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We exist to LOVE God and others, LEARN from Christ, LIVE for Christ, and LEAD others to Christ.

[03/07/20]   Patience and I are in Arizona on vacation. That, however, doesn’t change a thing about worship at FBC Mt. Sterling tomorrow. Austin Lewis will be preaching. I look forward to hearing him when the sermon is posted on our page on Monday. Austin is incredibly gifted and will have great insight to share. Mary Hernandez will lead the music. It is always a treat when Mary leads. We are always moved by her gift.

For the remainder of March, someone will share each Sunday about why they love FBC. Granetta Blevins will share tomorrow. You will also hear an update on our North American Missions emphasis and the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering. Our Pastor Search Team will share where they are in their important work.

Finally, don’t forget to move your clock up one hour before going to bed tonight. Patience and I will miss you tomorrow, but we will be praying for a wonderful day.

The weather is warmer tomorrow, FBC Mt. Sterling. Regardless of the temperature, worship is always a necessity for us. We will celebrate the Lord’s Supper with an emphasis on God’s focus on His church as family. Our highlighted Scripture text will be I Corinthians 10:14-17.

Patience Fort and Elizabeth Evans will be leading our music on Sunday. As we admired the light snowfall Saturday morning and stayed in because of the freezing temperature, Patience and Elizabeth were at FBC practicing for tomorrow. We will also hear from Don Tufano as he highlights our Missions Team and the work being done by FBC for the Kingdom. Finally, we will begin our march toward Easter tomorrow. That is also the time we begin our emphasis on North American Missions and the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering. Make sure to pick up your Prayer Guide to aid our journey. I know God will speak and and move in our midst, FBC.

[02/24/20]   As many of you have already heard, Mrs. Viola Long went to be with the Lord Sunday afternoon. Her visitation will be held here at the church for the public on Wednesday, February 26th from 5:00pm-8:00pm. Her funeral will also be held here at FBC on Thursday, February 27th at 11:00am with a meal to follow.

All normal church activities will be cancelled on Wednesday evening.

[02/23/20]   We will gather tomorrow with great expectations, FBC Mt. Sterling. Worship always heightens our expectations and creates an unhindered path for God to work. We will continue our sermon series for one more Sunday. We will explore yet another transition for God’s people out of Acts 1:4-11.

Howard Hamilton and Patience Fort will lead our music tomorrow. Omar Prewitt, Tracy Shrout, and Philip Smith will share Scripture to help us focus on the magnitude of an encounter with the God of the universe.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

[02/15/20]   Sunday is never just another day for us at FBC Mt. Sterling. It is the day God set aside for us to encounter Him corporately. It is a day to which we always look forward. The sermon will be out of Acts 20:17-38 as we continue to learn what the Bible says about blessed transitions. Patience Fort will lead our music tomorrow. She will also sing with Evangel Hernandez and Makayla Lewis. Elizabeth Evans will be playing the piano and Caleb Hernandez will be playing the violin. I will also be interviewing Lea Prewitt at the beginning of the service about Children’s Church. That interview will mark the beginning of some periodic interviews I will be doing over the next few months relating to some of our ministries of which we might not know all the details. I fully anticipate it being an exciting day.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow and fully experiencing the majesty of God.

[02/08/20]   Tomorrow is another great day for worship at FBC Mt. Sterling. We will continue our sermon series—“Now What?” Our primary text is II Timothy 4:1-8. I’m looking forward to Mary Hernandez leading our music. Her gift blesses us. I will be interviewing Kim Halsey, Mike Kostura, and Angie Smith about moments in their lives when they have been keenly aware of God’s presence. Makayla Lewis, Kim Hamilton, and Dave Tevis will be sharing Scripture about God’s promised presence in our journey. Patience Fort will be singing a beautiful song at the end of the service to prepare us for stepping out into our mission field.

Let’s pray hard for tomorrow and I look forward to being with you.

I grew up at Cadiz Baptist Church. I was surrounded by men and women who were madly in love with the local church. In turn, they groomed me to love the local church. My mentors would make any sacrifice necessary to ensure that Cadiz Baptist was on mission, shared Jesus, and took care of each other. I am almost reverential when I think of them.

I had lunch with two men today who love FBC Mt. Sterling with that kind of fervor. Dave Tevis and Tom Hunt serve as our Finance Team Chair and Treasurer respectively. We shared updates, ideas, and vision for FBC. We also laughed, shared stories, and built a deeper friendship. I am fortunate to be surrounded by men and women just like Dave and Tom at FBC Mt. Sterling who are committed to the sweet purpose of the local church.

