Shauna Harrison leads women into a deep, personal relationship with Christ through equipping, empowering and releasing them to execute the will of God in the earth for their lives through Business, Family & 5 Fold Ministry.

Founded by Shauna Harrison, whose desire is to meet women of all backgrounds- exactly where they are. She ministers to women and children in a way that only women who are called by God to do so, can. Prophetess Shauna Harrison has an Apostolic anointing that is submitted to the heart of the Father. We call all women up to a higher level of thinking, speaking, behaving, living and succeeding with Christ at the center. PSALM 139:13-14


Mission: Girlfriend2Girlfriend leads women into a deep, personal relationship with Christ through equipping, empowering and releasing them to execute the will of God in the earth.

Push, sister.
God’s got more for you!

“Your Strong Willed Child”
#ToddlerSpecial #ThreeandUnder 👶🏻👧🏿

This Wednesday. 🤗
10 am. ⏰
Join me. 👋🏽

SuperMom University Group!

#2corinthians #everythought #win ❤️

Please pray for Pastor Wang, he was sentenced to 9 years in prison for preaching the gospel in China - Sunrise News Nigeria

Pastors are being imprisoned for preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in #CHINA.
Pray for this pastor!
Watchmen, Watch!!!
Intercessors, Arise!!!! The Senior Pastor of the Early Rain Church, Wang Yi has been sent to prison and he is going to be there for 9 years for allegedly declaring for Jesus.

Happy 3rd Anniversary TGP Cafe!
Come and share in the love tomorrow at the TGPCafe! ☕️☕️☕️

STEVEN BANCARZ - Leaving the New Age and Finding Truth - THIS IS ME TV

New Age has infiltrated everything.
Let’s pray that more people who practice it come to find true PEACE...JESUS

Have you ever tried to search for truth? It’s a loaded question, but one Steven was willing to take on. After practicing mindfulness, lucid dreaming, tarot c...

The Sisterhood

For the single women...let’s go! ❤️❤️❤️

Why Do You Want to be in a Relationship?

The best inheritance Share and inspire one another

Black Enterprise

Becoming Black History........ ❤️

At 12- and 13-years-old, they are taking college-level courses at Houston Community College and founders of their very own bakery in Texas

Black Enterprise

What’s inside of you?
Let’s go. 2020 is moving quickly and we have much to do.

"I thought graduating from a prestigious university was going to ensure I got a job after college."

And then there's the ironing board... Sarah Boone.

Sarah Boone was an African American inventor who on April 26, 1892, obtained United States patent rights for her improvements to the ironing board.
Source: Wikipedia

Texas Supreme Court to rule whether dad should share daughter with mom’s ex-boyfriend

This PERFECTLY FIT FATHER may lose his biological daughter to her recently deceased mom's ex-boyfriend.
Fathers....Read it again. You read right.
This is in Texas. A perfectly fit father may lose his 4-year-old daughter to some man his ex dated and lived with for 11 months.

WATCHMEN, WATCH.....WHERE ARE THE WARRIORS? PRAY! The court is set to hear oral arguments in a parental rights case that could shape up to be truly groundbreaking.

The Atheist Delusion

Great movie if you’re Atheist or have Atheist friends and family.
There really is a Creator that had you in mind!

Disclaimer: All statements made are not necessarily shared by The Flat Out Truth.

God will finish what He started in you! 🏃🏾‍♀️
Don’t stop now. 💃🏻
Keep pushing. 🏃‍♂️
#PUSH #keepgoing #Youweremadeforthis #Business #Degree #calling #letsgo #ministry

Dr. Caroline Leaf

Change is unavoidable. Either you direct that change or others will.

Lisa Bevere

Our HEAVENLY FATHER has specifically FORMED YOU to do a TASK no other woman can accomplish in our space and time. #FightLikeAGirl

It is no longer murder to kill a child in the womb. It doesn’t matter how the baby is killed or how many months the mother is.

#stab #gunshot #kicktothestomach #Abortion
None of these matter in the eyes of the government of New York. 😡😢

Watchmen, Watch and Pray!

