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"In this first edition of the "GOOD To KNOW' Quadrennial Assembly E-Newsletter, designed to keep you informed on QA plans, we will focus on the technology aspect of the Quadrennial Assembly and our plans to introduce and train you on the WHOVA Event Virtual Platform." National President Mira J Washington

Below you will find the E-Newsletter and here is the link to the pdf version of the newsletter Please share with everyone!
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am a 34 year old man in Africa. I am a God fearing man and I am still a virgin. I am a black man. I am looking for a God fearing white woman from your ministry to marry. I want a woman between the ages of 24 t0 30 years . Can you please help me in the name of God? Thank you.
Know anyone qualified for this Designated Term Associate Minister position? Please encourage them to apply.
Is this site still alive?

Pictures of today’s May Friendship Day celebration in Bloomington, Indiana. Valiant Woman award was presented to Suzanne Chandler Faulk of the Monroe County CWU chapter.
PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL REQUEST FOR THE REGRISTRATION FORM TO: [email protected] The deadline to registrar is March 31
Happy 100th Birthday Grace Hadejian!
The Monroe County Chapter (Indiana, USA) of CWU held their Board Meeting in the open air today. The next one will be via Zoom again.
Until further notice:
• The telephone number for the National Office is 212-835-1507. This is a voicemail. Please leave your name, number, and a detailed message. Someone will return your call as soon as possible. PLEASE, no multiple calls.
• All mail should be sent to: Church Women United, 5 Penn Plaza 19th Floor, New York, NY 10001. NO mail should be sent to the new office in Atlanta yet.
• Only orders for Celebration Materials are being processed at this time. Other items will be considered on “backorder” until the move to Atlanta is completed. If you are ordering over the phone, you can speed up the process by leaving a voicemail with what items you need to order and your mailing address. You will be sent a bill for the materials.
Newsletter Change:
EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: All newsletter subscriptions will run from January through December each year.
This will make it much easier to remember when your subscription needs to be renewed. Current subscriptions will be adjusted (in your favor) to compensate for the change.

Questions? Contact Rev. Dr. Shirley Belk, CWU National Communications Chair at [email protected]
How can I find forms for Valiant Woman?
Attendees at the 2018 leaders council in NC. Great meeting.
Church Women United New York State mourns with the Church Women United in Brooklyn in
the passing of a beloved woman of God , the late Rev. Carrie Nobles of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Rev Nobles was one of the many prophetic women preachers who participated in the annual Good Friday Services sponsored by the CWU in Brooklyn that attracted 800+ people each year.

She will be truly missed by the sisters of Church Women United,Inc (Brooklyn Unit) . Rev. Nobles leaves to mourn her daughter.

Let us keep the Nobles Family in our prayers.

The Service will be held Thursday October 4. 2018 at
Bethel Freeport AME Church
420 North Main Street
Freeport N.Y. 11520

Wake 9AM-11AM
Service at 11AM

Cards May be sent to her daughter.
Alicia Denis
956 Wallace Ave.
Ballwin, NY 11510

A racially, culturally, theologically inclusive Christian women’s movement, celebrating unity in diversity and working for a world of peace and justice


SACRED SPACE AT NOON - Join us in a spirit of prayer at noon today.

In honor of Memorial Day, we pray for all those in active duty. We pray for their safe return. We pray for those returning home, that they may get the befits, safety, resources, and support they need and well deserve. We pray for those countries at war, that the violence may cease and peace return again. May we continue to honor the lives of all those serving our shores by sowing seeds of peace, so that ones day "swords will turn into plowshares".



FLASH FORWARD FRIDAYS - Sarah Coleman, CWU Portsmouth, VA May 2018

Sarah is the middle child of seven. She graduated with honors and an advanced diploma from Maury High School in 2010. She attended Tidewater Community College, and then Old Dominion College in 2013. She graduated with her Bachelor's of Science in Sociology and African American Studies in December of 2017. She is currently pursing her Master's in School Counseling at the Autism Program at Ruffner Academy. She is a loving mother of two daughters, and just gave birth to her son this year.

Thank you for your dedicated service and faithfulness!

#YCWU #FlashForward


SACRED SPACE AT NOON - Join us in a spirit of prayer at noon today.

