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This eternal gift can come only from God’s original choosing, calling and our acceptance. A divine gift is something we receive; we do not ask for it. So for those who merely make a “decision” for Christ, as the long-popular saying goes, this decision is of their own creation. If their profession of faith was not honest and sincere; if they did not truly receive the Spirit, then their conversion is only imagined. This is a dangerous situation for those people. Only God knows for sure, who is chosen, but we can tell by their fruit and ours.
The gift of Eternal Life can come only from God’s original choosing, calling and our acceptance. A divine gift is something we receive; we do not ask for it. So for those who merely make a “decision” for Christ, as the long-popular saying goes, this decision is of their own creation. If their profession of faith was not honest and sincere; if they did not truly receive the Spirit, then their conversion is only imagined. This is a dangerous situation for those people. Only God knows for sure, who is chosen, but we can tell by their fruit and ours.
These are the regions and languages that observe Orphan Sunday. Will your missionaries in regions that speak these languages join us in observing Orphan Sunday this year?It is November 10, 2019. On this day, Christians around the world, over a thousand churches in 97 countries unite in responding to the call of James 1:27. It is all about glorifying the name of Jesus and petition to our Heavenly Father that orphans and vulnerable children will be placed in safe and loving Christ-centered homes or receive safe and loving Christ-centered care so that they too, can be adopted by the Heavenly Father. Pray that those who cannot be adopted will be able to have a solid and consistent relationship with Christian adult so that they can know the love of Christ and be equipped with life skills. Would your missionaries observe Orphan Sunday? It all begins with prayers. Please contact me if you have any questions or comments. Krady (Ms.)International Web Manager for Orphan Sunday Christian Alliance for Orphans [email protected] Sunday / Stand Sunday Coordinator for North Carolina [email protected]+1 704.941.4974
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I appreciate what you are doing around the world,I invite you to Ethiopia the harvest is plenty
I love my parents God bless
Paired existence; male and female is a reality. It reflects at all levels form a simple particle, atom and the whole. We know that the parallel world and multiple worlds exist. Time has the possibility of directed to singularity or multiple worlds dissolving to singularity and state zero and then reemerge to from the whole system. Science sees everything going to singularity and nonexistence. it fails to comprehend the reversal because it looks at the process from a material point. The material world is held upon a spiritual world. Einstein proved it, except that he could not perceive the reverse time that co-exists. In fact, the modern world is in reverse time at the spiritual front. This has occurred 2019 years back. The problem is that we have failed to comprehend it at the physical level. Our survival exist in comprehending what occurred 2019 years back
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Happy Thanksgiving Pioneers Family!

Pioneers goes to the ends of the earth in relentless pursuit of the unreached.

France: Baking Night At Lindsey's

Tonight is baking night at Lindsey’s house!

Lindsey wrote a book called "For The Love of Baking and Jesus." It was written as a six-week study for small groups where every week you bake a new recipe and have a spiritual discussion together. ⁠

Each night, Lindsey explains what they’ll be baking and briefly teaches about different things like measuring cups and spoons. Everyone in the group has a job to do. No baker left behind!

This evening, they’re cooking carrot cake. While the cake is in the oven, the group sits down and has a discussion about a spiritual topic, in French. In general the discussion stems from one of these two questions: Am I loved? What can I offer the world?

After their discussion, they decorate the cake! The French particularly enjoy the creative process of baking… So, Lindsey always makes sure to have an opportunity for self expression!

We'd love to continue Lindsey's ministry around the world! Invite a mixture of believing and non-believing friends over for an evening, bake something fun, talk about the hard questions and earnestly pray that God shows up during your time together.⁠

We hope you enjoy this little glimpse into what a baking night looks like at Lindsey's house 😁


The Church In France

Today, Lindsey takes us to see one of the churches nearby and reflects on how they've primarily become empty, ornate buildings.


France: Fun Facts & Comedy Square

To kick off our trip, along with a little music to enjoy while you read, here are 10 fun facts about France:

1. France is the world's most popular tourist destination
2. We can thank the French for canned goods including both mason jars and tin cans.
3. The reading and writing system for the blind, braille, was developed by a Frenchman Louis Braille who was blinded as a child.
4. The French invented the metric system in 1793.
5. Louis XIX was the king for an entire 20 minutes.
6. France was the first country in the world to ban supermarkets from throwing away or destroying unsold food.
7. France produces nearly 1 billion tons of cheese a year and 1,200 varieties.
8. They also eat around 30,000 tons of snails a year.
9. More than half of the world's roundabouts are in France.
10. The French value directness.

