Shauna D. Harrison

Shauna D. Harrison


Happy Birthday Pastor Shauna. Thank you for being the Sister, Mother and Friend to us all. ❤️❤️❤️🎉🍰🎁🎊 (It wouldn’t let me post yesterday)
Girlfriend2Girlfriend presents the Don’t Rush Challenge Song: Dum Dum by Lecrae ft Tedashii Tag those I forgot to tag. I Don’t own the rights to this song.
He is for you!!! 🙌🏾
It's so good to hear you. I miss you all so much.
So I would like to share my experience at our SURRENDERED retreat. I don't usually post like this but without our testimonies, Jesus could never be known and after all, EVERYTHING is for his glory. My last retreat was 8 years ago. After that satan has kept me away from retreats and any intimate settings that dealt with "womens ministry." When I saw this retreat posting I said wow I would love to go. I was dying for God to move in my life and what other place than a "retreat." Many obstacles occured the day of the retreat to discourage me. As I drove there, I missed the exit twice which pushed me back 30 more minutes due to traffic after already driving for an hour. At this point I was over it and wanted to go home. I pushed through and pulled up to the house. Ashley and Stephanie was out front and I rolled down my window like "yea well, I made it. Where's the parking lot." Clearly I was annoyed to be there. The first night a little situation happened where satan reminded me of one of the reasons I didn't like retreats or womens ministry. I said "Oh the shade has begun." I then said "I'm glad I didnt unpack my bags because I'm out, I knew I should've never came." Satan then reminded me of the other reason why I disliked retreats. After that last one, I came home to an empty home. My now husband was gone. He moved out with no explanation. It was then that I realized what satan was trying to do and I wasn't going to let him. I prayed and asked God to show me how to approach this young lady that had "offended" me and I asked him for his peace so I wouldn't even think about my husband leaving me. When I tell you that my husband could not stop texting me, face timing me, and tagging me in post about him missing me (which he never acts this way) it was no joke. God gave me this peace that I didn't even think of calling my husband nor did I worry about him leaving me. I slept at this retreat like I haven't slept in YEARS! By the second night, this young lady and I were laughing, talking, getting to know one another and being silly with eachother. This happened because I decided to stay and forced myself to talk to her and confuse the enemy. Not to add several other women made connections with me. I cannot remember the last time I mingled with new women. I had that "No New Friends, I Don't Trust Anyone Mentality." I mean after being abandoned by my mom at 11 years old and lived alone until 18 without anyone knowing a thing, how could I trust women? Had I not stayed and let the enemy know why I was there to begin with, I wouldn't even be testifying right now. I was sick and tired of these traditional conference like retreats where we slept in huge gymnasiums, on bunk beds, and came home the same way we got there. I wanted something unusual, something unprecedented, something NON-TRADITIONAL. This "retreat" was a gathering that I could NEVER forget and I am soooo grateful that google showed me New Beginnings Church when I searched christian churches near me. P.S. The very same day I got home, my husbands phone butt dialed (posted) on Facebook. It said he was flying from Orlando to New York. I wasn't home at the time I was outside. I looked at my phone and saw 3 different text messages from members at NB asking me if everything was ok with Miguel. In other words, they probably thought the enemy attacked and he left me. I immediately panicked saying oh no this cant be happening again. I was rushing to get home. I get there and he's watching a movie and his phone was charging. I then heard DO NOT BE ANXIOUS OF ANYTHINGGGG!!!! Even then, satan tried to scare me away from retreats....But God!!!! #G2G #Surrendered #ImFree #NotAnymoreSatan
G2G Surrendered Women’s Retreat 💖
So can I tell y’all how I’m completely changed and how the lord just elevated me to my next level in him I tell you;! everything I checked off on the deliverance paper I believe is broken and I’ve been set free I’ve literally been home for 3 hours and I’ve seen 5 of the thing’s that use to be an issue ( in me) changed... THANK YOU JESUS!!! So for those of you who Checked things off And were thinking because you werent gagging, spitting or coughing that you didn’t receive deliverance or it wasn’t what you thought or how you expected it to be, don’t limit God! he can deliver any way he wants. I was thinking because I wasn’t releasing anything physically from my body or showing the theatrical or usual religious signs of deliverance, change, or elevation like the Holy GhostFire ,jumping running, screaming, shaking shouting etc. that I wasn’t delivered but Got home and my husband and I were talking and I seen the maturity and he did also, as we were talking about the retreat he said “maaaaaan whatever you guys did there you need to go back”!!! When’s the next one. Lol So Hallelujah!! I give him praise and don’t let the enemy fool you into thinking you weren’t delivered or set free, just see the change and walk in it. — with Miya Cynita and 28 others.
I was born and raised in church. The seed and foundation has always been in me. The calling and purpose on my life was predestined. However I do not recall ever going to a women's retreat I really don't think I've ever been to one. Well I was not going to go to this retreat too many obstacles against me! But at least 3 people kept telling me to go they knew I had to be here. Reluctantly I registered in complete blind faith. LET ME TELL YOU I CAN NOT EXPLAIN THE EXPERIENCE! I thank God for these women these sisters I have in my life...we shared such an incredible presence and manifestation of GOD'S PRESENCE this weekend nothing can ever take that away from us! Such an intimate time with women full of love for not only GOD but for one another! Let me tell you I was under attack with my health since Monday thought I would not make it to this event but still I trusted and belived in Him..I went battling a cough to the point I've lost my voice but no devil in hell no illness was going to keep from this moment and what a wonderful miraculous annointed healing delivering restoring weekend it was! I love you my sisters! #SURRENDERED
Surrendered women’s retreat 2019💕🔥

