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Welcome to Living Water Church life! We are so glad that you are taking time to find out more about LWC. Simply put, we are a group of imperfect people who have realized that Jesus is the perfect one who provides the way to heaven. Some of you reading right now may think that you can earn your way to heaven. Let us save you some time and frustration. No one is that good. Jesus paid for your sin so that you might be forgiven for all eternity. It doesn't matter where you've been or what you've done, Jesus says there is a place for you. You might feel that everyone around you have given up on you; you might feel that everything around you is falling apart; you might feel like you never fit anywhere.

Mission: we GO because in Matthew 28:19 Jesus said to go and make disciples. We go so people will find eternal life in Jesus! we LOVE because in John 13:34-35 Jesus gave the command to love and that this would prove that we are His disciples. We love so people will be changed and live for Jesus! we GATHER because in Hebrews 10:25 we are encouraged to not neglect gathering to worship with one another. We gather so we can celebrate with one another and encourage one another in the life change that Jesus has made in us.

[05/01/20]   Facebook live Bible study in Gospel of John in 5 min. on our LWC devotions page

Gospel of John: Day 12

May 1: Front-Line Workers

Those on the front line of COVID-19 have been working tirelessly to care for our community. The front line workers include medical staff, emergency services, and those who are caring for our daily needs. All of these folks have been putting themselves at risk in many ways in order to be diligent in their jobs and serve the people around them. May we remember to pray in these various ways for the front-line workers:

*For medical staff to have energy and strength.

*For medical staff to use their gifts and skills to help those most in need.

*For food suppliers and retailers to be able to cope with the extra pressure of delivery, stocking shelves, and selling to customers in stressful circumstances.

*For those researching and seeking to find solutions and cures.

*For our government officials to have discernment through the various phases of COVID-19.

*For the safety, protection, and salvation of those working on the front line.

Gospel of John: Day 11

April 30: Schools

The schools have gone through a significant transition over the past several weeks. Many students are having to adjust their learning routine and methods. Teachers are working diligently to instruct and care for their students from a distance. Parents and caretakers are in many ways taking on a different role than they’ve had to do previously during the school day. May we pray for all of those who have been affected in the schools:

*For God to give the school board wisdom and discernment as they plan how to best care for students, teachers, and families in the coming days/weeks/months.

*For teachers to have endurance and patience as they transition to new teaching methods.

*For students to have focused diligence in fulfilling their scholastic responsibilities.

*For parents and caretakers in the home to work hard for the good of the children/student.

*For God to use this time of COVID-19 to bring about saving faith in Christ.

4-29-2020 Wednesday "The Set Up"

Gospel of John: Day 10

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April 29: Senior Living Facilities

There are several Senior Living Facilities in our community, and each of them are working diligently during this time to protect and serve their residents. We have precious church members who are being cared for right now in these facilities, alongside of the many church members who have loved ones currently being cared for in other facilities in and outside of Mount Sterling. May we pray for the residents, workers, and friends and family members connected to those in Senior Living Facilities during this time in these ways:

*For God to protect the elderly and those who are caring for them from COVID-19.

*For God to give wisdom to those operating these facilities in how to best protect everyone.

*For God to pour out His peace to the families and friends who are unable to see their loved ones at this time.

*For God to use the intentional care and love from the church to bring about saving faith in Christ.

*For God to show you ways in which you can be involved in showing the love of Christ to individuals in these facilities, residents and workers alike.

Gospel of John: Day 9

April 28: The Homeless and Vulnerable

As disciples of Christ, we are the hands and feet of our Savior Jesus Christ on the earth, set apart to bring mercy and justice. While it can be tempted to think of poverty as something outside of our country, that is simply not true. We have a significant number of people in our own city of Mount Sterling who are homeless, hungry, and without loved ones. By God’s grace, there are many organizations who partner in helping to meet physical needs alongside the generosity of others, but there are a plethora of opportunities to love those in our community physically but ultimately spiritually. May we be compassionate and pray for those whom God has told us he has a heart for: the fatherless, the widow, the sick, the oppressed, and the poor (Is. 1:17; James 1:27)

*For God to meet the physical needs for the homeless people in our city.

*For God to use the church in strategic ways to help spread the gospel to the vulnerable.

*For God to mold you to have love towards the fatherless, the widow, the sick, the oppressed, and the poor.

*For God to show you how you can be involved in meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the vulnerable in our community.

*For God to bring saving faith to the vulnerable through bold gospel proclamation.