As we approach summer time, and the gift of it's flowers, we pray for the bumble bee. We know that it is only because of bees and other pollinators that we get our flowers, vegetables, and fruits. Bees and other important pollinators are facing extinction. We pray for a world that honors the very interconnected nature of life, and every creature on this earth. May we work for a world that honors every life, both the bees and the flowers.



FLASHFORWARD FRIDAYS - Heidi Lyda, CWU Indianapolis, May 2018

Heidi L. Lyda is the director of the LYN (Love Your Neighbor) House in Indianapolis, IN, a nonprofit located in the inner city dedicated to sharing the love of Christ through education, arts, and community development. Heidi has over seven years of teaching experience in early childhood special education and holds a masters degree from Asbury Theological Seminary in World Missions and Evangelism. Heidi’s varied experiences in ministry, both local and international, have created in her a passion for social justice, racial reconciliation, and biblical hospitality.

Thank you for your dedicated service and faithfulness!

#YCWU #FlashForward


SACRED SPACE AT NOON - Join us in a spirit of prayer at noon today.

Today we pray for all those graduating from various schools and degrees. We pray that dreamers graduating from school, may have a home to return to here in America. We pray that all those graduating have equal opportunities and resources to accomplish all their dreams. May we continue to advocate for a world where everyone is able to strive towards their dreams, with equal opportunity and means.


FLASHFORWARD FRIDAYS - Honoring Young Church Women!

Church Women United will be doing something new for Facebook on Fridays, starting next week! We will be honoring the Young Church Women who have gotten awards from us in the past year. As an organization, we understand the importance of empowering young women in our midst. We have seen an increase in many of our units giving Young Church Woman Awards this year. Join us in helping to honor these great women.



SACRED SPACE AT NOON - Join us in a spirit of prayer at noon today.

At the end of the school season, we lift up our prayers for teachers everywhere. Across the nation, while countless children finish another school year, teachers have been at strike. Teachers are striking the poor pay, over worked hours, and hard working conditions they are expected to endure time and time again. We pray that teachers around the world get the support and resources they need, to successfully teach our children to the best of their ability.



FLASHBACK FRIDAY - "Our Town", First May Fellowship Day Event, May 1945

The first ever Church Women United National May Fellowship Day in 1945, focused on the injustices and dreams of those facing World War II. They called the event Our Town. Mrs. Harper Sibley wrote, "America has dared to anticipate the creation of one world by welcoming to her shores people of every race and tongue and nation and religion. Let us see to it that all these Americans are sharing in the privileges which are ours."

May we continue to do so, on this May Friendship Day!


FLASHBACK FRIDAY - Heléna Krasa, CWU Indian River County, FL March 2018

Heléna Krasa volunteers for the Vero Beach Theater Guild, the Riverside Theater, Youth Guidance, and the McKee Botanical Garden and Space Coast Symphony. She is involved with the St. John of the Cross Church Women's Guild. She has two children, four grandchildren, and five great grandchildren. She has served Church Women united in many functions, including, Secretary, Treasurer, and state assembly attendee. Thank you for your dedicated service to Church Women United.



SACRED SPACE AT NOON - Join us in a spirit of prayer at noon today.

In honor of Earth Day, we pray for the survival of our planet and earth. We pray that a better balance between convenience and comfort and sustainability and respect for our Earth is gained. We pray that all will do what we can to help nature thrive, and to prepare our earthly home for the generations that follow. May we all work towards a better future for all life among us.



FLASHBACK FRIDAY - Barbara Burke, Valiant Woman CWU Greater Lansing, March 2018

Barbara Burke is a long time resident of East Lansing, she has also lived in Haslett. She graduated from Michigan State University where she was a member of Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority. Barbara has been active in the churches she has attended. She is currently a member of the University United Methodist Church. She had been a loyal member of CWU for several years and has served as Corresponding Secretary, collected our Fellowship of the Least Coin offering, chaired many Celebration Programs and was always willing to help with other projects.



SACRED SPACE AT NOON - Join us in a spirit of prayer at noon today.

Today we take time to make space and pray for the things happening in our lives. As the stresses of the world continue to grow, it is vital to keep space for real self-care, prayer, and meditation, We invite you to enter into a time of prayer and contemplation, to breathe through your worries, and lift your thoughts and hearts in thanks. When we all take time to pray, we are better equipped to enter the world renewed in the vision and spirit of God.



