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Seeing The Light In Every Person We meet Every Sunday from 10:30 to noon!

We meet every Sunday at the Graue House at 10:30 am Unity Center of Light is a Center for spiritual minded individuals. We provide a spiritual light for all people. We are dedicated to letting this light shine so brightly that people become more aware of their spiritual nature and express it in their daily lives. We address physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs through affirmative prayer and spiritual education. We serve those who seek inspiration and prayer support as well as those who use Unity teaching as their primary path of spiritual growth. Association of Unity Churches Rev. Debbie Dixon M.A., LUT Spiritual Leader John Melnick Music Director

Mission: A UNITY MESSAGE We are here to encourage, support, educate, inspire and awaken people to the glory of God that is within us. Our mission is to invite others into a healing process so that we can demonstrate our true identity. We are not here to tell others what to believe–we are here to help them discover the beliefs of their soul. We are not here to tell others what to do–we are here to help them discover their inner voice. We are not here to tell people about God, but to invite them into the discovery of the presence of God. We are not here to give easy answers to difficult questions–we invite all to have faith to live with the mystery of each moment.



Charles Fillmore’s spiritual classic, The Twelve Powers of Man, comes to life in this exciting documentary directed by New York Times bestselling author and award-winning filmmaker James Twyman.

Over 30 well-known Unity ministers share their insights on each of the Twelve Powers. The Rev. Ed Townley, who also produced the film, is among the ministers featured in the film.

To view the trailer: http://www.soundcalledunity.com/

This is the first of three films James Twyman is producing for Unity over the next several years. The series is titled “A Sound Called Unity.” The next documentary will be based on the Five Basic Principles of Unity. Nearly every Unity church around the world will host screenings for the films.

Unity Center of Light will be showing the film during our Sunday Service-March 26, 2017 10:45am



Gratitude Changes Everything

What are you thankful for today? With Thanksgiving right around the corner, many of us are looking for ways to practice gratitude. Our free booklet, How Gratitude Changes Everything, can show you how to live with a grateful heart. Download now.


unity.org See insideHow Gratitude Changes Everything The simple practice of gratitude can change our lives. Sages throughout the centuries have noted: As we count our blessings, they multiply. Gratitude expands our awareness of God. It opens us to receive and appreciate our good. Unity’s newest booklet, How G...

I am an expression of God's Love!

In his first letter to the Corinthians, the apostle Paul spoke about the power of love and what it means in our lives. Love is patient; love is kind… It bears all things, believes all things, Hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends!


The Beatles - We Can Work it Out


The Beatles 1 Video Collection is Out Now. Get your copy here: http://thebeatles1.lnk.to/DeluxeBluRay "In We Can Work It Out, Paul did the first half, I did ...

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Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and spiritual 4th of July week! Summer is in session!

There may be days when I wonder if I’m on the right path in life. During those moments of doubt, I pause and quietly affirm: divine order.

When I need to make a clear decision, I turn my mind from outer distractions and affirm with confidence: divine order. With these two simple words, I am able to let go of worries.

This affirmation of truth serves as a reminder that God is in charge. I know in my heart that God’s will for me—and for all I hold dear—includes reaching my greatest potential.

Affirming divine order removes doubt and realigns my thoughts with the truth: through affirmative prayer, my way is made clear. My life perfectly expresses divine order.

O my strength, I will sing praises to you, for you, O God, are my fortress, the God who shows me steadfast love.—Psalm 59:17

Come celebrate Divine Order with us at the Unity Church of Light,3800 York Road, Oak Brook this Sunday at 10:45 AM!

The attempt to change people is the greatest energy waste of all, not because people can’t change, but because change is a growth process from within. In most cases, the desire to change another person arises from the very subtle urge to make him into something he is not. This other soul can never be anything than what he is, though his potential may be seriously frustrated.

It is a perfectly natural thing to see the needs of people and want to do something about them. However, much as you want to change another person, the first step is not to set him right, but rather to see him rightly. And to see him rightly, you must get rid of some very narrow frames of reference. For instance, if you have an enemy, you must get rid of your enmity. If you are very much troubled over the crisis being faced by a loved one, you must first dissolve your troubled thoughts.

Be An Influence
All the persons about whom you are concerned, no matter how much you love or hate them, exist (as far as you are concerned) in your mind, your prejudices, your concerns. Though it is certainly possible to be an influence for good in bringing about great changes, the process involves something you do within yourself.

Here are four ways in which you can be an influence through which changes may be effected in the life of someone you are concerned about.