Prophet/Pastor at The Gathering Place Watchman & Warrior Girlfriend2Girlfriend Ministries: SuperMom University/ Just4Wives Ministry/ The Sisterhood/ CryOut!

A movement to end Sex Trafficking & Abortion Servant/Mentor/Author/Mental Health Coach Founded by Shauna Harrison, whose desire is to meet women of all backgrounds- exactly where they are. She ministers to women and children in a way that only women who are called by God to do so, can. Prophetess Shauna Harrison has an Apostolic anointing that is submitted to the heart of the Father. We call all women up to a higher level of thinking, speaking, behaving, living and succeeding with Christ at the center. PSALM 139:13-14

Equipping, Empowering and moving women to the place of Executing at their optimum levels in Christ, Family, Career, Business & Marriage. IMPACTING THE COMMUNITY, THE CITY AND THE WORLD....ONE WOMAN AT A TIME .....ONE CHILD AT A TIME...One family at a time. WE ARE THE CHANGE!

Mission: Shauna Harrison & Girlfriend2Girlfriend leads women back to Christ! and into a deep, personal relationship with him through equipping, empowering and releasing them to execute the will of God in the earth.

Operating as usual

[11/02/20]   I don’t know who this is for but some of you are fighting your way out of MEDIOCRITY & SUBPAR living. You refuse to be barely making it, below average, just average or mediocre but it seems like the world and the enemy of your soul has launched an all out attack to HELP you fail!
But I decree over you today that VICTORY is your PORTION! And it’s already done!
In the mighty name of Jesus!

#walkitout ♥️


[11/01/20]   “God is coming to expose the deep state in the Church and all the ministers who refuse to preach the true gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s time to get delivered from the fear of man and love of money.”

-Mario Murillo

Undecided Black women voters call out Joe Biden for taking their vote for granted - YouTube

I believe that there is an awakening happening in many different ways in this season. As believers I don’t believe that we can nor should we be sold out to anything but Christ. This same awakening of sorts is being heard throughout the country. The discontinuation of being sold out to a political party. This is spiritual. There is a deeper message here and it starts with the knowledge that allegiance can only be given to Christ. The voices of these ladies snd the passion resonates with many in this political season. #Voteyourheart #Nooneownsyou #Beindependent #VoteYOURconvictions ♥️
Remember that in all that we do as believers... our kingdom is not the kingdom of this world. Our King is CHRIST. Our answers are in HIM. These undecided Black women in Georgia are frustrated that Joe Biden is taking the votes of Black Americans for granted.“Too often we automatically think that b...

