Scalabrini Center NYC - Services for All Migrants

Fostering migrant hope in our community! We aim to safeguard human rights by offering legal, social, and educational assistance to all migrants.

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Have Fun and Do Good!!
Thursday June 6th, 2019!!!
get your tickets today!!!

Have Fun and Do Good!!
Thursday June 6th, 2019!!!
get your tickets today!!!


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[05/21/19]   *******PLEASE READ******
This page will be shutting down soon.

If you are interested in all the low cost services we have been providing please come like our new page ScalaMedia Immigration Services and join our fundraising event ScalaMedia FUNdraising to support our cause!!!! 09/01/2017

Installation Foto.jpg

Installation of the new Pastor at St. Catherine of Siena, CANADA Shared with Dropbox

[05/28/17]   Dear Friends and Brothers Immigrants. Be patient and wait; the American Spirit of hospitality will prevail. Just wait and you will se the "real" American Spirit overcome this temporary migrant phobia! Just be patient and wait for the American Spirit.

[05/28/17]   Dear Friends and Immigrants; be confident that the American Spirit will prevail; one thing is to "put out" terrorists and another thing is to "put out" our brothers and sisters. The American Spirit will prevail. Patience!!! 05/03/2017

Gala Dinner - TeleMATER

TeleMATER Gala Dinner - Thursday June 15, 2017, from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm. RSVP by May 15, 2017 You’re invited to the first Gala Dinner of TeleMATER, the Italian Catholic Television of New York – a festive occasion for our...



TeleMATER Gala Dinner
Thursday June 15, 2017
from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Tiro A Segno of New York
77 McDougal Street, Greenwhich Village
New York, NY 10014

[04/13/17]   HAPPY EASTER.
In the uncertainty of this moment in our history, we can only look at the Resurrection of Jesus, the only certainty that can give us hope.
Let us ask God to bring hope back again to humanity.
But we Christians are the first ones to believe in it and to live it.
BUONA PASQUA - Italian Easter Mass on Sunday at 11:00am with choir.

[04/04/17]   20 MILLION PEOPLE reached BY TELEMATER
Our Lady of Pompeii has become the virtual parish for 20 million households. With NET TV (Diocese of Brooklyn) the Italian Mass every Sunday at noon was entering 5 million families, now with TELEMATER (Diocese of Rockville Center) beginning on PALM SUNDAY the Italian mass (at 2:00pm) will reach another 15 million households. Telemater is also available 24/7 free in Roku, Free App, Tablet and ON LINE. For more info:


Italy in US

Official page of the Italian Embassy in Washington DC - Pagina ufficiale dell'Ambasciata italiana negli Usa.


American Ballet Theatre

America's National Ballet Company® brings the world's greatest dancers to the greatest stages around the world.


Italia Sweet Italia - Experience Abruzzo[tn]=kC&ft[qid]=6402193911536471009&ft[mf_story_key]=-8018388960654069659&ft[ei]=AI%402abab00f3ce0c7e9404d6171c9928767&ft[top_level_post_id]=1428819317148915&ft[fbfeed_location]=1&ft[insertion_position]=13&__md__=1

We are a specialist Italian tour operator based in Europe's greenest region: Abruzzo. With our friendly team, you'll discover the true Italy.


Famiglia Cristiana

Oltre a inglese, francese e spagnolo, le celebri frasi d’amore dei Baci Perugina ora sono tradotte anche in cinese e in portoghese. 03/20/2017

Mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and basil skewers - I Love Italian Food Wash the cherry tomatoes and remove the green core. Let the Mozzarella drain. Slide 3 cherry tomatoes, 3 balls of Mozzarella and 4 basil


Famiglia Cristiana

L’Anno Santo della misericordia ha lasciato un segno profondo nel Paese dell'estremo Oriente. Il Pontefice è riuscito a trasmettere la sua sollecitudine al popolo e una chiesa in difficoltà.

[03/13/17]   Son of David, have pity on me, a sinner!!!!

[03/13/17]   Everybody is taken by panic for the SNOW... I like it! Because I work in my house!


Archaeology in Liguria is inside museums but even inside woods, caves and sea.
It is a journey, an adventure, that lead you to discover a turquoise sea, shells seabed and underwater wrecks, signs and engravings in cold caves.

Via Liguria

#lamialiguria #IlikeItaly #Italia #Italy


Il Messaggio per il THANKSVIGING di Padre Walter Tonelotto - TeleMATER

For those who understand Italian, here a thanksgiving blessing.


Bless the Runners messa italiana Nov 5, 2016 Telemater

Mass for the Italian RUNNERS of the NY Marathon at Pompeii

Messa speciale per la maratona di New York. Messa in Italiano Sabato 5 Novembre, 2016 alle 6:30 nella chiesa di Our Lady of Pompeii, New York NY...


Papa Francesco saluta Radio Maria

Beautiful interview of POPE FRANCIS to Radio Maria Italian and Spanish.

Papa Francesco saluta Radio Maria 11/11/2016

Donald Trump op-ed: My vision for a culture of life

A beautiful letter from DONAL TRUMP. Read it. Over time, our culture of life in this country has started sliding toward a culture of death.


"SCALABRINI CENTER" - Parrocchia di "Our Lady of Pompei"

Beautiful video about our SCALABRINI CENTER. Enjoy.

Lo "Scalabrini Center", ispirato dall'opera missionaria di Giovanni Battista Scalabrini, è un centro di aiuto agli Immigrati. Situato nella... 11/10/2016

President of USCCB, Archbishop Kurtz reacts to US elections

Dear Friends, for those who are catholics this interview with Arch. Kurtz is clarifying our vision. The President of the USCCB, Archbishop Joseph Kurtz of Louisville, Kentucky, speaks with Vatican Radio following national elections in the United... 10/20/2016


Dear friends,
The Best Catholic School in the LOWER WEST SIDE of Manhattan.
Come and see! Check our WEB. Our Lady of Pompeii School is a Catholic elementary school located in the heart of downtown Manhattan’s Greenwich Village in the Archdiocese of New... 10/07/2016

Telemater New York

HERE THE PROCESSION of OUR LADY OF PMPEII of last Sunday. Enjoy. TeleMATER è la TV Cattolica negli Stati Uniti che trasmette in lingua Italiana e in inglese. TeleMATER is the Catholic TV in the US broadcasting in...


Costanza Miriano a TeleMATER NYC

COSTANZA MIRIANO will be at POMPEII this Wed. Sept. 7 a 7pm in DEMO HALL to sign her book in English. COME

Padre Walter Tonelotto intervista Costanza Miriano nello studio di TeleMATER a New York prima dell'evento del 7 Settembre presso Our Lady of...

[08/27/16]   Dear friends we wish to inform you about Memorial Mass and Charity Dinner for September 10, 2016. Rev Fr Walter Tonelotto will celebrate the Mass for the earthquake victims in Italy at the 6:30 PM at Lady di Pompei Church 25 Carmine street New York 10014 in Italian and then down at DEMO HALL we will have a Charity Dinner of food DONATED by the Association of the Italian Chef of New York (AICNY) in partnership with Scalabrini Centro. We will have tickets for $40 and all the proceeds will go to the CARITAS of central Italy.


Gesù ci dice:
Io sono sempre presente nell'ordinario e solo qualche volta nello straordinario.
Cercami nell'ordinario, e mi troverai sempre.
Padre Walter

Jesus says:
I am always present in the ordinary and only sometimes in the extraordinary.
Look for me in the ordinary, and you will always find me.
Fr. Walter





25 Carmine St
New York, NY

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