God's Hands Agency

Our Mission includes: "Cultivating Passionate Servant Leaders Among Deaf, Youth and Families."

God's Hands Agency, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) based in Orlando, Florida. We feature the world's BEST: - MVVs (Most Valuable Volunteers) and - MVPs (Most Valuable Partners). We accomplish our mission through 4 very effective programs to include: 1. TCI (The Community Interpreters) ASL / American Sign Language learning & growth opportunities and Professional Development for The Christian Interpreter 2. LAG (Look At God) Strategic Life Support Services and Programs for individuals and families to include: Life Coaching, Book Clubs, Leader's Round Table Trainings, Mentoring, Grief Supports, Resources and so much more. 3. AHKP (Anointed Hands Kidz Programs) Family Focused Fun for Families, Monthly Events, Spring Break and Summer Camps for Deaf Kids, CODAs and NERDAs. Professional Development for Teachers, Administrators, etc. and Parent / Family Involvement Workshops, Keynotes, etc. 4. WiFi (The WiFi Pedalers) International Missions Ministry Outreach to include: Planting, Training, Cultivating, Speaking, Teaching, and so much more.

Our base scripture at GHA is from Isaiah 41:10 Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’ As we seek to "Make A Difference" in the lives of those we are called to serve, we do it with a clear understanding that we ARE God's Hands here on earth. To join us in the mission, or if you find yourself in need of .... know that we specialize in "Helping Others Reach Their God Given Potential." So, how may we help you today? v or text - 407.448.1987 fax - 407.521.9504 vp - 407.504.0837 www.GodsHandsAgency.com www.jabdesigns.com www.aMessMinistry.com www.The WiFiPedalers.com

Mission: Cultivating Passionate Servant Leaders Among The Deaf, Youth, and Families.

National Black Deaf Advocates, Inc. (NBDA)

NBDA Updating News

President Isidore Niyongabo gives NBDA and COVID-19 updates.

Facebook Live w/ Earline Blumhagen

“Helping Others Strategically Recognize Their Purpose and Maximize Their God Given Potential “ #FashionStyling at its BEST.

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Purple Communications

With the uncertainty of COVID-19, you still have access to essential communications! Dial 877.467.4877 If you don’t have a Purple videophone and our interpreters can connect you to your family, friends or colleagues. We are here for you and can provide the essential service of reliable communication access for work or personal use. Simply add our number to your directory and check purplevrs.com/outreach for regular updates, resources and FAQs.

CSD Neighborhood


Information about Coronavirus has not been accessible to our community. So, CSD is launching an ASL Now COVID-19 Hotline to provide support and answer your questions about the situation using information from official sources. Watch the video below to learn more.

Available M-F from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CST either by visiting CSD.org and clicking “ASL Now” or 833-682-7630 on videophone.

#ASL #Coronavirus #StayHome #TogetherApart


Video Description:

[Opening title reads: CALL DIRECT IN ASL ON COVID -19 QUESTIONS]
Light-skinned black woman, Rosa Lee Timm, shares the news about the CSD COVID-19 Hotline.
[Animation showcasing the ASL NOW button on the CSD website]
Light-Skinned black man, Connect Direct Representative, explains how to get connected to a representative.
Rosa Lee closes with a message of support.
[Closing animation with CSD logo]

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Patrick McMullen

We have a special message for you to watch. Much loves from all of us.

Deaf man / friend of GHA name Eric is sale some and giving away others. Please read details below and contact him directly ... Eric is his name. Text 321-961-3920

Orange County Public Schools

LIST CAN UPDATE, PLEASE CHECK http://bit.ly/ocpsgrabandgomeals BEFORE YOU GO!

