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to share the gospel and discipleship.
After the President’s news conference was over, one of the reporters made the observation that for the first time in our nation’s history we won’t be celebrating Easter. Well let me tell you one thing, he’s dead wrong. We might not celebrate what Easter has become in that there may be no new clothes bought for that Sunday. We might not hide and hunt eggs in mass quantities. We may not travel home to attend church with our family. We might not see some folks at our worship services that we haven’t seen since Christmas, but we’re going to Celebrate Easter. As a matter of fact, every Sunday is Easter Sunday. Every time we assemble for worship we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Pilate couldn’t kill a Him and the grave couldn’t hold Him. You think the Coronavirus is going to stop Easter. More people this year will hear the gospel than any other Easter before.

Easter is not just about special programs, although we will still have them at our church. It’s not about the trumpet call or the mass crowds. It’s the fact that we serve a living Savior who is still transforming lives today. Easter is not only about His resurrection, but our ability to rise with Him. Easter is about the hope of tomorrow and the gift of everlasting life. Yes indeed, we will celebrate. We’ll celebrate what God did for all of us at Calvary. How? By remembering Him. By loving Him. By worshipping Him. By praising Him. Easter for us is everyday. Let the celebration begin. Sing with me:

I serve a risen Saviour, He's in the world today
I know that He is living, whatever men may say
I see His hand of mercy, I hear His voice of cheer
And just the time I need Him He's always near
He lives (He lives), He lives (He lives), Christ Jesus lives today
He walks with me and talks with me
Along life's narrow way
He lives (He lives), He lives (He lives), Salvation to impart
You ask me how I know He lives?
He lives within my heart

Yes, this FB friend said it so well and it so resonates with me that I just had to copy & pass along!
Happy Easter my friends!
Coming to Midland November 17th 2018! Concerts bring people to Jesus that churches can't always reach. Want to be a part of something that will save souls? Let's come together as the true family of God we are suppose to be. Contact info on the flyer.

Sunday Bible Study starts at 9:45 am
Sunday Worship Service starts at 11:00 am
Wednesday prayer and Bible study starts at 6:00 pm The desired outcome of our vision is to achieve UNITY among leadership, to gain the TRUST of those whom God has placed in our path, and to have LOYALTY toward one another and to live lives that are dependent upon our one true God.

Operating as usual

Photos from Vine Baptist Church's post 10/17/2021

I was blessed by the Revival Meetings but it was awesome to be back in the Pulpit this morning Preaching God’s Word! As always the Praise Team did an awesome job…God is moving!!! If you are a Vinite and have been missing in action, I want to encourage you to come back home and get involved….Hebrews 10:24-25 says, “And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.” As I always say I can’t stir you up and you can’t stir me up if you don’t show up. Know this…you are missed! If you have no Church Family come join us…we will treat you ao mamy ways you will have to like one of them! be blessed and be a blessing!

Photos from Vine Baptist Church's post 10/14/2021

Final Post about Revival at Vine Baptist Church which ended last night! Evangelist Mike Courtney did a great job bringing the Word of God! Everyone really responded to him in a great way. Vine’s very own Praise Team also were awesome! We have been blessed as Joey Stull leads with team made up of Tim Bruton on the drums, Debra Fagin playing acoustic Guitar and singing, Heather Richard my daughter playing Bass and singing, Michelle Combest Hostetter singing, Billy Uhlhorn working the Sound Board, and last but not least Diana Thomas working the computer so the Congregation could sing along! Tuesday Night my middle Grandson, Jacob Richard played piano during the offering…proud of him! I’m proud of all those who faithfully came and served during our meals! God is moving in Vine and I want to encourage anyone who doesn’t have a Church Home come to Vine…be part of what God is doing! If you are out there and you are lonely, sad, broken, tired, or just feel like your life has no purpose! Come and let me tell you about a Man who can change all that! He can turn your sadness into joy, Hopelessness into assured hope. He can give you a purpose that will make a difference for all eternity!!!! Don’t keep wandering…Come Home!!! Be blessed and be a blessing!!!

