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Madina Masjid was stablished in 1976. It is the second oldest Masjid in New York City.

Operating as usual


Learn Quran Online


Learn Quran Online

লার্ন কুরআন অনলাইন কিডস্’র
প্রাথমিক তিনটি ব্যাচের ভর্তি
১লা ডিসেম্বর থেকে ১৯শে ডিসেম্বর
২০২০ পর্যন্ত চলবে ইনশাআল্লাহ।


The Madani Show


The Madani Show


The Madani Show


The Madani Show


The Madani Show


The Madani Show

নিয়মিত দোয়া সিরিজ - রাব্বানা আতিনা

শাইখ আব্দুল হাকিম আজাদী
রামাদানের প্রতিরাত - ১১টা


The Madani Show


The Madani Show

Heart melting recitation by Shaikh Nazrul Islam


The Madani Show


The Madani Show


The Madani Show 08/10/2019

Can you spare a minute to help Sufian Jamali? 202 signatures are still needed! Stop Deportation - Give Ermin and His Family Path to Legal Status


Election is cancelled!


ঈদ মোবারক ২০১৮ EID MUBARAK 2018


Madina Masjid


Madina Youth

Assalamu Alaikum,
Eid prayer will be held at Open Road Park on 11th St between 1st Ave and Ave A. Prayer will begin at 8:30am (only one jamaat)


Alhamdulillah Ramadan Mubarak. Moon has been sighted in multiple places and confirmed by multiple moonlighting committees.
Salatul I'sha will be 10:15 and immediately followed by Taraweeh. Have a blessed Ramadan.


Madina Youth

A beautiful quote heading into Ramadan. Oh Allah, give us wisdom as you have given to Ali (RA)


মদিনা মসজিদে জুমার বয়ান দিচ্ছেন শায়খুল হাদিস আললামা তফজ্জুল হক হবিগঞ্জী হাফিজাহুললাহ।
হজরতকে আল্লাহ হায়াতান তাইয়েবা দান করুন!


United Imam & Ulama Council USA, Inc.


Shaykh Hasan Ali

Calling New Yorkers!

You Americans are crazy! They kept me waiting in immigration at JFK for almost 3 hours. Then they let me in. I don't understand how with all the computers and artificial intelligence in the world, it takes that long for them to check my name against other Hasan Ali's.

I figured they are watching me through the camera so I lied down to go to sleep and then hocus pocus they let me through!

Anyway, I am here now for the next 13 days in the land of the free, so I want to see you American dudes! I will update you with travels to other states soon as we get an update.

To Donald Trump...where are you?


Madina Masjid's first ever Family Day! M***i Farhan, Wael Khan, Sheikh Ibrahim: "When Deen and Dunia Collide".


Thanks to our local faith leaders for coming to Madina Masjid!


Assalamu Alaikm wa rahmatullah.
Dear brothers and sister, founder president of Islamic Council of America; Madina Masjid, Haji Monir Ahmed passed away in last Wednesday.
Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajioon.
May Allah grant him highest place in Jannah!
There will be special event to reflect on his life and prayer for his departed soul aftrer Maghrib Salah today, Friday, November 4, 2016 at Madina Masjid. Renowned scholar from Bangladesh, Saikh Zubair Ansari will be attending as guest inshaAllah.
Islamic Council of America invites you to join this great event and humbly request to bring your family and friends.

Jazakumullah khair!


Madina Youth

Oh Allah, give us the ability to follow in the footsteps of your beloved. Ameen.

[07/15/16]   আজ বাদ আছর থেকে মদিনা মসজিদে ব্রংক্স ও ম্যানহাটনের যৌথ ইজতিমা শুরু হচ্ছে। আসুন, আড়াই দিনের তাজকিয়াহ ইন্টিসেভে শরিক হোন।


Photos from Islamic Council of America's post


Madina Youth

Take a moment to help others. Every day children are dying from the lack of clean, sanitary water. Be a part of the solution.

Help change lives and get an everlasting reward. Be it $1, $10 or $100, give the gift of water to a community in need. Check out this year's #ramadanchallenge from Madina Youth and charity: water:

Join us DUA Institute Islamic Council of America Islamic Center at New York University Jamaica Muslim Center (Official) PIC Family Islamic Cultural Center of New York and rush to tell others. Let's get as much reward as possible this Ramadan insha'Allah.

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Hafiz at Maryhouse church
Quran Recitaion at Spritual Sounds by East Interfaith community
People of other faith showed Solidarity  at Madina Masjid




401 E 11th St
New York, NY

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President: Advocate Nasir Uddin Ahmed Secretary: Shelly A Mubdi
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