The Relevance After Easter

Sunday's Sermon - "The Relevance After Easter" (04/26/20)

This sermon entitled, "The Relevance After Easter" is a continuation of our series "After Easter" and was preached by Pastor Grant Cannoy of…

Gospel of John: Day 8

April 27: The Neighbor Next Door

Not only has God sovereignly placed our church in the city of Mount Sterling, but he also providentially surrounded you with your neighbors, regardless of how close or far away they may live. Our society has transitioned from a “front porch society,” where folks would sit out front looking to have conversations with others, into a “back porch society,” where we now prefer to stay to ourselves in our spaces. This can make getting to know and keep updated on your neighbors difficult. Therefore, I would encourage your prayers today to be neighbor focused:

*For opportunities to engage your neighbors in conversation.

*For boldness to proclaim the gospel to your neighbors.

*For God to use you as a vessel of His love to the people He has placed around you.

*For God to give you ideas as to how to best serve your neighbors.

*For your neighbors to turn from their sin and trust in Christ.

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Living Water Church

"The Relevance After Easter" (04/26/20)

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Gospel of John: Day 7

April 26: Our Community

God has sovereignly placed us in the city of Mount Sterling to tangibly reflect His love to the people and places around us. While our primary responsibility is to be a proclaimer of the gospel, we also look for opportunities to build relationships with people around us. As the people of God we are called to pray, pursue, and proclaim. While in the midst of a global pandemic, we can still participate in our God-given mission through praying for our community:

*For our love towards others to reflect the love that we’ve been shown from our heavenly Father.

*For our city officials as they consider how to best protect and care for our community during COVID-19.

*For the workers that we come in contact with while conducting essential business.

*For wisdom and discernment while pursuing other people relationally.

*For boldness to proclaim the gospel in conversation with others.

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Gospel of John: Day 6

April 25: Redirected Worship

At the fall, our perfect relationship with God was broken and our worship continued to flow, but unto things that do not deserve our worship and cannot satisfy us. Even as believers who have had that relationship restored, we are still prone to wander and our worship can slip away from God and onto our selfish desires, ambitions, and unfit masters. This is the idolatry that plagues us all until “that day when freed from sinning.” Tomorrow we will again gather as best we can through the help of technology to worship as the church. In preparation for that time, let us confess where our worship strayed away from God, and redirect it back to our only true and perfect King.

*For the grace to recognize the idols we pursued instead of God.

*For our lips to confess and hearts to repent of all misdirected worship.

*For a renewed joy, peace, and assurance that Christ has defeated our sin and made it possible for us to worship God in spirit and in truth.

*For our hearts to behold Him and respond to Him with adoration and submission.

*For the Spirit to be on us and among us as we worship together in the morning.

Gospel of John: Day 5

April 24: The Gospel in a Pandemic

While we are all making sure we meet our own needs in this crisis, the greatest need of the world remains the same. All around us, suffering the same things we are, is a lost world that needs Jesus. Social distancing does not make evangelism easy. But it also doesn't make it impossible. For those who can safely do so, there are many opportunities to serve our neighbors and meet physical needs that may lead to opportunities to share the gospel. But even if we cannot leave our homes, we can pray and plead with God. We can pick up a phone and have conversations. Let’s take time to pray that the gospel will go forth in this pandemic.

*For opportunities to safely share the gospel with the lost.

*For the Spirit to prompt us daily to pray for the salvation of our friends and neighbors.

*For God to reveal Himself and His salvation to the lost.

*For the lost and suffering to behold the truth of the gospel and be saved.

*For God to prepare the harvest for when we can return.

Gospel of John: Day 4

We are so proud of all who participated in the Pastor John look alike challenge. Thanks everyone for making us smile. By the way nice visors and vests!!!

April 23: Personal Devotion

Many of us are functioning in crisis mode. We’re doing everything we can just to maintain. We work through the list of essentials in our mind and make sure we have everything we need. When physical needs are so obvious, our spiritual needs sometimes take the backseat. We need to remember that our greatest need is Jesus. Let’s ask God to help us maintain our personal devotion and make time for fellowship with Him.

*For our need of the Word to be evident daily.

*For time and space to fellowship and worship our Lord.

*For our fears and trials not to give way to disobedience or wandering.

*For our walk with Christ to grow stronger and sweeter.

*For obedience and devotion to be the markers of this crisis we remember the most.

4-22-2020 Wednesday - "Now Revealed"

Join us on FaceBook Live Tonight @6:30pm as we continue the series titled "Now Revealed"

Gospel of John: Day 3

April 22: Separated Families
One of the most callous and cruel aspects of this virus is the way it has kept us apart. Those suffering in the hospital must suffer alone. Grandparents cannot hold their grandchildren. Friends and families separated for an indefinite amount of time. God made us to live and thrive in community. Today let’s pray specifically for those who are separated from their families. Family doesn’t always mean blood, but it does mean vital community.

*For those in medical care who cannot see family or loved ones.

*For those in nursing homes and assisted living homes that cannot have visitors.

*For families quarantined in separate homes.

*For our military families separated by deployment.

*For the sweet presence of the Holy Spirit to fall and comfort them all.

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