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Blank Space is a marketing company that works with start up brands to fortune 500 companies. Every brand has a unique story to tell and journey to take. Check out our Instagram: Twitter: @blank_branding

Blank Space Branding has the right touch when it comes to showcasing products for maximum exposure. We start with blank slates and design impactful messages that speak directly to individual needs and influence buying decisions fast. With our talented team and access to effective distribution channels, we’re recognized leaders in sustained brand growth. At Blank Space Branding, we understand how consumers think and act. Today’s customers want to be engaged in brand experiences that are tailored to meet their needs. Our team positions products so people recognize their value quickly and understand how these products will impact their lives. With our effective approach, you can expect a swift return on your marketing investment.

Look what we’ve uncovered! A slideshow of our Christmas party! We know it’s almost February but we had so much fun we just couldn’t keep from sharing! #untilnextyear

If your are setting goals the #passion is already there. Stay consistent! You will always see #success!

You don’t always need a reason to celebrate! Just decide that you are!


5 Levels of Leadership | John Maxwell (Short Version)

If you want to be an influential leader check out this video! John Maxwell’s famous book the 5 levels of leadership is one to read (several times)!

John Maxwell explains the 5 levels of leadership as is presented in his book: "The 5 Levels of Leadership: Proven Steps to Maximize Your Potential" Check out...

Axe throwing last night was great! It’s also where the winners always win! #winners #losers #butfunasateam

In order to grow we must get outside of our comfort zone. To often we feel we aren’t growing or that nothing is changing when in fact we aren’t challenging ourselves to feel uncomfortable! That leads to becoming what we want to become!! #truth #getuncomfortable #grow #becomewhoyouweremeanttobe

We’re so excited to go AXE throwing tonight!

7 Work Ethic Commandments For An Entrepreneur

Ever find yourself with little motivation? Are you a person who may need some rules to follow?

Here are 7 work ethic commandments for an entrepreneur! Follow them for a week and see what happens! As an entrepreneur, you have to do more, faster, in order to succeed. Entrepreneurs are at a significant output disadvantage. For every task that you have to complete, your larger competitor has three or four full-time employees working on the same thing. Fortunately, with hard work, leverage, and....


Building Great Work Relationships: Making Work Enjoyable and Productive

Everyone has a work bestie, or at least we hope so! But, how can you build relationships with others in the work place too?? We all need healthy relationships at work, if we're going to succeed. Learn how to build and maintain great working relationships.


We learned so much this weekend from the speakers at our conference in Dallas! #lovetotravel #justanotherperk

Google's Top Productivity Expert Laura Mae Martin Says This Is How You Should Spend Your Day |

These days it always feels like we are trying to do less with more! Right?!?

This article by googles top productivity expert says to try these three things!

1. Decide on your priorities and say no to everything else (easier said than done!)

2. Schedule half an hour of “me” time everyday.

3. Define productivity as doing what you intended (I would say following a todo list) We all want to be more productive, but how do we actually make it happen? Most of us look for time-saving tips and tricks -- Use your calendar as a motivational tool! Take a break for moderate exercise during the day so you have more energy for work!These kinds of tips can be highly useful and I enc...

If you desk is naturally messy.... like ours can become at times today is the day to clean up and clean it out!


We’re so excited to acknowledge these two and their hard work! Linda and Manny were both promoted this week! We are proud of them because they set their eyes on a goal and went out and accomplished it!

Steal Ben Franklin's 200-Hundred-Year-Old Secret for Extreme Likability |

This article is very interesting?

Sometimes here in the office we can turn into history buffs... I mean make history jokes. This article from Ben Franklin definitely caught our attention! Especially if your having one of those days where you forget your coffee and realize people are glaring at you funny! 🤣🤣

#howtobelikeable #byBenFranklin Charming people who like you, and who you like, is easy enough. You smile, make eye contact, remember names, make yourself useful. And if you had any initial rapport at all, you'll probably end up professional allies if not true friends.But what do you do with the haters? With those with whom, for w...

We had a great time at team night yesterday! We go to Dave and Busters for the games but we stay for the food and conversations!


We work hard for our clients everyday! We are so thankful for their partnerships, and the value they add to our business everyday!

This 32-year-old tech start-up founder wants would-be entrepreneurs to know 2 things

“It’s Hard work, but it’s important to know that its possible.” Perkins says in her article.