First, pray about the person. It should be noted that much that passes as prayer for a person is little more than concentrated worry about him. Prayer for oneself is a matter of lifting one’s consciousness from one level to another. But how can you lift the consciousness of another person? You can’t. You can only lift your consciousness, no matter how concerned you are about someone else. And yet you can be a great help. The starting place is your concern. When you rise above this human perspective, you will begin to feel at peace about the person, and then you can whisper a quiet “Namaskar!” to him. This means that the divinity in you salutes and relates to the divinity in him. Feel good about the realization that, beyond the appearances, there is an allness within his illness, an all-sufficiency within his seeming insufficiency. How long should you pray for this one you want to help? As long as you feel concerned. Whenever there is a feeling of release and inner peace, the work is done.

Second, establish yourself in the conviction of the divinity of man. Practice believing in people. Instead of generalizing about the limitations of people or groups (“You just can’t trust people these days”), look for the good performances of people and generalize them (“Aren’t people wonderful?”). One of the most effective things a parent can do for a child, a teacher for a student, or an executive for an employee, is to believe in him and let him know that you do.

Third, if you really believe in people, you will find it easy to bless them, and you should do so. When you meet and greet people, when you talk or write to them, let your faith in them flow through a “namaskar” attitude. There are many levels of consciousness in people and in ourselves. We can always make contact with any person on the level in him we choose. If someone rubs us the wrong way, we are probably reacting to him in the abrasive he-makes-my-blood-boil level of consciousness. Obviously there is a conflict. A large portion of the “good life” will open to you like a new horizon of abundant living when you really understand Jesus’ turn-the-other-cheek technique. We can’t control the actions or behavior of another person, but most certainly we can regulate what we react negatively to. When we discipline ourselves to turn quickly to a higher level of perception, we may be amazed at how rapidly other persons begin to interact with us on the higher level. All people with whom we have communication unknowingly and yet dramatically will begin to act more friendly and loving and harmonious.

Fourth, act as if the change you want to see manifest in another person has already taken place. It will give you a sense of release from the pressures and pain in your relationships. Goethe said, “When we take a person as he is, we make him worse; but when we take him as if he were already what he should be, we advance him to what he can be.” Three dozen words that surpass a whole library of books on human relations. Certainly pray for people, but remember you must change your thought about them. Believe in people.

Hold to the awareness that every person is a child of God, no matter how he is acting. Salute the divinity within people, see them and deal with them in the namaskar consciousness. But most important, treat them as if they were already what you believe them to be.

It's All In Your Head
Treat the alcoholic as a weak person, or the ex-convict as a criminal, or the young rebel as an outcast, and you prevent any effective communication, creating all kinds of blocks in you and in them. On the other hand, believe in the inherent goodness in the person and treat him as if it were actually there, and you will find yourself pushing all the right buttons in him.

In a very real sense, the only way you can change what another person is and does is by changing your thoughts of concern, and by committing him into the Father’s keeping.

Excerpted from Celebrate Yourself! by Eric Butterworth. For more about his teachings, visit EricButterworth.com.

Healing Sunday! Our energy comes from within, and we can share it with everyone! Positive thoughts manifest our intentions! Come join us for an incredible spiritual experience every Sunday at the Graue Mill house in Oak Brook!


Samson and Delilah Teach Us It's Never Too Late to Turn to God

Today Reverend Debbie talked about the power we all have to affirm our beliefs. Our thoughts manifest who we are and how we perceive the world around us. Samson and Delilah shows us how the deeper we allow ourselves to be influenced by the glamour and allure of sin the more blind we become!

christianity.about.com The Bible story of Samson and Delilah teaches us that no matter how big we've failed, it's never too late to humble ourselves and turn to God.

Unity founders believed in combining spirituality with meta physical healing energy like Reiki Healing. The our thoughts are prayers and we all have energy to share with one another! Meditation and energy healing helps to:
· Balancing your physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual well-being.
· Removing energy blocks and balancing your energy system.
· Creating an opportunity for healing of body, mind, and spirit.
· Reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.
· Decreasing pain, especially acute/chronic conditions.
· Strengthening the immune system.
· Enhancing surgical and other procedure recovery.
· Supporting care for neck and back issues.
· Creating a sense of well-being and deepening spiritual connection.

Healing Sunday! On this beautiful day we welcomed three new People to our group with our monthly healing Sunday service. We practice energy healing believing that our thoughts control the way we feel. Linda described the way Millard And Charles Fillmore helped to introduce spiritual religion combined with energy and meta-physics!