Sophia Ruffin

I love this down to earth and raw woman of God. I don’t post ANYONE on my personal ministry page, unless I believe it’s a God thing. Watch the whole live. You’ll be blessed.

This must be GOD bc I’ve never done this (ever) !!!!!!!!!!! 😩😩🤦🏾‍♀️

Jesus Call 🤯🤯🤯 Hop on Now!
FYI: I don’t own the rights to this song!

Henry Cloud

[10/30/20]   The church is where people go to find help, to find Christ, to be healed.
Please don’t think that leaving your children unsupervised repeatedly for lengths of time around everyone is ok just becuase you’re all in church.
Sexual abuse has happened too often in this same scenario. It doesn’t make the church bad, but it brings the reminder that this is the place where sick people, broken people, wounded people come to be made whole. Often this “wholeness” I speak of is a process. It will not be an overnight slam dunk.

Parent your children accordingly...Not in fear, but in wisdom, in LOVE.

Love your brothers and sisters accordingly. Not in fear, but in wisdom, with the love of Christ.


National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Let’s make intercession for these children today!! Prayer Warriors and Intercessors!!!! Let’s go!!

This is a war that must be fought in the spirit!!

We need your help!
Laahban Stillwell, 16, disappeared in Montgomery, #Alabama on October 22. She may be in the company of an adult male. Laahban may still be in the local area. Have any info? Call 1-800-THE-LOST.


Where are the prayer Warriors who will Intercessors with me?

Human trafficking is a cycle of vulnerability, exploitation, and revictimization affecting millions of people. Traffickers turn expectation into exploitation through force, fraud, or coercion. Tune into the #GlobalFreedomSummit broadcast to learn more:

Have you seen this child? Marelys Silvas

Keeping our eyes and ears opened.
I’ve worked with foster kids in the state of Florida for a number of years and the hardest part of it all is seeing children go missing daily. Sometimes you think you have a handle on a case and the family only to find out that the child was being abused horribly and needed to get out. They leave the frying pan to jump straight into the fire.
Pray for missing children today in your area.
Prayer Warriors please intercede with me Missing From: SAN ANTONIO, TX. Missing Date: Mon, Oct 19 2020. Marelys was last seen October 19, 2020.

Shauna D. Harrison

At the hands of a woman!
Women of God! God has your back!

"At the Hands of a Woman" #JAEL #SISERA
YOU are that "Super" Hero that God has empowered!
Sheroe! #heroe #Marvel #DCComics #HolySpiritEmpoweredSheroe
#Girlfriend2Girlfriend #SupermomUniversity #CryOut! #TheSisterhood #Just4Wives #ThisisAMovement2021 #SurrenderedWomen #SurrenderedWomensRally2021 #SurrenderedWomensSummit2021

Jeremiah Johnson Ministries

This is God! This lines up with what God is doing in the earth as it relates to women!
Where are the Deborahs and the Esthers & the JAELS!?? It’s time!! 🔥🔥🔥
We are neither Democrat or Republican so we stand for neither party but we stand for the PARTY of our Lord Jesus Christ, and in this season, this word, concerning GODLY women in the fight is on point.

“I called Lou Engle on 10/20/20 and shared with him what seemed like a bizarre prophetic dream at the time.

In the dream, I handed him two tickets to the LA Dodgers Word Series game and told him God had a special message for him. When I woke up, I immediately felt like I was supposed to look up on the internet where the World Series was being played. To my shock, it was being played in Texas at Globe Life Stadium. Texas being the location where Roe v Wade was passed and the game being played at Globe LIFE stadium was of great significance.

The Spirit of the Lord came mightily upon me and I prophesied to Lou, “When you see these three events take place, it will be your sign as a Mordecai in this nation to call 1 million women to the National Mall in Washington D.C. to see Roe v Wade overturned in America.

