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Sunday sermon for today March 22 was very meaningful to me and it got my day started with a much better spirit than I have been having. For today I have felt we are truly in God's hands. I may weaken tomorrow, but I will remind myself of these inspiring words.
I ask God to listen to our prayers for David, Sharon and loved ones. And I say: Lord of lords and King of kings; Teacher; Rabi; Great Healer are just a few names I know to call my Father! Heal our family and our Church. Pour out a blessing for us and heal us all! Let your Word be heard especially when Love; Joy and Peace is heard! Hear my prayer Lord, hear my prayer! Amen.

On 6/26/2018 7:48 AM, Redeemer Lutheran Church wrote:
> Healing for David Omachel. Hospitalized for infection.
Lloyd Ray Poor
A Spiritual Growth Center
Redeemer Lutheran Church of the Missouri Synod,
824 Center, Odessa, Texas 79763.
30; 60 or 90 day program.

Name: To be chosen by the Church Board.
Staff and Leaders: To be chosen by the Church Board
Insurance: To be chosen by the Church Board.
Where the guest are to be housed will be solely be determined by the Church Board.
The Kitchen is asked to be used on a daily bases.


Accordance with of the Lutheran Church of the Missouri Synod

Daily Activity
Time schedules are subject to change.
The Spiritual Growth Center is a place where people may come to live and learn the Word of the Lord to become a more productive member of God's plan. This Center is a place of learning that Monday thru Friday consist of morning wake-up at 5:30am; hygiene time; putting their bed away; 6am breakfast. At 7am light ministry duties such as: raking up leaves; cleaning up the parking lots; washing the side walks and cleaning up the curbs. At 8am prayer for one hour and then testimonials fallowed by praise and worship songs followed by class time. Lunch will start at 12pm until 1pm. Then 30 minutes to get ready for prayer time. The above is repeated until 4pm for personal time. 5-6pm dinner time. At 7pm prayer, 8pm praise and worship and then class time to 10pm and then snacks if available. 10:30 to 11pm prayer and then 1praise and 1 worship and then a short group prayer and bed time.
Saturday wake-up is at 6:30am and breakfast at 7am. Ministry duties; prayer and then car wash until 12pm. Lunch and then free time plus visitation from family members or church clergy. Prayer time again at 7pm and free time until 11pm for prayer.
Sunday wake up is at 6:30am, breakfast at 7am, ministry duties and get ready for Church service. Lunch; free time; dinner at 5-6pm and Church service again at 7pm. Free time again until 11pm prayer praise and worship group prayer and then bed time.
All guests are required to attend all Church services.


Operating expenses will be from fund raising; car washes as well as and not limited to pledges from other Churches; private and commercial sources including sponsorships.

How and where will guests come from

A spokesperson chosen by the board will solicit other Churches; Courts; Law Enforcement; Bonding companies; Attorneys as well as and not limited to other shelters; institutions and homeless sites to sponsor someone whom they know. Family and friends are welcome too.

Property of the Center and Church

Must respect all Church and Spiritual Growth Center property at all times.

Telephone Calls

Telephone call are allowed on Saturdays only unless approved a Leader or by a pastor.

Fact Information

Each guest will fill out a fact sheet and will be notified of a back ground checks will be made. If a guest knows they have a warrant issued or thru a back ground check, the issuing authority will be contacted such as the court Judge and a request will be made by the pastor to allow this guest to have adequate time to receive the necessary tools for salvation before the guest presents themselves before the court Judge. Progress reports will be generated for the pleasure of the court Judge.


Potential guests with prescription medications must surrender them to staff for examination and kept by the Leaders for timed dispensing. At no time will any staff member or Leader open any guest medication for dispensing, the guest alone will open their own medications and dispense it for themselves. No guest with psychological or opioid based medication will be allowed, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Unaccepted Guests

No potential guest with ANY s*xually based offense will be accepted at this time.

Code of Conduct

All guests must at all time be cordial and polite. Must maintain personal grooming and cleanliness. Clothing must be in good repair and clean.

Prohibited Items

To***co products including but not limited to vaporizers; inhalers; narcotics; knives; guns or anything that can be used as a weapon. Any article of clothing that promotes immorality; vulgarity or any other picture or words that does not promote the Christian faith.

Acceptable Music

Guest are encouraged to only listen to praise and worship music.

Acceptable Personal Property

Listening devises must be of a small size accompanied by earphones. Pagers; phones; credit and debit cards cash above $15.00 are not allowed and must be stored by the Pastor. Any local guest with their own transportation may not keep it on or near the Church. If any other guest has transportation they will be encouraged to make arrangements for it's storage, exception may be made by a case by case bases. After 30 days guests may be permitted by a Leader to go to the store along with a group and staff member or Leader. This is to insure their testimony. At no time may a guest leave without a witness approved by a Leader or by the Pastor. Any infraction will be examined by a Leader and Pastor for disciplinary action. If a guest refuses to accept discipline then expulsion is issued. If a guest is expelled a staff member will retrieve their personal property from their locker and the Pastor or designate will also surrender any other properties held secured to the staff member and the expelled guest along with their property will be escorted off the property. All expelled guest must arrange for their own transportation.

30th Day

When a guest reaches their 30th day they are eligible to go out with a Leader to fund raise; and chaperon another same s*x guest if that guest is allowed to go out to visit a family member.

Meeting with the Pastor

When a guest reaches their 30th day the Leader will present them to the Pastor for their first personal meeting. Every guest is a potential pastor who may be chosen to lead another Spiritual Growth Center at another Sister Church.

Ministry Training

When a guest achieves their 30th day they are eligible for ministry duties such as Out side Ushering; laundry and kitchen. After their 60th day the guests are eligible for office support; cleaning of the sanctuary and cleaning of the Pastor's transportation. After their 90th day they are eligible for training to become an armor-barer; Training Leader; Cook; Greeter; Transportation Driver; Sanctuary Usher; Crucifer; Torch Barer and Alter care as well as Music.


A chaperon is there to prove as a witness and is not to be expected to pay for their own way. The chaperon will be treated with respect as is the chaperon. This is not the chaperon's outing it is the outing for the guest who is permitted the outing. At no time is the chaperon permitted to interfere or cause problems. The chaperon must maintain a code of respectability. If problems arise either must first call the Center for institutions.
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The Church gathered together in Word & Sacrament.

Operating as usual


[10/24/21]   Pastor Stadler is out of town this Sunday so no sermon on Facebook. Facebook broadcast will resume next week


Donated school clothes and materials from Redeemer to gale pond Alamo elementary thanks for everyone who donated

Donated school clothes and materials from Redeemer to gale pond Alamo elementary thanks for everyone who donated


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824 E 18th St
Odessa, TX

Opening Hours

Monday 8am - 12pm
Tuesday 8am - 12pm
Wednesday 8am - 12pm
Thursday 8am - 12pm
Friday 8am - 12pm
Sunday 8:30am - 11:30am
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