He Stabbed His Girlfriend’s Stomach to Kill Her Baby, Won’t be Charged Because of New York’s Abortion Law

Chonda Pierce

Beautifully said #ChondaPierce. ❤️❤️❤️

An open letter to Jennifer Lopez:

Dearest J-Lo,
It would be almost impossible that you have not heard the uproar about the Superbowl Half-Time show. It may not have been welcomed and celebrated as you may have intended. Then, again – I cannot pretend to know what your intentions were. But today? Well, today – I felt impressed in my spirit to reach out to you. You. Not the celebrity. Not the artist. You, the woman. You need to know – you are spectacularly beautiful. Your hard work to be in the best shape of your life does not go unnoticed. As a woman of a “certain” age – I am inspired by your stamina and your drive. The commitment and personal sacrifice that it takes to workout, eat right, take care of your skin, your hair…. Well, that alone is an incredible amount of hard work and girl, you must be commended for all of that. It was spectacular. Oh my, beauty is hard work and you inspire women around the globe to be a bit more attentive about exercising and putting down the fast food. Thank you for that.

I have followed your career off and on. You are so gifted. So talented. And somehow (like millions), I feel like I know you. When in reality, I do not. So, a tiny bit about me: I am not one to quote long passages from the Bible to anyone, especially to someone who may not be familiar with any part of my faith. Nor can I fill this letter with scientific research or psychological insight. No, I am hoping you hear this from an ordinary woman, travelling through a not-so-ordinary world. I wanted you to hear how loved you are. How extraordinary you are. And yes, (like millions) I think you are beautiful. And yet while your beauty is an aesthetic accomplishment - It is not something that will ever fulfill your heart. Never. As the old saying goes, “beauty IS fleeting.” And no matter how much work we put into it, it is fleeting. Period. Sadly, the Half-Time Show took the exultation of your beautiful accomplishments; your voice, dancing ability and overall athleticism, to a place that exploited much more. Dangerously more. Your performance seemed to speak more to me of the condition of your heart than anything else. And THAT is what I want to talk to you about.

How we feel about ourselves sexually is a tricky thing, isn’t it? I have watched and read the backlash of your performance. I don’t know you – so, I don’t know if it’s taken in stride or if you have regrets. No idea. But I think this performance hit America at a crossroads for so many reasons right now. What may have been meant to be sexy and playful – it hit deeper than that. It was offensive to some. Vulgar to many. To me? It made my heart cringe for you and what you must feel that it takes to “feel like a woman.” And then it made me tear up when I saw your daughter. That beautiful tender age of deciding who she is, how she feels about herself and what outward influences will begin to define her.

At a time when America, at long last is attentive to empowering woman and working to improve the journey a woman has had to endure in the workplace. We need women who are confident in who they are without using their bodies to express such. There have been women abused, raped, trafficked because of the out of control libido and crave for power by men. And although I do not blame your performance for their despicable deeds – I can respectfully ask for your awareness, boundaries and can beg those in charge of our family prime-time hours to refrain from adding to the crisis of the visual male brokenness. The Networks FAIL us every single day.

I quietly read the op-eds, the post, the supporters, the raves and the ridiculous… and my heart still comes back to what is going on in YOUR heart. Because in many ways millions of women are at a crossroads navigating the multi-media exploiting of women’s bodies and struggling to find purpose in our abilities only. How do we protect our minds? How do we dress? How do we stop longing for the attention? As for me, I am in no way strong enough to hoist myself up on a pole, hold myself up while singing. NO, my half-time show would have landed ME in the hospital! If my hips ever gyrated or twerked – I’d be in traction for at least six months. And even though 80% of American woman started yet ANOTHER diet this year - to find a time to work out, to have the money to hire the right chefs, to do the six-step facial treatment every night? No doubt, the same 80% of these women watched Sunday with great envy and jealousy. At the same time, MOST of those women have used their bodies in a myriad of ways to grab the attention they desire. We stand in the mirror before we leave the house and often, we have determined which blouse accentuates our figure, shows off “assets” the best. You see, we were taught from a very young age – it is what we look like and how accessible our vaginas are that will help us get what we want in this life. Every other commercial, television show, and magazine ad has exploited the bodies of women. The world shivered over the Weinstein and Epstein men in this country. We shook our heads over Bill Cosby and Bill Clinton - all the while thousands and thousands of women walked through those very same scenarios with NO ONE to champion our pain. We suffered through in silence and what it taught our brokenness – well, it taught us – it’s all about our bodies, our sexuality and Sunday, you proved our broken thinking right.