[10/11/21]   Yesterday we started Revival Meetings at Vine Baptist Church. Both services were well attended….but if you weren’t there I hope you will come tonight at 7 PM! Evangelist Mike Courtney is preaching the Word and the Praise Team at Vine are preparing our hearts to receive the Word as we Praise Jesus through song!!! Everyone is welcomed! 2200 West 22nd Street! 7 PM tonight - Wednesday Night! Be blessed and be a blessing!!!!

[10/08/21]   We want to invite everyone to join us tomorrow. It is my Mother in law, Brenda Martin’s 75th Birthday
...we've reserved a room at Mi Piaci's

We gonna have a couple of pizza for people or they can order on their own

No present necessary just your presence will be nice for Brenda

we will have a cake also

Room is reserved for noon (12PM)

Photos from Vine Baptist Church's post 09/24/2021

These are some pics of previous Prayer Breakfast held at Vine. Next one is scheduled for October 2nd at 9:30 AM. We are trying to get a head count so we can make sure there is plenty food! Contact Sister Connie Barrigan at (432) 438-3763! Be blessed and be a blessing!


Mark your Calendar’s and come join us! For more information call 432-770-9835

Mark your Calendar’s and come join us! For more information call 432-770-9835


Mark your calendar’s and join us! For more information call 432-770-9835

Mark your calendar’s and join us! For more information call 432-770-9835

Photos from Vine Baptist Church's post 09/12/2021

Today at Vine the Holy Spirit was moving and the Good Lord added to our family! LeeAnn Rose Mayfield and Jojo Davenport joined us by way of Statement. We welcome these ladies to out flock and look forward to see how God uses them and grows them! God is Good!
And let me just say…Tim Bruton invited LeeAnn teaching us the power of the invite. Invite people to your Church so they can hear about Jesus who is the ONLY WAY!!!

[08/25/21]   Just getting the word out! Time for Wednesday Night Bible Study and Prayer Meeting has changed to 6:30 PM during School Year!!!! Hope to see you there! If you do not have a Church Home we welcome you to join us at Vine Baptist Church! We also meet Sunday mornings for Bible Study at 9:45 AM and Worship at 11 AM!

Photos from Vine Baptist Church's post 08/15/2021

I am very proud to Pastor Vine Baptist Church and I want to take a moment and thank the Lord for what He is doing! The Praise Team has been on fire and Joey Stull is doing a great job leading! Tim Bruton is rocking the drums! Debra Fagin joined and plays guitar and sings! Heather Richard (my daughter) started playing Bass guitar and sings. Michelle Combest Hostetter sings! They have been doing great! Diana Thomas started running the computer and screens from the Sound-room (what a huge blessing)
God I lift them all up to you and pray that you will use them all in a mighty way for Your glory!!!

Photos from Vine Baptist Church's post 07/25/2021

The Lord blessed us and officially added to our numbers today. John & Debra Fagin joined us this morning!
And we are sad we are losing Azalea Rivas. She has been playing piano and singing with Praise Team. But she has an opportunity to help herself and another Church. So we bid her fairwell and the best of luck. God is Good!!!

Photos from Vine Baptist Church's post 05/08/2021

We had our very first Prayer Breakfast Meeting for our Audible Sermon Outreach Ministry! Turned out great! God is Good! Let us never grow tired of praying for one another!!!!
Thanks to all who worked so hard to make it a special time! We also prayed for our Sister Churches and that God would send Revival.

[04/22/21]   This is Pastor Johnny Touchstone. I want to get the Word out. Brother Tim Bruton started recording my Sermon. Then we started sending them out by email or Messenger. It’s actually better by email because I’ve found myself missing some folks. Anyway, we are praying for a greater ministry to be birthed from this. We are sending Sermons out to close to 200 people and we are getting good feedback thus far. We pray the Sermons move you by the power of the Holy Spirit and draw each hearer closer to the Lord. We are asking you to pass the Sermons along to your contacts because you know people we don’t. Another thing we are asking is that you send us Prayer Request and/or Praise Reports, Testimonies of how the Lord used this ministry to touch your life. Once a month we are going to hold a Prayer Meeting Fellowship at Vine and we will be sharing Testimonies, Prayer Request, and Praise Reports. We will be inviting our Sister Church to join because we will be praying for Revival to break out here in Odessa and across our Nation. So I encourage you to text or call my cell (432) 770-9835 and share with us what the Lord is doing in your life and/or your Prayer Request or Praise Report. You also can reach me through Messenger or email. My email is [email protected]
If you’re not receiving Sermons and desire to just reach out to me. Be blessed and be a blessing!

