Discovery Church... This weekend we will experience Communion as a BODY together in over six months... It will be a beautiful time... Can't wait to GATHER!

Alafaya Campus | September 6th | 9am Service & DC Kids | Registration - Discovery Church

Discovery Alafaya Campus... It's time to return to weekend services... We miss you and can't wait to see you....

There is still time to register for this weekend...
Register today: Alafaya Campus | September 6th | 9am Service & DC Kids | Registration •Face coverings should be worn while moving about our facilities and on property but are not required to be worn while seated in the auditorium. Face coverings required for 4 years old and up. Discovery Church Registration Guide...

[07/06/20]   Prayer request for my family.
My husband's Dad passed away yesterday.
Thank you
Carol Towery

Girl Talk | DC Women

Ladies- tune in for a word of encouragement and women groups announcements!

Here's some weekly encouragement from the Discovery Church Women's Staff. It's a time to connect, an opportunity to hear from one another, and to hear how we...

[03/20/20]   It was March 2020...
The streets were empty, stores closed, people couldn't go out anymore.
But spring didn't know, and the flowers began to bloom, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, swallows were coming soon, the sky was blue, morning was coming early.
It was March 2020...
Young people had to study online, and find jobs at home, people couldn't shop anymore, or go to the hairdresser. Soon there would be no room in hospitals, and people continued to get sick.
But spring didn't know, time to go to the garden was coming, the grass was growing.
It was March 2020...
People have been put on lockdown. to protect grandparents, families and children. No more reunion or meal, family party. Fear has become real and the days looked alike.
But spring didn't know, apple trees, cherry trees and others grew, the leaves grew.
People started reading, playing with family, learning a language, singing on the balcony by inviting neighbors to do the same, they learned a new language, be supportive and focused on other values.
People realized the importance of health, the suffering, of this world that had stopped, of the economy that fell down.
But spring didn't know. the flowers left their place for fruits, the birds made their nest, swallows had arrived.

Then release day came, people found out on TV, the virus had lost, people went down the street, sang, crying, kissing their neighbors, without masks or gloves.

And that's when summer came, because spring didn't know. He continued to be there despite everything, despite the virus, fear and death. Because spring didn't know, it taught people the power of life.

Everything will be alright, stay home, protect yourself, and you will enjoy life.

Read this, copy it by copy / sticky this text, but above all stay confident and keep smiling! 😃 😃

Cultivate What Matters Women Conference - Discovery Church

Have you signed up for Cultivate What Matters conference yet?? Don’t miss out- registration closes on March 18th.

Awesome event for women to hear from 10 different speakers on relevant topics such as forgiveness, hearing Gods voice, boundaries, depression and faith, parenting, building community and more! Check it out: Ladies, come join us... Discovery Church Alafaya Campus is hosting our first women conference! Growing in our journey with God is what we all strive for. We want to cultivate what matters together. We will enjoy worship, breakout sessions (you will choose 4 of 10 different topics where speakers will...

[02/06/20]   Guys, Tomorrow morning (6:45am-8am) we will begin our Men's Breakfast for this semester.... Come join us!

[01/30/20]   DCE Families, this weekend we will have our 2nd Connection Event... Come check out our groups and classes available this semester. Our food coordinator Troy Clements is planning on have Apple, Peach and Cherry Cobler with Ice Cream available for a snack!

Cultivate What Matters Women Conference - Discovery Church

WOW...WOW...WOW... Ladies guess what??? We have our first ever EAST Women conference this spring. Don't miss this amazing event on Saturday, March 28th. Check out the details here
This event will cover REAL authentic topics like: boundaries/ dealing with depression and suicide / discerning the voice of God / how to truly forgive / parenting and many more!

Space is limited...sign up soon! Ladies, come join us... Discovery Church East Campus is hosting our first women conference! Growing in our journey with God is what we all strive for. We want to cultivate what matters together. We will enjoy worship, breakout sessions (you will choose 4 of 10 different topics where speakers will sh...

Thank you Cody Stanley, DCE Student Pastor for sharing an outstanding word on the virtue of Trust @ East Men’s Breakfast this morning!

Everyone can do something!! Come hear about how we can come around one of our East foster care families to support them in a practical easy way to help them be the hands and feet of Jesus to precious kiddos in their home. Come join us and hear about it!

[10/14/19]   We are so proud of the 15 people who followed Jesus in Believers Baptism this weekend... May you experience new found power from the Holy Spirit!

Women's International Dinner - Discovery Church

Discovery Women, come join us at our church wide Women event to kick off the year together in UNITY while we experience yummy food from the nations, hear testimonies from our very own women and experience dances of the nations! Register here: We invite you to join us this fall for our Women's International Dinner! All Discovery Women will gather at Central Campus ‪on Friday, September 13th‬ to celebrate - in unity - all our cultures through an INTERNATIONAL DINNER (potluck style) featuring: * Worship & dance from nations * Testimonie...