The Three Events I Prophesied

1. The L.A. Dodgers will win the World Series. This will confirm thar God is not done with Los Angeles and the whole state of California. ✅

2. Amy Coney Barrett will be confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice. This will confirm a new Esther and Deborah Era in America where righteous mothers will rise to confront the radical feminist movement that is married to Moloch, the god of abortion. ✅

3. Donald J. Trump will be re-elected. This will confirm the spirit and power of Elijah is resting upon the Church and God is not done with America. ❓❓❓

2 out of the 3 events have happened just this week. The first on Monday (ACB confirmed) and the second on Tuesday (Dodgers win the World Series). Next Tuesday, November 3rd (Election Day) could confirm all three events in just over a weeks time (miraculous).

What if in the years ahead we are about to witness the greatest mobilization of Christian women that America has ever seen? These Esthers and Deborahs led by Justice Barrett will overthrow radical feminism (Jezebel) and call for the shedding of innocent blood (Moloch) to be no more. They need fathers and brothers to get behind them with support like never before.

Do you have faith to see and believe it?

Pray with me.... Jesus, we plead your blood over our sins, and the sins of our nation. God, end abortion and send revival!!!

-Jeremiah Johnson

[10/27/20]   Some people mean you no good and you have been the bigger person by not blocking them or unfriending them, but some people just want to have just enough access so that they can still see in to your life and work witchcraft against what they see God doing. They conflate, gossip, commit murder with their mouths-make up lies and untruths concerning you. Jesus threw some people out of the house that were in the house —- too close—- and muttering, speaking the opposite of what the Lord was saying, and spreading their witchcraft in the form of manipulating the others to doubt and not believe. Jesus threw them out—- That was the equivalent of BLOCKING those who were in the way of God doing what He does!

Block some people and understand that everyone doesn’t deserve access.

There are levels of access. Some deserve no level.

Keep playing games and allowing the wrong people into your space and into your life and mind.
Be free to do what He’s called you to. In Jesus’ name!

#Jesusthrewthemout 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


“And he said unto them, Go ye, and tell that #fox, Behold, I cast out devils, and I do cures to day and to morrow, and the third day I shall be perfected.”
Luke 13:32

Have you been checked? Are you checking for yourself? This fight is spiritual!
Whatever you aware & know that You are more than a conqueror! #Know #wonderfullymade #fearfullymade #Thisisspiritualwarfare!!

We come against the Spirit of Cancer that’s attempting to take lives! 💓🔥🔥🔥🔥

[10/26/20]   WHEN... will you start walking by FAITH & NOT BY SIGHT??


It is written 4 Times in scripture!!

#livebyfaith 🔥🔥🔥

[10/26/20]   People of God!!.... when will you start believing that you’ve received your healing?



[10/26/20]   God wants me to share a vision with you that He took me up into a few years ago during prayer.
He said, TELL THEM & it will Encourage them today and in days to come.

I saw two HUGE hands that I immediately knew were the hands of God. The hands came down before my eyes and were as large as any set of hands you could imagine. As if they were the hands of a giant. But they were Father God’s hands and He held between His fingers what appeared to be chains but they were as paper clips in His hands.
He immediately revealed to me that these were the chains of the enemy. The chains of Satan that He held and had prepared & waiting for him. He began showing me how small the chains of Satan were in His hands and said to me that this “enemy”... isn’t to be feared or worried about! He began speaking to me and reminded me that he is DEFEATED ALREADY AND IS ACTUALLY NOT EVEN A FORMIDABLE FOE FOR THE BELIEVER BECAUSE OF THE BLOOD!!
Child of God!!... you are VICTORIOUS!!!
This one that you think is WINNING over you IS ACTUALLY DEFEATED!!


SuperMom University

Calling all Mothers! The SuperMom University page is finally LIVE!
This page is a public page for you and for all of your supermom friends and supermom cousins, supermom moms, supermom sisters etc. It s the connector to this page... and is for MOMS ....