I had the privilege of eating lunch with a fine Small Group/Sunday School Class today. They are great guys, wonderful servants, and good friends. I am honored to walk with them in the faith and at FBC Mt. Sterling. Adrian, Gary, Lee, Les, Don and Larry are good brothers. Unfortunately, Don got away before our picture.

Look at the beautiful ramp the guys at FBC Mt. Sterling made for Viola Long. Great job, guys!

[02/01/20]   Tomorrow is going to be a great day for worship, FBC Mt. Sterling. We will have the privilege of celebrating the Lord’s Supper together. This act not only reminds us that the Body broken and the Blood shed by Jesus for the remission of our sins is the foundation of our lives, but it also suggests a beautiful unity among God’s people. We will start a new sermon series tomorrow entitled, “What Now?” Our primary text will be out of Joshua 1:1-6.

The blessings will be amplified by Howard Hamilton leading our music and Davin Smith singing one of my favorite songs, “Through It All.” It will be a blessed day for worship.

I drove over this morning to visit with our precious friends, Sherman and Viola Long. As I rounded the corner on their street, I saw something incredibly gratifying. Some FBC guys were there installing a ramp for Viola’s wheelchair. Many thanks to Tom Hunt, Adrian Nix, and Dave Evans. Rodney Snowden, Viola’s and Sherman’s son-in-law, was also a part of the building crew. I have already received my blessing today.

[01/29/20]   It happens a couple of times a year and seemingly at the most inopportune time. I have a major league case of laryngitis and can hardly speak above a whisper. I will not be leading my Bible Study tonight in order to protect my voice for Sunday. I so appreciate Ron Long and Dave Evans leading tonight in my absence. I’m hoping to be back in the church office on Friday and am certainly looking forward to worship with you on Sunday.

FBC Mt. Sterling commissioned Christopher and Naomi Wilson for their next calling. Below is the commissioning and the prayer of commissioning.

We had a great worship experience at FBC Mt. Sterling yesterday. Our Mongolia Mission Team did a superb job sharing God’s work in their lives on the trip. We are blessed that all of FBC had the chance to contribute to the trip and to be part of the journey in one way or another. Christopher Wilson challenged us well as we embark upon the future at FBC. His words were on point and completely prophetic as we look at next steps.

The end of the morning was encouraging but difficult. We knew the goodbyes would come, but we didn’t want to dwell on them. We are better because God sent Christopher, Naomi, Clara, and Henry to us. We were pleased to close out this season with them with gifts that will remind them of us and a commissioning that released them to their new calling.

[01/25/20]   We will celebrate worship tomorrow, FBC Mt. Sterling. Our Mongolia Mission Team will lead us in worship with Christopher Wilson giving us a charge and a challenge. Tomorrow will bring us another reason to celebrate. Brianna Johnson will join a pretty important group in the morning. She will become the next believer to symbolize her passage from death to life through baptism. At the end of the service, we will present Christopher and Naomi some last gifts from us to help them in their new calling. The last thing we will do is to lay hands on them and commission them for the next part of the journey at Apex Community Church. We are more complete as the Body of Christ because of His ministry among us through Christopher and Naomi.

On Sunday, we celebrated the ministries of Christopher, Naomi, Clara and Henry Wilson at FBC Mt. Sterling. It was a bittersweet day. We shared both laughter and tears. We will miss our friends terribly, but we will always be imprinted with the grace and faithfulness they shared in their 4 year journey with us. Their last day with us will be Sunday, January 26. Below are scenes of the celebration.

[01/18/20]   I’m looking forward to worship tomorrow, FBC Mt. Sterling. We will continue with our current sermon series, “The Next Page.” In the sermon tomorrow, we will highlight Psalm 139:13-17 as we pursue thinking like God thinks.

We will once again bring in supplies to fill the backpacks for some students to be able to eat well. Specifically, we need individual Mac and Cheese Cups (130), Ramen Noodles (130), individual fruit cups (43), and Kroger bags in which to pack the items. The parenthesis next to some of the items indicates how many we will need over the next two weeks. We will pack the backpacks the next two Wednesdays beginning at 5:30 p.m.

Of course, we will celebrate Christopher, Naomi, Clara, and Henry Wilson tomorrow after the service to amplify how blessed we have been by them and how much they have honored our journey. FBC will provide the food for our meal and celebration.

It will be a blessed day to celebrate worship tomorrow!

It is always good to see people excited about serving the Lord. I had another good week of watching great volunteers serve the Father and our community at FBC Mt. Sterling. Some things never get old. I so enjoy watching my brothers and sisters serve so generously.