[04/02/16]   Happy Easter, Happy Spring, Happy Self!!! After spending time in my deepest place, well within my Being, I wrote down a number of thoughts that were coming into my awareness, and then I tucked the paper into a desk drawer. That was many months ago. Yesterday, I searched for and found those pearls of wisdom. I had been feeling out of sorts and needed a kind of pep talk, I guess, from myself. My eyes locked on the very last line of my scribbles, which read … don’t expect others to see what you see. How often do we try to control what others think, so that they think like us? How many arguments have we engaged in, trying to get someone else to see our point, worse yet, to agree with how we see things? Have we tried to control outcomes in order to satisfy our inclinations? How often have we judged others who didn’t seem to be doing things the way that we thought things aught to have been done? How many partners or friends have we gone through because they didn’t get us or agree with us or wouldn’t change themselves to our liking??? Are we just stupid, selfish people? No, I think not. But I do think that we have forgotten something very important … that everyone is only capable of seeing the world through his/her own individual eyes and experiences. We couldn’t possibly know what’s going through their minds nor could they know what occupying ours. Imagine how you feel when you are trying to share a belief with someone who doesn’t seem to be getting your point of view. Doesn’t that create a strong sense of frustration in you? Why don’t they understand what I am saying? Why can’t I communicate what I am thinking? We come into this existence alone. Each one of the seven billion of us was born one at a time. Our thoughts are our own. We think them by ourselves in our own individual minds. We spend a lot of time ruminating with these individual thoughts, sometimes driving ourselves crazy. Some of us have family members or friends with whom we can share our thoughts and feelings. Sometimes this is helpful, but not always. So where do we turn?? What I suggested to our meditation group this morning was … go to your deepest place within and invite your higher self to join you there … have the conversation with the One that knows you the best and loves you the most … Yourself. Notice that I capitalized the Y in yourself. That was intentional. I consider the One that speaks to you in so many ways … the One that’s in your head … the One that guides and inspires you to be your greatest self is actually … You. Take the time to get to know Yourself. He/She definitely already knows you. You will find that you are never alone, unheard or not understood. Namaste, my friends!! Posted by our friend Tom Mcgarrity.

[03/27/16]   Reverend Debbie lead us in a celebration of Easter! During Easter we celebrate the resurrection of Christ.
"I ask for strength - God gave me difficulty to make me strong. I ask for wisdom - God gave me a problem to solve. I asked for love and God gave me troubled people to help. Maybe I received nothing I wanted but I got everything I needed."
Easter is about making a comeback. With the power through God we can move mountains and we can transform our lives!

Palm Sunday—
The message of the passion of the Christ is no matter what you do to me—the response is-- "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do." And no matter what you do to me—I will resurrect!

"But be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind" Romans 12:2

The palm branches welcome the Christ consciousness in this place of peace.

We open our hands to be cleansed by the renewing of our minds.
Hands are extends of our hearts.
Jesus invites us to open our palms as he did as motion of forgiveness and transformation.
We open our hands as a sign of release and openness to the glory of resurrection.


Inspirational Message The Prayer for Protection - UNITY CHURCH

Prayer for Protection! Enjoy the video!


Inspirational Message: The Prayer for Protection - UNITY CHURCH http://www.LifeInspirationalMessages.com The Prayer for Protection was written by James Dille...

[02/28/16]   Today at Unity Center of Light we are talking about how to stay in the energy of love and how to defeat bad moods. I love the quote from the course in miracles- "We are never upset for the reason we think." Come and bring your thoughts and prayers. Sending all of you, Light, Love and Laughter-Rev. Debbie

When I look at the manifestation of our spiritual home, I am seeing that what is within us is expressing through us. When I said we are mighty in our “high watch” circle—I am in awe. Often you hear me say that a special intention has been answered in an extraordinary way—we are in the consciousness of unity centered in light. Centered in this awareness of the infinite possibilities.
It is no accident that the Graue Mill has an energy field of Light and Love.The mill and its surrounding have a energy that is deeply connected to the earth. There is a deep respect of nature and the natural rhythm of earths pulse.
The mill and its house stands today as a reminder of freedom from slavery—freedom from the outer world. Is that not the consciousness of our spiritual journey. Do we not stand for freedom of thought—freedom to discover our spiritual connection to all. The Graue House was a haven for those sought refuge from slavery from the south--the house was a part of the underground railroad. The House was a Light in the darkness. We are a group of spiritual minded people who recognize that at the center of our being is light. Rev. Debbie Dixon

Love is the natural expression of who I am. The more I learn about the power of the heart, the more I see the this. I tap into my heart energy and shift my focus. I bring my attention from a busy day to the wellspring of love within. I drop my awareness from my head to my heart and relax into God's love. The energy of the heart is powerful enough to foster peace and connection even from a distance.


This Prayer's for You

Every day hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life read Unity Daily Word magazine as they affirm and apply spiritual principles in their lives. Together, with the Silent Unity prayer ministry, we form a daily prayer group that extends throughout the world. For 125 years, Silent Unity has been a window into the hearts of people around the globe. In Spirit, we are one. May the Daily Word messages and online prayers lift you up, remind you of your divine nature, and open you to the presence and power of God within.

This original song, music by Rich Fagan and Chris Clarke, with lyrics by Rich Fagan, Chris Clark and Richard Mekdeci (vocalist), showcases the powerful effec...

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