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Blank Space is a marketing company that works with start up brands to fortune 500 companies. Every brand has a unique story to tell and journey to take. Check out our Instagram: Twitter: @blank_branding

Blank Space Branding has the right touch when it comes to showcasing products for maximum exposure. We start with blank slates and design impactful messages that speak directly to individual needs and influence buying decisions fast. With our talented team and access to effective distribution channels, we’re recognized leaders in sustained brand growth. At Blank Space Branding, we understand how consumers think and act. Today’s customers want to be engaged in brand experiences that are tailored to meet their needs. Our team positions products so people recognize their value quickly and understand how these products will impact their lives. With our effective approach, you can expect a swift return on your marketing investment.


Change Your Life by Changing Your Thought Process | Brendon Burchard

Here some Sunday motivation!

Life coach to billionaires and one of the greatest influencers of all time, Brendon Burchard knows exactly how to make an impact. So, on this episode of Impa...

Budgeting 101: How to Create a Budget - NerdWallet

Sometimes it's not about the money. Instead, the process of managing the money! At our company, we understand that it is not just developing your people professionally but also personally. One thing we take the time to help our team with is money management. If I have take-home pay of, say, $2,000 a month, how can I pay for housing, food, insurance, health care, debt repayment and fun without running out of money? That’s…

Focus On Yourself And Not Others (One of the Best Speeches Ever)

Are you always focused on what others are doing? Our team wanted to share with you a video that has inspired them!

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7 of the Most Effective Ways to Market Yourself Successfully

Are you having a hard time marketing yourself?
Here is a helpful article to help expand your skillset in marketing. Who you are is the message to the world. What message are you sending?

The 24 best Chicago attractions

Our team excited about Chicago starting to open up again! Here are some things to do while you're in Chicago. These Chicago attractions are a must if you're in the city, including museums, skyscrapers, parks and more things to do.

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What Great Listeners Actually Do

Do you think you’re a great listener?
Do you feel like no one ever understands you?

Here are some helpful tips Harvard has done studies on. We hope this helps you as much it’s impacted our team here! It’s about more than keeping quiet.

#fridayvibes Have us excited about the activities we enjoy to do.

Rebecca: My favorite activity is working out. I love testing my limits. I try to do a full-body workout every day. It doesn’t matter how I’m feeling, I always feel better after a workout. I used to teach Zumba Gold and the ladies that attended my class always made me feel better. If I got a bad grade, I could always count on one of them saying something to make my day. I have also made life long friendships with people at the gym. 🏋🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️💃🏻

Kathryn: My favorite activity is boating 🚤 on the lake 🌊 because the sunshine ☀️ on my face, the wind in my hair, the sound of the waves, the serenity of water, & the beauty of nature totally Anchors⚓️ My Soul 💜... There are times you completely accelerate appreciating the power & speed, AND there are times you settle into where you’re at just taking it all in.✌🏼

Alberto : My favorite activity to do is listen and break down music. With almost any song, they is some history behind. I will listen to all types of songs, especially hip hop, to breakdown where and if they sampled an older song. This is one of my favorite videos, because Late Registration was the first CD I bought because of it’s use of samples. Many of which are jazz and blues samples, and that made me want to decipher more songs as I listen to them.

This morning Kathryn, one of our team members, shared with our Managing Partners her thoughts on leadership. It inspired us to share her story.

Kathryn said: I love that Leadership is Empowerment. It’s lifting others, helping them advance, and making them a part of something bigger than themselves. When you are called to lead, you are called to serve. You become the servant because leadership is all about being of service to others. People development is a leader’s passion because caring for people is the legacy that keeps on paying it forward - Helping people, serving people, & inspiring people to be the best versions of themselves, uniquely all talented coming together for the team mission.”

#wednesdaywisdom has us reflecting on what it means to have a career. We ask several of our team members what it means to them.

Linda said ”A career is so much more than a ‘job’. To me, having a career means that I’ve found and am pursuing my passion.”