Be sure to follow the journey 👉 #pioneerstofrance

Over the next few days, we'll be visiting France together to see first hand what God is doing to bring the gospel to some of those with little access to it.

Of course, you'll also get a taste of French culture along the way! 🥐🇫🇷

Be sure to follow the journey 👉 #pioneerstofrance

Japan: God is At Work

God is doing amazing things all around the world! 🌍🌎🌏 What part are you going to play?⁠

Are you looking for somewhere to start? Try taking our 👟👟 Next Steps Quiz 👉

Also, even you don't feel ready, you can always talk with one of our Mission Mentors. They're ready and excited to help you on your journey to the nations 👉

#pioneerstojapan #greatcommission #unreachedpeoplegroups #makedisciples

Are you willing to be someone’s Valentine?

St. Valentine was a priest in Rome during heavy persecution against Christians. Valentine was arrested for evangelising and sent to Emperor Claudius. When he shared the gospel with the emperor, Emperor Claudius told him to renounce Jesus or be killed. Valentine refused. So he was beaten and then beheaded on 14 February 269 AD. What a bold follower of Jesus!
#LoveBoldly #valentine #AgapeEurope #makejesusknown #agape #movements #iamagape #reachthewholeworld #100cities #lovetheworld #love #boldly #LoveTakesAction #GoodAtLife
📸 by @dariovero_

Japan: An Unreached Person

Today, Patrick tells us about the Church in Japan and tells a story about what it means to be an unreached person.


Japan: History & Hobbies

Today on our way to the library, we pass by the Atomic Bomb Dome and hear a little bit about how the Japanese feel about their tragic history.


CAPTION CONTEST: We're here in Japan and came across a pet store that we think could use a little help with their slogan. 😆⁠

Let us know your best alternative in the comments below 👇👇👇⁠

Prayercast | Japan

Pray for the gospel to take root in Japanese culture and no longer be perceived as a western religion. | Prayercast Japan uniquely blends an ancient civilization’s rich traditions, with an incredibly modern and technologically advanced culture. Skyscrapers mix with ancient temples to form a fascinating landscape and culture that continues to enthrall visitors from around the world. Japan has been a leader in te...

Japan: Language Struggles

Today, on the way to the convenience store, Patrick gives us a crash-course on reading Japanese signs.

Also, be sure to engage with us on Instagram as well 👉


We all have a role to play in the relentless pursuit of the nations. How is God leading you to participate?

Need some ideas? Try going on a summer Edge trip 👉

#missiontrip #missionsopportunity #goglobal

Japan: The Neighborhood Shrine

Today you get to see a glimpse into what life and ministry looks like for the Boyles in Japan. You'll also get to see a first-hand look at their neighborhood Shinto shrine.

Be sure to engage with us on the journey on Instagram as well 👉

Let us know what you'd like to see more of in the comments!

#pioneerstojapan #unreachedpeoplegroups

Japan here we come! ✈️🇯🇵 ⁠

We're just arriving in Japan and are excited to give you glimpse what life and ministry looks like there.⁠

Also be sure to keep an eye on our Stories; we're going to share some fun facts about Japan with you as we arrive on the ground.⁠

Follow the journey 👉#pioneerstojapan⁠

Could you dedicate your summer to missions? You don't have to want to be a career missionary to do that.⁠

The trip may not add value to your resume, but will add value to the Kingdom of God. ⁠

Consider how you can use your summer to glorify God and build His Kingdom among people that have never had the chance to know Him. ⁠

The Edge program is designed for you to be more like Jesus by the end of the summer than you are at the beginning. It's not about pitching long-term missions to you. It's about developing you spiritually so that you can impact the world, wherever you go. ⁠

Check out this years opportunities 👉

#missiontrip #missionsopportunity #goglobal #travel

CALLING ALL UNCERTAIN COLLEGE STUDENTS! Know you want to serve long term, but have NO idea where to start? We have an opportunity for you. ⁠

Spend this summer experiencing long term missions for 8-12 weeks on an Edge trip.⁠

Check our our summer Edge opportunities 👉

#missiontrip #missionsopportunity #goglobal #travel

Japan: Find the Way

Watch the Boyles get started on their journey to Japan as they experience the culture and meet people there for the first time. That's when they decided to trust God for the resources they would need to bring the good news of eternal peace through Jesus to Japan.

In future posts, we'll pick up with them as they continue to study the Japanese language, make friends and encourage believers who are faithfully following Jesus in Japan.