Photos from Vine Baptist Church's post 03/22/2021

This mornings worship was awesome! Westward Road truly lead the Church in Worship to our Great and Mighty God!

Photos from Vine Baptist Church's post 03/21/2021

We are Grace and Mercy Fellowship enjoying worship as WESTWARD ROAD sings Praises to the King of Glory! They will be leading Vine Baptist Church in the morning at 11 AM...I encourage all who able to come join us in Worship!!!at


I want to encourage anyone who doesn’t have a Church Home to come join us as the Gospel Singing Group “Westward Road” leads us in Worship with a unique blend of Gospel and Modern Worship!!! All are welcomed!

I want to encourage anyone who doesn’t have a Church Home to come join us as the Gospel Singing Group “Westward Road” leads us in Worship with a unique blend of Gospel and Modern Worship!!! All are welcomed!

Photos from Vine Baptist Church's post 02/02/2021

Late posting but we had a Great Joint Worship Service this past Sunday! God is Good!


Youth Night at Grace and Mercy Fellowship was a huge success with Runks Runkles! Over 67 people there! God is Good!


This crew ready for some Ci Ci’s Pizza and then off to see Runks Runkles at Grace and Mercy Fellowship!


Last Sunday Night we had a Joint Holiday Meal and Baptism/Prayer Time at Vine. With Vine / Grace & Mercy Fellowship / Sunset Heights Baptist Church coming Together. It was a great night.
Tonight at 6 PM we are having a Joint Worship Service at Sunset Heights Baptist Church. With Sunset / Grace & Mercy Fellowship / Westover Baptist Church / Vine Baptist Church / Central Baptist Church all being represented. Pastor Mark Roossinck will be preaching. Join by via FB Live @ Sunset Heights Baptist Church page.


A few more pictures from Ms. Athelia Smith’s 96th Birthday celebration at VBC!!!! What a blessing she is to all her Church family!!!


Today we got to celebrate with Ms. Athelia Smith, her 96th Birthday. Vine started in 1951 and Ms. Athelia became a member in 1954!


What a day! Woke up early this morning spent some time with the Lord! Did my daily Bible Reading! Baked this Southern Buttermilk Pie! Went to Church! Bert & Jeannie Robinson joined Vine BC this morning! We are blessed to have them as part of our family! Then I was blessed with a Pastor Appreciation gift(s)! Very blessed to be the Pastor of VBC! God is Good!!!!


Sorry so late to post this...but on the last night of the Revival, October 14th...Diana Thomas came down to the altar and joined Vine! We welcome her into our fellowship and she has already joined the Discipleship Class! We look forward to see how God uses her for His Glory!


PEOPLE LISTEN TO ME....God is on the move here at Vine Baptist Church...but it’s not just among the Vinite’s...other Sister Churches are involved and God is moving in their local bodies also! God is using Brother Walter Mixon as he presents the Word of God. He is also using Sister Jane Morin as she leads the music in Worship! I’ve been in the Pastorate for 25 years, in the ministry for 30 (we start the ministry the day we are saved) and I’ve personally never seen a move of God as I am seeing right now. And I believe there are many factors behind this...first I know it’s due to PRAYER. We have been praying like never before. We here at Vine had some great Cottage Prayer Meetings. I know the other Churches have been praying like never before. Plus the weekly meetings of the Pastor’s Prayer Posse. God hears our prayers!
Second...the cooperation of the Churches. We are not in competition. We genuinely love one another. God honors that!
Third....the condition of our Nation. This is not a Political or Economical or Social problem....IT IS A SPIRITUAL PROBLEM! It is time for God’s people to wake up and cry out to our God for His Healing Hand...2 Chronicles 7:14
So I encourage you to come tonight...we have a meal at 5:30 PM...come be my guest. Revival Meeting starts at 7pm
Vine Baptist Church
2200 W. 22nd Street
Odessa TX 79763


I want to invite everyone to join us for Revival at Vine Baptist Church! God is moving! Other Churches are involved and I’m excited for the Pastor’s and our Sister Churches for what God is doing among them! It’s been great preach from Walter Mixon and great Worship in Song from Jane Morin . If you can’t join us in person! Join us on zoom! My pin number is 503-076-3007.My password if you need it is 758537.
The revival is tonight through Wednesday night at 7 PM! Come join us i know it will bless you and excite you to see what the Lord can do!