Head over to Instagram and follow SuperMom University there too.

I heard God say "Surrendered Mom" while I was on missions in Haiti
SMU IS For every MOM who will uncompromisingly surrender in strength and raise Godly children that will chase after Christ. The next generations are our responsibility.


This is exactly what is and has been happening...right under our noses. So many have the testimony of raising children to be God loving, God fearing, God worshipping only to send them off to a "good, well known and sometimes TOP university, for them to finish off what you fought against in their High School PUBLIC EDUCATION years. ♥️♥️♥️
Its been said, "We cannot continue to send our children to Caesar for their education and be surprised when they come home as Romans."

It's time for parents EVERYWHERE to awake FROM THE SLUMBER THAT MANY HAVE BEEN IN... where we have ALLOWED GOVERNMENT TO teach and brainwash our children with more than we signed up for. Their beliefs, their thoughts on life, their ideas and more...which are all anti-Christ.
This isn’t about Politics but about our kids. ♥️

Take a listen. Only 9 minutes long.

“Higher education kind of destroyed me.” Gina Florio graduated Harvard University as an angry atheist taught to hate America. So much so that she abandoned her birth country for Australia. When a freak accident sent her back to the U.S., a video by Candace Owens, then others by Dave Rubin and PragerU, opened her eyes to the lies she had been believing all of those terrible years. This is Gina’s story of discovering truth and reclaiming her freedom.

SuperMom University : The page & IG

♥️—- A Girlfriend2Girlfriend Ministry —-♥️

SuperMom University : The page & IG

♥️—- A Girlfriend2Girlfriend Ministry —-♥️

[10/22/20]   🔥🔥🔥🔥

"I’ve always thought the secret to church growth lies in small groups and helping people make meaningful connections. But something happened last year that radically shifted my perspective. I was speaking to a group of 14,000 church leaders in Brazil, and the passion the people carried was unlike anything I’d experienced. In a meeting afterward with the senior leaders, I discovered they had over 300,000 people in their church. Now that’s impressive, but what really struck me was the fact that sixteen years ago, they began with fewer than ten people meeting in a living room.

I proceeded to ask the obvious question, “How have you grown so quickly?” The senior pastor’s answer floored me. Without skipping a beat, he said, “We teach on eternal rewards and the Judgement Seat of Christ.” He continued, “I’ve been to America on numerous occasions, and I’ve noticed most of your people live with a 70-80 year vision. Your focus is on maximizing your life in the present. Our people live for eternity.”

-John Bevere

[10/21/20]   By Jeremiah Johnson:


“All prophecy must be tested and judged. (1 Cor 14:29) If prophecy is found to be inaccurate, misleading, and/or unbiblical, it needs to be called into question by church leaders and mature saints. Allowing bad prophecy to go unchecked and unchallenged is against New Testament teaching and leads to abuses within the ministry. (1 Thess 5:19-21) It discredits the prophetic gift. Supposed "prophets" who predict catastrophe and other events that never come to pass must be called to repentance.

Without being challenged for leading the body of Christ astray, these “prophets" grow rich, gain influence, thrive on our ignorance or fears, and further damage responsible prophetic voices who are actually making a difference.

Without being called into question, prophetic people who give wrong prophecies and act bizarre and strange ruin it for other prophetic people who desire healthy and impactful prophetic ministry within the local church.

Church leaders and saints must not be pressured, intimidated, subtly bullied, and deceived into embracing prophetic revelation that can't be verified. Demanding accountability, requesting further explanation, and attempting to assess the prophetic word is healthy and in no way resisting prophecy. Evaluating prophetic words is not harsh, inconsiderate, or rude. All credible prophetic ministries will cooperate with a high degree of testing and judging.

Prophets/Prophetic People- Take responsibility for the words and lifestyle choices you make and repent of inaccurate and misleading prophecies and seeker greater levels of community and accountability.

Church leaders- Teach proper protocol and stop allowing the lifestyle and words of prophets and prophetic people go unchecked in your midst.