For me? I refuse to allow the young girls in my life to walk the same road. I refuse to embrace this as normal. I refuse to call this kind of exploitation art. And there she was. In the midst of the pole dancing, sensual moves, orgy pit on stage… there was your daughter. By your side. THAT – was the toughest part for me. She is so young. She is the age I was when I was first abused. My sweet friend, I pray her mirror speaks to her each morning and says nothing about her body, her beauty or talent. I pray her mirror says to her – YOU are valuable. YOU are worthy of love. YOU are brilliant and can accomplish anything and it has NOTHING to do with the size of your breast, who touches you or how sexy you are. YOU are a child of God. Fearfully and wonderfully made by a God that designed you for greatness and purpose.
Just as you were, Jennifer.

You are loved.
Chonda Pierce

P.S. Same goes for Shakira. But, frankly – seems like you are a great mentor to her. Perhaps, you might pass these thoughts along!

#JLo #JLoSuperBowl #JennyFromTheBlock #PepsiHalfTime #JLoSuperBowl #jenniferlopez #NFL #NetworkTV #CBS #FoxNews #ABC #NBC

[02/05/20]   What a beautiful thing! #BlackArchitects


Sex Slave Trade still exists.
Pray. Intercede.
Don’t just sit on the side lines doing nothing.
That’s participation. 🔥

Grab your END IT apparel today and take a stand against slavery. ❌

#StripChurch ❤️
#StripChurchOrlando ❤️

As much as the WORLD wants to GLAMORIZE is STILL A degrading & demeaning way to have to earn money to survive. 🔥🔥🔥
It is #Sexindustry work and is a known #doorway into the deeper and darker depths of the satanic world of #perversion. 🙋🏽‍♀️⚔️❤️
There isn't anything #glamorous about it. ⚔️⚔️⚔️
If you're interested in being a part of
#StripChurchOrlando, inbox or message me for more information.

You will be EQUIPPED TO GO....#LetsGo.
It's a #Deception that the enemy has thrown out to cover the eyes of SO MANY so that he can follow through with his plans to kill, steal and destroy.....But we've got a different plan....God leads it and HIS plans are for LIFE & LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY.

Inbox me for more information on training, dates and more.


#Vacationisover #WomenOnly ⚔️❤️⚔️

#StripChurch ❤️
#StripChurchOrlando ❤️

As much as the WORLD wants to GLAMORIZE is STILL A degrading & demeaning way to have to earn money to survive. 🔥🔥🔥
It is #Sexindustry work and is a known #doorway into the deeper and darker depths of the satanic world of #perversion. 🙋🏽‍♀️⚔️❤️
There isn't anything #glamorous about it. ⚔️⚔️⚔️
If you're interested in being a part of
#StripChurchOrlando, inbox or message me for more information.

You will be EQUIPPED TO GO....#LetsGo.
It's a #Deception that the enemy has thrown out to cover the eyes of SO MANY so that he can follow through with his plans to kill, steal and destroy.....But we've got a different plan....God leads it and HIS plans are for LIFE & LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY.

Inbox me for more information on training, dates and more.


#Vacationisover #WomenOnly ⚔️❤️⚔️

[02/04/20]   What are you passionate about? 🙋🏿‍♀️
What will you speak out against? 🙋🏼‍♀️
What has God placed within you that burns with passion, creating a righteous indignation? #purpose #calling is connected to it. ❤️
What will you stand up for? ⚔️🛡⚔️

Most people are only interested in knocking down what others have the courage to speak out against or stand up for.... NEVER taking on THEIR GOD given passion... never having the courage enough to speak for or against what BURNS in THEIR heart... placed there by their Creator. 🧐🧐

Today... let me #encourage and remind you that perhaps there is a #CALLING you missed, or are in danger of missing, or maybe there is a #MOVEMENT that you were supposed to spearhead or partner on... but #FEAR & PEOPLE’S OPINIONS is stopping you. 🧐🧐🧐

Maybe it’s apart of the CROSS that you’re supposed to bear for a generation of people who have no voice...or who need YOUR VOICE. 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️

Don’t be like the CROWD #sidelinecritics
... Let’s go.
No more SIDELINE CRITICS are needed.... #really
there’s a spot waiting for you to make a difference.... it has your name on it. #CALLING
#Letsgo #Movement #Reformers #Leadersofnow #Leadersoftomorrow 🙅🏽💁🏾‍♂️

Ephesians 2:10 🔥
For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

Proverbs 19:21🔥
Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.