Nefertari said,” The question that people always have asked is what a career means to me well here I’ll tell you. In my life I have always heard a “job is what you do but a career is what you love”. So in my case, it’s something I love doing, and I can invest all my time and energy into seeing it grow. ”

Alberto said ”What it means to have a career to me is to advance my skills, mentally, physically, and spiritually every day. A career is where I am able to learn from my peers, looking forward to going into the office every morning. A career is what I enjoy doing every single day because you never work a single day in your life if it is something you like.”

Brad said ”Having a career to me means stability. I have already finished one career as a Sr tech advisor for Coca Cola. Now that I am starting a new chapter in my life I look for that same stability that keeps me focused on the task at hand. It also means forging some new relationships and making new friends. And also have some great memories along the way.”

#TakeMeBackTuesday has us reminiscing of our favorite parts of Chicago! Rebecca, one of our team members, shared with us today one of her favorite spots is Guaranteed Rate Field. Here is why this is her favorite spot in Chicago.

Rebecca said, “My favorite thing about Chicago is going to the guaranteed rate stadium to watch the White Sox play. I have also grown up watching the White Sox on tv, and it is great to watch them play in person finally. I also love being able to splurge of fun foods like nachos, popcorn, and hotdogs. I went to my first White Sox game with my grandparents and my sister 2 years ago. My sister even let me borrow one of our mom’s old White Sox shirts for the game.”

What your favorite spots in Chicago?
Comment below with pictures of those places and why they are your favorite place!

Happy Earth Day!!

Would you rather plant flowers or recycle?


Happy Easter! 🐣

Stay inside and eat all the chocolate you want!

Thank you to our local heroes!

Let us see what your favorite snack is!

Ours in the office is B1A

We hope that everyone is staying home, washing their hands, and enjoying spending time with their families.

Our thoughts are with the healthcare workers, truckers, retail employees and families effected by this pandemic.

We have taken this time to get organized, rest, and we are excited to get back to work when the time is right!

#loveyouchicago #keepyourheadupeveryone

Blank Space Branding

We are with you all! We’ve heard it multiple times but, wash your hands and stay home if you are not feeling well!

We’ve got this Chicago!!

Welcome Spring! We are excited for nice weather and beautiful flowers all over the city!

Be an encourager of the people around you today!!!

How Generation Z is reshaping the coworking culture

We love having a diverse group of people to work with on a daily basis. Everyone adds value in their own way!

We found this article about generation Z interesting because while this isn’t necessarily true for everyone born into that generation it can shed some light on to the changing cultures in the work environments! Plus it’s always fun to find out what makes the generations different! The Generation Z has grown up in a world of smart devices that gives them ubiquitous connectivity and access to information across the globe at a quick voice command. These digital natives display unique, transformative consumption habits that have started to influence brands around the world.Gen Z....

#bebetter 👏👏

4 Signs That Will Instantly Identify Someone with Remarkable Leadership Skills |

4 Signs That Will Instantly Identify Someone with Remarkable Leadership!

1. Build trust through transparency
2. Prioritize connections
3. Lead by example
4. Have more fun

Being a remarkable leader isn’t something you’re born with, many people can learn how to be a great leader! These 4 traits definitely help to identity someone who does lead in a way that puts other first! Now more than ever, companies need to create cultures centered on employees. Strong cultures create effective working teams that attract top talent, while weak cultures can quickly lead to burnout or employees heading for the exit.Companies facing these high stakes are eager to create a place where....

Dream Bigger!


🎊Our team is crushing it this week! Jennie was promoted to the event coordinator position yesterday! 🎊

👏We’re back at it again today! Our new client has provided us with some awesome tools, we can’t wait to get to work for them! 👏

🎊Congratulations Alberto!!🎊

🎉🎊He has worked very hard and we are excited to announce he has officially been promoted to Event Coordinator!! 🎊🎉

This week is a very exciting week for us here at Blank Space! We are training to begin working with a brand new client! The best of the best are here and ready to learn!