That statement couldn’t be more true. If you know it’s possible and believe that it will always get done! That uphill journey – filled with false starts, rejection and funding hurdles – is par for the course for most founders, said Perkins, who was keen to dispel the common misconception of entrepreneurs …

The Reason You Don't Accomplish Your Goals (and How You Can Do Better in 2020)

New Year, New Me (or You)! We hear this a lot at the start of the year. Anyone else a little tired of it? 🤨

Only because we set goals and for a week or a month we go hard and then we kinda move on right??

Turns out there are two major reasons people don’t accomplish their goals.

1. They’re not clearly defined
2. No accountability partner

So define your goals and have someone hold you accountable!! Kate Volman outlines two methods to strengthen your creation and pursuit of goals.In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Kate Volman explains how to achieve your goals. It's often easy to articulate dream up big goals, but it is harder to achieve them. It is common for people to hold onto one p...

We’re gearing up for our Dallas Top Leaders Conference! It’s an opportunity for us to impact on another.
And get some to some warmer weather! 😝

This 7-year-old entrepreneur has been running a side business in school. Take a guess what it is. - Culture

This story was to cute not to share! This 7 year old was selling grasshoppers at school! What a mind he has.

What could you do if you opened your mind to more things! It's been a few days since schools have reopened for business in Malaysia.But while other kids were studying addition and subtraction as part of basic mathematics, this kid was studying the art of business.Facebook user Puan Hasmi Samsuddin recently went viral on social media after sharing her son's

How Leaders Can Positively Influence Their Organization Using The Seven Dimensions Of Culture

Check out this article from Forbes!

How Leaders Can Positively Influence Their Organization Using The Seven Dimensions Of Culture!

To be honest we didn’t even know there were seven dimensions of culture! But, we do know how to work hard and have fun at the same time. 😂

Seriously, this article is interesting! Consultant Peter Drucker is credited with saying, "culture eats strategy for breakfast." If culture is so important to an organization's overall success, why is it often misunderstood? As Drucker suggests, culture is more important than organizational strategy. With that said, there are seven dimens...

[01/06/20]   We are looking to fill Entry Level positions in brand management, marketing & product promotions!

The ideal candidate would thrive in a fast-paced, career driven environment and bring energy, focus, and strategic brand representation to our team.

Our mission at Blank Space Branding is to drive the buying impulse by providing the clear canvas on which to create a compelling narrative. We use detailed analysis to understand what inspires people. This approach informs our focus and results in messaging that makes consumers thirsty for more. With real-time feedback, we capitalize on market shifts and stay on course for optimized results.

Today’s consumers are savvy. They want to understand what they’re buying and why they’re buying it. At Blank Space Branding, we know how to engage consumers in a promotional experience that answers their questions, while pushing products ahead of the competition for rapid sales results. Our powerful messages paint pictures for consumers so they can envision and experience how new products will change their lives. Along with our exceptional distribution channels, our approach ensures increased visibility to wider audiences and sustained profits.


Four-year degree in marketing, communications, business administration or related field or equivalent

0-5 years of experience in marketing, customer service or brand promotions

Ability to flourish working a team environment

Strong time management, organizational and multitasking skills

Sammy Pellegrino is our Leader Highlight!!

His favorite part of working at Blank Space is the opportinity to change his families lives and learn how to help other people develop, and reach their goals.

This year his goal is to be promoted to managing partner by March 1st, and in the long run he wants to over see the Chicagoland area, have lots of time to travel and as he says, "do what I want!"

Sammy credits Dillon (who he admires the most) to teaching him how to be a business professional and influence people in a postive way. He says to others, "Just Commit!" Stop looking at things you can't control and focus on what you can control. Do those things to the best of your ability!!

When asked what his favorite memory was he shared a story of the time Dillon wore a pony bike helmet and acted like nothing was going on at all!

THANK YOU SAMMY FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!! You have grown and accomplished so much! We cannot wait to see what this year holds for you!

Drum roll!!!!!!!

Who will our Leader Highlight be?!? We can assure you it is someone who has definitely impressed us lately!

Google Career Experts Say That to Get Your Next Job, Your Resume Should Always Have These 5 Simple Things |

We couldn’t agree more! We are currently hiring, so we wanted share this article.

When submitting a resume make yours stand out!! (Also, don’t forget to double check your phone number and email address) You may have all the experience and achievements in the world--but if you can't effectively communicate your successes, you will have a hard time convincing others you deserve a job or position.It is obvious that any résumé or material you submit with a job application should be read and reviewed ...

