Texico District Youth Section 4, Odessa, TX Video May 14, 2017, 1:28am

Videos by Texico District Youth Section 4 in Odessa. A page for Section 4 - Texico District, by your very own Section 4 ppl! Keep up with us to know what's going on in Section 4.

SFC Dunk-Booth!!!

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Section 4! We can’t wait to see you this weekend! The Claborns have an incredible ministry and we can’t wait for them to...

Check out our video from the rally this past weekend. 🔥🔥#awesome #section4

The most epic chariot race EVER......

#NAYC17 opening night altar call! Faith Factor!

#thefloorislava #texicohyphen

Texico Youth Camp 2017!!!!!

SFC Dunk-Booth!!!

Section 4 Youth Rally!!!

Planning out our year for Texico Youth! #texicoyouth #texicohyphen

Texico Youth!!! Have you submitted your video yet for Texico Youth How Sweet the Sound?! Just s little update from Texic...