Orange County Public Schools continues its commitment to provide children with nutritious meals during this unplanned school closure beginning Monday, March 23. The meals will be distributed from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. in drive-thru style and will include breakfast, lunch and a breakfast for the next day. At this time, students must be present to receive the meals. The 50 school sites have been identified:
Aloma Elementary School - 2949 Scarlet Road, Winter Park, FL 32792
Apopka Middle School - 425 N. Park Ave., Apopka, FL 32712
Azalea Park Elementary School - 1 Carol Avenue, Orlando, FL 32807
Bonneville Elementary School - 14700 Sussex Dr., Orlando, FL 32826-3899
Carver Middle School - 4500 W. Columbia St., Orlando, FL 32811
Castle Creek Elementary Schools - 1245 N. Avalon Park Blvd., Orlando, FL 32828
Catalina Elementary School - 2448 W.29th Street, Orlando, FL 32805
Colonial High School - 6100 Oleander Dr., Orlando, FL 32807
Conway Middle School - 4600 Anderson Rd., Orlando, FL 32812
Dover Shores Elementary School - 1200 Gaston Foster Rd., Orlando, FL 32812
Dr. Phillips High School - 6500 Turkey Lake Road, Orlando, FL 32819
East River High School - 650 East River Falcons Way, Orlando, FL 32833
Eccleston Elementary School - 1500 Aaron Ave., Orlando, FL 32811
Edgewater High School - 3100 Edgewater Dr., Orlando, FL 32804
Evans High School - 4949 Silver Star Rd., Orlando, FL 32808
Forsyth Woods Elementary School - 6651 Curtis Street, Orlando, FL 32807
Frangus Elementary School - 380 Killington Way, Orlando, FL 32835
Gotha Middle School - 9155 Gotha Road, Windermere, FL 34786
Hungerford Elementary School - 230 College Ave., Maitland, FL 32751
Ivey Lane Elementary School - 209 N. Silverton St., Orlando, FL 32811
Jones High School - 801 S. Rio Grande Ave., Orlando, FL 32805
Lake Gem Elementary School - 4801 Bloodhound St., Orlando, FL 32818
Lake Weston Elementary School - 5500 Milan Dr., Orlando, FL 32810
Lancaster Elementary School - 6700 Sheryl Ann Dr., Orlando, FL 32809
Liberty Middle School - 3405 S. Chickasaw Trail, Orlando, FL 32829
Maxey Elementary School - 602 E. Story Rd., Winter Garden, FL 34787
McCoy Elementary School - 5225 S. Semoran Blvd., Orlando, FL 32809
Meadow Woods Elementary School - 500 Rhode Island Wood Cir., Orlando FL 32824
Meadow Woods Middle School - 1800 Rhode Island Woods Cir., Orlando, FL 32824
Memorial Middle School - 2220 W. 29th St., Orlando, FL 32805
Mollie Ray Elementary School - 2000 Beecher St., Orlando, Florida 32808
Oak Ridge High School - 700 West Oak Ridge Rd., Orlando, FL 32809
OCPS ACE K-8 School - 701 W Livingston St., Orlando, FL 32801
Orlo Vista Elementary School - 3 N. Hastings St., Orlando FL 32835
Pine Hills Elementary School - 1006 Ferndell Rd., Orlando, FL 32808
Pineloch Elementary School - 3101 Woods Ave., Orlando, FL 32805
Rock Lake Elementary School - 408 N. Tampa Ave., Orlando, FL 32805
Rolling Hills Elementary School - 3607 Damon Rd., Apopka FL 32703
Rosemont Elementary School - 4650 Point Lookout Rd., Orlando, FL 32808
Sally Ride Elementary School - 9601 11th Ave., Orlando, FL 32824
Shingle Creek Elementary School - 5620 Harcourt Ave., Orlando, FL 32839
Tangelo Park Elementary School - 5115 Anzio St., Orlando, FL 32819
Union Park Middle School - 1844 Westfall Dr., Orlando, FL 32817
University High School – 2450 Cougar Way, Orlando, FL 32817
Washington Shores Elementary School - 944 W. Lake Mann Dr., Orlando, FL 32806
Wedgefield K-8 School - 3835 Bancroft Blvd., Orlando, FL 32833
Wekiva High School - 2501 N. Hiawassee Rd., Apopka, FL 32703
Wheatley Elementary School - 1475 Marvin C Zanders Ave., Apopka, FL 32703
Wolf Lake Elementary School - 1771 W. Ponkan Rd., Apopka, FL 32712
Zellwood Elementary School - 3551 N. Washington St., Zellwood FL 32798

List is subject to change based on daily participation.

Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church of Orlando, FL

Noonday Bible Study

“After all the things I’ve been through”
Psalm 66:13-20

Dr. Larry G. Mills, Pastor

National Deaf People of Color Conference 2020-Boston


The NPDC Conference Committee is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and will be discussing the status of the conference within the next few days.

We will make a follow-up announcement via vlog by April 15th at the earliest.

Thank you and stay healthy!

NDPC Conference Committee

Partners in Deaf Health, Inc.

COVID-19 update from an emergency physician with a message about xenophobia:

I just finished work in the Emergency Department -let you know we are starting to test high risk people for coronavirus- some people go home, some people get admitted to the hospital.