Body of Christ- Test and Judge ALL prophecy, regardless of how famous or unknown the person is. This is biblical, this is healthy, this is loving, this is so necessary for maturity and growth in prophetic ministry.”

-Jeremiah Johnson

[10/21/20]   If you have jumped into the #Enneagram hype and trend, I want to warn you today... do your research and dig, dig, dig and then pray, pray, pray and ask God to reveal His heart concerning it.
It is NOT like other personality identifying tests you may have taken.

Also. If you want to fight for the right to use the Enneagram... ask God WHY?

I will have more information for those who are interested in knowing more and who are open to growing in Christ and in being a #UNCOMPROMISING Christian. ♥️♥️♥️

Everything that seems Good... IS NOT GOD.

Jeremiah Johnson Ministries



These are people who in the name of "prophetic ministry" fly into churches and conferences to make a bunch of noise, spew on everyone, and then fly out as quickly as they flew in. It leaves a really bad taste in the mouth of leaders and saints. They refuse community and any form of accountability.


These are people who corner you when no one else is around and say odd and strange things without having to be held accountable for anything they have said. They typically prophesy things that your church leaders and close friends would take issue with. They leave you confused and even rejecting the prophetic altogether.


These are people who use manipulation in their prophecies to take advantage of your pockets through flattery and distortion. They typically guarantee impossible circumstances will come to pass quickly. They constantly talk about sowing seed, cashapps, and material possessions.


These are people who have serious emotional wounding and it bleeds through in their prophetic words. Although some of what they say seems to be from the Lord, the other half is in question and leaves you confused. They have been to way too many churches and rejected by every leader you can think of. Testing the spirit behind the prophecy will help you to detect bleeding prophets.


These are people who will preface what they have to say by telling you how anointed they are, how long they have prophesied, and what prophet they have sat under, or whose prophetic school they have attended. Their latest photo shoot and flyer are way more anointed than they actually are in person. “Not everything that glitters is gold” definitely applied to these who’s who prophets!

-Jeremiah Johnson

Girlfriend2Girlfriend Ministries: SuperMom University / Just4Wives / The Sisterhood / CryOut! / W3 EMPOWER. EQUIP. EXECUTE.

I’m just a servant of God who has a Pastoral & Prophetic calling to help God’s creation and especially women to realize the potential inside of them, placed there by a loving God & to advance the Kingdom Of God by strengthening, through various means, the lives of men & women all over the world.

Married to Apostle Howard Harrison, Senior Pastor of The Gathering Place, walking in a hybrid Apostolic - Prophetic anointing to equip, disciple, empower and impart into that which God ordained before the foundations of the earth were formed; women and their seed. I believe God has called me to women & to the family, but women are the life source that God uses to bring forth all mankind....and when women begin to seek God to find their true purpose in life...generations change...babies are born that would be aborted, and raised to SERVE GOD & WALK OUT GOD’S PURPOSE IN THE EARTH & ADVANCE THE KINGDOM.

I AM committed to making the next generation BETTER, STRONGER, than we were.

Author, Mother of 8, and saved at the age of 11 years old, God has given me this unique anointing to equip Mothers and women of all ages to raise their children with confidence, and in the fear and admonition of the Lord. I believe, according to scripture that this begins happening before they ever leave the womb. I am committed to making a difference in the lives of children through advocating for them, loving them & loving their mothers to Christ, while imparting, empowering and equipping....and believing the legacy will continue if we put the work in. This LEGACY IS THE LEGACY OF CHRIST.

Want your place of worship to be the top-listed Place Of Worship in Orlando?

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God Makes Sheroes (HEROES) out of the Least of Us!  "At The Hands of A Woman!" #JAEL #GIRFLRIEND2GIRLFRIEND #SURRENDEREDWOMENSSUMMIT
You May Feel Like An UnderDog...But God!
Let's Pray...
G2G Cry Out! Identity 2020 Part 2
Arguments & Expectations!
Arguments & Expectations!
Cry Out! Identity in 2020




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