Women's Groups | Fall Studies | East Campus - Discovery Church

Ladies - Our Fall Bible Study is right around the corner. Come join us Tuesday night or Wednesday mornings and choose one of the three studies you'd like to join. Register online and see you there! Come join us for this 8 week fall study as we dig deeper into the Word of God. We are offering three different studies to choose from depending on your interest. * Finding I Am | DVD/Workbook study by Lysa TerKeurst * Precept Upon Precept | 1st, 2nd, and 3rd John * Boundaries | DVD study by Dr. Clou...

UGames - Discovery Church

Discovery East Family -

You have a couple of hours left to register your child for UGames - registration closes at MIDNIGHT tonight.

You can volunteer and receive discounts for your child! Join the fun of UGames. Follow this link to register. Get ready to POWER UP this summer! Along with all of our great sports, crafts, snacks and activities, kids will be challenged to go to the next level because God’s power gives us everything we need! UGames is for kids who have completed Kindergarten – 5th Grade.

LifeWay Women Live Conference - Discovery Church

East Ladies...don’t miss signing up for Lifeway Women Live Conference. Come join us! Join us for this all-new, national event where women, unapologetic and unshakeable in their pursuit of Christ, can come together. Here’s what you can expect LifeWay Women Live to be: SCRIPTURAL Study with favorites, including Christine Caine, Lysa TerKeurst, Lisa Harper, Jackie Hill Perry, Kelly M...

This Saturday is a great opportunity to check out our evening service.

Following the 5p service we will have a Potluck for the entire East Campus;

Saturday | 6:30p
Bring a side dish or dessert to share!

Food • Family • Friends

East Ladies - you are invited to our Spring event on May 4th - register here

TONIGHT - following the 5pm service! Join Us!

Untitled Album

Baptism Service March 3,2019

Baptism Service March 3,2019

Lee Strobel - THIS Weekend!

Lee Strobel - THIS Weekend!

Discovery Church Live

Discovery Church Live

Women Spring Bible Study | East Campus - Discovery Church

Ladies, come join us for our Spring Bible Study classes- offering 3 to choose from in the morning or at night. KidCare available at all. Register below! Come join us for this 9 week Spring Bible Study semester as we dig deeper into the Word of God. We are offering three different classes to choose from depending on your interest. * Wrestling with God | Lessons from Habakkuk (with 2 weeks off teaching How to Study God's Word) - Live teaching * Precep...

DCE BIG WEEKEND... Still time to join us tonight @ 5pm... The band is ready to celebrate the goodness of God!

Women’s Spring Bible Study

Women’s Spring Bible Study

[01/23/19]   DCE Family… Today we celebrate what God has done in and through our East Campus. We are blessed with some incredible people who continue to step up and sacrifice for the purpose of making a KINGDOM IMPACT… May God bless each of you for your sacrifice and your determination to TAKE NEW GROUND!

WE NEED YOUR HELP, so we can continue to make a Kingdom Impact. We need MORE PEOPLE to come to the Saturday 5pm service… Bottom line, we need another 50 missionaries that will GIVE UP so we can TAKE NEW GROUND. Specifically, we need the majority of these people to come from our Sunday 11AM attenders. The 11AM service is filling up again and it’s vital to create space for new people. Studies indicate if a person or family is looking for a church, they will attend the 11am service. Therefore, we must create a seat and a parking place, or they will not come, and we will miss the privilege to allow Jesus to impact their lives!

We offer a fully DC Kids program every Saturday evening. The Worship team gives their all and it’s an incredible worship experience. Unfortunately, we do not offer Middle School, therefore if you have middle school children, we fully understand your need to come on Sunday. However, there are countless people and families that do not have middle school children. Please consider this opportunity for greater impact. One of the characteristics of the early church was their resolute determination to do whatever it takes to advance the kingdom... May that be said of each of us and of Discovery Church. LET’S TAKE SOME NEW GROUND!!!

New Years Message from the NEW (under construction) Student Center!

We have loved seeing your Christmas photos today! Because of your generosity, more than 140 underresourced kids in our community woke up with Christmas gifts and a message that a Savior was born for them! #GodWithUs

[12/24/18]   Discovery East - You have one more opportunity to join us for Christmas Eve service with powerful worship and an inspired message. There's still time to make the 5:30 service. Hope to see you there! Merry Christmas!

Update from Pastor Mike...

Want your place of worship to be the top-listed Place Of Worship in Orlando?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Lee Strobel - THIS Weekend!
Discovery Church Live
Discovery Church Live
Women’s Spring Bible Study
New Years Message from the NEW (under construction) Student Center!
Update from Pastor Mike...




2504 S Alafaya Trl
Orlando, FL

Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 15:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 15:00
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