FLASHBACK FRIDAY - Commission on the Status of Women 61

We celebrate and honor women's empowerment, as we flashback to the Commission on the Status of Women 61. It remains importance to financially support the independence and empowerment of women worldwide.



SACRED SPACE AT NOON - Join us in a spirit of prayer at noon today.

Today we pray for racial justice and against racial violence. Tyrone Williams, an activist in Minnesota who was active in getting justice for Philando Castile, was shot on the day of MLK's assassination. The cycle of racialized violence continues to haunt America over the decades since Martin Luther King Jr.'s death. We pray for an end to such racial injustice and violence. May we work and raise our voices for a more just world, where no one dies from hate or fear.



FLASHBACK FRIDAY - In Memoriam, ChurchWoman News, May 1968

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther king, Jr., we post this flashback to ChurchWoman News post about his death. The words ring true to our organization and to all church women everywhere to this day.

As a nation mourns for Martin Luther King Jr.,
prophet, apostle of justice,
and man of peace,

Church Women United commits itself anew to the work he left unfinished, the dream that one day America will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed, and that one day freedom will ring . . .

May everyone commit ourselves again to the unfinished work towards that dream. Amen.



SACRED SPACE AT NOON - Join us in a spirit of prayer at noon today.

Today we pray for the countless women and girls around the world, that are caught in human trafficking. Across the world, women and girls are exploited enslaved, and kidnapped for the s*x trade and other forced labor. May we raise awareness of this often forgotten issue, and may we do what we can to prevent any more women and girls from being forcibly taken. May we all work to a world that is truly free.



FLASHBACK FRIDAY - Last Seven Words, CWU Brooklyn 2015

In honor of Good Friday, we post this flashback to CWU Brooklyn's Last & Words service from 2015. CWU Brooklyn hold a Last Seven Word service annually and invites local clergy, and social justice leaders. What events do your units host in celebration of Holy Week? May your Holy Week services, however you celebrate and wherever they may be, be filled with spirit in this season.



SACRED SPACE AT NOON - Join us in a spirit of prayer at noon today.

In honor of March for Our Lives protests this past weekend, we pray for the countless children and youth marching for the victims of gun violence. We have see so many mass shootings of our children across the united states, and our children are leading the way in speaking up about the importance of gun reform. We pray that more in our country do more to stop the cycle of gun violence that continues to kill so many of our children. May we help lift our children's voices and follow their lead to a more peaceful and loving world.



FLASHBACK FRIDAY - The Women's Century (Archives)

In honor of Woman's History Month, we post this column was written by Josephine Schain and published in the June 1940 Issue of Church Woman News. This article highlights, how the last one hundred years before 1940 was called "The Woman's Century", a declaration set out by the Women's Convention when it was founded in 1840, to fight for women's rights. In the 1840 declaration of the Woman's Convention, there lies a list of "repeated injuries and usurpations on the part of man toward woman". This list included: man's refusal to give woman the elective franchise, the right to collect her own wages, the right of a college education, the necessity of a woman obeying laws she did not draft, and man's monopoly of all profitable employments". In the article photographed, the author says says "Today women have the franchise, they are gainfully employed, and the time has come to chart the way ahead so that women may help to advance humanity."

Nearly 200 years later, how far have we come? What are we still fighting for? And how are we helping advance humanity?



SACRED SPACE AT NOON - Join us in a spirit of prayer at noon today.

In honor of Women's History Month, we raise a prayer that the voices of women, both in history and in present times be heard strong and clear. Whether in Bible stories or in modern times, women speak truth and justice to the world. May we one day live where women's voices and truths are valued and respected, especially in regards to s*xual harassment, violence, and equal rights. May we continue to write history, by listening and supporting women everywhere.



FLASHBACK FRIDAY - In Memory of Ellen Bacigalupa, 1929-2018

Ellen was born in Brooklyn, NY, April 24, 1929. She was an artist and co-owner of the Studio of Gian Andrea on Canyon Road. Ellen was passionate about women's issues, education, conservation, spirituality, and international peace. She was locally known for her volunteerism with Church Women United, the Historic Neighborhood Association, the Santa Fe Neighborhood Network, the Old Santa Fe Association, Liturgy in Santa Fe and St. Bede's Episcopal Church.