#makedisciples #missionaries #japan #pioneerstojapan #missionstory #calledbygod #thegreatcommission

We love hearing stories of how God meets people during their Edge summer mission trips! ⁠

Check out this year's opportunities 👇👇👇

#missiontrip #missionsopportunity #goglobal

We're going to Japan and we're taking you with us!

Over the next couple weeks, you'll get a glimpse of what life and ministry looks like for one Pioneers team in Japan.

Follow the journey 👉#pioneerstojapan

🙏 "Prayer changes us profoundly." R.C. Sproul

“Prayer does change things, all kinds of things. But the most important thing it changes is us. As we engage in this communion with God more deeply and come to know the One with whom we are speaking more intimately, that growing knowledge of God reveals to us all the more brilliantly who we are and our need to change in conformity to Him. Prayer changes us profoundly.” - R C Sproul

Let’s Meet Up! Connect with us at churches, schools & events - Pioneers

Our mobilizers are heading out to visit colleges in Texas! Who wants to meet up? Want to meet up? Here are some places are mobilizers, recruiters, and leaders will be in the week and months to come. We would love to connect with you!

Wycliffe Bible Translators USA

Will you support our friends and neighbors at Wycliffe? Haven't been to the Wycliffe Discovery Center? Check it out when you're in Orlando! Some of these other museums may belong on your must-see list, too.

USA TODAY 10Best nominated the Wycliffe Discovery Center for Best Religious Museum. Help us win by voting and sharing with your friends!

You can vote once per day until polls close on Monday, February 17 at noon ET.

Multiply: Pakistan

To a Western eye, it’s easy to see Pakistan in stereotypes. But in this episode of Multiply, one Pioneer witnesses up close the complexity, wonder, beauty and devastation found in Pakistan. And now Pioneers are challenging the Chinese church to take good news across the border into Pakistan. By mobilizing and resourcing these brothers and sisters in Christ, we empower them to be ambassadors for Jesus. And perhaps God has reserved this honor of taking the gospel to the people of Pakistan especially for them.

God is at work finding strategic roads to bring the gospel to those who need it.⁠

An incredible example of this is how God is calling Chinese Christians to bring the gospel to Pakistan. ⁠

Make sure to watch our video "Multiply: Pakistan" that comes out on Facebook this afternoon!⁠

#creativegod #multiply #makedisciples

Few of us would deny that today’s missionaries should strive to be like the Apostle Paul. Clear on the message, bold, willing to suffer, focused and tenacious. Paul was all these things and more. Take a fresh look at Paul’s Roman adventure!

Here's a shout-out to all our friends learning Asian languages. We're cheering you on!

Photo credit goes to Itchy Feet: the Travel and Language Comic!

A story about trash can remind us that God works in mysterious ways. 💸

While God is doing an incredible thing by bring the nations to our doorstep, many people with no access to the gospel live in places that are hard to get to and, according to American standards, hard to live in. ⁠

Pioneers teams in Chad work to start church-planting movements among unreached people groups with no known believers. If you wanted to visit them, your itinerary might look something like this: ✈️➡️🚣➡️✈️➡️⚠️➡️🐴➡️💤... ⁠

Once you finally arrive, you discover that there's no running water and no electricity. These hard-to-get-to places are often forgotten and still waiting to be touched with God's Word. ⁠

Are you someone who might be willing to partner with God in multiplying His Church in the tough-to-live places?⁠

Keep an eye out for our video "Multiply: Chad" that will be posted on Sunday!

My uncle was struggling. "How can I eat steak in my air-conditioned house, knowing the physical poverty and spiritual darkness that abounds in this world?" Ever wrestle with that? You may want to read this 👉

When we hear about someone who knows binary code, HTML, programming languages or website design, you know what we think? Missionary material.

Not all missionaries are preachers or teachers! What do you love to do? God could use it multiply His Church among the nations!

#missionarylife #missionarystories #globalperspective

A BIG YEAR! In 2019 we received more than 700 Start forms… 719 to be exact. What is that and why does it matter?

The Start form is the first step for many people exploring serving with Pioneers. Maybe they met someone from our team at a conference or event or found us on the web.

This is the highest number of Start forms we have ever received in a single year. That’s worth celebrating, and here’s why. It represents a step of faith for more than 700 people seeking God and His will for their lives regarding the Great Commission.

Not all will go and not all should. Not all will go with Pioneers and not all should. But all took a step, and in doing so gave us a reminder that God is still raising up laborers for the harvest field.

🙏 Let's pray that God would keep, lead and use them for His glory among the nations.

👉 If you're interested in filling out a start form go to

Discovery Bible Studies

If you missed the live interview we did with Kevin King last week, you may want to check it out! ⁠

Also, as promised, here are some follow-up resources on how to start and lead a Discovery Bible Study.