On Sunday, FBC Mt. Sterling did one of the hardest things a church will ever have to do. We listened to one of our pastors and friends share that God is calling him and his family to another place of service.

Christopher, Naomi, Clara, and Henry Wilson will be leaving us to serve Apex Community Church in Kettering, OH. They have served the Father and us well in their 4 years here. They have meant the world to us and have walked with us in every journey. They will leave an indelible mark on us that will never be erased. We are excited about their new calling and will pray for them as they serve at Apex.

Their last Sunday with us will be on January 26. In that service, our Mongolia Team will lead and Christopher will share a challenge for us. At the end of the service this Sunday, we will gather in the Fellowship Hall for a Going Away/Graduation Celebration. The church will provide the food. We look forward to sharing on Sunday how much we love this cherished family.

[01/15/20]   Don’t forget to join us around 5:30pm to pack bags for the Weekend Snack Pack Program. We hope to see you then!

[01/11/20]   I’m looking forward to tomorrow, FBC Mt. Sterling. Statistics show that people normally break their New Year’s resolutions by January 10. We will continue our January sermon series that addresses how we hold up and stay strong when we we turn a new page in our lives. Our focus text will be Malachi 3:16-18.

We will also welcome our International Mission Team back. They arrived healthy and safely on Thursday. After some rest, they will be ready for worship. We will celebrate the Team and will ask God to seal the results of their mission. I am excited about our journey tomorrow.

The noted church historian, Kenneth Scott Lautourette once said that the real history of the Church will never be written about pastors but rather the volunteers who come early, stay late, and serve without fanfare.

At FBC Mt. Sterling, I get to witness really good people serve the Father in a way that is making a difference in the Kingdom. It is an honor to watch so many people give their lives so generously.

Our International Mission Team is back. They landed in Lexington at 10:15 a.m. this morning. They had a wonderful journey that God blessed immeasurably. The entire Team is healthy and they actually got a good night’s rest last night. We are glad to have them home.

[01/08/20]   Don’t forget our Adult and Student Ministry Bible studies resume tonight at 6:15! Be sure to come early at 5:45 to help us pack snack packs for the Weekend Snack Pack Program!

[01/02/20]   This Sunday we will kick off the New Year with a celebration of the Lord’s Supper! Pastor Bill Fort has asked for you to set aside a few minutes and read 1 Corinthians 11 and Matthew 26:17-30 to properly prepare our hearts for worship. We look forward to seeing you then!

[12/27/19]   Our International Mission Team will leave in the morning from the church parking lot. Let’s see them off and pray over their journey. Make sure to arrive no later than 6:45 a.m.

Read the Bible with TGC in 2020

If you plan to read through the Bible in 2020, the folks at The Gospel Coalition can help. Follow the link to the article to get equipped with a plan, a daily newsletter with devotions from a seasoned Bible scholar, and more! We’re so excited about this new initiative. Join us in feasting on the most important Book you own in 2020.

[12/18/19]   We are changing our schedule a bit tonight at FBC Mt. Sterling. Our Adult Bible Study Group and Student Ministry will be joining our Music Ministry for an evening of caroling in our community. We will leave the church at 6:30. Dress warmly!

First Baptist Church Mount Sterling

2019 October - Sr. Adult Road Trip, Natural Bridge and Miguels

[10/17/19]   Don't forget to join us tonight for our open mic event in the lobby! It starts at 7 PM and we have all kinds of goodies for you!

[09/17/19]   FBC WOMEN'S MINISTRY hosting a fellowship at Sally Hodgson's ( 730 Prewitt Grassy Lick) Saturday September 21st...9:30 am. Brunch served. Two speakers: Kim Halsey Ed S will tell us about Celebrate Recovery and how we can help support or be a part of. McKenzie Makenzie Shrout will be sharing about International mission efforts!
You will not want to miss this opportunity! Come and Be blessed- then Go and Bless🙏🙌

[06/24/19]   Students have arrived safely at camp! Pray for an amazing week and for God to be at work within our students!!

[06/04/19]   Church-Wide Luncheon location has changed.... Please meet us at Tomato's and Flame instead.....

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Join us this Thursday from 7 to 9 for an Open Mic Cafe. You're welcome to bring an instrument, sing a song, recite a poem or just sit back and relax. We will have teas, coffees, cocoas and all kinds of snacks for you to enjoy. Hope to see you there!!!

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Prison Break Sermon Series kicks off tomorrow night at 6:15!! Students will be going through the book of Philippians and they will also receive a 4 week devotional book for an in-depth study!

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