Make a difference with what you choose to do!

Entrepreneurs Share Three Essential Secrets to Their Success

Three essentials to success!

📎Learn to take calculated risks
📎Put yourself in your customers’ shoes
📎Launch a business you’re passionate about

What else do you think is essential to success? The secret to success? There are many, of course. But these entrepreneurs and career experts—who are also business owners—swear by three things: launching a business you love, putting yourself in your customers' shoes, and learning to embrace and regularly take calculated risks. Here, they share...


🎊Brad & Adam for being promoted to Event Coordinator!

🎉We are excited to grow with you, you both have worked hard and shown that you are ready for the next step!

This week we’ve talked about our goals, admired our accomplishments, and written out a game plan on how we can reach our goals (the top of our mountain).

Sometimes we know what we want to achieve but we don’t ever start climbing? What’s your first step going to be?

Want your place of worship to be the top-listed Place Of Worship in Oak Brook?

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Opening Hours

Monday 08:00 - 18:00
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Spiritually Yours Spiritually Yours
1314 Kensington Rd - POB 5232
Oak Brook, 60522-5232

Music is the Voice of God! May Your Life Be Overwhelmed By The Loving Spirit of Our Lord and Savior - Jesus Christ! Best Wishes For A Spiritually Productive Day!!!

North American Islamic Trust, Inc. - NAIT North American Islamic Trust, Inc. - NAIT
715 Enterprise Dr
Oak Brook, 60523

National nonprofit organization. Protects properties of mosques & Islamic schools, pools Muslims' financial assets for mutual benefit, offers Halal stocks

Oak Brook Christian School Oak Brook Christian School
3100 Midwest Rd
Oak Brook, 60523

OAK BROOK CHRISTIAN SCHOOL in OAK BROOK, Illinois is a daycare center offering preschool and child care. Our childrens center provides affordable child care programs - Call (630) 366-0430.

Encounter Youth & Young Adults Encounter Youth & Young Adults
3100 Midwest Rd
Oak Brook, 60523

Encounter is a Christian Youth & Young Adult ministry that exists to call a generation to experience the love of Jesus and respond back to Him by loving others.

Faith Fellowship Church Faith Fellowship Church
3724 Washington St
Oak Brook, 60521

Faith Fellowship Church is a non denominational congregation who meet in a small, beautiful white frame church located in Oak Brook IL.

MOPS at Christ Church Oak Brook MOPS at Christ Church Oak Brook
501 Oak Brook Road
Oak Brook, 60523

MOPS at Christ Church meets the 2nd & 4th Wednesday, September through May.

Midwest Latin Women's Ministries Midwest Latin Women's Ministries
2001 Midwest Rd, Ste 307
Oak Brook, 60523

Midwest Latin American District Council of the Assemblies of God.

Christ Church 20s and 30s Ministry Christ Church 20s and 30s Ministry
501 Oak Brook Rd
Oak Brook, 60523

A new ministry of Christ Church of Oak Brook that connects those in their 20s and 30s with friends and God through regular gatherings.

Catholic Sports Camps Catholic Sports Camps
900 Jorie Blvd, Suite 200
Oak Brook, 60523

These camps are faith-filled experiences where leaders are built, sports are played, and faith is strengthened. Our Mission is to teach children (ages 6-17) sports through the leadership and teachings of the Catholic Church.

Unity Center of Light Unity Center of Light
Graue House 3800 York Rd
Oak Brook, 60523

Seeing The Light In Every Person We meet Every Sunday from 10:30 to noon!

Catholic Hockey Camp Catholic Hockey Camp
1100 Jorie Blvd, Suite 126
Oak Brook, 60523

Previously known as Spirit Hockey Camp, Catholic Hockey Camp leads young hockey players in the faith and in hockey

Prophecy Set To Music - Prophecy Set To Music -
2603 22nd St Suite 22
Oak Brook, 60523