But I have another IMPORTANT issue I want to discuss- someone asked about the development of social discrimination and bias. We know that corona virus started in China- some are afraid of all Asian people some discriminate against all Chinese people, or try to avoid them. Don’t.

Understand, there is some research to suggest that bats and another animal in China, called the Pangolin, may have transmitted the virus to humans. But, judging Chinese people for interacting with those animals, blame them for the disease, discriminating against them isn’t right.

We must recognize different countries have different culture: different foods, different pets, interacting with different things. Should we judge them? No. Try to respect their culture.

Why?? Xenophobia- means being afraid of something foreign. Its not helpful- it causes more fear and more hatred to develop and doesn’t solve any problems.

Now coronavirus impacting US, now is not the time to start judging, argue or fight, discriminate/insult other people. Now TRUE WORK time for WHAT work together, cooperate, support each other to solve a problem.

Remember, maybe you don’t like other cultures, agree with other cultures, or don’t have the same beliefs, but still try to respect other humans. Please.

Transformative Deaf Education

The video signed by our Founder, Victorica Monroe, is emphasizing on the importance of signing to a deaf child in a communication barrier zone. Also, signing includes Protactile.

Transcript is in the comments

#DeafEDatHome #DeafEdatPlaces #DeafED

It’s a PEARL kind of day in my world, so I’m stepping Fearlessly ... because, I know Who holds my tomorrows, but more importantly, He knows me.

I’m fervently praying that you are:
1. Washing Your Hands
2. Covering Your Mouth (as needed)
3. Drinking Your Water
4. Tending To Your Business
5. Counting Your Steps
All while praying for you, your and praying for It’s a PEARL kind of day in my world, so I’m stepping Fearlessly ... because, I know Who holds my tomorrows, but more importantly, He knows me.

I’m fervently praying that you are:
1. Washing Your Hands
2. Covering Your Mouth (as needed)
3. Drinking Your Water
4. Tending To Your Business
5. Counting Your Steps
All while praying for you and for me.

“May God give you more and more
mercy, peace, and love, ...” is my prayer. Jude‬ ‭1:2‬

#CoronaVirus #TakeCare
#ItsAllMinistry #AmbassadorForChrist
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$5 Pearls and more available all day every day at: PapasDIVAS.com
Support us or Join us.

“May God give you more and more
mercy, peace, and love, ...” is my prayer. Jude‬ ‭1:2‬

#CoronaVirus #TakeCare
#ItsAllMinistry #AmbassadorForChrist
‪#JonsWife #SigningMom #Fearless #TheProgramLady #TheJewelryLady #Author #Speaker #Teacher #ThinkItThru #Faith #Food #Fashion #Fun #Travel #Read #Step #Golf #DrinkWater #SelfCare #PapasDIVAS #DeafDIVAS #ASL

$5 Pearls and more available all day every day at: PapasDIVAS.com
Support us or Join us.

The Daily Moth

#DeafBing: Touching Face in The Age of Coronavirus

Signing Mom

#YouAreInvited #SigningMom
Happy Try It Tuesday DIVAS / Deaf DIVAS

We are giving it our very best TRY today as we STEP a further into our purpose today.

Taking this time for you might feel a bit selfish, but that’s a lie. This is called SelfCare sis, and God is smiling on you, so STEP sis. You have everything to gain.
You are DIVA and there are soooooo many benefits to you stepping, to include reducing stress.

So let’s do this. It’s as simple as 1.2.3.

1. Step with purpose
2. Drink some water ... go for double 8s (8 glasses/8 ounces each)
3. Share this challenge with a friend, and at the end of YOUR day post your results here using the hashtag #DIVASStep or #DeafDIVASStep

So, are you READY?
Are you SET?
Let’s get to STEPPING sista.


Coronavirus ASLS

Happy Self-Motivating Monday y’all,

It’s a great day to get to stepping, So lets do this. Here’s the plan for the day.

1. Step, Step and Step some more
2. Drink some water 💦 Go for 8 glasses
3. Tend to your business today, and watch it grow.

Don’t forget to post your results here at the end of YOUR day using the hashtag(s)

#DIVVASStep and/or #DeafDIVASStep
OK? Are you ready? Are you set? Let’s STEP!