SACRED SPACE AT NOON - Join us in a spirit of prayer at noon today.

We raise a prayer with the voices of the 62nd Commission on the Status of Women for rural women across the world. Rural women have many different kind of injustices facing them around the world and in our country. From land-grabbing, lack of education and healthcare, and more, women continue to be denied rights and access to resources. We pray for a world better made to provide resources to women worldwide. We pray for the continued and strengthened efforts of CSW62 to help raise the voices of women everywhere.

#cwusacredspace #csw62


FLASHBACK FRIDAY - Ruth Palmer, Valiant Woman, Columbus, OH Unit 1977

Ruth Palmer served for 8 years as Treasurer, serving with four presidents, and whenever leadership faltered, she would always find a way out, whether with finances, or in other capacities to serve the community. Ruth retired after fifty years of service with Ohio Bell. For 18 years, she has been the Financial Secretary of the Building Fund of Hilltop Evangelical Church.



SACRED SPACE AT NOON - Join us in a spirit of prayer at noon today.

We continue to honor World Day of Prayer, by lifting up a prayer by Muyinga from Suriname:
"God of Creation, we pray for the people living in communities of Suriname and in the United Staten and around the world who fish and live off the river's bounty and now find the water polluted. Give us courage to advocate for legislation that brings a stop to the irresponsible use of chemicals that expose the rivers and people to poisoning."
May we echo this prayer, as we strive to live into a re-commitment with the people of Suriname to care for all of God's creation.

#cwusacredspace #worlddayofprayer


FLASHBACK FRIDAY - Mystery Archives

In our recent move, we came across this beautiful photo of former Church Women. However, we do not have any information about these wonderful mystery women associated with the photo. So for this Flashback Friday, we need your help. If you have any idea about who these women are, please comment below or email us at [email protected].



Church Women United continues to honor heart health throughout February. The statistics for heart disease are quite surprising. Share the knowledge, and keep fighting for heart health. Check out these facts from the American Heart Association.


SACRED SPACE AT NOON - Join us in a spirit of prayer at noon today.

We join with the UN Day for Zero Discrimination coming Thursday March 1st, by praying for the equal treatment of all in healthcare. Millions of people around the world are barred from getting the healthcare they need based on race, income, ability, or pre-exisitng condition. We pray for a world that will treat all of our neighbors with the care they need to survive. May we continue to advocate for equal treatment for everyone's health.



FLASHBACK FRIDAY - Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle For All People, Archives

In 2010, there was an initiative to prevent diabetes and to promote healthy living. One of the ways Church Women united did that was by creating "Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle" guidebook. In this guide, there would be instructions for exercising, basic healthy foods, warnings about unhealthy foods, and suggestions for how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In honor of Heart Health Month, and our Quadrennial Priority of Women's health, we post this guide, and hope that it helps inspire you and your CWU Unit to think about ways to make your lifestyles healthy.



Church Women United continues to honor heart health throughout February. Food is one of the easiest ways to care for your heart. Find out about ways you can make your favorite foods more heart healthy. Check out this website of recipes from the American Heart Association.


SACRED SPACE AT NOON - Join us in a spirit of prayer at noon today.

We raise our prayers to the victims of the Florida school shooting. We from Church Women United know that true prayer, means taking action and speaking out about what matters. After 18 school shootings in 2018 alone, we can no longer afford to be silent about gun control. As we pray, we ask for everyone to call their representatives, and follow the actions that might be able to help prevent such horrible tragedies from occurring again. May we work for a world made safer by our prayers in action.



FLASHBACK FRIDAY - Earlene Williams, Valiant Woman, Prince George's County, MD Unit May 2016

Earlene Williams is a member of the Prince George’s County Unit of Church Women United in Greater Washington. She is an active member of Abyssinia Baptist Church in Silver Spring, Maryland. She is very active in the senior’s Program at Turner Memorial African Methodist Church in Hyattsville, Maryland. There she assist seniors doing exercises as an exercise leader. She also makes food dishes and serves lunches. In addition, she is active in collecting and preserving the history of the Lakeland Community in College Park, Maryland which was the only African American Community in the county where Black children could attend school during Reconstruction and up to the time of integration. Thank you Earlene for your service to Church Women United!


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Why do we work towards social justice? Why NOT?Listen to this excerpt from our interview with Thelma Adair, CWU Presiden...




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