[01/02/20]   We’re so curious!!
Did you set any goals for 2020?

Blank Space Branding

[01/02/20]   Looking to hire and train ASAP!!!!!

[01/02/20]   Responsibilities:
• Coordinate event promotions activities and personnel
• Develop and maintain a knowledge base of the evolving products and services
• Maintain excellent customer support during promotional evens
• Research and identify successful event opportunities
• Maintain stock of event supplies

• Previous experience in event planning or other related fields
• Strong project managing skills
• Deadline and detail-oriented
• Ability to work well in teams

People from all backgrounds seeking part time or full time opportunities in the following areas are encouraged to inquire about our program: sales, customer service, sales representative, internships, marketing, manager, management, recruiting, training, restaurant, assistant, hotel, supervisor, general, advertising, communications, sales manager, project management, brand management, hospitality

[01/02/20]   Implement marketing plans
Create branded advertising campaigns
Setup tracking systems for marketing campaigns and online activities.
Conduct market research to identify marketing opportunities
Traffic all advertising efforts
Develop and manage all internal communication systems.
Create, maintain and strengthen the organization’s overall brand
Organize and streamline service offerings into user-friendly concepts.
Maintain strict confidentiality of sensitive information.

[01/02/20]   -Implements marketing and advertising campaigns; preparing marketing and advertising strategies, plans, and objectives; planning and organizing promotional presentations; updating calendars.

-Prepares marketing reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing sales data.
Keeps promotional materials ready by coordinating requirements with graphics department; inventorying stock; placing orders; verifying receipt.

-Supports sales staff by providing sales data, market trends, forecasts, account analyses, new product information; relaying customer services requests.

-Researches competitive products by identifying and evaluating product characteristics, market share, pricing, and advertising; maintaining research databases.

-Plans meetings and trade shows by identifying, assembling, and coordinating requirements; establishing contacts; developing schedules and assignments; coordinating mailing lists.

-Monitors budgets by comparing and analyzing actual results with plans and forecasts.

-Accomplishes organization goals by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests; exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.

Becoming a Great Leader Takes the Same Effort As Building a Great Business

We are often taught that people are either born with leadership skills or they are not. FALSE!

It takes time to develop and hard works to become a great leader. It isn’t just handed to certain individuals at birth and we aren’t just sectioned off into groups either (like divergent 🤣🤣)

If someone wants to become a great leader they have to be open to shifting their thought process! This article suggest you try these three things.

1. Make sure you are viewing your role through the right lens
2. Challenge your mindset around feedback
3. Look at problems arise Entrepreneurs always think they can build a better mousetrap. Leaders can be built, too.As a chief people officer, I’ve coached leaders for many years, and I always ask, “Do you want to be a great leader…or do you want your team to be led by a great leader?” Granted, they sound very similar,...


From us to you, may the roaring 20’s be good to you!

Seven steps for making your New Year’s resolutions stick - Harvard Health

What are your New Years resolutions??

Did you know 1/3 of people will give up on their resolutions before the end of the first month?!? That’s crazy!

Here are some tips on how to make yours stick through the end of 2020! If you subscribe to any of our print newsletters and have never activated your online account, please activate your account below for online access. By activating your account, you will create a login and password. You only need to activate your account once.

Blank Space Branding

Blank Space Branding

Blank Space Branding

Extroverts: Here Are 4 Huge Leadership Lessons from 1 Successful Introvert

Are you an extrovert? Or and introvert?

We found this article pretty interesting about different leadership skills and how to communicate with one another.

What do you think?

Extroverts: Here Are 4 Huge Leadership Lessons from 1 Successful Introvert Learn to leverage your innate introverted skills to become a better leader.Many decision-makers in today's workforce are led to believe that extroverted leaders are more adept at driving businesses forward. With outgoing personalities, charisma and a visionary approach, they are often seen leading t...

🌲 ✨ ❤️ Merry Christmas!! 🎄🎁 🌟

🎄🎁🌟Wishing you all the best from us to you. May your day be filled with laughter and fun! 🌟🎁🎄

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National nonprofit organization. Protects properties of mosques & Islamic schools, pools Muslims' financial assets for mutual benefit, offers Halal stocks

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OBCC exists to encounter Christ, engage in community and empower this generation to extend His kingdom.

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Let's Examine Our Beliefs based on What's showing up in our life?

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