He will hide you. He will protect you. He has you. ❤️


Don’t worry. Don’t fear. ❤️

Harlem Children's Zone


On #BlackHistoryMonth and every day, we are acknowledging the legacy of those who made the first strides for us to persevere in the future. Let this month be a reminder to honor history and culture, and to recognize the barriers yet to be broken.

PETITION: Parents demand 'Sesame Street' remove show with drag queen

This is a parent’s responsibility.
Sex. Sexuality. Sexual Awareness. Sexual Preference. Gender. Gender Confusion. Cross Dressing and all of the explaining that goes along with it.....ALL OF IT.... IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AS A PARENT. IT IS MY RESPONSIBILITY.
IT IS A MISTAKE TO allow anyone else to START or FINISH these conversations with our children unless we KNOW that we are all on the same page....start to finish...from to back...up to down... in to out... from earth to heaven.... and back.
Same page.
#PERIOD. #SesameStreet

#SignthePetition Outraged parents are petitioning producers of 'Sesame Street' to drop drag queen show from lineup

Beware of This Snake-Like Spirit at Yoga's Root

The dangers of yoga continue to manifest.... The power of yoga is far from innocent.

7,000 Filled With the Holy Ghost in Bangladesh Revival | Jesus Name News

7,000 Filled with the Holy Spirit & speaking in tongues in Bangladesh! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 The United Pentecostal Church Bangladesh Crusade occurred recently and many miracles of God happened! Among numerous other miracles, they are reporting: 7,000 received the Holy Ghost with the evidence


“........for the Lord’s victory over Sisera will be at the hands of a woman.”
What’s in your hand, #JAEL? 🤲🏽
#Willyousurrender ✋🏿


belong. believe. be changed. beYou.

Shauna Harrison is an anointed Prophet & Pastor who has a calling to help women realize the potential inside of them, placed there by a loving God & to advance the Kingdom Of God by strengthening, through various means, the lives of men & women all over the world.

She has an apostolic anointing to equip, disciple, empower and impart into that which God ordained before the foundations of the earth were formed. Women and their seed. Although she is not ONLY called to women, women are the life source that God uses to bring forth all mankind....and when women begin to seek God to find their true purpose in life...generations change.

She is committed to making the next generation of children BETTER than we were. This begins happening before they leave they leave the womb. She is committed to making a difference in the lives of children through advocating for them, loving them, loving their mothers to Christ, while imparting, empowering and equipping....and the legacy will continue.

Women who are confident in who Christ has created them to be, raise children who are confident in who they WILL be. Proverbs 31 women who walk in the POWER OF HIS RESURRECTION, WITH THE AUTHORITY OF THE HOLY SPIRIT are required during this hour. God is raising them up. He’s called for a remnant. That remnant begins with you. That remnant begins with us. That remnant begins with every woman, man and child that will not compromise. That remnant is now.

-Shauna Harrison

Psalm 139:14 #FearfullyandWonderfullyMade

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Kill the Giant...Or He may try to Kill Your Kids....
Let's Talk! There's Alot to Discuss...#PreachedToButNotTaught #NeedingFathersandMothers #DancingAndLeavingStillBound #TimeIsUP!
What Are You Holding On To?





8287 Curry Ford Rd
Orlando, FL

General information

Girlfriend2Girlfriend meets at New Beginnings Church at 8287 Curry Ford Rd. Please send all inquiries to [email protected] You can follow us on Twitter at Log on to the New Beginnings Church website at for more info. We are Psalm 139:13-14- Fearfully & Wonderfully Made...

Opening Hours

Monday 05:00 - 00:00
Tuesday 05:00 - 00:00
Wednesday 05:00 - 00:00
Thursday 05:00 - 00:00
Friday 05:00 - 00:00
Saturday 05:00 - 00:00
Sunday 05:00 - 00:00
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Psalms 104:30 “Thou sendest forth thy spirit, they are created: and thou renewest the face of the earth''

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