“So let’s not get tired of doing what is good.
At just the right time
we will reap a harvest of blessing
if we don’t give up.”
‭‭Galatians‬ ‭6:9‬
#ItsAllMinistry #AmbassadorForChrist
‪#JonsWife #SigningMom #TheProgramLady #TheJewelryLady #Author #Speaker #Teacher #ThinkItThru #Faith #Food #Fashion #Fun #Travel #Read #Step #Golf #DrinkWater SelfCare #PapasDIVAS #DeafDIVAS #ASL #SignLanguage

“Lil’ Red” from The Hood

Today was Character Dress Up Day at
JH House Elementary in Conyers, Georgia.
May I introduce you to Lil’ Red adapted from the classic “Little Red Riding Hood.”

Lil’ Red was supposed to be going to her grandma’s house, but she got turned around and headed to her boyfriend’s house instead.

In the basket she’s carrying, there’s lipgloss, lotion and her cell phone ... just in case ol’ boy/Mr Wolf tries her.

There are soooo many lessons embedded in this story, so I’m inviting you to lean in on this one. Because when we teach young people, we need to be relatable if we are gonna be effective.

Y’all come on out of that box and let the teacher teach, so our babies can learn and soar. Great job Tracy's File Cabinet

#Teacher #Teach #creatives #Storying #TheBible #GotToBeReal #askthesaviortohelpyou🙌

#DIVASStep #YouAreInvited
Happy Freedom Friday DIVAS,

We are FREE to do our best today so we are STEPPING into our purpose today.

Taking this time for you might feel selfish but you have been set FREE from that lie so STEP sis. You have everything to gain.
You are DIVA and there are soooooo many benefits to stepping, to include lower blood sugar / A1C.

So let’s do this. It’s as simple as 1.2.3.

1. Step on purpose

2. Share this challenge with a friend.
(Consider Psalms 139:23 as you step. “Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts.”)
3. Take a picture of your STEP results at the end of YOUR day, and post them here using the hashtag #DIVASStep
or #DeafDIVASStep

So, are you READY?
Are you SET?
Let’s get to STEPPING sista.



Applied Knowledge is powerful.
Watch. Share. Be blessed.

Facts about COVID-19/ Coronavirus in ASL




National Deaf People of Color Conference 2020-Boston

#DeafVlogger - National Deaf People of Colors Conference 2020 Boston
Updated News on releasing of guest speakers for that conference....

Hi, I’m Anthony Harrison but call me Tony (name sign with T on forehead side temple). I’m on the NDPC Conference committee. I want to talk about the workshops. We just released our workshop presenters, but more are still coming! Those presenters, you see their pictures, names and workshop topics? Some presenters share the same topic which means they’re co-presenting. I also want to inform you that the presenters will identify what targeted audience they wish to present to. POC Only means only for People of Color and “G” for General Audience meaning anyone can attend. Hope you register and come to the conference! See you there!

NDPC Conference Website: https://ndpcconfer.wixsite.com/ndpc2020

NDPC Conference E-mail: [email protected]

#NDPCC2020 - Boston MA


Surgeon general urging people to stop buying masks


The US Surgeon General Doctor Jerome Adams has a simple request for Americans concerned about the spread of coronavirus: stop by a masks!

Adams tweeted the message after so many Americans bought masks in bulk it led to shortages.

Store shelves are coming up short in hand sanitizer, disinfectant and most of all face masks.

Government officials say face masks aren't necessary if you're healthy and don't entirely provide protection against the coronavirus.

Even with the information, stores are struggling to keep up with demand.

Companies like Home Depot, Rite Aid, Target, Lowe's, CVS and Walgreens all tell CNN they are working to expedite product to their stores.

Home Depot is limiting 10 masks per customer.

And sites like Amazon shutdown suppliers accused of price gouging.

The need for a sense of security is also driving internet searches.

Helium 10, a software company that assists Amazon retailers, tells CNN Amazon users have searched for the word "N-95 mask" more than 862,000 times in the past 30 days, significantly up from last month.

The federal government announced it's taking steps to increase availability of N-95 respirator masks and will prioritize them for healthcare workers.

For now health officials say your best line of defense is simple and cheap: wash your hands and cover your mouth when you cough and sneeze.

Posted - 3.2.20

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We are 100% supported through the friends and partners of God's Hands Agency, Inc. Won't you consider becoming a part of the family through your prayerful and/or financial support? You can make a secure online donation today at: www.GodsHandsAgency.com
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Stay connected with what's going on with our Global Missions, our Missionaries as well as any Mission Opportunities available. Please feel free to connect with us here! "Like" us to be able to comment on this page.

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