#makedisciples #discovergod We had the privilege of talking with Kevin King from International Project, about reaching out to unreached people groups in America. Here are a few resources to help you learn more about what it would look like to lead a Discovery Bible Study.

Live with Kevin King

We're excited to have a conversation with Kevin King from International Project about how to reach out to your unreached neighbors. And it's all going to be happening LIVE, tomorrow at 1pm.

Here are few topics we'll cover:

Where are the unreached located in America?

How can we go about introducing them to Jesus?

How do I lead a Discovery Bible Study?

Have any questions you think we should cover?? Let us know in the comments below 👇👇👇

You'll be able to watch the Live Stream right here on Facebook!

Our weaknesses and limitations can be so discouraging, but sometimes God uses them more than our strengths and successes. How has God surprised you recently?


[01/05/20]   New York, the most populous and diverse city in the US, is home to nearly 1 million Muslims—most of whom are immigrants from unreached parts of the world. Whether there for education, work or political asylum, Muslims are often open to spiritual conversations. Find out how a team in New York is reaching out in friendship to Muslim seekers with the Good News of Jesus—and explore how you can get involved. #makedisciples #loveyourneighbor

Go ahead, tag a friend in the comments who you think should see this!

Praying for the World

Start a movement of prayer in your church in 2020 with Praying for the World, a weekly prayer guide to inspire and inform the whole church to pray for the whole world. Free, too. Nice. What is God doing among the nations today? What are the challenges and opportunities we face in global mission? How can we pray in an informed way for the world? Start a mission-minded movement in your church this year with…Read more ›

The Hardest Thing About Living Overseas

"The world is not what I thought it was, people are not always who society told me they would be, I’m a much bigger sinner than I had feared, and God’s love is so much deeper than I could have ever dreamed." by Anna Glenn People often ask me what the hardest thing about living in West Africa is. Is it being away from family and friends? Is it the “strange” food, specifically the lack of che…

Many westerners have developed a perception of Islam flowing from a culture of fear rather than a culture of mercy, love and compassion. Yet New York City alone has almost a million Muslims in need of Christ. These are spiritually open and sensitive people who talk often about their relationship with God. In many ways, it's easier to have a conversation about God with a Muslim than it is to talk with your average American about their faith. Let's not let fear get in the way of how God may want to multiply His Church among the nations. #newyork #wontyoubemyneighbor #islam #muslims⁠
Keep an eye out for our "Multiply" series on Facebook -- the first video drops tomorrow!⁠
#unreachedpeoplegroups #kingdomofgod #missionary #missions #thegospel #goodnews #unreachpeoples #jesusfollowers #missiontrips #sacrificiallife #relentlesspursuit #pioneers #salvation #laydownyourlife #mission #greatcommission #thegreatcommission #acts18 #missionalliving #missionarylife #missionarystories #globalperspective

In relentless pursuit of the unreached

Make disciples. Reach the unreached. Work together.

Pioneers partners with churches to send missionaries to people groups with limited access to the gospel.

While the hope of the gospel has been spreading for thousands of years, millions of people have not yet had an opportunity to hear it. Determined to reach the ends of the earth with the Good News, we are dedicated to the relentless pursuit of the unreached.


For 40 years now, Pioneers missionaries have been using innovative and creative means to bring the gospel to every corner of the globe.

Founded in 1979 by former businessman Ted Fletcher and his wife, Peggy, Pioneers partners with local churches to make disciples and initiate church-planting movements among unreached peoples—cultural and ethnic groups without a self-sustaining witness to the gospel in their own cultures.

From business and education to healthcare, agriculture, the arts, and more, our 3,000 global members use their diverse gifts and experience to serve in needy communities. Whether in sprawling cities or rural villages, our teams make their homes in unreached contexts and learn new languages. They use innovative and creative means to build relationships and make disciples. They introduce people to the Bible and share the gospel in culturally understandable ways.

Each missionary is commissioned by a sending church. The sacrificial gifts of friends, family, and churches provide financial support. This makes it possible for cross-cultural missionaries to work alongside local believers with a heart to see disciples making disciples, worldwide.

Want your place of worship to be the top-listed Place Of Worship in Orlando?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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France: Baking Night At Lindsey's
The Church In France
France: Fun Facts & Comedy Square
Japan: God is At Work
Japan: An Unreached Person
Japan: History & Hobbies
Japan: Language Struggles
Japan: The Neighborhood Shrine
Japan: Find the Way
Multiply: Pakistan
Live with Kevin King




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