Revival Time in Odessa! I say Odessa because although Vine is holding the meetings we have other churches involved! Grace & Mercy Fellowship, Westover Baptist, Sunset Heights Baptist especially!
Last night we had our Revival Kickoff! It was an awesome night of Singing and Prayer! I want thank all those who sang...Vine’s Praise Team, Pastor Matt Jones, Gary Garner (From Central Baptist), Westover Baptist Quartet, Sister Jane Morin! Also want to Thank all those who prayed
Brother Walter Mixon, Matt Jones, Gaetan Morin, Sister Jane Morin,
Mark Roossinck, Patrick Wood, Deana More, Royce Purvis, Kathyrn Hutto, Doug Conard, and I closed the Prayer Time out! Great night!!!
Also, this morning was great Jesse Carillo join the Church Membership. Joey Stull rededicated his life to the Lord. Several asked for forgiveness of sin and strength to overcome! Great meal and fellowship afterwards! Looking and excited about what’s gonna happen tonight through Wednesday night. We meet each night at 7 PM. On Wednesday we will serve a meal at 5:30 PM! Come join us!


Revival Kickoff tonight! Had a great time last night with the Revival Team getting together. Brother Walter Mixon arriving in Odessa on his birthday. Also it was my maw-n-law, Brenda Martin birthday! Good time with family and friends! Thanks to Lalo at Mi Casa for making it a great night!

[10/09/20]   Tomorrow, Saturday October 10th...we will be having our Revival Kickoff Meeting starting with a meal at 5 PM and then at 6:30 PM we will start our Singing and Prayer Time Meeting! Everyone is welcome....if you want to sing contact me at 432-770-9835
Hope to see you there...

Also Sunday - Wednesday we will have Revival Meetings at 7 PM each night. Contact me with any questions

Brother Walter Mixon and Sister Jane Morin will be leading these meetings!

We plan to Zoom these meetings for those who are not able to attend!

Be Blessed and be a Blessing!!!!


We had our final Cottage Prayer meeting at the church tonight. It was a great night!
We had 21 there tonight. A lot of good sharing! We are already having some revival!


Today was a great day at Vine! 4 Baptisms! 2 by way of salvation 2 by rededication! I appreciate Brother Royce Purvis taking my place in this ordinance! We welcome Ricky and Marcia to our fellowship! Proud for Ms. Deborah Clower and Kathy B.
Also I thank Mrs. Barbara Bice for playing piano for us today. Thanks to Pastor Vaughny Taylor for letting her help a sister church out!


Video by Tim!


We had a good day in the Lord yesterday. Bible Study and Worship was awesome!!! Ms. Deborah Clower rededicated her life to the Lord. Her and my daughter Heather Richard received a certificate for finishing a Discipleship Class. Then last night we a Prayer Meeting as we prepare for Revival with 22 in attendance. We see sparks if Revival already happening...all glory to God! Pat Touchstone made Gumbo and Michelle Combest Hostetter made Spaghetti! A great night of fellowship! This is truly a family!

[09/19/20]   Huge Garage Sale at Vine Baptist Church today till 2 PM. Everything must go! 2200 West 22nd Street

[09/16/20]   Just letting everyone know that Vine Baptist has an E-Newsletter know and if you would like to receive it to keep up with what God is doing among us just send me your email. We send it out around the 15th of each month! Be blessed and be a blessing!!

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Youth and Children Bible Memorization
Well believe it our not...I actually forgot that it was my 16th Anniversary as the Pastor of Vine Baptist Church. So i w...
What Sort Of People Are We To Be? 2 Peter 3
Had the pleasure to baptize Amye Luker this past Sunday
Charity Murray Singing Consider the Lillies on Mother’s Day!
Love to see new Vinite’s getting involved and sharing the talents that God has blessed them with! Kayla did a great job ...
Here was another one they did for Ms. Hilda!
After visitation we all met at La Esperanza! As we were sitting there Ms. Hilda remembered it was her birthday!!!!




2200 W 22nd St
Odessa, TX
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